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Islamic State jihadists perform mass forced conversion of Yazidis

Cash rewards for dead Jews: Jordan's Arab Bank payed families of Palestinian suicide bombers $5,300 a pop

(The Daily Signal) For the first time, startling details are being made public about the millions of dollars funneled from Middle East charities to Islamic terrorists and their families.

The money was used to reward terrorists and their families after attacks on Israelis and U.S. nationals visiting Israel between 2000 and 2005 during the second intifada or Palestinian uprising.

The evidence was presented today in a landmark case in New York federal court. Three hundred U.S. nationals claim Arab Bank knowingly provided financial services to terrorists and their financiers in violation of the U.S. anti-terrorism law. Arab Bank contends it did not knowingly serve terrorists.

Bank documents reveal an elaborate system for which Amman, Jordan-based Arab Bank served as the center point. Some Israelis refer to the bank as the “Grand Central Station of terrorist financing.”

For example, bank documents allegedly show that a dozen Middle Eastern charities with links to the terrorist group Hamas and other radical Islamic groups transferred $32 million to Arab Bank during the second intifada. The money was then allegedly paid out to families of suicide bombers and other Palestinians who engaged in acts of terrorism against Jews.

An additional charity, the Saudi Committee for the Support of the Intifada al Quds, sent nearly $100 million through Arab Bank. The plaintiff’s analysis of bank records indicates $32 million of it ended up being distributed as cash payments to martyrs and their families, including the families of suicide bombers, and the rest was distributed to other Hamas-controlled charities.


The Media Intifada: Bad Math, Ugly Truths About New York Times In Israel-Hamas War

The Media Intifada: Bad Math, Ugly Truths About New York Times In Israel-Hamas War
(Forbes) It’s a “media intifada,” notes Gary Weiss, an old colleague and one of the world’s top business investigative reporters. He is referring of course to the ongoing war in Gaza, where journalists working for American news outlets have, he says, “become part of the Hamas war machine.”

As more than a month has passed since Israel began its Operation Protective Edge in Gaza, it’s high time to dig through the carnage that many of my colleagues from major U.S. media outlets are leaving behind—especially the New York Times.
Read the whole thing here.

Lebanon: Phone Call from Mashaal Exposed Deif's Location

I say Hamas should execute Mashaal as a collaborator.
(INN) According to Lebanese news outlets quoted by Israel Hayom Thursday, a telephone call from Hamas political bureau chief Khaled Mashaal to military wing chief Mohammed Deif inadvertently gave away the latter's location in a home at the Sheikh Radwan neighborhood in northwest Gaza, and enabled the home's bombing by the IAF last night.

The reports say that the phone conversation took place shortly after a meeting in Doha, Qatar, between Mashaal and Palestinian Authority (PA) head Mahmoud Abbas. A senior Palestinian source said that Mashaal was under pressure to accept the Egyptian ceasefire proposal and wanted to consult with Deif.

Possibly due to the pressure he was under, Mashaal broke the rules of secrecy that help keep Deif's location secret and called him, thus making it possible for Israeli intelligence to pinpoint Deif's whereabouts and bomb the building he was in.

While an Israeli official has been quoted by Fox News as saying Deif was dead, Hamas insists he is unhurt.

Hard hit by the IDF, Hamas's military wing in Gaza has reportedly been pressing the political leadership to accept a ceasefire, but Mashaal, who operates from Qatar, has been refusing to do so.

A senior member of Palestnian Authority (PA) Chairman Mahmoud Abbas's Fatah faction said Wednesday Hamas's choice to forego the Egyptian truce proposal and return to its rocket war on Israel was due to Qatari pressure.

The Fatah source, quoted in the Arabic Al-Hayat and cited by Yedioth Aharonoth, noted that Egypt refused to allow Qatar to play a role in the Cairo ceasefire talks, stipulating that Qatar apologize for its policies towards the Nile State since Muslim Brotherhood member and former Egyptian President Mohammed Morsi was deposed last July 3. Qatar is the leading sponsor of the Muslim Brotherhood, of which Hamas is the Palestinian offshoot.

The Fatah source added that Qatar threatened to expel Mashaal, saying it would "force him to leave," if Hamas agreed to the Egyptian truce proposal in its current structure.

GAO: Pentagon violated law with Bergdahl prisoner swap

(AP) Congressional investigators say the Pentagon violated the law when it swapped five Taliban leaders for Army Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl, who was held prisoner in Afghanistan for five years.

The nonpartisan Government Accountability Office says the Defense Department's failure to notify the relevant congressional committees at least 30 days in advance of the exchange broke the law.

The GAO also says the Pentagon's use of funds to conduct the transfer, when no money was available, was a violation of the Antideficiency Act which bars spending by agencies above the amount of money that Congress has obligated.

In May, five senior Taliban were released from Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, in exchange for Bergdahl, who had disappeared in 2009. Under exchange terms, the five Taliban are to remain in Qatar for a year.

VIDEO: Asking Pro-Palestinian Protestors Some Simple Questions

So here is a video of questions asked at an anti-Israel protest outside a Jewish run store in Manchester at why people are protesting:

Angry ISIS beheads US journalist James Foley

(Iraq) It appears that the little big men of ISIS have become angry at how the US has reversed their military gains inside Iraq and forced them onto the backfoot. After releasing a video which stated that they will make the US pay for striking from the air, the not so nice people of ISIS have followed that up by releasing a video of them beheading a man James Foley, a freelance American journalist who has been missing since 2012 after he was kidnapped in Syria.

The video, titled "A message to America", shows the captive on his knees, dressed in an orange jumpsuit, next to a militant clad completely in black with his face covered. The victim makes a statement calling on his family to rise up against the United States, who he calls his "real killers". "I call on my friends, family, and loved ones to rise up against my real killers, the US government, for what will happen to me is only a result of their complacency and criminality," he said.

"My message to my beloved parents, save me some dignity and don't accept any meager compensation for my death from the same people who effectively hit the last nail in my coffin from their recent aerial campaign in Iraq."

He is then gruesomely murdered by the militant clad in black, who, speaking in English with a British accent, warns the US to stop intervening in Iraq. A second prisoner also appears in the video - believed to be another American journalist, Steven Sotloff - with a warning that he will be the next to die depending on US president Barack Obama's "next decision".

Update 1
It has transpired that the US attempted a rescue mission for Mr Foley and other hostages where every branch of the US military was involved. Unfortunately for the captives of Islamic terrorists in Syria, when the troops set foot at the location, no hostages were to be found and after a brief firefight with terrorists, they left.

Update 2
The employers of Mr Foley have revealed that ISIS contacted them last year and demanded $132m (£80m) ransom for his release. 

Operation Protective Edge: Day 45

Hamas boardroom meeting

VIDEO: US-based Palestinian activist Rania El Masri speaks passionately and forcefully in support of Hamas terrorists

Why are so many Muslims attracted to the idea of an Islamic Caliphate?

The last four letters.

IDF takes out 3 top Hamas leaders

(Gaza) An Israeli air strike on a house in Gaza has killed three senior Hamas military commanders. Mohammed Abu Shamala, Mohammed Barhoum and Raed al-Attar were killed in the attack near the southern town of Rafah. All three were instrumental to operations including smuggling, tunnel construction and capturing the Israeli soldier Gilad Shalit in 2006:
  • Raed Attar was the most senior commander in the south and was seen taking Mr Shalit from the car and handing him over to the Egyptians during the prisoner exchange in 2011
  •  Mohammed Shamala was the Rafah commander said to have been responsible for planning the capture of Mr Shalit
  •  Mohammed Barhoum was a senior local commander
Personally, I'll take news of their demise with a pinch of salt, seeing as how the information came from Hamas, they only know how to lie and they know that Israel has no problem wiping out whole blocks in which to cut of the heads of the hydra that is Islamic terrorism.

London voters told: Voting against Muslim candidate 'sinful', punished if they voted for non-Islamic candidate

(London) Lutfur Rahman, the first Islamic mayor of the London borough of Tower Hamlets, isn't a happy teddy. After years of accusations of nepotism towards Muslims, his detractors have finally managed to get him in court over allegations he oversaw a "systematic campaign of intimidation" including widespread postal voting fraud at the last election which he won by 3,000 votes. An election which, I should add, saw police officers posted outside voting booths in Tower Hamlets and nowhere else in the UK.

