Friday, December 2, 2016

UK; Latest Poll finds just one in 25 Muslims blames al-Qaeda for 9/11

(UK) The latest poll by ICM in the UK reveals some disturbing facets regards the mindset of Muslims living in the UK.Based on research carried on more than 3,000 people found that:

31 per cent of Muslims thought the US government was behind the 9/11 terror attacks and 7 per cent blamed Jews while just 4 per cent believed al-Qaeda was responsible.
It found that 26 per cent of Muslims did not believe in extremism and 48 per cent would not turn to the police if someone close to them became involved with people linked to Syrian terrorism.

The thing is, this isn't a one off, survey after survey after survey  reveals that the vast majority of Muslims living in the UK think along the lines above and the ethical latte drinkers out there keep on telling me that Muslims can only be victims in the UK of race hate or even worse.

Interlude: Maroon 5 - Moves Like Jagger ft. Christina Aguilera

Thursday, December 1, 2016

Germany:Syrian teen who screamed she was thrown off a tram for wearing a HIjab, caught out as a liar.

(Berlin) On Tuesday a 14 year old Syrian teen made a complaint to the police that she was thrown off a tram in Berlin because the driver objected to her headcovering by airing his 'Islamophoiba' over the tram tannoy system that he wasn't going to move off with her on board. As this is the West where Muslims can only be seen as victims this was quickly picked up by the Media:


The Berlin Transport Company (BVG), which promotes itself as young, hip and liberal, told Tagesspiegel it was looking into the incident. Examination of the relevant CCTV footage would last until Thursday, Well its Thursday (well it was when I typed this out) and here is what the company has to say. That after reviewing video footage, they believe that the driver asked her to leave the tram because she was eating a Döner kebab, something which is against their regulations, the Berliner Morgenpost reports.
“On the video you can see that two girls get onto the tram and then open a Döner kebab, each while the driver apparently announces that they can’t do that,” 
Here is the screen dump of the Morgenpost which the net translated:

I wonder if this youth will have the book thrown at her for lying, because if their had been no video, the driver certainly would have and given more ammo to the ethical latte brigade that Non-Muslims can only be racist. (And I'm some with Brownskin and a Muslim name saying that)

US: US Shooters who murdered 14 a year did so because of...Christmas

(San Bernardino) Last December Syed Farook and his wife Tashfeen Malik armed to the hilt with automatic weapons targeted a  San Bernardino County Department of Public Health training event and Christmas party, of about 80 employees. Their killing spree saw 14 people murdered and another 22seriously injured. When the police caught up with this so called loving couple, they were shocked to find the duo wearing body armour, giving as good as they got, Unfortunately for them  the law won.

Now that is history, ISIS quickly claimed credit for their killing spree and the statistics of how more non-Muslims have been murdered than the other way round this past year in the US, doesn't seem to register with those who play the rise in racist hate crimes regards  Donald Trump.

Anyway the FBI have been looking into way 2 followers of a really peaceful religion went all ‘Allah ackba’ a year ago and it transpires that the trouble and strife (wife) of  Syed Farook objected to him attending a Christmas party.  Tashfeen Malik stated that she didn’t thinkthat a Muslim should have to participate in a non-Muslim holiday or event. And that so got her goat , she was prepared to die taking as many people with her as possible, this from a young mother with a 6 month baby.

Religion of peace my arse.

Syria: 4-Way Battle Ground

(Syria) To the north of Syria, a 4-way battle is currently taking place between Syria, the Kurds, the Turks and ISIS. The Kurds (yellow) would like to unify their respective areas. The Turks and their minions (green) don't want the Kurds to have their own homeland, so they invaded Syria on the pretext of defending Turkey in which to do just that. ISIS, well, they are simply ISIS (black) and are currently on the backfoot and will fight anybody, including themselves. That leaves Syria (reddish orange) which just wants its country back without other state actors having a say on the matter (that said, they have been using the Kurds to do their work for them in the north).

Mind you, the Turkish Pocket Dictator Erdogan...

... has now stated that he sent his troops into Syria in which to topple Assad. Which is strange as he is currently purging the Turkish military of anybody whose face doesn't fit. Moscow has asked the Nazi fan to explain himself:
"It is a very serious statement and one which differs from previous ones and with our understanding of the situation. We hope that our Turkish partners will provide us with some kind of explanation about this."


(ISW) The Iraqi Security Forces (ISF) made limited gains in eastern Mosul from November 22 to 28 as it struggled to identify and target ISIS militants operating among the significant civilian population remaining in the city. Meanwhile, Iraqi Shia militias turned their offensive towards remaining ISIS-held cities in far western Ninewa province, as Prime Minister Haidar al-Abadi announced that the Iraqi army and police would recapture Tel Afar.

Prime Minister Abadi announced on November 23 that the Iraqi Army and police would recapture Tel Afar, a primarily Turkmen village west of Mosul and former Al Qaeda hot spot. Shi’a militias, including Iranian-backed proxies, had designated Tel Afar as its initial line of effort, raising international concerns that the militias, many of which are charged with human rights violations, may raise sectarian tensions in the area. PM Abadi’s designation of the ISF to retake Tel Afar relegates the Iraqi Shi’a militias to recapture remaining ISIS-held terrain in western Ninewa, including Baaj, Qayrawan, and Qahtaniya. The move will likely satisfy regional actors such as Turkey, which threatened undefined intervention on October 30 if the militias moved into Tel Afar. Instead, the militia units operating around the Tel Afar airbase moved west along the Sinjar highway, making contact with Peshmerga forces operating in eastern Sinjar District. Simultaneously, militia units advanced from Ain al-Jahush westward to Tel Abtah, from where they will approach Baaj from the south. The 15th Iraqi Army Division will take point for the operation into Tel Afar, where the Shi’a militias would have likely struggled to handle the dense urban terrain without taking on significant casualties.

