Monday, July 6, 2015

Ramadan Death Count Round Up (July 6th, 2015)

(Iraq) An Iraqi Russian-made fighter jet accidentally dropped a bomb over a Baghdad neighborhood on Monday, killing at least 12 people on the ground, Iraqi officials said.

10 members of the Iraqi security forces died on the weekend in five suicide attacks against their positions near a dam in western Al Anbar province, where about 20 jihadists were also killed.

The operation to recapture Falluja continues at a heavy cost to the Iraqi army and the Shia Militia. Islamic State fighters deployed at least two suicide car bombs to break their advance, killing 21 members of the Hashd Shaabi and army force, but failed to stop them capturing a bridge at al-Sheeha, north of the city.

(Nigeria) Two bombs blamed on the Islamic extremist group Boko Haram exploded at a crowded mosque and a posh Muslim restaurant in Nigeria's central city of Jos, killing 51 people, officials said Monday.

The death toll from a Boko Haram attack in the northeastern Nigerian village of Kukawa -- one of many staged by the Islamist group in the past week -- has risen from 113 to 118, a lawmaker said Sunday.

Boko Haram thugs have attacked Mussa, a remote community in the Askira/Uba local government, area killing nine civilians. Three terrorists also lost their lives in the fierce battle for control of the town.

(Syria) ISIS, getting fed up with the Kurds recapturing all the land they had stolen, decided to fight back by recapturing the town of Ain Issa, 30 miles north of the ISIS capital of Raqqa. That was until the US Air Force decided to give the Kurds a helping hand, and killed 37 ISIS jihadists and injured many more.

Meanwhile in Raqqa, ISIS murdered 2 men in cold blood after they were accused of smuggling the news of life in Raqqa out.

In another example of their infantile nature, ISIS today executed a man accused of sorcery by connecting him up to a mobile generator and electrocuting him.

ISIS sent in a a 14-year-child to drive a truck filled with explosives in which to murder 50 Kurds at a checkpoint in Hasakah.

(Mali) French special forces have killed Mohamed Ali Ag Wadossene, an Islamic extremist in northern Mali who had been released last year in exchange for the freedom of a French hostage. Ag Wadossene, a member of al-Qaida's North Africa branch, was among those who kidnapped Philippe Verdon and Serge Lazarevic from their hotel in northeastern Mali in November 2011. The al-Qaida in the Islamic Maghreb member was later captured, and then released, in December 2014 for the freedom of French hostage Lazarevic.

(Afghanistan) Nine soldiers and 41 militants have been killed in military operations in past 24 hours. Four policemen were killed and two others wounded after Taliban attacked a number of security check posts in Khushamand District of Paktika province late on Sunday. Five Army soldiers have been killed in IED explosions and militant fire. 41 Terrorists were killed and 16 others wounded during military operations in Takhar, Kunduz, Faryab, Sar-e-Pul, Baghlan, Paktiya Kandahar, Oruzgan, Helmand and Zabul province.

(Pakistan) Four people, including a policeman, were killed and two others injured in two separate incidents where armed assailants opened fire in Quetta city. In the first incident, gunmen shot dead two brothers and a policeman at a passport office here, officials said. The brothers, who belonged to the Hazara (Shia) ethnic group and easily recognised by their Central Asian features, were entering the city’s passport office along with their parents when the waiting gunmen opened fire. In a separate attack in Jinnah Town of Quetta, a manager of a non-governmental organisation (NGO) was shot dead by unidentified gunmen. The 45-year-old victim was working for women’s empowerment and poverty alleviation through his NGO in the city.

Ramadan death toll is now at 4,192.

Condemned Boston Marathon bomber files motion for new trial

BOSTON (AP) — Lawyers for Boston Marathon bomber Dzhokhar Tsarnaev filed a motion for a new trial Monday, less than two weeks after he was formally sentenced to death for the 2013 attack.

The motion did not contain any details on Tsarnaev's legal arguments, saying only that a new trial is "required in the interests of justice."

