Tuesday, July 23, 2019

Syria: Iranian and Hezbollah positions struck by IDF

(Al Harah) Syrian media is reporting that they have yet again defended the country from an Israeli air attack which targeted several targets in the Deraa and Kuneitra regions of Syria. According to the report, the attacks were directed against a weapons depot used by Iranian militias. The strike was directed on Al Harah, a strategically located area in southern Deraa province overlooking the Golan Heights. It was for many years a major Russian military radar outpost until rebels took it over in 2014 before it was again recaptured by the Syrian army last year. 

It was also reported that several people were killed and injured when a missile exploded in a base in the rural area of Kuneitra.

Canada: Transwoman sues 16 outlets for refusing to carry out a bikini wax because she still has a penis.

(Vancover)  I'll be honest I don't even know where to begin with this one, its about a transwoman who has taken 16 bikini wax companies to court because once they found out she still had a meat and 2 veg down there, they refused her business, thus in her eyes went against her human rights. here is her pinned tweet on her twitter account.

Rather than try and explain this most disturbing case, here's one that an actual transwoman prepared earlier.

UK: Islamic Peace TV channel faces being banned for saying gay people are worse than pigs and magicians and apostates should be executed

(London)   Peace TV a nonprofit satellite television network broadcasted globally 24/7 from the United Arab Emirates looks set to be banned from the UK after it was revealed that it was  found to have aired four programmes which breached British broadcasting regulations on inciting crime, hate speech and abuse, over the air. One show - called Strengthening Your Family - The Valley of the Homosexuals - made reference to homosexual people dying 'from a disease they contracted because they are homosexual' and said homosexuality was 'a very unnatural type of love that is energised by the influence of (Satan)'.'

Men marrying men. Being on television in front of our children, kissing each other in the mouth, walking down the street, hugging and kissing - this society has gone insane.'Even an animal that is defiled by Islam, the pig - as nasty and corrupted and contaminated as a pig is - you never see two male pigs that are trying to have sex together. That's insanity.

Another discussed execution for those who practice magic,
The correct reliable and majority opinion is that the punishment for a Sahir (Arabic for magician) is that the person should be killed,'
The two other programmes concerned the founder of the TV channel Zakir Naik, where he stated that those who left Islam should be punished by death:
“If someone leaves the religion and propagates the wrong faith, it is like treason and in Islam the punishment is death, but the death penalty cannot be given by a normal human being. It will have to be in the court of law and a [Sharia court judge] will have to be appointed . . . only he can give the death penalty.”
and the latter where he stated that women under 18 getting married was 'no problem at all', even if local laws forbid it. 

Naturally the producers of the channel have tried to excuse their bigotry by playing the reflecting the teachings of Islam'. card.  problem is Sri-Lanka, India and Bangladesh have already banned this so called 'Peace TV' channel and I suspect if the UK does likewise, it wont be the last.

US: Intolerance the Dearborn way.

(Dearborn) Sam Zahr, is a Lebanese-American who lives in Dearborn and after successfully opening a franchise of Burgerim burgers a few miles away in Royal Oak, he decided to open up another in Dearborn. Problem is although in the  US Burgerim burgers is a US company based out of California,( it started life in as a single restaurant in Israel, but the company was bought out by Oren Loni in 2011 and he relocated to the US in which to develop the brand) The usual suspects in Dearborn have decided that as the companies roots are Israeli, then it must be boycotted, sorry did I say boycott, I meant issue threats on Mr Zahr and his children

The lead instigated behind all this Amer Zahr, -a University of Detroit law professor, activist who also lives in Dearborn,  has been urging the community to boycott the business when it opens because it was founded in Israel on land he says was stolen from Palestinians.
“We are not boycotting Jewish companies or Jews,” he said, “but boycotting Israeli businesses that support the economy of the Jewish state, which is suppressing Palestinian people. If they do not respond to the dialogue, we have to encourage our community to boycott the restaurant; and I think that the people of our community have enough reasons to abide by that boycott. What Israel did to the Palestinians and the Lebanese is no secret to anyone.”

