Tuesday, September 2, 2014

US helicopter down, all 25 military personnel safe

(Arabian Sea) A CH-53E Super Stallion has ditched into the sea whilst while attempting to land on the USS Mesa Verde n the Gulf of Aden, near Djibouti, during a training mission. Everybody on board have been rescued and are safe. The Navy press release reads:
A U.S. Marine Corps CH-53E Super Stallion helicopter assigned to the 22nd Marine Expeditionary Unit (MEU) crashed at 2:00 p.m. (GMT), today, at sea in the Gulf of Aden as it attempted to land aboard USS Mesa Verde (LPD 19).

All 25 persons aboard the helicopter; 17 Marines and eight Navy Sailors, were safely recovered and are aboard USS Mesa Verde. Personnel who sustained minor injuries in the crash were treated aboard USS Mesa Verde.
The crash was not a result of hostile activity. The aircraft was transferring the Marines and Sailors back to USS Mesa Verde from training ashore in nearby Djibouti. The Mesa Verde is part of a  amphibious group assigned the 22nd Marine Expeditionary Unit, which includes the USS Bataan amphibious assault ship and the USS Gunston Hall dock landing ship.

A CH-53E Super Stallion helicopter prepares to land aboard the amphibious transport dock ship USS the Mesa Verde
The Sikorsky CH-53E Super Stallion is the largest and heaviest helicopter in the United States able to transport up to 55 troops or 30,000 lb of cargo and can carry external slung loads up to 36,000 lb. The Super Stallion has a cruise speed of 173 mph and a range of 621 miles. It can carry three machine guns: one at the starboard side crew door; one at the port window, just behind the copilot; and one at the tail ramp.

USS Mesa Verde (LPD-19) is the third San Antonio-class amphibious transport dock and the first ship of the United States Navy to be named for Mesa Verde National Park in Colorado. The ship is designed to deliver a fully equipped battalion of up to 800 Marines.

#BREAKING: Video reportedly shows beheading of reporter Steven Sotloff by ISIS

(NY Post) ISIS terrorists released a video on Tuesday that claims to show the beheading of American journalist Steven Sotloff.

The TIME reporter was abducted in Syria in August 2013, and was last seen on the video of James Wright Foley’s execution two weeks ago — with the terrorists threatening he will be next if President Obama doesn’t back off.

VIDEO: Guided bomb takes out terrorists' howitzer preparing to fire

Poll: Majority of Palestinians want war with Israel

Among the poll results:
  • A majority of 54% supported the killing of the three kidnapped Israelis
  • A majority of 53% believe that armed confrontation is the most effective means to establish a Palestinian state

3 Columbus churches vandalized with Islamic graffiti

COLUMBUS, Ind. (WTHR) - Columbus Police said they've never had anything like it - three churches vandalized in the same night.

Someone spray painted them on the outside. It's the words used, though, that have some people asking if this was more than a prank.

“It was just one word. It said ‘Infidels!'” Father Doug Marcotte said of what was spray painted on Saint Bartholomew's Catholic Church in Columbus overnight Saturday.

Parishioners saw that, along with the word "Qur'an 3:151" on their way into mass Sunday morning.

“It's certainly not a warm and fuzzy verse. It talks about the infidels, their refuge being the fire,” explained Father Marcotte.

Specifically, that passage of the Qur'an reads: "We will cast terror into the hearts of those who disbelieve for what they have associated with Allah of which He had not sent down [any] authority. And their refuge will be the Fire, and wretched is the residence of the wrongdoers."

Saint Bartholomew's wasn't the only Columbus church vandalized.

“It's really bizarre and the fact that they hit two other Christian Churches. It's not like we're all in a line. So why did they pick the three of us,” asked Father Marcotte.

Outside East Columbus Christian Church and Lakeview Church of Christ, members there found the same kind of graffiti Sunday morning.

“Is there somebody that really believes this that we're all infidels so they felt the need to write it all over our church? “ asked Father Marcote. “Is this some sort of nasty prank? Is this someone that's trying to incite people against Muslims? I mean I don't know,” he added.

Columbus Police said they're looking at surveillance video to help figure it out.

Until they do though, parishioners at Saint Bartholomew's have been unsettled by the defacing of their church, at the very least.

“There's a lot of bad stuff being done in the name of Allah and so when people see this happening in Columbus, whether that was truly the person's intent or there's something else going on, It makes people nervous. It makes people upset. It makes them scared,” said Father Marcotte.

Columbus police would not comment on whether they had alerted federal authorities to the vandalism because of its nature. The priests at Saint Bartholomew's said they've been contacted by members of the local Muslim community in Columbus who have condemned the vandalism and offered to help clean it up.

Anyone with information is asked to call police.

Syrian terrorists holding 42 UN staff captive issue demands

(Damascus) Last week it was reported that Syrian terrorist group Al-Nusra Front, an al Qaeda affiliate, had captured the Syrian side of the Quneitra border crossing with Israel and had also taken 42 Fijians prisoner. Initially they claimed that the UN soldiers had been captured for their own safe keeping. An al Qaeda affiliate saying that?

Well, a week down the line, they have issued their demands in which to see these UN peacekeepers returned back safely. These are:
  • Compensation for three terrorists killed in the confrontation with the UN peacekeepers
  • Humanitarian assistance to the people of Ruta, which just happens to be the main base for... AL-Nusra
  • The removal of the organisation from the UN list of banned terrorist organisations
Meanwhile, coming in from the other side, Syrian troops are advancing into the area. Never a quiet day in Syria, is there?

