Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Muslims tweet "I am Knife" in praise of Palestinian who stabbed 11 people in Israel today.

(Levant)  Like many others I was struck at the double standards expressed by the Islamic world over the Charlie Hebdo affair. Yes the people who have the most vitriolic, polarised and biased press in the world, especially when it comes to the jew., don't like it when others do likewise to them (But to a much lesser extent) resulting in the entire world reacting out of fear to the faux outrage . In the the UK they will jail you for burning the koran. while burning a bible will result in no charges.

So why am I not surprised where after the latest terrorist attack in Israel where a Palestinian ran amok with a knife on a bus, stabbing 11 people.   The Arabs have responded by expressing their support for this murderous thug by hash-tagging the phrase;#JeSuisCouteau meaning 'I am Knife'