Just to exemplify his polarised mindset here is one of his tweets;
Attorneys for Sam Zahr have filed a cease-and-desist order against Amer Zahr for “defamatory statements” about Burgerim,  Sam tried to bypass the ‘Anti-Israeli’ angle by putting up a tent and offering free food, but it was destroyed, having paid to develop a site for his latest franchise, Sam has decided to put on hold opening up his new franchise due to pressure from the BDS crowd. What I cannot understand is why all these BDS people who are so passionate regards boycotting Israeli goods, have no problem using mobile phones, computers and even medical devices which were designed in….Israel.

Korea: warning shots fired at Russian military aircraft

(Seoul) It appears that Russia and China have taken playing silly buggers on the Korean and Japanese border when a number of their aircraft (two Russian Tu-95 bombers, one Russian A-50 surveillance plane and two Chinese H-6 bombers.) decided to go look see over the disputed (Korean/Japanese) Dokdo Islands. . Problem is, the Koreans were having none of this palava and so they sent up a number of fighter jets and decided to fire a few hundreds rounds in front of the Russian jet which strayed not once but twice into Korean airspace

As per usual, the Russians claim they know not of what has offended the Koreans, but I'm pretty sure the telling off the Russian Ambassador (as well as the Chinese one) received . will ensure that more overflights will transpire, until somebody gets shot down that is.

Friday, July 19, 2019

US: Illegal Mexican activist who hates the US, refers to it as Amerikkka, seeks pardon to avoid being deported

(Arizona) 33 year old Alejandra Pablos, is a feminist immigration activist who goes well out of her way in which to berate the United States of America. She openly refers to the United States as Amerikkka, of American “white women wave of fake resistance, of “loser” men who deny that patriarchy exists and “racist ass cops.” She subscribes to the belief that women should be paid more than men, that police officers are murderers and proudly touts the multiple abortions she has undertaken in four different circumstances with four different partners. 

The thing is Mizz Pablos is also a Mexican citizen living illegally in the US and as such has been arrested and is awaiting deportation to her home country, yet despite her hatred of everything the US is. has been and has to offer, she is demanding that Arizona state Governor Doug Ducey affords her a pardon so she can remain in a country she hates. Couldn't make it up if you tried.

US; Knocks out Iranian UAV

(Arabian Gulf)  Whilst the Iranians love to play the part of the victim , behind the scenes of the worlds media they do love to mess about. Be it on the Pakistani border, Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Yemen, Bahrain, Nigeria (yes Nigeria) or even Europe they do enjoy stiring the pot.

And so it is on the high seas, over the years the Iranians have made a name for themselves by harassing ships, under President Obama the Mad Mullahs loved nothing more than racing their missile carrying ships  towards US navy ships and then pulling away at the last moment.  Strangely enough since Trump became President, that nasty habit stopped happening (I wonder why?) Instead of ships the Iranians have started flying UAVs (drones over US ships) and then boasting to the world of their ability to thwart the US Navy. Until yesterday that is when an Iranian Drone was knocked out of the sky by the USS Boxer. whilst sailing in convoy with a number of navy ships. 

What makes this shootdown notable is that smaller UAVs have proven to be hard to target with conventional weapons (As seen in Syria, Iraq and Israel)  Yesterday the US Navy used a vehicle borne system  - Light Marine Air Defense Integrated System (LMADIS)- which apparently uses microwaves to knock UAVs out of the sky. Expect  a number of British airports (which have suffered  shutdowns due to UAVs to be very interested.

Light Marine Air Defense Integrated System (LMADIS)

Interlude: THE ROLLING STONES :"Jumping Jack Flash"

Iran: Hijacks UAE oil tanker.

(Tehran) Iran continues to play silly buggers with the seizing of a small tanker which initially it claimed not to know anything about, then claimed it had issued a distress signal and as the good Samaritans they are they went to help and towed it to a nearby port and now after questions are getting asked about its disappearance , the mad mullahs have decided to state, well actually we caught it smuggling Iranian oil and so arrested them. Really the one thing that can be taken for granted with the Iranians is they like to take hostages.

Thursday, July 18, 2019

First trailer for Top Gun 2

Oh my?

Says it all about the fake outrage over Trump