Sunday, September 25, 2016

Jordan: Christian arrested by police and then shot dead outside court for making fun of ISIS

(Amman) 56-year-old Jordanian writer Nahed Hattar posted a cartoon of a so called martyred ISIS terrorist in Heaven, in bed with 2 women demanding that god brings him a drink. Titled ‘the God of Daesh‘ it was meant to highlight the hypocrisy of those who claim to be doing the work of Allah next door in both Syria and Iraq. You know like those Intolerant Islamic thugs who immolated Jordanian pilot Muath Safi Yousef Al-Kasasbeh last year.

 Nahed Hattar
Hattar removed the cartoon from his Facebook page after it triggered outrage on social media. The cartoon features an illustration of God under the title "God of Daesh," using the Arabic acronym for ISIS. He explained on Facebook that the cartoon made fun of "terrorists and how they imagine God and heaven, and does not insult God in any way".

On the 13th August 16 he was arrested and charged with inciting sectarian strife and insulting Islam before being released on bail in early September with a trial date set for the 25th September 16 (today).

This morning, when he turned up for his day in court, a conservative Muslim wearing the long robes that so called pious Muslims like to wear, walked up to him and put 3 rounds into Nahed Hattar shooting him dead.

And thus the enforced intimidation of anybody who dares questions Islam around the world continues. Ironically whilst Muslims the world over bitch something rotten about taking offence at Cartoons, they themselves have no problem denigrating anybody or any faith in the name of their warped religion. Here is one such examples of the Islamic press and their penchant for intolerance towards another faith. Yet take the piss out of ISIS and its a hate crime.

Ash-SharqFebruary 19, 2006 (Qatar)

On the left: "Islam" is caricatured; On the right: the "Western media" bows in front of a toilet bowl, labeled "Zionism," from which fire, labeled "the Holocaust," emanates. Behind this is the devil, a menorah and the Star of David.