So what are they saying the Mayor of Tower Hamlets is guilty of?
  • The mayor, or those acting on his behalf, allegedly instructed party supporters to collect and fill out 250 postal votes at a meeting held in a Bangladeshi restaurant ahead of the election.
  • The mayor told voters that it would be "un-Islamic and sinful" to support one of his rivals, and said voting for him would be a "virtuous and Islamic act".
  • That a group of 101 religious leaders had signed a letter of support for the mayor which was published in a local Bangladeshi newspaper. Some of the signatories are linked to religious organisations that had received grants of £25,000 from Tower Hamlets council.
  • At a polling station, Bengali voters were allegedly told by activists: "Islam is in danger. You must vote for Lutfur otherwise you are not a good Muslim."
  • That the Mayor’s Labour rival, John Biggs, was smeared as a “racist” in Bangladeshi-language newspapers within the borough.
  • That Tower Hamlets staff were threatened at a meeting to support Mr Rahman’s re-election that they “may lose their jobs at the council” if they did not obtain 100 votes each for him. It was made clear that these votes should be obtained illegally, “including through postal vote fraud”.
A spokesman for the mayor denied the charges. "The allegations filed with the court yesterday don't come as a surprise. They repeat allegations made before and which have never been proven, despite thorough investigations by the Metropolitan Police and Electoral Commission. We look forward to vigorously contesting them in court".

Major British newspaper breaks ranks, defends Israel, attacks radical Islam

(London) The Daily Express has come out with an article where Israel — yes, Israel — is publicly defended and where it states that the real enemy is the black flag of jihad. Wow:
Stop blaming Israel and wake up: The black flag of jihad is the REAL threat to the world

Jews are attacked here in Britain, they are blockaded into a synagogue in Paris and the chant ‘Death to the Jews’ is heard in Germany for the first time in 70 years. But too few people seem to want to notice this or admit what it means. They think this is just about Israel, or just about Jewish people. It isn’t. It is about all of us.

The decision last month by the Israeli government to respond to Hamas rocket-fire from Gaza is the response any government would choose if rockets were fired at its citizens. The Israeli government has the right - as does any government - to stop the bombarding of its people.

However, in recent weeks it has become plain that much of the world expects a different response from Israel. They expect Israel not to fight for the safety, security and survival of their people, but to lie down in front of the Islamic extremist enemy.

The UK government has even - disgracefully - stopped selling some arms to Israel just when the country needs such weapons most. But in expecting Israel to behave differently from the rest of us our societies and governments reveal far more about our own state than the State of Israel.

Because the truth is that behind the demands for Israel to lie down in front of its enemies is a fatal unwillingness of our own to face the problem which is in our midst.
Read the rest here.

Has North Korea fallen out with China?

(Pyongyang) It appears that when you become leader for life like your father and grandfather and you are surrounded by sycophants, then of course you are going to think that you are untouchable, no matter how much of a prat you look to the rest of the world. To be honest, it actually helps if you have the Chinese Dragon in your corner in which to keep the rest of the world off your back, in which to allow you to continue to be a prat, and that, people, sums up 'Kim-Who ate all the pies-Jong-Un', the leader for life of North Korea.

Well, it appears that the little shit who runs North Korea may have fallen out of favour with the Chinese, its only close ally. In April, China is believed to have conducted military exercises along the North Korean border, although Chinese officials denied these claims. Still, in a sign of the rising tensions, Chinese President Xi Jinping said, likely alluding to North Korea, that no one state "should be allowed to throw a region and even the whole world into chaos for selfish gains."

In reply, the hermit kingdom hung signs in May that said that China is a "turncoat and our enemy". An internal North Korean memo in April derided China as "being in the bed with the imperialists" for having criticized the North's nuclear ambitions.

This turn of events with the only people who actually support North Korea may explain why NK has deployed 80 of its finest tanks to Ryanggang Province, directly across the border from China. It has now sent 80 armoured personal carriers that way, too.

To be honest, there is no such thing as a modern North Korean tank. The youngest tank they have is the Pokpung-ho based on the T-62 tank, it utilises technology from the T-72, T-80 and T-90 (which at the end of the day is a T-72). In fact, the tank is simply the latest iteration of the Chonma-ho tank which is basically the T-62 with a few local improvements (thinner armour, laser rangefinder, different smoke generators). In fact, so concerned were the NK after the two Gulf wars where Western armour ate Russian armour, they emulated the Russians with their Dolly Parton (and super Dolly Parton) armour upgrades on the T-72.

Pokpung-ho with additional armour
Let's be honest here, these North Korean tanks may have looked good during the 70s and 80s, but they are outclassed today on the modern battlefield, even Hamas could make their mark against them. China should have no problem combating them. But the real battle won't be won on the battlefield, seeing as China supplies North Korea with virtually everything, which includes 500,000 tons of oil a year. The thing is, China hasn't officially supplied a drop of the stuff at all this year. What good are tanks when they can't move? The only problem is, the bloke running NK is a certified nutter and has a nuclear chemistry set.

