Sunday, August 28, 2016

Belfast: IRA hatred for Jews exposed.

(Falls Road) Without a doubt the political wing of the IRA, Sinn Fein have made their bed with Islamic terrorism.  Which is why we have loads of Murals in Belfast in which to celebrate the peccadilloes between Islamic and Irish terrorism:

All of the above  are reinforced by idiots such as John Hearne the Sinn Fein councillor for Waterford saying this in 2014:
“Well I’d prefer if the United Nations started shelling Israel,”
Martina Anderson, the Sinn Fein member of the European Parliament:
“The Israelis are all over this place like a rash

Which may explain why Israel has no problem barring these terrorist apologists from entering Gaza.

It seems that in an effort in which to get these terrorist apologists into Gaza, Sinn Fein have started meeting with the Israelis, which hasn't gone down well with Muslims 

So in an attempt in which to show their Islamic bedfellows on how they love to stick their arses in the air 5 times a day, the Islamic cock sucking fellows at the IRA decided to have a little get together at Belfast cemetery and smash a number of Jewish grave stones in which to show their Islamic masters just how they prefer Islamic circumcised pricks to Jewish ones.

I quote from the local paper:
A large crowd had gathered in the area at around 3pm on Friday with eight youths carrying out the attacks with hammers and blocks
And to a lot of Americans , the IRA are fighting a just cause. Pity they support the very people who want them dead. 

Syria: Turkish forces start to suffer losses.

(Syria)  When the Turks went into Syria the other day I was a little surprised at how they sent in basic M60A3 tanks

Turkish M60A3
and not their much better protected Israeli upgraded Sabre Tanks (Which is battle proven against Missile attack) 
Turkish M60 Israeli improved Sabre TAnk
or even their impressive Leopard A4 tanks (would be even more impressive if they had upgraded them all to NG status)
Turkish Leopard A4

But no, it seems they decided to send in the weakest tank into a war zone where anti-tank guided missiles are 10 a penny.  

Not only that, but instead of taking on just ISIS, they have gone hell for leather against the Kurds as well, who have been fighting ISIS on their own for the past 2 years and they have allowed their backed militias to act like the thugs they are:

So having upset everybody on the other side of the border (Russians,Syrians, Kurds and ISIS)  and then sending in tanks with no protection against ATGMs, why am i not surprised to hear that Turkish tanks are started to get hit left right and centre.#

It appears that Pocket dictator Erdogan is finding out just like Stalin did that installing your own puppets after carrying out huge purges to the Military doesn't make for an effective military.

Saturday, August 27, 2016

Syria: Rebels in Syria form Airforce

The Syrian army helped this rebel with his flying lessons.

Argentina: Students at German school dress up in Nazi outfits and Hitler mustaches to attack Jewish pupils

(National Post) Children from a German school in Buenos Aires wearing swastika armbands and fake Hitler moustaches attacked Jewish pupils in a resort where several Nazi war criminals lived after the Second World War, including Dr. Josef Mengele, Auschwitz’s “Angel of Death.”

The incident drew swift condemnation of the pupils and the parents accompanying them during the school’s end-of-course trip to San Carlos de Bariloche, in the Andes.

The town became a haven for Nazis fleeing Europe after the war. They were welcomed by the Peronist regime.

According to witnesses, pupils from the Lanus German School arrived at a party in a nightclub dressed as Nazis.

“Some of them were in leathers with swastikas painted on their chests and backs,” Dan, one of the students from a Jewish school who was attacked, told Argentina’s TN television channel.

“We wanted them to be thrown out of the club but they shouted ’f–– Jews’ at us and proudly showed off their symbols.”

When bouncers at the club refused to eject the pupils in fancy dress, there was a “confrontation” which turned into a fight, he said.

The boys dressed as Nazis were finally thrown out.

Silvia Fazio, the principal of the Lanus German School, apologized, saying the incident was “absolutely indefensible” and that the children involved would be punished.

