Monday, January 15, 2018

India: four Pakistani soldiers, five terrorists killed by Indian Army

(Kashmir)  After the Pakistani army decided to open fire across the border into the Poonch district of India  on Monday morning, Indian army retaliatory mortar fire saw at least 4 Pakistani soldiers killed.

General Bipin Rawat warned that his force would continue to use its "might" to teach Pakistan harsh lessons if it did not cease aiding cross-border terrorism.

Elsewhere the Indian Army killed five JeM terrorists while thwarting a major infiltration bid on the border around 100 km from Srinagar, in an overnight operation that ended on Monday morning. Indian troops detected and tracked the movement of the terrorists as they were trying to infiltrate along the river Jhelum, which flows into Pakistan from India. "In the ensuing firefight, the Army neutralised five terrorists. Four bodies were recovered and the fifth is lying near the boat the terrorists had used to cross the river,"

Israeli News: Monday 15th Jan 2018

Israeli customs have discovered the largest ever consignment of military clothing destined for Hamas , the agency announced on Monday. The shipment contained thousands of items of military clothing, including boots, coats and combat vests, all in camouflage colours.  The Gazan importer of the consignment, which originated in China, was due to receive it via the Kerem Shalom crossing. All the items were confiscated and handed over to the security establishment.

A 7 year old girl from Gaza  who was abandoned by her father in the middle of Jerusalem after receiving medical treatment on her way back to Gaza, has been reunited with her mother.  Apparently on the taxis journey back, the father did a runner, leaving the child on her own. Police were called and the child was quickly reunited with her mother. Her father was arrested hours later in the middle of he country.

The Palestinian Central Council (PCC), has held a meeting where Palestinian leaders voted on Monday to call for the suspension of the recognition of Israel t in response to US President Donald Trump's declaration of Jerusalem as Israel's capital.The vote was 74 in favour, two against, with 12 abstentions.

Also at the above meeting President Mahmoud Abbas said  that "Israel is a colonial project that has nothing to do with Jews."
"Europeans wanted to bring the Jews here to preserve their interests in the region," 
So much for suspending the recognition of Israel, when you never ever recognised it in the first place.

An Arab was shot and killed Monday during a violent clash between anti-Trump protesters and Israeli security personnel near the PA-controlled city of Qalqilya in western Samaria. The rioting was set in motion by Islamic leaders  in which to promote their agenda of being enteral victims But as you can see, it isn’t they or their families who end up on a slab.

Iraq: Suicide bombings kills 38

(Baghdad)  A double suicide bombing in the Iraqi capital this morning saw 38 people killed and injured another 95.

Monday’s bombers struck during rush hour in the city’s Tayran Square, which is usually crowded by labourers seeking work. Whilst no one has claimed the attacks, but they bore the hallmarks of ISIS, who are still pissed off at losing their self-proclaimed caliphate .

So let me get this right,  38 people murdered, nearly 100 injured by followers of the so called religion of peace (So the left keep telling me) on people who belong to the same faith, a faith which promotes the view that taking a single life is the worse thing that could ever happen. But the thing I can't understand, is so many people in the region will simply say. "It is the will of Allah" in which explain this senseless killing.

Is it bollocks.

Sweden: The shithole of Scandinavia sees 2 more senseless killings overnight.

(Stockholm)  Whilst President Trump is getting a lot of flak over the allegation of referring to a number of third world countries as shit holes. In Sweden which also gave the US president a load of grief over how he pointed out the increase of crime in the country last year, has borne witness to yet another 2 senseless killings overnight.

In the first a 21 year old youth was shot dead in the multicultural city of Malmo at around 9pm, but get this one of his older brothers was shot dead in March 2017 and their older brother was shot – but survived thanks to his bullet proof vest – a month later. So their mother has seen 3 of her sons shot, with 2 of them murdered. Funny enough the police have admitted the shot man was known to them for his criminal activities.

Across the country in the so called vulnerable area (In 2011, 73% of the population of this area was foreign born)  of Rissne in the north of Stockholm, another man was injured in a shooting in the early hours of Monday. He was taken to hospital by ambulance but died from his injuries.

Sweden, not known for senseless murders is currently seeing around 1 murder a day funny enough all in so called vulnerable areas, aka areas of high immigration, the murder rate in Sweden is running around 4 times higher than in Germany or Norway and with a low resolution rate (25%) for gun homicides compared to Germany and Finland at 90%.

And people say that Trump doesn't know what he is on about...Really!

