Saturday, September 3, 2016

Iran caught out telling fibs again

(Tehran) Whilst Iran goes to great lengths in which to proclaim it is different from the rest of the Middle East - 'Persian' instead of Arab, 'Shia' instead of Sunni, 'Peaceful' instead of warlike - the fact remains, it subscribes to all the peccadilloes that are taken for granted across the Arab world. For example, lying out of their arse in which to make themselves look good. This the Iranian mullahs do on a regular basis, usually by beating their chests in which to say:
"Look at me."
A good example of this chest beating is how they try to tell the world they are at the top of the tree when it comes to military power, which explains these fine tall tails:

Iran Shows Off So Called Stealth Fighter Jet

Iran deploys so called 34th Fleet off the coast of Yemen

Iran shows off latest UAV

2016 Iranian Military parade: rehashed equipment revealed.(Again)

Well, the other week, Iran decided to inform the world that it had deployed S-300 missile system around the Fordow uranium enrichment facility which was supposed to have been decommissioned due to the landmark deal Obama signed with the mad mullahs.

The thing is, Janes Defence did a background check on the photos and the geo tags, and guess what? The mad mullahs were lying. Why am I not surprised.

What is it with Muslims and taqiyya?