Monday, April 8, 2013

Hamas arresting men with long hair wearing tight trousers and gives them hair cuts

(Gaza) It appears that the mad mullahs who run Hamas, and thus by default Gaza, haven't run out of ideas of what to ban next. They have had banned uncovered women, mixed school classes, male hairdressers, women on motorbikes, women smoking, lingerie displays and of course let's not forget female participation in the famous Gaza marathon. You'd think that by now they would have run out ideas of things to ban, but as regular as the sun comes up on a morning, Hamas can come up with things to ban.

Today it has been revealed that long hair on males is verboten, and if you are young, a male and living within the borders of Gaza, don't get caught with your hair longer than a skinhead whilst wearing tight trousers, otherwise the morality police will have you on your knees while they lovingly cut your hair to an acceptable level. Afterwards, they will move onto the hair on your head.

You have to admit Ayman al-Sayed and his friend may have a reason to have been picked up by the fuzz for being somewhat pretty and appealing to the morality police.