Tuesday, December 16, 2014

AP and Reuters do it again: "Israeli forces kill Palestinian in West Bank"

Once again, AP is pushing the false meme of murderous Israeli military.
JERUSALEM (AP) — Israeli soldiers shot and killed a Palestinian man as violence erupted during an arrest operation in the West Bank on Tuesday, the military said.
So, you'd think that the evil Israeli soldiers are running around and shooting innocent Palestinians minding their business, right? Well, not exactly, unless of course the innocent Palestinians' business is throwing explosives and shooting at the soldiers.
It said Palestinians in the refugee camp of Qalandiya, north of Jerusalem, threw explosive charges and opened fire at soldiers during the operation and that they responded with fire of their own, killing one man, and wounding another.

Palestinian medical officials identified the dead man as 20-year-old Mahmoud Abdalla.
(Other sources report the name as Mahmoud Adwan.)

Reuters stoops even lower than AP, claiming that Mahmoud Adwan was simply watching the unfolding events from the roof of his home when he was shot and killed.
RAMALLAH, West Bank (Reuters) - Israeli soldiers on Tuesday shot and killed a Palestinian during an arrest raid in a refugee camp in the occupied West Bank, the military and Palestinian witnesses said. [...]

Witnesses said residents of Qalandia refugee camp threw stones at the Israeli soldiers and the man killed, Mahmoud Adwan, 20, was watching from the roof of his home when he was shot.

Explosive devices were also hurled at the troops, the military said.
But then there is a Jerusalem Post report clearing things up:
A Palestinian man was shot dead in a clash with soldiers in Kalandiya on Tuesday after he threw an explosive device at a unit arresting a wanted security suspect.

A Duvdevan commando unit entered Kalandiya in the morning and arrested a suspect. On its way out, the unit was attacked by Palestinians, one of whom, Mahmoud Adwan, hurled an explosive at them, the army said.

Soldiers fired at the assailant, killing him.
As Paul Harvey would say, "And now you know the rest of the story."