Friday, February 26, 2021

Covid 19: Liberals and Media promote the line that low take up of Vaccines by BAME people is due to..'Racism'

(UK)  So the UK like many other countries is vaccinating people with around 19 million people out of a population of 67 million so far having received their first jab and around 500k having received their second jab. But there is a problem , it appears that people from the  Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic demographic aka BAME)  are reticent in taking up the vaccine. A survey taken in Dec revealed that whilst 76%) of the UK public would take a COVID-19 vaccine if advised to do so by their GP or health professional, (with just 8% stating they would be very unlikely to do so) that figure dropped to 57% within the BAME community. Well that survey has now been written in concrete with the latest National health  figures for England (25/02/21) of exactly who by ethnicity has received the jab:

Due to such a low take up of the vaccine amongst the BAME population, the Government has instigated a number of projects in which to encourage more BAME people to take the jab, this has included:
TV adverts with BAME actors encouraging people to have the jab
Opening vaccination centres inside mosques
Mosques running training sessions for Islamic community leaders
Looking at having door to door vaccination teams to catch those people who haven't had a jab
Having the BBC debunk Covid conspiracies by broadcasting in Asian languages 

Yet despite all that hard work, it has been found that a large number of BAME people are refusing to accept the vaccine primarily due to falsehoods promulgated by their own within their own community 

So the Government, media, communities and religious centres know that the low take up is due to misinformation and yet the race card is been played by those who should know better in which to explain that hesitancy for example the BBC where I culled the above graphic, knocked out the following article :

Now here is where the BBC gets sneaky, they cite a disease of the poor, but the area is 91% non white. They are playing the race card by stealth, Then there was former Black MP Diane Abbott who claimed that the low turnout by BAME people(but in her neck of the woods primarily black people)  was due to a hostile environment for BAME people in the UK:

What is it with these people, and their constant rolling out of the race card in which to explain the bleeding obvious and that is the BAME community aren't taking to the vaccine due to misinformation, or religion and not due to racism and its not just the UK:

for some very strange reason I can't see any in the last 5 countries there playing the race card.