Operations in Mosul remain concentrated in eastern neighbourhoods as ISF units look to breach the city in other areas. To the south-east of Mosul, the Iraqi Army has nearly completed operations in the Ninewa Plains, positioning additional units to join efforts to clear ISIS. North and south of the city, Iraqi Army and Federal Police units have not yet moved to breach the city limits, respectively. Inside the city, the ISF reported that they gained control of three northern neighbourhoods since November 22, but the ISF has failed to advance in southern neighbourhoods. ISIS continues to use the significant civilian population as a primary line of defence, including attacking from positions within refugee flows, which is slowing the ISF’s advance inside the city.

The Counter Terrorism Service (CTS), operating in eastern Mosul, called for a change in tactic for managing the remaining civilians in eastern Mosul. Prime Minister Haidar al-Abadi urged civilians to stay in their homes as the ISF breached Mosul’s city limits in early November, forcing the CTS and Iraqi Army to adopt measures to reduce the risk of civilian casualties. The CTS now is asking for the Iraqi Government to encourage civilians to leave the area, which would allow the CTS to be more aggressive in anti-ISIS operations, including its use of airstrikes. The mass exodus of an estimated 1.5 million civilians from Mosul may overwhelm humanitarian efforts, however, allowing ISIS to take refuge in the refugee flow.


(ISW) The nice people at the Institute for the Study of War, have knocked out their latest situation report on the state of affairs inside Iraq.

The Iraqi Council of Representatives (CoR) passed a law on November 26 that solidifies the Popular Mobilization, the majority of which are Shi’a militias with a history of sectarian violence, as a permanent security institution in Iraq. The Popular Mobilization Act, passed primarily through the efforts of Shi’a and Kurdish parties, grants qualified Popular Mobilization Units the same rights and financial benefits as members of the Iraqi Security Forces (ISF). Sunni political leaders and parties, however, rejected the law as a serious blow against national reconciliation efforts and called for its reversal. The law’s current language does not address the structure of this new security institution or clarify which Popular Mobilization units, which includes several Sunni units, would be inducted into it. As it stands, the CoR will need to pass successive laws or amendments regarding the Popular Mobilization’s structure, raising a concern that the Shi’a parties’ dominance in the CoR will sway the structure to favor Shi’a militias. The law could benefit Sunnis if it legitimizes the use of local Sunni militias and tribal forces as security forces in majority Sunni provinces, thereby acting as an alternative to the National Guard Law, a key piece of legislation which Sunnis sought as reconciliation efforts but Shi’a parties blocked. National Alliance chairman Ammar al-Hakim and Sadrist Trend leader Muqtada al-Sadr both called for the form of the Popular Mobilization to be non-partisan and inclusive, but sectarian Iranian proxy militias, who already dominate both the PMUs’ leadership and the CoR, are positioned to benefit from the law the most. A legitimized Popular Mobilization will result in a sectarian security force funded by the Iraqi government but responsive to Iranian advisers, which will further alienate Sunnis from the Iraqi Government.

Wednesday, November 30, 2016

US: Obama blames Fox news for Clinton losing

(US) In yet another blatant example of how so called champions of free speech, freedom of expression and freedom of thought, the Democrat leader of the United States of America has opined to Rolling Stone magazine that Hillary lost to Donald the other week due to Fox News. I quote:
I've been chewing on for a while now, is that there is a cohort of working-class white voters that voted for me in sizable numbers, but that we've had trouble getting to vote for Democrats in midterm elections. In this election, [they] turned out in huge numbers for Trump. And I think that part of it has to do with our inability, our failure, to reach those voters effectively. Part of it is Fox News in every bar and restaurant in big chunks of the country.

What is it with liberals and their ability to scream 'foul play' when something doesn't go their way?

India: Terrorists storm army camp, murder 7

(Kashmir) Pakistani backed Islamic terrorists have continued their blood fest against the Indian people by storming an army camp. Disguised as policemen, 3 terrorists entered the army camp situated in the town of Nagrota (around 12 miles from the border with Pakistan) at 0530 hrs and decided to attack the officers' mess with hand grenades before doing what Islamic thugs do bes - targeting women and children whom they sought out in married accommodation in the camp. With 16 people taken hostage (two women, two children and 12 soldiers), the Indian army sent in the troops, killing all 3 terrorists.

The Nagrota base, which is home to 1,000 officers and their families, is one of four command centres in Jammu and Kashmir.

Last time Islamic terrorists sneaked across the border from which to attack India, Pakistan was bitch slapped big order by its much bigger neighbour. Yet the death wish ingrained into Islamic DNA has seen yet another terrorist attack carried out by Pakistani sponsored elements. Now, the thing is, both sides are nuclear armed nations, and how long before Pakistan decides to up the ante? Naturally, its Chinese puppet master would be most pleased.