Sunday, January 14, 2018

Lebanon: Israel Blamed After Car Bomb Wounds Hamas terrrorist

(Sidon) Mohamed Hamdan,also known as Abu Hamza, the  local Hamas rep in the Sidon area has been hurt in a bomb blast . A Lebanese military source speaking to the media stated:

"A bomb placed in a BMW in Sidon detonated, wounding Hamas official Mohammed Hamdan,"
Images posted on social media and used by Lebanese TV show a mangled car, a large fire and black smoke rising above the city. A medical source at the scene stated that Hamdan suffered serious wounds to his legs while opening the door to his car, and was transported to hospital.
Whilst nobody  has claimed responsibility for the attack. al-Manar television, run by the Lebanese Terrorist group, Hezbollah  reported he was an important person within the group with a security role and that he was being tracked by Israel. Both Hamas and Fatah are saying the same thing.

However the thing not been mentioned is not only is there a dog eat dog scenario within the terrorist ranks of Hamas and Hezballah where the use of' Israel did it'  is used to excuse the killing of political rivals, also just a few miles away is the  Ain al-Hilweh refugee camp which is supposed to be self policed and as this is the Middle East means it is a free for all , which kind of explains why the Lebanese have been building a wall around it , in which to spare the people of Sidon their violent temperament, which has seen shoot out after shoot out where somebody new tries to be king of the hill. As per usual rather than address the situation, its so much easier to blame the jew.

UK: Usual suspects bit off more than they could chew outside a Nightclub.

(Nottingham)  Early on New Years day outside the Ink Nightclub in Nottingham, the Usual suspects took it upon themselves to spoil everybody else's enjoyment. (Like they do) Problem for this bunch of idiots is the doormen at Ink can handle themselves:

I'm not one to glorify violence , but far too many idiots go out on a night spoiling for a fight, in this case thy lost. 20 year old Makhel Leigertwood-Gibson,was charged with two counts of assault by beating in connection with the incident. two men arrested in connection with the incident were cautioned. The doorman faced no charges, but the Club have asked the company that employs him  that should no longer work at the venue.

US: Most Stupid comment of the Year (and we are only a fortnight in)

(US) Where do I even begin:

US: Man in court over assault,can't explain why he did it.

(Cincinnati) on May 15, 2017  a man in his 40s, was walking near the main library shortly after midnight when 3 men approached him with a fourth person watching out as as a lookout, They asked him for a cigarette, he replied he didn’t smoke. The 3 thugs then launched into a totally unprovoked attack.  The man was struck about 50 times. He was kicked in the face. The attack lasted about a minute. He suffered internal brain bleeding. Blood came out of his ear and they stole his mobile phone.

In court 20 year old John Watts was asked by the judge he they attacked the man, then participated in a beating so violent the judge wasn't able to watch the entire video. Watts replied:
"I just attacked him,"
Judge Jody Luebbers then asked. "Why did this happen?" Watts, replied: 
"I don't know how to explain it,”
For his pathetic excuse Watts received 7 years, Last September another attacker 21 year old  Johntae Dearmond received 9 years .

I keep on hearing blacks and liberals complaining about profiling, police brutality and Black Lives Matter. Yet despite the fact there are some racists in the White community, far more exist within the black community and their intolerant behaviour is excuse by playing the race card. 

Israel: Destroys third Hamas Tunnel in 2 months.

(Jerusalem) Israel destroyed a cross-border attack tunnel that ran from Gaza into Israel and then into Egypt which had been dug by Hamas, the terrorist group that controls the Palestinian enclave.

The IDF bombed an area east of the southern town of Rafah, by the Egyptian and Israeli borders, late on Saturday night. Israel confirmed the attack immediately after, but gave no details until Sunday. The red line in the tweet below illustrates the path of the tunnel.

Egypt: Another Christian shot dead

(Sinai) Whilst the Islamic world  and its sycophants contain to play the victim card for the worlds Muslims at the hands of non-Muslims. Three masked gunmen shot dead 35-year-old Coptic Christian Bassem Attallah. in the north of the Sinai Peninsula on Saturday in the latest attack on the beleaguered Christian minority.

Saturday, January 13, 2018

Syria: Reporter has a very lucky escape when he is caught in the middle of an air strike

(Damascus)  The Syrian regime along with their Russia masters and Iranian and Hezballah lackeys have taken the fight to the terrorist strongholds in Idlib.

Here a very brave or very stupid reporter decides to cover a bombing raid from the epicentre. thankfully (for him and his camera crew)  the bomb you see dropping behind his head fails to explode:

France: Islamic convert who left her children behind to live in a pure Islamic land , now wants to return to France.

(Paris) The story of  33 year old Emilie König has transfixed france. The daughter of a policeman from  Brittany, she converted to Islam as ateenager. In 2010 after the French banned the Niqab , she took to wearing it simply to wind non-Muslims up. She married, had 2 children, yet in 2012, she left everything behind, including her children to live in a pure Islamic under the remit of ISIS carved out of Syria.