Danish mosque comes out in support of ISIS

(Aarhus) In Denmark's second city, a spokesman for the Aarhus mosque Grimhøjmoskeen has openly declared the mosque’s support of the terrorist group Islamic State, or ISIS. Mosque spokesman Fadi Abdallah said:
“An Islamic state will always be what Muslims long for, therefore we cannot help but to support the Islamic State. Even if it makes mistakes, we will just have to wait and see.”
Have to give the man credit, at least he isn't lying to our face, is he?

Nigerian Islamic terrorists attack Nigerian town

(Nigeria) Confident with the success that barging into a town with hundreds of gun totting thugs allows you to murder, rape and pillage to your hearts content, Boko Haram did just that yesterday to the town of Bama which is approximately 50 kilometres from the self proclaimed Nigerian caliphate of Gwoza, which they have occupied for the past several weeks.

Problem for Allah's Nigerian finest, the town of Bama was having none of it and after a heavy bun fight with the local army post, they fell back, leaving 70 of their best dead on the floor and another 30 injured.

However, not willing to allow the town defenders to rest, they attacked the town again this morning in even greater numbers and apparently have occupied vast swathes of it, sending virtually the entire population running for safety.

The propaganda mouthpiece for Islamic terrorism in the UK, the bBC, is currently spreading the story that there is only one god and his name is Allah and that actually the Nigerian army lies about it status there.

11 Egyptian policemen killed in bomb blast on Gaza border

(Egypt) When Egyptian security forces went knocking on the door of a farmer who was behind the shooting down of an Egyptian military aircraft in the town of Sheikh Zuweid, they were met by a screams of allah ackba and a lot of gunfire. Unfortunately for the Islamic terrorists, the army was better armed and after a brief gunfight, 2 terrorist idiots where killed.

However, it seems that in order to get their revenge a roadside IED was detonated hours later in the same region as a military vehicle went by. Apparently, the blast killed 2, with the other 9 murdered in cold blood as they lay dazed from the blast.

US airstrike targets Somali terrorists

(Mogadishu) News is filtering in that the US has carried out a UAV strike on the a meeting of Somali's Al Shabab terrorist outfit in the south of the country, which included Ahmed Abdi Godane, the mastermind of the terrorist attack on the Westgate mall in the Kenyan capital, Nairobi, in which 67 people were killed.

The strike, which was carried out in a forest near Sablale district, 170 kilometers south of the capital, where al-Shabab trains its fighters, was confirmed by Pentagon Press Secretary Rear Admiral John Kirby who said:

"We are assessing the results of the operation and will provide additional information as and when appropriate."
The US military strike comes as Somalia's army and African Union (AU) troops are continuing a major offensive against the terrorists. In the north of the country, security forces say they have captured districts in the Hiran region, without a single shot being fired, while in the south, Government forces are seeking to capture the seaside port of Barawe - al-Shabab's official headquarters.

Libya: Who's fighting who?

(Tripoli) After the removal of Mohammed Gadhafi, Libya has descended into a maelstrom of madness, as anybody and everybody with a gun or two tries to become the king of the castle. Unfortunately for all, building a castle on sand is beset with many structural difficulties, the main one being no solid ground underneath. Anyway, the German Newspaper Deutsche Welle has listed all the groups fighting for supremacy in the country. Rather than reinvent the wheel, I've simply cut and pasted their list:

The Libyan Army
The regular Libyan army was rebuilt after the 2011 uprising by the then-existing transitional government with the approval of parliament. The troop strength of this army was never officially announced, but it was assumed to be about 35,000 soldiers. If fighters who also serve in other militias are counted, the number drops even more. The core of the force includes mainly the squads who earlier had comprised Gadhafi's army, but switched allegiances during the uprising to the side of the revolutionaries. Many others withdrew from service. Until now, the army appears less like a proper army, and more like one militia among many in the battle against rival militias. It is poorly-armed and lacks authoritative commanders. The current prime minister, Abdullah al-Thani resigned his post as defense minister at the end of August.

Libyan National Army
The so-called Libyan National Army was founded in May 2014 by the renegade ex-general Khalifa Hafter. The ex-general launched a private campaign against the country's various islamist groups from the city of Benghazi. He regarded it as his mission to “cleanse” the country of Islamist groups. He called the mission, "operation dignity," and receives apparent support from Algeria, Saudi-Arabia, Egypt and the United Arab Emirates, even if these lands deny direct involvement.In August, Hafter suffered a severe setback when multiple Islamist militias took control of Tripoli's strategic airport.

Al-Saika Brigade
The al-Saika brigade is a special paramilitary unit of about 5000 men. In principle, they support the defense ministry – in reality however, they are fighting without specific government orders and fight against radical Islamist militias under the command of ex-General Hafter in the eastern part of the country, primarily Benghazi.

Al-Sintan Revolutionary Brigade

A powerful militia from the northwestern city of Al-Sintan, about 160 kilometers southwest of Tripoli. The force combines multiple tribal militias such as the Al-Kakaa brigade (about 18,000 fighters) and the Al-Sawaig (about 2000 fighters). One of their leaders, Osama al-Juwali, was Libya's first defense minister after the overthrow of Gaddafi. The Revolutions Brigade from Al-Sintan became internationally famous by taking prisoner Gadhafi's son Saif al-Islam. They are regarded as nationalistic and have placed themselves on the side of ex-General Hafter.

Misrata Brigades
The so-called Misrata Brigades are supported by Qatar, observers claim, and are politically close with the Muslim Brotherhood. Estimates put their numbers between 10,000 to 12,000 fighters, other sources even speak of numbers as high as 40,000 militiamen. The city of Misrata lies on the Mediterranean coast, about 210 kilometers east of Tripoli. During the revolution, this brigade played an important role during the storming of Gadhafi's residence in Bab al-Azizia. They belong to Hafter's enemies and were, together with the "Libya Shield Force" part of the militias that took control of Tripoli's airport.

