Wednesday, September 19, 2012

4 Injured as Explosion Hits Kosher Supermarket in France

(Algemeiner) A kosher supermarket in a French suburb was attacked with at least one explosive device on Wednesday, as two suspects dressed in black targeted shoppers inside the market, reportedly injuring 4 people.

According to reports from the French news agency Sipa, the two suspects placed a device inside the market and just before the explosion went off, they threw a rock through a store window and fled the scene.

The incident occurred in Sarcelles, located north of Paris, which is home to significant numbers of Jewish residents.

Moshe Cohen-Sabban, who represents the local Jewish community, says the market is used this time of year to “stock up” for Yom Kippur and although there is “much anti-Semitism” in France as a whole, the Jewish community in Sarcelles has few problems.

French media, Jewish leaders, and police officials have yet to establish a clear motive for the attack.