Sunday, April 7, 2013

Muslims attack Christians in Egypt: 5 dead

(Cairo)  As always, Muslims can find offence with anything, and so a 50-year-ld Muslim walking home from Friday prayers noticed that children (who just happened to be Coptic Christians) who were drawing gammadion Swastikas on the walls of Al-Azhar University (the gammadion swastika represents the four corners of the earth and is rooted in Greco-Roman antiquity). Well, Mr Pious Muslim demanded that the children remove the drawing, as in his petty little mind they looked ominously like the Christian cross. Really? and so he took action against these law breakers:

"I saw the kids drawing on the wall after afternoon prayers so I grabbed them and told them to remove what they'd just written," said Mahmoud Mahmoud al-Alfi, a Muslim resident.
All well and good I suppose, but as is the way of the Muslim, things got a little out of hand when another man arrived and started beating the children, drawing a large crowd. The situation escalated when someone drew a gun and fired into the air, killing one boy with a stray bullet. Ah, so a stray bullet just happened to kill a child who had drawn an ancient symbol on a wall. Which is when the local Christian population took notice, however, as per usual in Islamic lands, they came off worse, with 4 Christians getting murdered alongside one Muslim. But get this, instead of crying for the child who had been murdered in cold blood, Alfi (above) had this to say:
Weeping Muslim women sat nearby in front of a house, showing pictures of a man they said had been killed during the clashes.
Kind of explains how why an angry crowd smashed and burned shops belonging to Christians, burned down a Coptic day care centre and part of the local church, and in their rage burnt down an apartment inhabited by Muslims.

So much for all that Islamic tolerance.