Libya Shield Force
This militia as well is regarded as an offshoot of the Muslim Brotherhood and, having spread throughout every part of Libya, is one of the strongest in the country. In the past, it occasionally collaborated with the ministry of defense. "Libya's Shield Force" comprises about 12,000 militia men. According to Arab media, they are supposedly well-trained and well-armed. Through humanitarian engagement and religious welfare work, they are more popular than other militias among certain groups of Libyans. Together with the Misrata Brigades, they launched the operation "Dawn," and ripped away control of the Tripoli airport from Hafter's troops and the Al-Sintan Brigades.

Ansar Al-Sharia
Ansar al-Sharia are regarded as an offshoot of al-Qaeda in Libya, their goal is the creation of an Islamic "theocracy." They are regarded as the most radical militia in Libya and supposedly were behind the terrorist attack on the US consulate in Benghazi, in which ambassador Christopher Stevens was killed. Ansar al-Sharia is stationed in Benghazi and is fighting against Haftar's troops. A reliable count of their number of members does not exist. Some observers speak of a few hundred, others claim there are 5000 fighters, some of whom have great combat experience having served earlier in Afghanistan.

The February 17th Martyrs Brigade
This Islamist militia is regarded as the strongest and best-equiped group in eastern Libya. It comprises supposedly up to 3500 fighters but other sources claim numbers exceeding 12,000 militiamen. "The February 17th Martyrs Brigade" was supposedly responsible, among other things, for the murder of then defense minister Abdul Fatah Younis in July 2011, after he had renounced Gaddafi and became commander in chief of the revolution.

Further Militias
There are numerous other militias in Libya, such as the "Guardians of Petroleum Facilities," the "Omar al-Mokhtar Brigades," or the "Operation Center of the Revolution in Libya."

Sudan falls out with Iran, kicks out all diplomatic staff

(Khartoum) In a surprising move, the Sudanese Government, which for a number of years has been quite pally with the mad mullahs of Tehran, has closed down the Iranian Cultural Center and demanded that all Iranian diplomatic staff leave the country within 72 hours.

The reasons behind this divorce are not fully known, but some say that the Sunni Sudanese Government is concerned about the proselytizing work carried out by the Shia Iranians in country.

Well, the Saudis and Egyptians will be happy at this news, as will Israel, as one of the main conduits for the smuggling of Iranian weapons to Hamas has just been closed.

Amnesty International says ISIS guilty of ethnic cleansing

(Iraq) Got to love these so called champions of Human Rights the world over. Harm the hair of a terrorist and they will jump up and down in front of the media, screaming human rights abuse. In fact, groups such as AI have no problem signing up terrorists to travel the world telling everybody how bad the people who actually fight terrorism are.

Anyway, after a summer of watching ISIS rampage across the Middle East murdering anybody, Amnesty International has finally released a press statement accusing ISIS of maybe being implicit in... ethnic cleansing. I quote:
"Amnesty says it has gathered proof that several mass killings took place in the northern region of Sinjar in August. Two of the deadliest took place when IS fighters raided villages and killed hundreds on 3 August and 15 August. "
Talk about as fast as shit off a shovel. As mentioned, harm the hair of a terrorist and faster than you can say 'Allah Ackba' AI will have a press release berating the government. Terrorists murdering thousands, and the mindset changes to well, let's not be too hasty about this, shall we.

The irony here is Mr Begg whom Amnesty championed as a man of peace, even going to the extent of getting rid of their female head of their gender unit after she complained about their links with a known terrorist, is currently locked away in the UK on charges of providing terrorist training and funding terrorism in... Syria.

Just when did groups such as AI lose the plot?

UK's strategic Airlifter A400M flies for the first time

(Spain) In 1982, the Europeans decided to build their very own strategic airlifter. At the time, everybody used the ubiquitous C-130 Hercules, but apparently the Europeans wanted their own. So off they went and 32 years later the Airbus A400M is ready (well, almost). Designed from the onset to replace the ageing C-130, the craft actually costs twice as much. Not only that but for a few quid more (well, actually, around £20 million), you can buy (well, could) the Boeing C-17 which is at the end of the day a much superior aircraft (other than in landing and taking off distances).

Well, the 32-year gestation period has hit everybody involved, the South Africans pulled out, everybody bar the French have reduced their orders. In fact, so concerned were the British, they went out and bought 8 C-I7s (looking at buying one more).

Well, on Sunday, the British A400M took to the air for the very first time in the sky over Spain. 5 hours later it landed, and it is scheduled to be accepted into RAF service at the end of this month. The RAF is set to receive 22 of A400Ms which, the truth be told, we could have replaced with another 10 C-17s and 20 C-130Js and still save money.

But hey, this is what happens when you have politicians (Tony Blair) telling the Military that they have to buy something more expensive, half as good and, at the time, not flying, in which to ensure they handed him a plush job after he finished wreaking the UK with his socialist policies.

Monday, September 1, 2014

Today's lesson in Islam: ‘Sex Jihad’ Fatwa Permits Incest with Sisters in Syria

Last year, according to Arabic media accounts, “Saudi cleric Nasser al-‘Umar issued a fatwa permitting mujahidin [jihadis] in Syria to have sex-jihad with their sisters [muharamhum] if no one else is available. The Saudi preacher also praised the mujahidin for their ongoing fight against, in his words, the machine of infidelity and oppression, that is, the Syrian and Iranian regimes.”

