Saturday, September 29, 2012

Sweden: Jewish community center bombed in Malmö, city run by anti-Semitic mayor

(WJD) The danger of antisemitic and anti-Zionist politics was brought brutally home on Friday, with a terrorist attack on a Jewish community center in a Swedish city run by an antisemitic mayor.

Malmo, Sweden has been the site of numerous antisemitic incidents and attacks on the 700 Jews who live in the city, which also has a large Muslim immigrant population. In 2009, a soccer game erupted into a full-scale pogrom.

In response, the city's antisemitic mayor has blamed Israel and its Jewish supporters for the violence. He has demanded that his city's Jews give up their support for Zionism.

Recently, protests have been held by Jewish groups in Malmo, who have grown tired of being targeted by racists while being ignored by a racist municipal government. Friday's bombing likely represents a response to this defiance.

There were no reported injuries in the explosion, though the building was damaged. Two suspects were reportedly arrested at the scene.