Ch'onma-ho with additional armour

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Al Qaeda Branch Announces ‘Solidarity’ With the Islamic State

Seams like only yesterday, Al Qaeda and Islamic State were slaughtering each other; today, they are "brothers".

What a difference a day makes.
(The Blaze) The Yemen-based Al Qaeda branch, AQAP, has announced its solidarity with the Islamic State. The Islamic State was previously seen as “too extreme” for Al Qaeda, but it seems as though some Al Qaeda members are ready to throw in their efforts with the rapidly expanding Islamic State.

“We announce solidarity with our Muslim brothers in Iraq against the crusade,” a statement on the group’s Al-Manbar website read, according to the Yemen Times. “Their blood and injuries are ours and we will surely support them.”


Netanyahu: Hamas leaders are legitimate targets, no one is invincible

Israeli PM says that Operation Protective Edge is not over; does not confirm or deny reports that Israel attempted to kill Hamas military leader Muhammad Deif; says Hamas and ISIS are "branches of the same tree."
(JPost) Hamas leaders are primary and legitimate military targets in Operation Protective Edge, Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu said on Wednesday night, as he explained that Israel’s military operation in Gaza is not over.

“Operation Protective Edge has not ended, not for a moment – this is an ongoing campaign,” Netanyahu said.

Hamas is part of a larger network of terrorist groups that Israel has fought for many years, such as Hezbollah, al-Qaida, and Islamic Jihad.

Recently this has also included Islamic State, said Netanyahu.

“We have not given up on our goal to overthrow Hamas and its leadership,” he said.

Israeli citizens should be able to sleep safely at night and their children should not have to run for cover, Netanyahu said.

He spoke just one day after the latest cease-fire fell apart, which was followed by an attempted IDF assassination of Hamas’s top military commander, Mohammed Deif – whose wife and son were killed in the attack. There were conflicting reports on Wednesday with regard to Deif’s survival.

Netanyahu would not comment on the attempt itself, but said more globally that Israel intends to pursue Hamas leaders during this campaign. They are not invincible, he added. [...]

He rejected the idea that Hamas had become more popular as a result of Operation Protective Edge.

“Its more isolated than you would imagine. The whole Arab world is against it,” said Netanyahu who explained that Hamas is a much weaker organization as a result of Operation Protective Edge, both militarily and diplomatically. Israel has dealt Hamas its harshest blow since its creation, he said.

“Who supports Hamas?” Netanyahu asked, answering, “Qatar, Turkey, and Iran.”


Hamas finally admits: We murdered those 3 boys

(Turkey) For weeks, Hamas has opined to the world that the reason they started lobbing missiles into Israel was in response to how Israel had been locking up Hamas operatives in the West bank over their search for Marwan Qawasmeh and Amer Abu Aisha over the murders of 3 Israeli teens killed in cold blood in June. The media has jumped to their beat by implying the innocence of Hamas.

Rocket fire from militants in Gaza and Israeli air strikes on the territory increased after the abduction and killing of three Israeli teenagers in June, which Israel blamed on Hamas and which led to a crackdown on the group in the West Bank. Hamas denied being behind the killings.

To Hamas, the clampdown seemed politically motivated to eradicate its presence in the West Bank. The available evidence suggests that the kidnapping had not been authorised by Hamas' political leadership but seemed to be the work of members of a powerful Hebron clan, with a history of carrying out rogue attacks in opposition to the Hamas leadership.

Well, guess what, Hamas has finally admitted in Turkey that yes, they sanctioned the murders of 3 Israeli children. At a conference of Islamic clerics in Turkey, senior Hamas official Salah al-Aruri praised the "heroic action of the Kassam Brigades who kidnapped three settlers in Hebron."

Meanwhile in Israel-free Bradford

(Yorkshire) The other week, that apologist for Islamic intolerance, George Galloway, the MP for the Islamic 'Respect' party, informed the people of Bradford:
"We have declared Bradford an Israel-free zone."
This is nothing new for George, he's a habit of speaking without engaging his brain. Actually, that's a lie, as he knows exactly what he is saying. I mean, here's what he said to Saddam Hussein in 1994:
"Sir, I salute your courage, your strength, your indefatigably."
And when he visited Syria in 2005, he had this to say about Assad:
"For me he is the last Arab ruler, and Syria is the last Arab country. It is the fortress of the remaining dignity of the Arabs," 
and the other year he said live on TV:
"Meow, Meow, Meow."

As you can see, this man isn't a full shilling, a picnic without a basket or a village idiot without a village. Now any sane person would have no truck with this man who defends the indefensible, while attacking the very people who pay his way.