The cleric issued his fatwa on “one of the channels associated with the radical jihadi movements” where he also reportedly said: “Some today are opposing the fatwas being issued by the clerics which serve our mujahidin brethren fighting in Syria [a likely reference to Muslim criticism—as opposed to Western denial—of the sex-jihad fatwas], without criticizing the killing of children and women in Syria.”

As shocking as this report may seem, it is not the first of its kind. For example, according to this Arabic documentary video (click “cc” for English subtitles), “The new jihad allows brothers and sisters in Syria belonging to the [al-Qaeda linked] al-Nusra Front to marry each other under the name of jihad because of the lack of girls among fighters of that organization.”

One man appears on video saying, “At the Zawia mountain there is an imam called Imam Hussein. They bring him a brother and a sister, he says ‘Allahu Akbar’ on them three times to have sex together and make them husband and wife.”

The rationale and justification of these fatwas is based on the Islamic maxim, “necessity makes the prohibited permissible,” not unlike the more familiar adage, “the ends justify the means.”

In other words, because fighting to make the “word of Allah,” or Sharia, supreme is the greatest good, and because sexually-deprived jihadis fighting to do just that may lose morale and quit the theatre of war for lack of women, it is permissible, indeed laudable, for Muslim women—including apparently relatives—to volunteer to give up their bodies to these men so that they can continue the jihad to empower Islam, in accordance with the Koran: “Allah has purchased of the believers their persons and their goods; for theirs (in return) is the garden (of Paradise): they fight in His cause, and slay and are slain” (Yusuf Ali trans. 9:111).

This verse has been traditionally understood as Muslim men selling “their persons,” that is, their bodies, to the jihad in exchange for paradise. In the context of sex jihad, however, Muslim women—including sisters—are also selling “their persons” (their bodies for sex) to indirectly empower the jihad, also in exchange for paradise.

The fact is, the maxim, “necessity makes the prohibited permissible,” is responsible for any number of seeming contradictions: Muslim women must chastely be covered head-to-toe—yet, in the service of jihad, they are allowed to prostitute their bodies. Homosexuality is forbidden—but permissible if rationalized as a way to kill infidels. Lying is forbidden—but permissible to empower Islam. Suicide is forbidden—but permissible during the jihad—called “martyrdom.” Stealing is forbidden—but the rightful booty of the jihadi who conquers infidels.

The moral of the story? Sharia is only draconian and rigid for those who find themselves living under its jurisprudence. But as for those who work to empower Allah’s law—chief among them, the jihadis—not only are they permitted to ignore Sharia, they are permitted to ignore basic standards of morality.

Hence the ancient and widespread appeal of the jihad.

Report: Israel killed Islamic State terrorist (Saudi national) who fought with Hamas in Gaza

A Saudi national, Sultan Farhan Rajah al-Harbi, joined Islamic State jihadists and volunteered to go to Gaza. Islam made him do it.
(JPost) The IDF killed an Islamic State terrorist who managed to sneak into the Gaza Strip through an underground tunnel during Operation Protective Edge, the London-based Arab language newspaper Al-Hayat reported on Monday.

According to Al-Hayat, a Saudi national, Sultan Farhan Rajah al-Harbi, joined IS (formerly known as the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria) and volunteered to go to Gaza. He was killed in an IAF strike on a car driving in the Shejaiya neighborhood of Gaza City. Three others were killed in the attack.

Al-Harbi was known by the nicknames “Khaled al-Jazrawi” and “Abu Ma’ad al-Harbi.” He has served over five years in a Saudi prison after he was caught near the Kuwaiti-Iraqi border trying to join Sunni extremists in Iraq.

After his release, he traveled to Yemen, Somalia, Libya, and, finally, to Syria, where he hooked up with Islamic extremists fighting the regime of President Bashar Assad. According to Al-Hayat, al-Harbi fled Syria after the two Islamist organizations there – IS and the Nusra Front – began fighting one another.

From Syria, he traveled to Turkey, and then to Egypt. He entered Gaza from the Sinai Peninsula after hostilities erupted between Israel and Hamas.

During his stay in the Gaza Strip, he was known by the nickname “Salameh.” In the early stages of fighting, al-Harbi reportedly suffered shrapnel wounds to his leg. He was wounded again in the head, although he continued to take part in the conflict.

Iraq hits back at ISIS with... cartoons???

(Iraq) It appears that the Iraqi Government has started targeting children with cartoons about what ungodly, deviant and bad Islamic men the followers of ISIS are. Not so sure of the message, but hey, it's aimed at kids (that's young children and not young goats). Enjoy. Anybody who speaks Arabic, it would be nice if you could translate the singing:

Muslim asylum seekers in Italy protest against free Italian food, demand halal food from their own countries

(Rome) Due to the EU human rights act, people who sail from Africa and make it to the Island of Lampedusa (70 miles off the Tunisian coast) are giving a free flight to Italy and, once in Europe, these people are entitled to everything a European is entitled to but without having had to pay into the system. That explains why this summer alone 65,000 people have found themselves resettled in Italy.

You'd think that these poor, wretched Muslims who have left everything behind for a new life in Europe would be grateful, but alas it appears that a lot aren't. Which kind of explains why drivers have been told to not use the port of Calais in which to return to the UK, as Muslim asylum seekers are using violence in which to try and sneak into the UK.

And it's no different for those who remain in Italy. 40 Muslim asylum seekers staying at a refugee centre in Belluno have refused to eat the “pasta with tomato sauce, bread and eggs” meals they have been given and demanded to be fed food from their own countries. To reinforce their point, they blocked a street with a wooden bench, slashed the tires of cars belonging to staff working there in protest against living conditions, put their lunch on the ground along with bags of clothes and threatened to leave the centre. They said:
“We do not eat this stuff”.
Similar protests against Italian food have been reported in Sicily and Rome.

Sam, who paid a people smuggler €4,000 to travel to Italy, has been staying at a centre on the outskirts of Rome for almost a year, stated that the food, which mainly consists of pasta, “is not good” and that some have started making their own meals. Jesus Christ, these people have left their homes because for whatever reason their countries are a mess. You'd think that once they have been given sanctuary by whoever, they would at least be bloody grateful. But the best part, once the vast majority of these people recreate the very same problems they fled from their own failed countries from, and so the wheel turns.

28 men arrested in Keighley on child grooming charges

(England) After years of doing absolutely nothing, other than castigate those who complained as... 'racists' over the Islamic penchant for underage sex, the British police have arrested 28 men in one small British Northern town for alleged offences against four girls.

Gee, I wonder just what spurred West Yorkshire police into action? Could it be the damning revelations made against Rotherham police about how they turned a blind eye toward 1,400 girls getting raped by Pakistani Muslims over a 16 year period? I mean it's not as if this is anything new in the Keighley area, seeing as the MP for Keithley, Anne Cryer, exposed Pakistani grooming of little white girls in her ward in 2002. What happened: she was shunned by police, social services and imams.

Way to go, West Yorkshire Police, I suppose. Finally doing something about Islamic rape gangs 12 years down the line is pretty good by your standards. But then I am talking about a police force which fails to record 1 in 3 of every crime they attend. Maybe that explains why Temporary Deputy Chief Constable John Robins is on record of saying:
“There is no doubt that, for the tenth year in a row, crime has fallen.”

Turkey continues Islamist agenda by arresting 33 policemen

(Ankara) The slow but steady drip, drip march to a totalitarian Islamic state continues in Turkey. Days after getting elected as leader for life (I'll put money on it), new President Tayyip Erdogan saw to it that those police officers who found graft, corruption and nepotism within the hallowed ranks of the political elites and their families were arrested on trumped up charges of trying to overthrow the state. Funny enough, the police investigation which looked into this, has (including Erdoğan’s son Bilal) now been dropped and the president has appointed his buddy Yiğit Bulut to the chair of the chief economics adviser, who during the protests inside Turkey last year claimed that foreign powers were trying to kill Erdoğan through telekinesis.

Kind of explains why Turkey has remained silent on ISIS, why it has just funded another so called Gaza flotilla, but this time with Turkish military support, and why the new Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoglu (who replaced Erdogan) is on record of saying this:
This is the centenary of our exit from the Middle East... whatever we lost between 1911 and 1923, whatever lands we withdrew from, from 2011 to 2023 we shall once again meet our brothers in those lands. This is a … historic mission.”
The Turks did plan to carve out this new world order with Syria, but Mr Assad has been busy these past few years, and with the Muslim Brotherhood rulers of Egypt, but they also are kind of busy trying not to drop the soap in the prison showers.

Maybe that explains why the US, British and Germans have been spying on the Turks.

Jihadists throw pool party at U.S. Embassy compound in Libya

(WT) Islamists who gained control of a U.S. Embassy residential compound in Libya last week posted a video online of the men throwing a spring break-like pool party at the property.

A commander for the umbrella Islamist militia group, the Dawn of Libya, told The Associated Press that his fighters had been in control of the compound since last week. The group granted access to the compound to an AP reporter, who said some windows had been broken, but most of the equipment there appeared to remain untouched. The journalist saw treadmills, food, televisions and computers still inside.

A video posted online showed the men having a pool party at the compound. Video showed the men cheering each other as they took turns swan diving off the balcony into a pool below.

U.S. Ambassador to Libya Deborah Jones tweeted that the video appeared to have been shot in at the embassy’s residential annex, AP reported.


Yet another British convert to Islam: 'You Christians need beheading'

Sally Jones, seen here playing in a rock band in the 1990s, is believed to have joined IS
A BRITISH mother has gone from fronting a female rock band in Kent to threatening to execute Christians in Syria.
(Express) A Muslim convert who goes by the name Umm Hussain al-Britani is thought to be Sally Jones, a mother from Chatham with an interest in "black magic" and witchcraft.

Umm Hussain previously claimed she had wed computer hacker-turned jihadi Junaid Hussain after meeting online before the pair travelled to the Middle East to join with Islamic State.

Junaid Hussain is a potential suspect in the beheading of American journalist James Foley, the Sunday Times have revealed.

An investigation into his wife's activities has linked her to an address in Kent and neighbours have identified pictures on her Twitter account and confirmed it is the same woman who left the country five years ago.

Umm Hussain has posted several tweets, some of which have been deleted, in which she praises IS and issues threats against Christians.

"You Christians all need beheading with a nice blunt knife and stuck on the railings at raqqa… Come here I'll do it for you," she wrote.

In another she said: "My husband is away at training camp at the moment refreshing his 'kaafir killing skills'… Don't all cry though he'll be back soon."

The reference to Raqqa relates to an IS ambush which was carried out in northern Syria last month where at least 50 Syrian soldiers were executed and had their severed heads impaled on sticks around the city.

The horrifying display was intended as a message to the people of Raqqa, an area that has become a stronghold for IS militants as they continue to wage war in the region.


Sunday, August 31, 2014

‘Rotherham-style’ child sex abuse by "a group of Middle Eastern asylum seekers" in Scotland probed

INVESTIGATION: Police inquiry into sexual exploitation of children in Glasgow mirrors the scandal in England, writes Dani Garavelli.
(The Scotsman) POLICE are investigating the sexual exploitation of vulnerable children in Scotland by men from ethnic minorities in ­cases that bear striking ­similarities to the organised abuse of youngsters in Rotherham, Scotland on ­Sunday can reveal.

Detectives have launched two operations into the abuse of vulnerable teenagers, some of whom absconded from children’s homes, in Glasgow.

The first, Operation Cotswold, set up in 2011, focused on a group of Middle Eastern asylum seekers in the north of the city. At least 26 potential victims were identified and files were sent to the procurator-fiscal, but no prosecutions were brought.

It is understood vulnerable young girls were found in the home of one or more suspects, but many identified as at risk did not see themselves as victims and were reluctant to co-operate, making it difficult to gather evidence and get the case to court.

In February 2013, after Operation Cotswold ended, the police launched Operation Dash, a broader attempt to root out child sexual exploitation (CSE) across the Strathclyde police area. Officers worked in partnership with the charity Barnardo’s Scotland to gather intelligence.

Scotland on Sunday understands that, as a result, a number of fast-food outlets and taxi services were linked to CSE and a number of suspected perpetrators, many Asian, were targeted in a criminal investigation. Operation Dash is ongoing and there are live proceedings. It is understood at least one case involves multiple alleged offenders.

Detective Chief Superintendent Lesley Boal confirmed: “As a result of [Operation Cotswold] a number of individuals were the subject of investigation and subsequent learning from that operation has informed the further work we have undertaken in the area of CSE.

“Operation Dash remains a live ongoing criminal investigation that has resulted, so far, in 21 persons being reported to COPFS [Crown Office and Procurator-Fiscal Service] in relation to a range of crimes and there are live ongoing criminal proceedings in a number of cases.”

The revelation about CSE in Scotland comes days after a damning report found a blatant failure of police and political leadership had allowed 1,400 girls from Rotherham to be sexually exploited by Asian men over a 16-year-period.


VIDEO: Insane Palestinian government official on BBC claims Israel 'fabricated' beheading of James Foley, the Holocaust

Feds Arrest California Resident Fadi Fadi Dandach Who Allegedly Wanted to Join Islamic State

A 20-year-old California man is in Santa Ana Jail in Orange after federal authorities alleged he was planning to fly to Turkey and join the Islamic State (IS), according to the Orange County Register. Adam Dandach, AKA Fadi Fadi Dandach, lives with his mother in Orange, and FBI investigators assert in documents released to the court that Dandach had stated he would “assist ISIS with anything ISIS asked him to do.”

Dandach was arrested July 2 at John Wayne Airport by federal agents. They asserted that he had plans to take a Delta Airlines flight to Turkey, make his way into Syria, and join ISIS. He was arrested for passport fraud and may face additional charges. His mother and his attorney would not comment.

ISIS is recruiting Americans to join their cause; just last week, three Americans died in Syria as members of the terrorist group. Government officials and experts in terrorist activities estimate that at least 100 Americans have left America and joined foreign terrorist movements overseas in recent years.

Brian Levin, director of the Center for the Study of Hate & Extremism at Cal State San Bernardino, said, “It’s a relatively small number of people who are committed to doing mass-casualty attacks.” However, he added that the small number still raises grave concern, saying, “so much of it depends on the luck of those who are thoroughly committed to an attack… ISIS really is trying to take advantage of its recruitment effort to get Western youth who can travel freely.”

The Department of Homeland Security and the FBI are taking the American jihadi problem seriously, urging law enforcement agencies to keep their eyes open for possible attacks catalyzed by U.S. airstrikes on ISIS. The New York Times reported that intelligence and law enforcement officials said Friday that there are roughly twelve Americans in Syria who have joined ISIS.

Germany supplies Kurds with arms

(Berlin) The Kurds, who are currently toe to toe with the blood thirsty thugs known as ISIS, have found themselves at something of a disadvantage with their much better armed foes. That said, once they get down to close quarter fighting, the superior fighting qualities of the Kurdish Peshmerga shine through. However, it is at a distance where the Kurds are taking casualties.

So in order to redress the balance, the German government has decided to arm the Kurds, which is why they are handing over 8,000 G36 rifles, , 8,000 G3 rifles, 6,000,000 rounds, 30 MILAN anti-tank systems, 500 anti-tank missiles, 200 bazookas, 10,000 grenades, and 50 military vehicles.

This comes on top of a previous helping hand where the other day the Germans delivered 4,000 helmets, 4,000 sets of body armour, radios, mine detectors and other tools used by foot soldiers in the field.

Hopefully, this will go a long way in combating the ISIS thugs and ensure that very few return back to Europe.

An ISIS camp for children in Syria

"For 30 days we woke up and jogged, had breakfast, then learned the Quran and the Hadith of the Prophet," Mohammed says. "Then we took courses on weapons, Kalashnikovs and other light military stuff."

Some of the militants at the camp were kind, joking and laughing with the younger recruits. Others made the boys watch hideous things.

"They used to bring young [kids] to the camp to lash them," Mohammed says. "When we go to the mosque, they order us to come the next day at a specific time and place to [watch] heads cut off, lashings or stonings."

"We saw a young man who did not fast for Ramadan, so they crucified him for three days, and we saw a woman being stoned [to death] because she committed adultery."

You've got to love the reports about the Palestinian "unity"

And the best one:

Rotherham: Teenage girls raped by Muslims gave birth to more than 100 babies as abuse victim reveals she fell pregnant TWICE

(Mirror) Teenage girls raped in the Rotherham child sex abuse scandal gave birth to more than 100 babies.

Scores more children as young as 13 ­miscarried or were forced to have abortions after attacks by Asian gangs on 1,400 girls.

One victim, who got ­pregnant TWICE to the same attacker, said: “I was groomed and abused, but the police took no action.”

The vulnerable youngster had an abortion at just 14 when her abuser threatened to have her killed if she gave birth to his baby.

Then he made her pregnant again just six months later – and allowed her to keep her child, but only if she became a Muslim.

Now a mother in her 30s, she told the Sunday Mirror how she was also TWICE failed by police who refused to investigate the attacks on her.

The woman, who we are calling Jane to protect her identity, said: “I know now I was groomed and abused, but back then, I was confused. Now I want to tell my story to help other girls like me. There are so many of us suffering in silence.”

Jane is just one of more than 100 victims who gave birth to their rapists’ babies as 1,400 girls were groomed, abused and raped in the South Yorkshire town from 1997 to 2013.

Some babies were kept by their young mothers while many were forcibly adopted and are now themselves in the care system.

The heartbreaking legacy of the scandal that has left a new generation of children’s lives blighted for ever is revealed deep in the shock independent report into Rotherham published last week.

It stated: “Children had pregnancies, miscarriages and terminations. It is hard to describe what these victims suffered.”

One lawyer representing two victims made pregnant said: “They and their children are permanently damaged.”

Jane told us how she was preyed on while a schoolgirl living with her parents in the South Yorkshire town. Her abuser, in his mid-20s, was cruising in his car looking for potential victims when he spotted the schoolgirl walking in the street alone.

She said: “He chatted me up and I suppose I was flattered. He gave me money and bought me food. He made it feel like we were girlfriend and boyfriend. It got very intense very quickly. My bedroom at home was on the back of the house above a large porch.

“He would climb onto the roof of the porch and sneak through my window. He had sex with me while my mum and dad were asleep in the next room.”

She said: “I found out I was pregnant at school. I took a test in the toilets. My mum cried, saying: ‘My baby can’t raise a baby!’ They wanted me to have an abortion but I wanted to keep it. I thought I was in love.”

When she broke the news to her abuser he told her to get rid of the baby or be murdered. Jane said: “He told me they would do a DNA test and he would be jailed. He said his friends would find me and kill me.”

Jane’s terrified parents went to the police and begged social services for help. But no action was taken.

She said: “I had the abortion and I was put in care to keep us apart. He would drive up and down outside my home. It was like he was stalking me.”

But when Jane was sent to live with foster parents the monster found her and six months later she was pregnant again at 15.

This time her abuser let her keep the child – but told her she would have to become a Muslim. Jane said: “I had to eat what he did, no bacon, and he talked to me about his religion for hours. I remember telling my mum and her sobbing. We all fell out but she and my dad came round and I moved back home a month before my baby girl was born.”

Meanwhile, her abuser, who was prone to jealous rages, ended up in jail for attacking another man. There was no contact between them for two years – then he got in touch with Jane out of the blue asking to see his daughter.

Jane said: “I agreed, but then he started threatening me, saying, ‘I’m going to run you out of town. You little ****ing bitch. I’ll have you shot!”

Jane went on to have a third child by another man and said she only realised she had been groomed two years ago when a social worker explained to her that she had been a victim.

“I found out that I was not the only girl he had abused,” she said. “I threw myself in front of a bus. My social worker took me to the police and I told them everything.” But she was failed again.

Jane said: “The officers told me they didn’t know what he could be charged with. I asked if they could keep me safe
and they said they couldn’t watch me 24 hours a day.”

“They should have taken me out of the area, away from him, right from the start.”

Her heart-rending story is reflected in the report into the Rotherham scandal, written by Professor Alexis Jay. It reveals many other victims conceived during rapes.

Although the report does not give a precise number, the Sunday Mirror understands the figure to be more than 100. Prof Jay wrote: “Some had children removed under care orders and suffered further trauma when contact with their child was terminated.

“However, there were other cases where vulnerable and sometimes very young mothers were able, with long-term support, to recover and successfully care for their children.” Giving a damning verdict on the impact of the abuse, Prof Jay wrote: “Many repeatedly self-harmed and some became suicidal. They suffered family breakdown.

“Several years after they were abused, a ­disproportionate number were victims of domestic violence, developed drug and alcohol addiction and had parenting difficulties with their own children, resulting in interventions.”

Lawyer David Greenwood is representing 15 victims. Two were made pregnant by their abusers. He said: “Their lives are permanently blighted. Some are mothers to children who they still believe were conceived in a loving relationship when the reality is they were groomed and raped.”

Child sex abuse expert Christine Tuck, of the charity Survivors of Abuse, said: “The victims have given birth to victims. There are no adequate words to describe the trauma those girls are enduring. The men who did this are animals.”

Today it emerged Rotherham’s police chief during the height of the scandal, Mike Hedges, ignored two letters he was sent 10 years ago pleading with him to do something.

One, from a Home Office researcher, told him his officers were not doing enough to “protect children at risk and target their abusers”. Another was a plea for help from the desperate parents of a 13-year-old girl who had been gang raped.

Tonight, the retired officer insisted: “I cannot claim that (the letters) never arrived in my office but I have no recall of it. If something like that had been brought to my attention I would have done something about it.”

Operation Protective Edge by the numbers: Hamas was struck harder than ever, the numbers speak for themselves

IDF shoots down drone that entered Israeli air space from Syria

(JPost) The IDF shot down a drone that entered Israeli air space from Syria on Sunday. The air force fired a surface to air Patriot missile to intercept the drone, which had come from the Quneitra region in Syria, adjacent to the Israeli border. "The IDF will not tolerate a breach of the state of Israel's sovereignty," the army said.

Army sources said the drone likely belonged to the military of the Assad regime, and strayed into Israeli airspace by accident.

Defense Minister Moshe Ya'alon responded to the interception of the drone said Israeli air defense personnel have "once again proven their high alertness and professionalism."

He added that Israel will not allow "any breach of our sovereignty or attempt to harm our civilians and soldiers in the North, whether deliberate or accidental. Recent weeks have proven that our patience for for attempts to harm us is short, and if someone attempts to test us, we will know know how to respond aggressively."


Kurdish Activists ‘Convert’ to Yezidis in Act of Solidarity

ERBIL, Kurdistan Region - In an act of solidarity with Yezidis made homeless and persecuted en masse by the Islamic State (IS/formerly ISIS) in Iraq, dozens of Kurdish intellectuals and activists announced they have symbolically converted to the faith.

“We become Yezidis to show the radical Muslims that their genocidal campaign would only increase the number of Yezidis in Kurdistan,” said a group of 48 intellectuals and activists in a joint statement.

They said that the Yezidis are “subjected to savage attacks only because they have a different religion.”

“Because of their non-Muslim faith they are killed en masse, their girls and women are enslaved and many of them have been forcefully converted to Islam,” their statement read.

IS militants attacked the Yezidi town of Shingal early this month, killing several hundred civilians and displacing tens of thousands to Mount Shingal, where many died of hunger and thirst.

“I feel like a Yezidi,” pronounced Frmesk Mustafa, a Kurdish actress. “I am one of them,” she said.

Mustafa, who has returned to Kurdistan from Norway to work with Yezidi refugees, said: “The aim is to make them return the girls. And to show that Yezidis have to remain with their faith without fear.”

The activists stressed in their statement that the Kurdistan Region has no room for religious intolerance, and that Yezidis are welcome as members of Kurdish society.

“One of the prides of the people of Kurdistan is their belief in religious and ethnic diversity where every individual can live together,” they said.

The group called on the people of Kurdistan, Iraq and the world to become Yezidis, albeit symbolically, in solidarity with the small and persecuted community.

“We want to tell the Yezidis and the people of the world that we will not leave the Yezidis to face a genocide alone,” read the statement.

Hamas denies reports that former interior minister is Israel collaborator

Fathi Hammad
(JPost) Hamas sources denied over the weekend reports that the former interior minister in the Hamas government in Gaza, Fathi Hammad, defected to Israel after it was discovered that he was a Mossad agent.

The sources said that "the reports being published in a number of media outlets that Hamas official Fathi Hammad escaped abroad are groundless."

In comments made to the Fatah-affiliated Al-Kuffiah website, a source said that "Hammad has not fled Gaza and was not arrested on suspicion of collaborating with the security service of a country in the region, as was reported in the media."

He added that "the reports about Hammad are far from the truth, which is that he is continuing to act among the leadership of Hamas."

A day before the reports, Hammad was quoted as saying, "There is no phenomenon of collaboration with Israel." He said that "Israel enlists agents on an individual basis, therefore it is impossible to reveal additional collaborators through interrogation of a collaborator who is arrested by Palestinian security forces."

Wild "victory" celebrations in Gaza continue: IDF camera captures Palestinians raping a goat in turns

Fear of offending Muslims due to PC allows Islamic intolerance to thrive in the UK

(London) You'd think the British Government with its high and mighty stance regarding 'Islamic terrorists' would pull its finger out and sort out its act at home. But you know what, it won't.

Take for example today's revelation that the Government is looking at temporarily (yes, temporarily) banning those who go off to fight for Islamic terrorist groups around the world from returning, add the fact they won't remove British citizenship, you can see why the UK is a joke.

Then there's the fact that the leader of a Libyan terrorist group currently fighting the Libyan government is not only living in the UK, but he is directing the fight from here.

We've had the Trojan horse affair with our schools where radical Islamists took over schools and installed a Sharia based teaching regime (don't talk to kaffirs, women are second rate citizens, etc.) which we find out later in the day that the councils knew about.

In the UK, anybody walking around with an Israeli flag will be attacked as... bigot. But anybody walking around with the black flag of jihad is seen as... supporting Gaza.

With FGM being banned since 1985, not one person has been convicted of facilitating the evil act. Yet a report 2 months ago stated that there are 170,000 victims in the UK.

Let's not forget how in 1 town alone 1,400 girls were raped by Islamic paedophiles, fully sanctioned by the authorities because they didn't want to be seen as racist.

The British Government, this and the last one, have let down the British public, in the name of equality, they have allowed Islamic bigotry to thrive in the UK. For years they have silenced people who asked questions about the more intolerant parts of Islam, and then they wonder why people have gravitated towards the far right.

Terrorist attack in Somalia kills 11

(Mogadishu) It appears that faced with increasing military reversals, the Somalian Islamic terrorist group Al Shabaab hit upon the idea of breaking out of Jila'ow prison its fellow blood thirsty thugs in which to replenish its ranks. So this morning, packed with explosives, a lonely car detonated to the sound of Allah Akba outside the front gate of said prison, this was followed by a rush of gun totting murdering thugs (also uttering 'Allah Ackba'). Unfortunately for these idiots, the people inside were ready for them, and after a brief firefight, 7 terrorists were dispatched to the great mosque in the ground. On the other side of the coin, 3 soldiers were killed, as well as 1 civilian.