Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Sicily: Migrants attacked in violent reprisals for murder of pensioners by Ivorian Mamadou Kamara

Mamadou Kamara, 18, from Ivory Coast has been arrested over a double murder in Palagonia, Sicily
(IBT) Two migrants have been assaulted and robbed by a gang of Sicilian youths in what police fear is a retribution attack for the murder of two pensioners, allegedly at the hands of a would-be refugee, in the small town of Palagonia.

Tensions have soared in the small farming community, located near Catania, after 18-year-old Ivorian Mamadou Kamara, who was satying at the nearby Mineo reception camp for migrants, was arrested over the murder of Vincenzo Solano, 68, and his wife Mercedes Ibanez, 70.

Hundreds of people flocked a local church for the funerals of the couple, who police believe were killed during a robbery gone wrong. Kamara is accused of slashing Solano's throat before throwing Ibanez to her death from a balcony. Police said an initial forensics examination suggest she was also sexually abused.

Detectives were quick in arresting Kamara, who arrived in Italy on a boat from Libya in June and asked for asylum. Evidence against him appears crushing. He was stopped during a routine control at the Cara Mineo a former US military base immersed in orange groves turned into Europe's largest migrant holding camp, hosting 3,200 people from Eritrea, Sudan, Nigeria, Gambia, Liberia, Afghanistan, Syria, Pakistan and elsewhere.

A search of his bag revealed a video camera, a mobile phone, a PC, a gold chain and other goods all belonging to the murdered couple. The bag also contained a pair of blood-stained trousers, which Kamara sported in pictures retrieved by his mobile phone. At the time of the arrest he was wearing clothes taken from the victims' wardrobe.

Kamara denies the accusations, claiming he found the bag abandoned in a garbage can off a street.

Solano's daughter, Rosita, a 46-year-old school teacher, said she blames the government for the murder. "They let these migrants come here and they do what they want, including burgling and killing," she said, adding that politicians were not welcome at the funerals.

The double murder was quickly seized upon by right-wing parties. Northern League leader Matteo Salvini echoed Rosita's words, saying the government was the sole responsible, while Giorgia Meloni, of Fratelli d'Italia, said lax controls at the Mineo Centre had allowed the couple be "slaughtered like goats". Far-right movement Forza Nuova is due to hold a demonstration in Palagonia at the weekend.

Prime minister Matteo Renzi sent his condolences and vowed stiff punishments for those responsible, but also urged calm. "Who has done wrong must pay, but we shouldn't lose our ways," he said.

His words apparently fell on deaf ears in the case of three young Sicilians held by police. They are accused of attacking two migrants from Gambia who were cycling back to the Mineo Centre, Il Corriere della Sera reported. Armed with a gun the youth stopped the pair of would-be refugees, and brutally beat them up, sending one to the hospital.

Meanwhile more than 250 new migrants arrived in Italy today (2 September). More than 110,000 have reached the country since the beginning of the year.

Invasion: The Muslim hordes are crashing the gates of Europe

Obama White House Staffer Indicted for Shooting at Capitol Policeman

Barvetta Singletary, special assistant to President Obama
(Truth Revolt) A White House staffer was indicted yesterday for allegedly shooting at her "boyfriend," a Capitol Hill police officer.
Prince George’s County State’s Attorney Angela Alsobrooks charged Barvetta Singletary with second-degree assault, reckless endangerment and the use of a handgun in connection with a violence crime.
Following her arrest, Singletary was put on leave from her job a special assistant to President Obama and as House legislative affairs liaison. She is currently free on $15,000 bail.
On August 10, police responded to the 13000 block of Burnished Wood Court after reports of a shooting. Barvetta Singletary texted the officer to come to her house for sex and after engaging in intercourse, she asked him about another woman he was dating, a preliminary report found.

The officer then asked Singletary to walk outside towards his vehicle. Once outside and in the vehicle, Singletary asked the officer where his cell phones were. When the officer refused to reveal that information, Singletary reached into the officer's bag and grabbed two cell phones and his service weapon, according to charging documents.
Singletary refused to return the officer's gun and then fired a shot in the direction of the officer, who fled the residence, according to documents.

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

ISIS DAYCARE PROGRAM: 2-year-olds taught how to booby trap their beloved teddies & burn them alive

ISIS terrorists caught entering Europe posing as refugees

(Breitbart) Five men have been arrested as they attempted to cross the Bulgarian-Macedonian border with decapitation videos and Islamic State propaganda on their phones. The terrorist suspects had been posing as refugees.

Bulgarian authorities near the Gyueshevo border checkpoint detained the five men, aged between 20 and 24, late on Wednesday, Bulgarian broadcaster NOVA TV reported.

The men were stopped by a border guard, who they attempted to bribe with a “wad of dollars.” However, they were searched and Islamic State propaganda, specific Jihadists prayers and decapitation videos were found on their phones.

In a move that suggests how seriously authorities are taking the case, the Bulgarian State Agency for National Security (DANS) has now taken control of the investigation under the supervision of the regional prosecutor’s office in Kyustendil.

The men chose to cross in a wooded area, local media have reported, and took a car from an accomplice who had crossed legally from Macedonia with the vehicle.