So just what is it about the people of Bradford (well, a certain quarter) who voted him into office? Here are a few from the local paper, Telegraph and Argus, known colloquially as the Taliban and Argus:

Bradford prisoner ran drugs supply operation from his cell
29-year-old Mohammed Kabeer, who continued to direct a drugs conspiracy while serving a prison sentence, has been jailed for seven years and four months.

Carer jailed for leaving vulnerable patient in locked car for almost three hours to go to cinema
31-year-old Yunus Navagar, responsible for looking after a vulnerable man with a mental age of six, abandoned him in a locked car while he went to the cinema to watch a film, a court heard.

Bradford man appears in court charged with blackmail
30-year-old Abid Saleem has made his first appearance at Bradford Crown Court charged with blackmail.

Rape victim used as sex slave is disowned by family
A young woman held captive as a sex slave in Bradford has become a suicidal outcast, disowned by her family because she was raped, a court heard.

Teenage mum hid baby's body in shoebox after concealing pregnancy, inquest told
College student Ayesha Tariq who concealed her pregnancy from her family, hid the baby girl's body in a shoebox under her bed, an inquest has heard.

All of the above stories come from one community and are in this week's local Bradford paper. While the first 3 are all criminal acts, the last 2 are how young women are treated by their families. What kind of society do we live in when a girl who has been kidnapped, held against her will and raped, is disowned by her family?

These are the people that voted in cat man above and which is why he is also in today's Taliban and Argus:
Galloway quizzed by police over Israel comments.

Islamic State in the Infidel World

Abdul jailed for 17 years after keeping student as sex slave in which to pay off his debts

(England) In yet another example of the intolerance expressed by Islam towards women, a 30-year-old man was today jailed for 17 years for keeping a foreign student as a prisoner and using her as a sex slave until she managed to escape.

Abdul Hanif met the 27-year-old student when she worked in a sandwich shop in London. He groomed her and then when she became homeless, he offered her the chance of a really nice home in Bradford. Instead, he locked her away in a flat and not forced her into a life of forced servitude (cleaning, cooking, etc.), he used her for his own sexual gratification by raping her on a daily basis. She managed to escape and alert the authorities when he started talking about offering her out to prostitution in which to pay off his gambling debts.

In court, Abdul told the jury that he rescued the girl from a forced marriage, that he treated her like a princess and that he and not she was the victim. However, it seemed the fact the police had to break into the house she was being kept in to find her in a traumatised state didn't help his case.

Let's hope that Abdul finds out in prison what it is like to become somebody's personal sex slave.

Update 20/08/2014
The young victim of the this terrible story has been disowned by her family. How pathetic can Islam be?

More than twice as many British Muslims fighting for ISIS than serving in the British Army

(UK) The Member of Parliament (MP) for Perry Barr in Birmingham, Khalid Mahmood, has revealed to the media that with over 1,500 British Muslims taking up arms for ISIS in Syria and Iraq, they actually double the number of Muslims serving in the British Army, which currently stands at 600.

What is it about the ideology of Islam, which I am repeatedly told is a religion of peace, where young men feel it is better to Murder Death Kill in a foreign land (let's be honest here, you can't be that stupid to not know what ISIS jihadists are doing to their victims) than serving the country you belong to.

Palestinian Authority says Hamas shot Fatah men in legs during Gaza fighting

Good times!
(JPost) The Palestinian Authority confirmed Tuesday that Fatah activists in the Gaza Strip have been shot in the legs by Hamas during Operation Protective Edge.

Gen. Adnan Damiri, spokesman for the Fatah-dominated PA security forces in the West Bank, said that the activists were targeted after they violated the house arrest imposed on them by Hamas.

Hamas officials have denied the charges, saying the shootings were probably carried out by individuals who acted on their own and not on instructions from the Hamas leadership.

Damiri said during a seminar in Ramallah that some of the wounded Fatah men were being treated in West Bank hospitals.

Fatah officials said last week that more than 250 of their men in the Gaza Strip have been ordered by Hamas not to leave their homes during the war.

According to the officials, several men who defied the house arrest were either shot in the legs or had their arms and legs broken by Hamas militiamen.


UNRWA has not condemned Hamas' firing rockets from in and around its facilities

Jordan arrests followers of Islamic State Of Beheadings

Operation Protective Edge: Day 44

Over 180 rockets since truce ended — IDF
The IDF says in a statement that more than 180 rockets are fired at Israel since the ceasefire was broken Tuesday afternoon. Of those, 131 hit Israel and the Iron Dome intercepts 34.

In the most recent barrage, a rocket was intercepted over Tel Aviv, two others are shot down over Ashkelon, and two missiles are downed over Beersheba, the army says.

Race hate crimes in US down for 2013

(US) Well, with all the riots going on in the US, I suppose the annual report from the U.S. Department of Justice’s Bureau of Justice Statistics, which shows a steep drop in the nationwide number of perceived hate crimes, isn't going to get much coverage.

Funny enough, while the nation reported a drop in overall incidents, one area of the US — Washington, DC — actually recorded a spike and, funny enough, of the 18 race-based hate crimes in 2013, the majority of victims were white and the majority of suspects black. The number of incidents was up from the 13 race-based bias crimes reported in 2012.

North Korea reportedly moves tanks to Chinese border over 'betrayal' fears

(The Week) North Korea has reportedly moved tanks as well as armored vehicles to its border with China.

The vehicles are reportedly being sent to an army corps near the border, The Chosun Ilbo, one of South Korea's largest newspapers, reports. North Korea's 12th Corps is in charge of "responding to movements of Chinese troops in an emergency."

There is some cause for skepticism, however, as the report came from a single, unnamed source, and nothing has been confirmed by China or North Korea. The source claimed that the tanks and armored vehicles were moved to the border because North Korea fears China could "betray" it over its nuclear program.

If true, though, it would be the latest example of China and North Korea's fraying relationship. While China is by far North Korea's most important ally — and the main provider of its fuel, arms, and food — Beijing is reportedly growing tired of Pyongyang's behavior, especially the renewal of its nuclear program. It was even said that China recently cut off North Korea's fuel supply. So the question is: Is this North Korea's way of telling China it won't be easily bullied?

Report: Qatar threatened to expel Mashaal if Hamas okayed Egypt-proposed truce

Mashaal, who is based in Qatar, has been blamed by Israeli officials in recent days for sabotaging a long-term truce along the Gaza front.
(JPost) Is Qatar responsible for the collapse of the cease-fire in the South?

A senior Fatah official is quoted by the pan-Arab daily Al-Hayat as saying that the Qatari government threatened to expel the Hamas political bureau chief, Khaled Mashaal, if the Palestinian Islamist group agreed to the Egyptian cease-fire proposal.

Mashaal, who is based in Qatar, has been blamed by Israeli officials in recent days for sabotaging a long-term truce along the Gaza front by repeatedly making new demands that Jerusalem is unwilling to meet.

The Fatah official told Al-Hayat that Hamas has insisted that Qatar be given a seat at the negotiating table in Cairo. According to the official, Hamas wants either the Qatari foreign minister or the head of intelligence to be permitted to take part in the discussions.

Egypt has adamantly refused to permit Qatar to participate in the cease-fire talks, according to the report. Cairo wants a Qatari apology for the government's policies toward Egypt since the military coup against the Muslim Brotherhood brought Abdel Fattah al-Sisi to power.

Hezbollah kills top ISIS jihadist in Syria

Feel-good story of the day.
Beirut (AFP) - Fighters from Lebanon's Hezbollah have killed a top jihadist from the Islamic State group in Syria who allegedly planned bloody attacks in Lebanon, a monitoring group said on Tuesday.

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said Hezbollah fighters had killed Abu Abdullah al-Iraqi in the Qalamun region in Syria, near the border with Lebanon.

He "was one of the officials in the Islamic State in charge of preparing suicide attacks", the group said.

"He was killed by a roadside bomb planted by Hezbollah that detonated as his vehicle passed by," the NGO added, saying three other jihadists were also killed in the blast.

Hezbollah's Al-Manar television station meanwhile reported Iraqi's death, but said he had been killed by the Syrian army.

"The Islamic State official Abu Abdullah al-Iraqi has been killed in a Syrian army operation in Qalamun," al-Manar said.

"He was in charge of preparing suicide bombers and the cars used in bomb attacks including those carried out in Lebanon," the station said, broadcasting a photo said to be of Iraqi's bloodied head.


IDF targets Hamas lead terrorist

(Gaza) After the latest ceasefire failed when Hamas launched over 40 missiles into Israel, the IDF targeted the home of Mohammed Deif, the head of the Izz ad-Din al-Qassam Brigades (Hamas military wing) with  5 (yes, 5) bunker busters in which to send the message — we know where you live.

Reports from Gaza claim that his wife and child were killed. However, to be honest, I'd treat any report of casualties from inside Gaza with a pinch of salt.

In reply, Hamas said Israel had opened "the gates of hell" and would pay a heavy price. Which, to be honest, must be a swing door, seeing as Israel has opened it so many times. No mention has yet being made if Mohammed was at home during the airstrike. If he was, somebody just got promoted.

Update: Conflicting reports on whether Deif was killed - IDF says he was, Hamas says he wasn't.

Iraqi Kurds Risk Hamas Rockets in Israel to get Surgery for Sick Children

Israeli artillery flares illuminate the sky over Gaza City following an air strike earlier this month. Photo: AFP
JERUSALEM, Israel – Three times since arriving in Israel for life-saving heart surgery on his baby boy, Kheiri from Kurdistan had to scurry for shelter at the charity hosting him in Jerusalem, as Hamas rockets flew overhead.

The Kurd from Shengal and his year-old son Wassam are among some of the Kurdish families staying at the Shevet Achim NGO, which brings ailing children from Kurdistan and other parts of the world for heart surgery at Israel’s world-class hospitals, at no cost to the families.

The few Kurdish parents and children there had not counted on getting caught in the war between Israel and Hamas in Gaza.

“Thank God, the missiles fell far from here,” said Kheiri, who is unafraid of the blare of the air raid sirens. “This is nothing compared to Iraq. I’ve been bombed many times,” said Kheiri, a Yezidi Kurd working as a policeman back home.

The Shevet Achim building, where staff share living quarters with visiting families, does not have its own bomb shelter. But its old stone structure appears solid enough to withstand a Hamas rocket hit.

When air raid sirens go off in Jerusalem, the Shevet staff hurries families into the stairway, the safest place in the building because it has no windows that can shatter by incoming rockets.

The mothers or fathers have 90 seconds at most to get out of bed, wake their ailing children, and rush them to the stairwell.

Hami, from Dohuk, is in Jerusalem with her 12-year-old son, Daoud. He too is battling a heart problem, and has had a series of operations over the last four months.

Like Kheiri, she professed no fear at the sirens and rockets.

“Whatever God wants,” she said. “There is also war back home.” She is so unconcerned that that she does not even head for the shelter when sirens go off, saying “I trust in God.”

But Sirwa, who arrived from Chamchamal about a month ago with her three-year-old son, Aram, is terrified of the sirens.

“I’m always the first to go down,” she confessed, getting laughter from the other mothers. “But when I am with everyone, I am not afraid.”

Josh Miles, a Shevet employee and son of its founder, has been responsible for getting staff and the families to safety during sirens.

“The mothers have been pretty calm,” he said. “Some of the staff was actually more nervous.”

What is more, Miles’ wife was in labor during the first rocket barrage fired at Jerusalem. “We were counting contractions, and I was directing the staff through texts,” he quipped.

Miles said that families from Kurdistan are still coming, despite the fighting.

The charity sponsors children from Syria, Jordan and Gaza for surgery in Israel.

Miles said it was harder to get families from Gaza to the hospitals, because of the fighting.

Two Gazan families were too afraid to travel through the northern Gaza Strip, which has seen the heaviest fighting, to reach the Erez Crossing into Israel. Another two families were prevented from entering Israel by Hamas.

One of Shevet’s Palestinian staffers, a Christian man who asked not to be named, said that for Gazans trying to get into Israel it was much harder to get through Hamas checkpoints than through Israeli ones.

Despite the fighting and the dangers to their lives, Kheiri has no regrets about coming to Israel. And he confessed to being very impressed by his experience in Israel.

“In the hospital, how people act? It doesn’t matter what religion you are. People here have freedom, the Jews give freedom,” he gushed.

Kheiri said he wished he could move his family to Jerusalem and leave Iraq’s problems behind.

Empty tank transporters seen returning from Ukraine border

(Moscow) All week we've heard stories of Red Cross Aid convoys from Russia heading toward the eastern half of the Ukraine. But funny enough, very little has been said about a convoy of tank transporters seen heading West, loaded with T-90 tanks but returning empty. Gee, I wonder where those Red cross tanks are now, Mr Putin?

Japan increases F-35 order

(Tokyo) The threat of the Chinese dragon spreading its talons across Asia has lead to a huge increase in military spending. Only this week, the US is looking at selling arms to Vietnam. However, the richest kid on the block has not only rewritten its constitution to allow it to sell arms, it is also buying them, and today it placed orders for another 6 F-35 aircraft on top of the 12 it ordered in 2012. The purchase of these stealth aircraft is meant to replace Japan's ageing F-4 (Phantom) fleet of which it has 78, but is currently looking to replace them with 42 of the much more modern and, hopefully, capable aircraft.


Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Isn't this typical: ISIS thug captured by Kurds claims he's innocent and was forced to confess

(Iraq) 22-year-old Alozat Abbas, an Islamic State terrorist taken prisoner in Iraq by Kurdish Peshmerga forces, has claimed his innocence after the capture of territory lost to ISIS.

Yup, poor old Alozat, like all gun totting murderous thugs when the shoe is on the other foot. Why, he's as meak as a kitten, a victim and, of course, naturally, he claims he was tortured. Problem for him, though, is, he was recognised as a jihadist gunman parading on the streets with his fellow blood thirsty terrorists. Oh dear: Here, watch the exclusive Sky News video:

US company cancels trip for 600 workers to Glasgow over the city council's support for Hamas in Gaza

(Scotlandistan) When Glasgow council decided to fly the PLO flag from its city chambers in solidarity with Gaza, it appears that while they may have won support from their Islamic population (well, there is the Scottish referendum next month), they lost others.

Richard Cassini, vice-president of one of the leading special event companies, who had organised a 6-day trip to Scotland for 600 US salesmen and women, pulled the plug after the above stunt. He wrote:
"Having read your statement endorsing Hamas and its leadership due to the number of Muslims in your city, I have decided to cancel all plans for our trip.

Hopefully, the Muslim population that you so sincerely endorse will have the spending power of the very people you have chased away so well."
Way to go, Scotland.

Muslim man takes Air Canada to court because they asked him questions on six occasions

(Canada) Mohamed Yaffa has taken to court Air Canada, because he claims to have developed health and employment problems after being subjected to extra questioning six times before boarding Air Canada flights.

Before any hearing, the Canadian Human Rights Tribunal has ordered the airline to confirm whether it trains staff to consider human rights and cultural sensitivity in its security procedures. Air Canada had resisted such disclosure on the grounds the procedures are governed by law. They also ordered Mr Yaffa, to disclose his medical records and human resources file.

I don't know why but something tells me this whole case could be settled on that last snippet. Christ, in this day and age of terrorists targeting aircraft, who the hell can complain about being questioned? I myself have no problem being taken to task for why I am flying, not even when I have no shoes, belt or even watch on. On that note, I had to laugh at this statement from Mr Yaffa who has never been denied boarding an aircraft.
“It was very humiliating, It takes over your mind … You don’t know your crime.”
Well, seeing as he has never been denied boarding an aircraft, he hasn't been accused of any crime, it's routine for everybody and as simple as that.

Religious bigots in SE Asia working on emulating ISIS

(KUALA LUMPUR) Police in Malaysia have foiled a terrorist plot to kick start a similar plan of action as seen promoted by ISIS in Iraq of trying to carve a new Islamic caliphate spanning Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, the Philippines and Singapore.

These religious bigots were going to get the ball rolling by setting off a large number of explosive devices targeting pubs, discos and a Malaysian brewery of Danish beer producer Carlsberg.

Unfortunately for these idiots, 19 of their best were arrested by the police before they could utter Allah ackba into a home-made video.

Jews hold anti-anti-Semitism march in Denmark, Muslims not impressed

(Copenhagen) Concerned about the rise of anti-Semitism which is plaguing Europe, never mind Denmark, hundreds of Danish Jews and non-Jews wearing yarmulkas, Stars of David and other Jewish symbols marched through a predominantly Muslim neighbourhood of the Danish capital of Copenhagen in which to send the message that conflating Jews in foreign lands with Israel's little tussle with its neighbours is wrong.

Yet for all the people who took part in this actual peaceful march (as opposed to those so called anti-Israel/US/UK marches), the followers of Mohammed who have no problem telling me that Muslims shouldn't be maligned for the actions of a small number of Islamic terrorists, feel no need to do likewise with the Jews of Europe who to them can only be guilty.

There people is the reason why anti-Semitism is rife in Europe — Islam.

Riots in the US, Amnesty International send team in to investigate

(US) After seeing the video of a very big Michael Brown robbing a store, I actually have no sympathy about how he died. He was nothing but a bully, a thug and a thief who had no problem throwing his weight around and he who lives by the sword, dies by the sword.

Yet for some reason the Black community in the US, isn't happy that a thug who most likely would have gone onto a life of crime has been taken out of the equation, instead of asking why do so many of their young take to a life of violent crime, they instead profess their innocence, that they are the real victim (usually from thugs like Brown) and that now is the right time to ...riot. What makes this even more ludicrous, is that so called champion of Terrorist human rights has decided to stick its nose in.