“They will have to make some act of atonement for the damage caused,” said Fazio, starting with a visit to Buenos Aires’ Holocaust museum alongside students from the Jewish school. “There is much to reflect on,” she added.

She stressed that the trip to San Carlos de Bariloche was not organized by the school, but arranged privately. “There were many adults who made mistakes, such as the parents who were with the children, the trip coordinators [and] the club staff.”

However, Ariel Cohen Sabban, president of the Argentinian Delegation of Israelite Associations, said: “We think the real root of the problem is in what goes on at the institution these boys attend, because these kind of attitudes must be prevented by educational means.

“This is not a joke or a laugh. These symbols reflect an ideology that culminated in the Nazis’ assassination of six million Jews.”

He said if the boys involved are aged 16 or over, they could face prosecution for using Nazi symbols and propagating theories of racial superiority.

Adrian Moscovich, executive director of Buenos Aires’s ORT school whose pupils were victims in the attack, said the incident underlined the importance of continuing to teach children about the Holocaust and other crimes against humanity.

He said that “reflecting on these facts is a vital exercise in order to understand the present and build a future in which democratic and pluralist values are consolidated”.

To the left, Muslim kids with guns are the real victims

(ISIS) During WWII, the world stood up to and wiped out the Nazis and Japanese Empire. You know, those political entities which brainwashed their people into thinking that they were superior to everybody else. Yet when it comes to radical Islam, we are told, by the ethical latte crowd that actually it is the victims of Islamic thugs who are to blame for Muslims getting hot under the collar. Yesterday, ISIS released pictures of their latest murderous adventure, and to the left, the real victims are those blood thirsty bigots at the back.

Belgium: Family of radical imam, including son caught singing 'Death to Christians', picked up, looks set to be deported

(Verviers) A week ago, I wrote about how the 16-year-old son of Islamic preacher Sheikh Alami, a local radical cleric with Dutch and Moroccan citizenship, uploaded a video during the Islamic holy month of Ramadan where he called on Allah to wipe out all the Christians, whilst walking down the street in the town of Verviers, Belgium.

Well, his father, mother and himself have been picked up by the police and have now been given notice to pack their bags as they are going to get sent back home to Morocco. A TV company had access to junior and, guess what, he has come out with the usual "misunderstood" crap that he was actually singing for the death of... Syrian dictator Bashar al-Assad.

That people is the Koran sanctioned use of lying (taqiyya) to the non-Muslims in action, and people still believe it when a Muslim lies to their face. Hopefully, the authorities in Belgium will see through these blatant lies and ship the entire family of race hustlers back to god's country.


(ISW) The nice people at the Institute for the Study of War have brought out a map which illuminates who controls what areas as of this Thursday.

Denmark: Arrest made on the recent spate of car burnings

(Copenhagen) I wrote on the 17th of this month that Sweden had been suffering since the start of July a spate of car burnings, primarily in areas with high immigration, and that the Swedish police were clueless as to why so many cars were going up in smoke, which is why after almost 2 months they had yet to make one arrest.

Then on the 23rd I wrote that this penchant for setting fire to cars which don't belong to you had crossed the Øresund strait which separates Swedish Malmö from Danish Copenhagen.

Well, unlike their Swedish counterparts, the Danish police were having none of this automobile barbecue malarkey, and faster than you can quaff a can of Carlsberg, the Danish police have arrested one of the little toe rags who has nothing better to do on a night than set fire to other people's cars. This they did by publishing a picture of one of the arsonists and getting the locals to point him out.

Jens Møller Jensen, the deputy inspector with the city police, had this to say on the arrest:
“At 20:15, we arrested a 21-year-old young man of another ethnic background than Danish.”
That says so much, doesn't it? Meanwhile in Sweden, the police are still asking questions on just who could be behind the mass burning of cars these past 2 months.

Friday, August 26, 2016

Interlude: Sham 69: Hersham boys

Jimmy Pursey was the man: