Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Spain: Muslim in court for throwing 21 refugees to drown because they were Christian

(Spain) December 2014, and a rubber dingy with around 50 economic refugees set sail from Morocco in which to cross the Mediterranean Sea. As it was December, the sea was going to be rough, and so during the crossing, a number of Christians made prayers in which to find solace for themselves. The captain (if you can call him that), a Cameroonian Muslim identified only as 'Alain NB', blamed the rough weather on the Christians, and as the seas got rougher, more prayers were made by them. In a fit of anger, in which to appease his Moon god, Alain and his crew battered the Christians with planks of wood until they were unconscious and then threw them overboard. Out of 21 people thrown overboard, only one body was recovered, the remaining 29 passengers have refused to testify. Seeing as they didn't get battered and thrown into the sea in the middle of winter, I can only presume that they are Muslims and refuse to sell out one of their own.

However, the court in Almeria, Spain, has heard from the prosecution that the captain should face a prison sentence of 90 years if found guilty - 15 years for each of the offences he was accused of.

The case continues.