She was going to marry one of the fighters out there, but he died before she arrived, yet she still  had 3 more children and took to working for ISIS with gusto, she adopted the combat name of Ummu Tawwab and regularly posted images of herself online, where she  was armed and entirely covered.  Not only did she promote ISIS propaganda she  became involved in helping to recruit jihadists from France which got the World to add her onto the list of ISIS terrorists wanted for questioning and so she lived a happy of life of jihad hating the West, Non-Muslims and even Muslims she deemed not pious enough until her whole world caved in when the 1000 year caliphate ISIS was building didn’t last more than a couple of years. She was captured in full combat gear by the Kurds (with her 3 children) and now instead of facing Islamic justice in an Islamic land, she wants to return back to France in which to pick up her old life. As mentioned her story has divided France, her mother who has looked after her 2 children she left behind for the past 5 years has spoken to her on the phone and related to the media:
“She would like to come back; she has asked for pardon from her family, her friends, her country,”
However, the government is keeping pretty tight lipped about what to do with the approximately  690 French foreign fighters in Syria and of which about 43 percent — 295 — are women. Whilst President Macron has said that decisions on allowing women and children to return from Iraq and Syria would be made on a case-by-case basis. Benjamin Griveaux, the government spokesman said:
France favours having its citizens tried where they are caught, but only “if there are judiciary institutions today that are able to grant a fair trial.”

A quandary which is been repeated all across Europe and which will garner a lot more attention these coming months. Naturally the do-gooders will be screaming ‘Think of the children’ But that is an issue which can be easily resolved, the question the world should be asking is, what do we do with the parents. I know my answer.

UK: Polish Nazis walks free from court after attacking Muslims and driving whilst drunk.

(London) Last June 48 year old Polish national Marek Zakrocki got drunk and assaulted his wife. He then got into his works vehicle and went for a drive around town.

He saw a Somali woman, got out and gave her grief and a Nazis salute, he then chased an Asian man around a shopping centre in his van and shouted "white power" before driving at a curry house owner during a drunken rampage in an attempt to smash him against the shop window.

Police were called and when he was arrested. It transpires his family had called the police and as this is the UK, instead of sending round a squad car. The Old bill continued eating their donuts and called Zakrocki on the phone in which to see if he was Ok , instead they got this:
"I'm going to kill a Muslim. I'm doing it for Britain.This is how I'm going to help the country. You people cannot do anything."
Which in a nutshell exemplifies the British Police who really do nothing when it comes to crime, unless of course you tweet something inoffensive then faster than you can say ‘Dunking donuts’ you’re nicked.

Anyway after numerous people called the police regards a nutter driving around Harrow, they got off their fat arses and made an arrest . On his person Zakrocki was found to be carrying a Nazis coin and at home he was found to have a number of flyers for the British Far right group ‘Britain First’
The Nazis coin found on Zakrocki when he was arrested.
In court his defence played the victim card for this polish Nazis by claiming he had a history of depressive illness and alcohol problems. The judge must have taken pity as he gave Zakrocki 32 weeks’ imprisonment for dangerous driving, one week for battery against his wife and six weeks for drink driving, with the latter term to run concurrently. He was also disqualified from driving for three years. But as he has already done that time on remand, he was allowed to walk free.  An attempt by his wife to keep his name out of the press was refused.

The strange thing is this happened on the anniversary of the Brexit vote and whilst the left and the media have gone well out of their way in which to scream the UK has become polarised and  racist after the EU vote when an Eastern European carries out an actual racist attack, they  leave that out by screaming out ‘British first member’’

Germany: Palestinian in court for Murder:" Wanted to kill as many Christians as possible."

(Hamburg) 26 year old Palestinian Ahmad Alhaw admitted Friday to killing a man and wounding six others with a knife in a Hamburg supermarket in July. In that incident Alhaw picked up a knife and went on the rampage inside the supermarket killing one man and injuring another 6. He was overpowered by customers.

In court it transpired that Alhaw left Egypt in 2009 where he was doing a dentistry degree to seek asylum in Norway After his application was rejected, he moved around the EU, living in Sweden, Spain and finally Germany. Which also refused his application for asylum and he was set to be deported by the end of 2016, however that had been put on hold as for some very strange reason his identity documents had become lost.

In court Alhaw claimed he was hitting back against Israel and yet whilst his anger was directed at the Jew, he came out with this:
"It was important to him to kill as many German nationals of the Christian faith as possible. He wanted his actions to be viewed in the context of an Islamist attack, and understood as a contribution to jihad worldwide,"
Something tells me it had nothing to do with Israel, but more to do with staying in the country, in the hope that after doing his time he will be granted permission to stay.