Tsarnaev, 21, was convicted of 30 federal charges in the bombing, which killed three people and injured more than 260. The same jury recommended the death penalty, and a federal judge on June 24 sentenced him to death.

Tsarnaev's lawyers call the motion a "placeholder" until they can file a more detailed motion next month.

The defense also filed a request for a judgment notwithstanding the verdict. Both motions are routinely filed by defense lawyers asking a judge to toss out the jury's verdict.

A spokeswoman for U.S. Attorney Carmen Ortiz did not immediately return a call seeking comment.

During his trial, Tsarnaev's lawyers admitted that he and his brother planted two pressure-cooker bombs near the finish line of the marathon. They argued that his older brother, Tamerlan, was the mastermind of the attack and asked the jury to sentence him to life in prison instead of to death.

Tamerlan was killed during an escape attempt several days after the bombings.

Among the arguments expected to be raised in Tsarnaev's appeal is the defense contention that the trial should have been moved out of Massachusetts because of the emotional impact the bombing had here. Judge George O'Toole Jr. rejected numerous requests from Tsarnaev's lawyers to move the trial.

US officials: Obama obsessed with Iran deal, will “go for broke”

(The Sunday Times) BARACK OBAMA will “go for broke” to secure a historic nuclear deal with Iran this week, despite fears that the resultant lifting of sanctions on Tehran could lead to a surge in its support for terrorism throughout the Middle East.

Both present and former American officials describe Obama as being obsessed with carving his mark on history by restoring diplomatic relations with Iran after decades of animosity and possibly even visiting Tehran next year.


Italy: Moroccan born drug dealing jihadist arrested 'for plotting attack on Pisa leaning tower'

(ANSA) - Florence, July 6 - Italian police arrested a 25-year-old Moroccan man near Pisa Monday on charges of instigating Islamist terrorism and jihad (holy war) against a rash of suspected targets including the Leaning Tower of Pisa, police said.

Officers identified the man as Jalal El Hanaoui, born at Souk Sebt in Morocco, who joined relatives in Italy at age 8 and remained in the peninsula ever since, notching up a criminal record for drug dealing and was currently unemployed.

El Hanaoui used three Facebook identities to instigate holy war among 12,000 followers and posted photos of monuments around the world suspected of being targets for attacks including the tourist-famed Leaning Tower of Pisa, the Statue of Liberty, the Cathedral of St Basil in Moscow and the Israeli wall separating Jerusalem from the rest of the occupied West Bank.

In posts and chat with two other terrorist suspects the Moroccan proposed using massacres, murders, attacks and damage to create an Islamic state.

"He is very expert in computer technology and telematics and through the web and social networks instigated jihad and holy war," said Giuseppe Creazzo, a Florence prosecutor.

Israeli security forces arrest 6 Palestinian Arab teachers who formed an ISIS cell, recruited children to join

Backstabber Hillary Clinton to Jewish donors: Trust me, "I will be a better president to Israel than Obama"

(JPost) A closed meeting between Hillary Clinton and a group of Jewish donors ended with "vagueness" and "wording maneuvers," according to a report published Friday by Politico.

According to the report, Clinton, a leading democratic presidential candidate, told donors that as president she would be "better for Israel than Obama."

Over 20 prominent Jewish donors were present at Clinton's Manhattan meeting last weekend.

She denied claims that Obama was responsible for the tension between Israel and Washington, and emphasized that as president she would employ the necessary means to bridge the gap and renew the close ties between Israel and the US.

According to the report, Clinton referred to the regular meetings she conducts with Israeli leaders, and was quoted saying that "diplomacy is personal relations, and I have my personal relationships."

Iranian official: US will remain our enemy despite emerging nuclear deal

(JPost) A senior Iranian military official said Sunday that despite the emerging nuclear deal between Iran and the US-led P5+1 group of world powers, America will remain Tehran's enemy.

Iranian Ground Force Commander Brigadier General Ahmad Reza Pourdastan said that even if a nuclear deal comes to fruition in Vienna, where Iranian and western negotiators are currently trying to reach an agreement by a Tuesday deadline, Tehran and Washington will not become friends.

"The US might arrive at some agreements with us within the framework of the Group 5+1 (the US, Russia, China, Britain and France plus Germany), but we should never hold a positive view over the enemy," Iran's Fars News Agency quoted Pourdastan as saying.

"Our enmity with them is over the principles and is rooted because we are after the truth and nations' freedom, but they seek exploiting nations and putting them in chains," he explained further.


Obama White House-linked group threatens Democrats on eve of Iran nuclear deal

(WFB) A prominent progressive organization linked to the White House and claiming to work for dozens of like-minded groups is threatening to attack any congressional Democrat who objects to a final nuclear deal with Iran, even before the terms of any such agreement have been finalized, according to an email obtained by the Free Beacon.

CREDO Action, the political arm of CREDO Mobile, declared this week in an secret email to journalists that it will punish congressional Democrats who fail to line up behind any deal sealed between the West and Iran.

“Democrats in Congress are the only remaining obstacle to finalizing today’s historic deal,” Zack Malitz, campaign manager for CREDO, said in a statement emailed to reporters on July 2, along with a note that details of the email were not to be published until a deal was actually announced. “Every Democrat should go on the record right now in support of the deal, and pledge to defend it from attacks in Congress.”


Sunday, July 5, 2015

US surrenders without a fight

(Israel Hayom) The United States, the strongest power in world history, is lowering its flag and surrendering without a fight to a brutal and vicious Iranian regime. If you look closely, you can see tears falling from the eyes of the Statue of Liberty.

The decline of the West is turning into a fait accompli. Western civilization has chosen to eat, drink and reach dubious deals, no matter what the consequences.

Human history would never forget the fiasco of U.S. President Barack Obama, Secretary of State John Kerry and their friends signing a deal that enabled a terrorist state to get its hands on nuclear weapons and endanger the peace of the entire world.

An unprecedented nightmare would come true if Islamic terror was to machine gun-armed pickup trucks to missiles armed with nuclear warheads.

Only complete fools would think real inspections could be conducted at Iranian nuclear facilities. Iran's deception capabilities are far more sophisticated than inspectors or spy technology.

The emerging nuclear deal will permit the Iranians to build a nuclear bomb with world's backing. No one will be able to get in Iran's way and any complaints about the damage caused by a nuclear Iran will be forwarded to a friendly retired president relaxing somewhere in the U.S.

The sanctions on Iran brought it to the negotiating table and had a decisive impact on its conduct. It would be foolish to lift the sanctions instead of increasing pressure and bringing Iran to its knees.

In the current global reality, particularly at the U.N. Security Council, sanctions that are lifted will never be imposed again. Iranian negotiators are laughing out loud at the Americans who have no clue on how to do business at a Middle Eastern bazaar.

Lifting the sanctions would allow Iran to send its emissaries around the world into action, including against American and European targets. Billions of dollars will oil the wheels of the Islamic revolution and let it continue to draw the blood of innocent people.

It is a given that those who avoid the fight against terrorism will eventually surrender to it. When will the world realize that Islamic terrorism is not just Israel's problem and that a nuclear Iran would not just endanger the Jews?

During this time period when we mourn the destruction of the Jewish temples, it is important to reiterate -- never again. Like always, we have no one but ourselves to rely on. And those who believe are not afraid.

Operation Entebbe - In Animation

The daring rescue operation which stunned the world. July 4'th 1976.

CNN BS alert: Jerusalem’s Old City “On the Verge of Extinction”

(Honest Reporting)
Go see them now, before it’s too late: threatened by neglect, the elements, changing architectural trends or ruthless developers, these outstanding buildings are all fighting a hard battle for survival.
So CNN states on its photo slideshow of “25 magnificent structures on the verge of extinction.” What could these structures be? Priceless ancient buildings being destroyed by ISIS fanatics in Syria such as the assault on artifacts taking place in Palmyra?


This is the first photo that greets viewers on CNN’s website:

According to CNN, the Old City of Jerusalem is “on the verge of extinction.” That the Old City is on UNESCO’s List of World Heritage in Danger is no excuse for its inclusion on CNN’s slideshow. As with many UN bodies, that status can be attributed to anti-Israel politics rather than reality.

CNN was under no obligation to buy into this outrageous nonsense, particularly as the Old City is probably the most protected heritage site in the Middle East. All religious sites are protected by law and freedom of religion. Even the most disputed of those, the Temple Mount, is under the control of the Muslim Waqf under an agreement to maintain he status quo.

In fact, the biggest threat to the heritage of the Old City is from the Palestinians themselves who have carried out unsupervised excavations on the Temple Mount, destroying many priceless antiquities in the process.

In any case, it is nobody’s “last chance to see” Jerusalem’s Old City, which is certainly not “on the verge of extinction” and CNN has no business claiming that it is.

Pin the Tale on the Donkey: Democrats' Horrible Racist Past

The Dems want to pin the Confederate Flag, KKK, Great Depression, urban decay, and harsh marriage laws on the GOP... pin the tale on the Donkey instead!

Man walks past British Houses of Parliament wearing an ISIS flag and the police let him go, because they felt he broke no laws

(London) For years I've said the law is an ass in the UK where more is done for criminals and terrorists than their victims, and here is a fine example.

On Saturday the 4th of July 2015, a man dressed in an ISIS flag, carrying his daughter on his shoulders, walked up the road across the road from the British Houses of Parliament. However, when he was pointed out by the public to the police he was allowed to go on his merry way still dressed in the flag because he had broken no laws.

Scotland Yard said officers spoke to the man and considered his actions within the Public Order Act 1986.
A spokesman said: 'This man was spoken to by officers with consideration given to relevant legislation and a decision was taken by officers at the time that the man was acting within the law. He was not arrested.' He added: 'Wearing, carrying or displaying of an emblem or flag, by itself, is not an offence unless: the way in which, or the circumstance in which, the emblem is worn, carried or displayed is such as to cause reasonable suspicion that the person is a supporter or member of a proscribed organisation. 'While support of and membership of ISIS is unlawful it is not a criminal offence to advocate the creation of an independent state.'

The Public Order Act states that a person is guilty if he: 'Displays any writing, sign or other visible representation which is threatening, abusive or insulting within the hearing or sight of a person likely to be caused harassment, alarm or distress thereby.'
However, a Home Office spokesman said: 'ISIS is a prescribed group. Showing signs you are a supporter of that group is an offence. And to think if you fly a Union Jack in the UK you are deemed a racist. Why, even the police will make you remove the Union flag off your uniform. But fly the ISIS flag outside Parliament, why, that's OK then.

This ought to be good: Hamas and Fatah threaten to target each other in the West Bank

Costa Rica becomes 33rd country to launch pro-Israel caucus

The launch of the Israel Allies Caucus in the parliament of Costa Rica. (photo credit:ISRAEL ALLIES FOUNDATION)
The 20 Parliamentarians signed a foundation document reaffirming Israel as a Jewish state with Jerusalem as its capital.
(JPost) Costa Rica launched an official Israel Allies Caucus in their parliament last week, becoming the 33rd country in the world to do so, officials present at the event said Sunday.

The caucus was facilitated by The Israel Allies Foundation, an organization dedicated to promoting communication between parliamentarians and legislators around the world over who share a belief that the State of Israel has the right to exist in peace within secure borders.

“The establishment of the caucus demonstrates Costa Rica’s profound support for Israel and the importance it places in its bilateral relationship with the Jewish state,” said the foundation's Latin American coordinator, Leopoldo Martinez.

The Costa Rican Israel Allies Caucus consists of Legislative President, Rafael Ortiz and a dozen other parliament members from five different parties: Karla Prendas, Paulina Ramírez, Sandra Piszk, Juan Luis Jimenez, Juan Marin and Michael Arce of the Liberationist Party; Otto Guevara, the President of the Libertarian Movement; Gonzalo Ramirez, Abelino Esquivel and Fabricio Alvarado, of the two Christian Parties; Victor Morales and Marvin Atencio Zapata, of the Official Party.

"For years, the solidarity and friendship between the people of Costa Rica and Israel has been very clear, but we must constantly nourish and strengthen the relationship," Prendas, the chairwoman of the caucus, told her fellow parliamentarians. "We are here to increase efforts in that direction. That is precisely the reason for this activity."

Twenty parliamentarians, including Ortiz and three members of the board of the Legislative Assembly, signed a foundation document at the meeting that reaffirmed “the right of the State of Israel and the Jewish People to Jerusalem as its eternal capital,” and recommended “that all the countries move their Embassy to Jerusalem.”


British Bangladeshi Muslim family of 12 who joined Islamic State feels 'safer than ever'

(BBC) A UK family of 12 who went missing have joined so-called Islamic State and feel "safer than ever", according to a statement said to be on their behalf.

The statement, purportedly sent by a British member of IS, said it was "outrageous" to suggest the Mannan family from Luton had been kidnapped and forced to join the group.

The BBC has not been able to verify if the statement is genuine.

A friend of a teenager among the 12 said he thought he had been "tricked".

The family, who have not been seen since 17 May, includes three children aged between one and 11. Police have previously said they may have travelled to Syria.

The statement is accompanied by two photos purportedly of family member Muhammed Abdul Mannan, which have not been independently verified.

It comes as a video apparently released by the IS group showed 25 men being shot dead in the ancient Syrian city of Palmyra.

The missing family is:
  • Muhammed Abdul Mannan, 75, and his wife Minera Khatun, 53
  • Their daughter Rajia Khanom, 21, and sons Mohammed Zayd Hussain, 25, Mohammed Toufique Hussain, 19, Mohammed Abil Kashem Saker, 31, and his wife Sheida Khanam, 27
  • Mohammed Saleh Hussain, 26, and his wife Roshanara Begum, 24, along with three children, aged between one and 11
The statement, passed to the BBC by a Briton fighting with IS, said the family had arrived in a land that was "free from corruption and oppression" and had not been "commanded" to join by a single person but by the "Khalifah of the Muslims".

It said: "We say to those that are concerned for our safety to put your hearts at rest for we feel safer than we have ever felt before."

It went on to urge Muslims to "race to your state".


The unholy lunacy of Israel-bashing churches

(NYP) The campaign to isolate and delegitimize Israel picked up ammunition last week when the United Church of Christ called for divestment from companies it says profit from the occupation of Palestinian territories.

Two other Protestant denominations, the Episcopal Church and the Mennonite Church, took up but failed to pass similar measures.

None of this actually comes as any surprise: All three churches have long actively crusaded against Israel.

Indeed, a majority of the UCC synod last week also endorsed a resolution declaring Israeli actions in the West Bank and Gaza to be acts of apartheid. (It didn’t quite pass because it lacked a two-thirds majority.)

The UCC says it acted out of concern about “violence perpetuated through acts of terror and the Occupation” — itself a false moral equivalence, pretending that violence targeting innocent civilians is the same as Israel’s refusal to simply abandon the Palestinian territories.

Let’s be clear here: Jerusalem would like nothing more than to see a Palestinian state under peaceful Arab rule. But it can’t find any takers. (The Palestinian Authority keeps demanding impossible conditions — and when Israel withdrew unilaterally from Gaza, the PA quickly lost control of the area to Hamas, which is dedicated to Israel’s destruction.)

In any case, the UCC resolution is completely one-sided, with no concern about terror. It focuses entirely on Israel as the sole evil.

This, even as the UCC and the other denominations completely ignore the outright slaughter of Christians and Muslims throughout the Middle East by Hamas, ISIS and other terrorist forces. Ancient Christian communities face genocide, yet these American churches can’t stop obsessing about Israel.

Though ostensibly intended to push both sides to a peaceful solution to the Middle East, the divestment resolutions accomplish precisely the opposite.

Incidentally, the measures also include a boycott of Israeli West Bank products — which would hurt the Palestinians who’d lose jobs as a result far more than it would Israel’s economy.

Worst of all, the resolutions encourage Palestinian leaders not to negotiate by holding out the hope that the world will force the Jewish state to accept a suicidal peace deal. Which is not, as Israel’s foreign ministry rightly noted, either “a moral stance or a reality-based position.”

And no lofty expressions about yearning for peace can pretend otherwise.

Boeing's New Laser Gun Could Be a Game-Changer for U.S. Soldiers

Boeing's newest laser weapon system is small enough to be transported by hand.
(The Motley Fool) [...] According to a Boeing representative, the company's new Compact Laser Weapon System (LWS) breaks down into four parts, each transportable by one or two Marines. Boeing says these components include:
  • a battery
  • a water-cooled chiller
  • a commercially available fiber laser
  • an upgraded beam director, weighing 40% less than a previous model.
In total, the system weighs about 650 pounds and would probably be operated by a squad of eight to 12 soldiers or Marines.

Able to be assembled in just 15 minutes, LWS is capable of generating an energy beam of up to 10 kilowatts that can, depending on the power level, be used to acquire, track, and identify a target -- or even destroy it -- at ranges of at least 22 miles. The weapon is designed specifically to track and attack moving aerial targets such as incoming artillery rounds, and low-flying aircraft and unmanned aerial vehicles.

U.S. Special Operations forces are currently testing LWS, with "multiple" branches of the U.S. military expressing interest -- and no wonder.

According to Boeing, a laser gun such as LWS offers the military a "low cost per shot and an infinite magazine" -- both very attractive attributes. Indeed, in a press release, Boeing observed that "with a steady power supply, the Compact LWS can fire continuously." Such a weapon, once operational, might be used to sweep a battlefield, destroying everything it contacts, making it a significant force multiplier for dismounted infantry units.


Turks protesting against China attack Koreans 'by mistake'

(AFP) Turkish nationalists protesting China's treatment of ethnic Uighur Muslims attacked a group of Korean tourists in the heart of Istanbul's old city on Saturday, mistaking them for Chinese nationals.

Hundreds of angry protesters marched towards the Topkapi Palace on the banks of the Bosphorus Strait in a show of solidarity with the Turkic Uigurs, who complain of cultural and religious suppression under Chinese rule.

Shouting "Allahu Akbar" (God is the Greatest), they attacked some Koreans outside the Topkapi Palace, which is visited by thousands of tourists every day.

The tourists were rescued by riot police, who fired tear gas to disperse the attackers, members of the notorious far-right Grey Wolves closely affiliated with Nationalist Movement Party (MHP).

Video footage by Dogan news agency showed a distraught Korean tourist telling reporters: "I'm not Chinese, I'm Korean."

The incident came amid a row between Ankara and Beijing over Turkish media reports of restrictions on Muslim Uighurs worshipping and fasting during the holy month of Ramadan.


Ramadan Death Count Round Up (July 5th, 2015)

Also in Syria, the U.S. led airstrikes on Islamic State-controlled Raqqa, where at least 10 militants were killied, according to CBS News. There were 16 airstrikes across the city, an unusually intense series of attacks targeting militant group's structures and transportation routes, the news network reported.

(Afghanistan) In Helmand, 7 terrorists got the shock of their life when the mine they were planting at the side of the road, uttered 'Allah ackba' and blew up killing the lot of them. Also in Helmand, 2 people were shot dead by the peace loving Taliban.

23 terrorists have been killed, 23 wounded and 10 arrested in operations carried out by Afghan security forces these past 24 hours.

(Pakistan) The year long assault against the Taliban continues in North Warzistan with the army finally pushing into the last few remaining strongholds of these religious bigots. However, this has come at a cost, and today, 7 soldiers have been reported killed.

(Nigeria) A female suicide bomber has killed 6 people inside the Redeemed Christian Church of God in Potiskum city.

(Iraq) 73 people were killed and some 70 wounded in government artillery strikes on Ramadi and Falluja. ISIS suicide car bomber killed 7 Iraqi soldiers. A suicide truck bomber blew himself up during an taack on Baiji refinery, killing only himself.

Near Haditha, Iraqi troops detonated the booby trapped cars by anti-tank guided missiles before they reached their targets and killed some 20 IS fighers in addition to the six suicide bombers, while at least 10 Iraqi soldiers and policemen were killed and 16 others wounded.

Meanwhile, at least six IS jihadists were killed and nine wounded when an army helicopter gunship pounded an IS position in the center of the provincial capital city of Ramadi, some 110 km west of Baghdad.

Moreover, the Iraqi helicopters pounded an IS position in Hitawiyn area in south of the IS-held city of Fallujah, some 50 km west of Baghdad, leaving five militants killed, including a local leader, he said.

(Egypt) Egypt’s military launched air strikes and ground operations that killed 63 Islamist militants in North Sinai on Sunday, security sources said, as the country grapples with an increasingly ambitious insurgency based in the region.

Ramadan death toll is now at 3,870.

'How to' for the multi-cultural society: Railway posts 'how-to' toilet signs for tourists from Southeast Asia and the Middle East

(Switzerland) Fed up with having to clean up messes in the public toilets, the operators of the Mount Rigi cogwheel railway in central Switzerland have installed pictogram signs showing the right and wrong way to use the facilities as part of an information campaign.

The pictograms instruct users to sit on toilet seats rather than to squat on them and to discard used toilet paper in the lavatory rather than in the waste bin.

“It happens that guests mount on the toilet seats to do their business — sometimes they don’t know where to put the (toilet) paper,” Roger Joss, director of marketing for the Rigi railway, told 20 Minuten newspaper.

The signs, installed in a bid to improve cleanliness, appear to be targeted at tourists from Southeast Asia and the Middle East.

“Tourists from the Gulf region or Asian countries are not very aware of our way of living,” Marcel Furer, head of the regional tourist office, told 20 Minuten.

“It’s happened that people relieve themselves in the shower rather than in the toilet,” Furer said.


Saturday, July 4, 2015

Ramadan Death Count Round Up (July 4th, 2015)

(Saudi Arabia) Saudi Arabia's interior ministry said on Saturday a wanted militant, a supporter of Islamic State, had been killed in an exchange of fire with police when he refused to surrender. Also, a Saudi policeman was killed in an exchange of fire on Friday in the same city when investigating a house where the suspect was believed to be hiding.

(Syria) An explosion at a mosque in Syria's Idlib province on Friday killed at least 25 members of the Al Qaeda-linked Nusra Front as they gathered at the mosque for iftar, the meal with which Muslims break their fast during the holy month of Ramadan.

In an attempt to push the Syrian Government totally out of the second city, 13 Islamist groups joined al-Nusra Front, and on Thursday mounted the biggest offensive against the government for 3 years. Despite the rebels firing hundreds of rockets and shells into at least seven government-held areas, they failed to make any headway, and by Saturday, Syrian army counterattacks has resulted in over 100 rebels being killed.

(Egypt) Egyptian warplanes killed 25 Islamist militants in North Sinai on Saturday, security sources said, as the Egyptian president visited the province after a major escalation of the conflict there. The sources said the air strikes hit militant targets near the town of Sheikh Zuweid, destroying weapons and explosives caches. They also said security forces had found about half a tonne of explosives in a tunnel on the border between the Sinai and Gaza.

(Iraq) A number of car bombs were detonated in Baghdad today resulting in the deaths of 19 people. One bomb targeted the Shi'ite Amil district in the southwest of the city around dusk, killing nine people and wounding 27. Another hit a bus garage in Doura in the south of the capital, killing three people. Northeast of Baghdad, in the town of Balad Roz, a third car bomb killed four people and an explosion near an outdoor market killed three people in Mhamoudiya town, just south of Baghdad.

(Afghanistan) Clearance operations against insurgents in different areas of Afghanistan. Have resulted in 73 terrorists killed and 80 others injured. Also six soldiers were killed in landmines explosion and rockets shelling in different provinces.

(India) 6 Pakistani terrorists have been killed by the Indian army as they tried to sneak into India.

(Yemen) Saudi air raids across the country have seen 34 people killed.

(Nigeria) At least several female suicide bombers struck the village of Zabarmari, killing 55 people and wounding over 100. With the death toll set to rise as so many people have been killed, the local authority has been unable to ascertain the exact number of people killed.

Ramadan death toll is now at 3,614.

Report: Two London Muslim teens have married ISIS jihadists in Syria

London (AFP) - Two of three teenage girls who travelled from Britain to Syria sparking criticism of the police response have married Islamic State (IS) group fighters, the lawyer for their families said Saturday.

Kadiza Sultana, 16, and 15-year-olds Shamima Begum and Amira Abase left their homes in February and flew to Istanbul before crossing into Syria.

Two of the trio have been in touch with their families to say they have married men in ceremonies approved by IS and are living in and around the Syrian city of Raqqa, the group's stronghold, the Guardian reported.

The newspaper did not identify which two of the three had got married at the families' request.

Tasnime Akunjee, who represents the families, told the Guardian that the news had "caused a lot of distress."

"It entrenches their lives in Syria, rather than in Britain. It erodes significantly hopes that they will come back," he added.
Cry me a river. Why would Britain want these jihadist bitches back?
The paper reported that the two teenagers were given a "catalogue" of men to choose from and that their husbands were in their 20s.

All three of the girls attended the same school in east London, Bethnal Green Academy.

They are believed to have followed a classmate who left a few months previously.

Four other girls from the same school have been given a court order banning them from travelling abroad over fears they too could go to Syria.

The girls' families have accused police of failing to communicate information which could have alerted them to the risk that their daughters would travel to Syria.

Scotland Yard believes around 600 Britons have travelled to Syria and Iraq since the conflict began though about half are believed to have returned to Britain.
So the jihadits' families blame the authorities rather than the jihadist upbringing they gave their daughters? Nice. Maybe the authorities should also look into what is being taught at that school?

Spain arrests Moroccan for distributing Islamic State propaganda and calling for jihad in Spain

MADRID (Reuters) - Spanish police arrested a Moroccan man in the north eastern city of Badalona on Saturday accused of distributing militant Islamist propaganda across social networks, the Interior Ministry said.

In a statement, the ministry said the man was a supporter of Islamic State militants and had called for jihad on two fronts.

"On one side, the call for Muslims to go to Syria and Iraq and form part of the self-proclaimed caliphate and, on the other, for those that cannot travel, autonomous terrorist acts in their respective countries of origin or residence," it said.

Spain says it is working to prevent radicalized young Muslims joining armed groups in Syria or Iraq or attacking targets at home. As of June 23, it had arrested 45 people this year in relation to international terrorism, according to the ministry's website.

Report: 74 children executed by ISIS in one year for 'crimes' that include refusal to fast

(Fox News) The blood-soaked executioners of ISIS have spared neither women nor children since the jihadist army established its caliphate a year ago, putting an estimated 74 kids and even more women to death for such offenses as practicing “magic” and refusing to fast during Ramadan.

A total of 3,027 people have been executed by ISIS since it declared itself a state under strict Islamic law in Syria and Iraq last June, according to a new report by the UK-based group, Syrian Observatory for Human Rights.

"Many of the charges against those executed are recorded as blasphemy and spying, but others include sorcery, sodomy, practicing as a Shia Muslim," the report states.


Happy 239th Birthday, America!