Bulgaria has recently completed a 15-foot high razor wire clad fence along 50 miles of its south-eastern border with Turkey to control the mass movement of migrants from the Middle East and Asia into Europe via the so-called Balkans route.

However, the Gyueshevo border checkpoint where the men crossed sits on Bulgaria’s western border with Macedonia. It is likely the men chose to enter there to avoid the new strict border controls on the other side of the country.

Following the recently foiled terror attack on an Amsterdam–Paris train, where the heavily armed terrorist was able to travel freely, European governments have been considering amending the Schengen border code, which eliminated systematic border controls across most of Europe.

In February, the Turkish intelligence service warned police in an internal memo that up to 3,000 trained jihadists are seeking to cross into Turkey from Syria and Iraq, who could then travel through Bulgaria and Hungry into western Europe. And in May, a Libyan government adviser warned Islamic State operatives were being “smuggled to Europe in migrant boats.”

At the time of the comments, UKIP leader Nigel Farage warned: “When ISIS say they want to flood our continent with half a million Islamic extremists they mean it, and there is nothing in this document [Common European Asylum Policy] that will stop them.

“I fear we face a direct threat to our civilisation if we allow large numbers of people from that war torn region into Europe.”

ISIS Hangs 4 Iraqi Soldiers Upside-Down & Burns Them Alive

Sunday, August 30, 2015

Report: ISIS beheads 39 of its own members

(JPost) ISIS has allegedly executed at least 39 people from within its own ranks, according to a report published by the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights.
 Money quote:
The ISIS warriors stood accused of various crimes including "sorcery, insulting God, sodomy, adultery, banditry, joining and cooperating with the awakening movements, cooperating with crusader coalition, mischief on earth and cooperating with the Nusayri regime forces," according to the report.
The ISIS members were killed mostly by beheading between July 29 and August 29.

According to the report, ISIS has killed at least 91 people in the last month alone, including 32 civilians, 2 women, 11 fighters from rival rebel groups, and a journalist.

Over 1,800 civilians have been killed by ISIS over the course of the last year, including 181 of its own warriors who were captured while attempting to return to their home countries after standing accused of spying for foreign nations.

Hillary’s support in a key,early state is suddenly crumbling

(Business Insider) Democratic presidential front-runner Hillary Clinton is losing major ground in the key early state of Iowa.

A new Bloomberg Politics/Des Moines Register poll released on Saturday shows Clinton's support among likely Iowa caucus-goers at just 37%, only 7% higher than liberal insurgent challenger [clearly, the writer meant socialist - ed.] Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vermont).

That's down dramatically from the 50% support the former secretary of state enjoyed in the same poll conducted in June and a 20% drop from her standing in May.

"It looks like what people call the era of inevitability is over," pollster J. Ann Selzer said in a press release. "[Clinton] has lost a third of the support that she had in May, so anytime you lose that much that quickly it’s a wake-up call."

Clinton's image also continue to sink.

The percentage of Democratic Iowa caucus-goers who said that they had a mostly favorable view of Clinton dropped 11% from July, while her unfavorable numbers rose 9 points.

The drop coincides with Sanders' rise in popularity. Thirty percent of likely Iowa Democratic caucus-goers now say they back him as their first choice, up 6 points from June.


Houthi rebels fight back. (Part 3)

Well, with the huge amount of modern weaponry pitted against them, you would have thought that the Houthi rebels wouldn't stand a chance. Yet they are managing to surprise their Sunni neighbours:

Saudi coalition forces inside Yemen (Part 2)

(Sanaa) In order to combat the Iranian backed forces next door in Yemen, Saudi Arabia and its coalition of Sunni Islamic states have sent in a huge armoured force of some of the most modern military equipment going. These include the UAV Main Battle Tank, the Leclerc, which is also the current French MBT.

Here pictured in combat in Yemen:

The HIMARS artillery rocket system (details here) which is basically a mini MLRS.

The Pantsir SI Air defence system. (Why? I just don't know, as the rebels have no air force).

The Otokar APC

 The BMP-3 IFV

The forces pitted against the Houhti are not only much more modern than anything they have, but in terms of weapon systems much more numerous.

Saudi Arabia sends in ground forces into Yemen rebels fight back. (Part 1)

(Sanaa) A little concerned about how Shia Houthi rebels next door in Yemen, with a little military help from Shia Iran, decided to remove the legitimate government by the bullet and the bomb and not the ballot box, Saudi Arabia decided to remove the spectre of Iran from their front door by removing them by force. This kicked off with an air campaign against the Houthi rebels on the 26th March 2015. This was backed up by a naval presence off the coast designed to stop Iran from resupplying their proxies by sea. The next phase (land) kicked off on the 3rd of August when 3000 troops (with armour), who had been deployed to the port of Aden to reinforce it from the Houthi advance, pushed out and advanced and took the Al Anad Air Base approx 40 kms north of the city.

Whilst the rebels were licking their wounds from this, the Saudis launched a huge invasion force from the al-Wadiya border crossing and took the city of Marib.

A logical move, as the terrain is flat as a pancake from A to B. Unfortunately, from Marib to San'a (the capital) life becomes a little more mountainous (actually, the entire eastern side is so) and the rebels are finding it relatively easy to ambush the Saudis and their friends. I aired a video the other day of 2 M1A2 tanks being taken out by anti-tank missiles.