Saturday, September 3, 2016

Syria: Turks open second front inside Syria. But whom are they targeting, ISIS or the Kurds?

(Kilis) The Turkish army on Saturday opened a second front into Syria by sending in another armoured fist into the country. Strangely enough, this second invasion force just happened to enter the country exactly where the other Kurdish pocket happens to meet ISIS.

Key: FSA = Turkish Militia supported by Turkish Military. SDF = Kurds. DAESH = ISIS

If I didn't know better, I'd say that the Turks aren't happy with the Kurds for kicking ISIS' arse. You know, that ISIS which has been well reported to be supported by Ankara. Then there is the Turkish desire not to allow a Kurdish state to be formed. The irony here is, the Turks are all for a Palestinian homeland (oh look, there's that 'H' word again). It appears the Turks have learnt from their initial expedition against the Kurds, were after losing men and armour to the very capable Kurds, this time they have sent in their much better Israeli improved M60T Sabra tanks which are better protected against ATGMs.