Sunday, January 16, 2022

North Korea: Carries out 4th Missile launch this month

(Pyongyang) It appears that the Biden effect has embolden every man and his dog to flex their stuff in the direction of Washington, in which to proclaim:

 “Come and have a go if think yer hard enough”

So after Russia, China and Iran stuck the finger at the sniffer in chief, North Korea did likewise by launching 2 Short range Ballistic missiles this morning into the Sea of Japan, this being the fourth such missile launch this month alone. Whilst NK claims it is in response to sanctions the US placed on 5 North Korean, what they fail to mention is that the first two missile launches (on the 5th and 10th of Jan 2022) took place before the sanctions were put in place on the 14th. The reverberations from when Biden made a right mess of pulling out of Afghanstan are going to keep on coming for years to come.