Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Obama tells Japan he has their back against ...China

(Washington) US President Barack Obama has assured Japan that islands at the centre of its territorial dispute with China are covered by a bilateral defence treaty.US officials have made such comments in the past, but this is the first time Mr Obama has given such explicit support.

Relations have become severely strained between China and Japan over a raft of issues of late , including a number of Islands in the East China Sea,Japan has owned these for years, but with the growth of Chinese military might, so has the area which China claims belongs to it. Which is why we have seen Chinese ships sailing repeatedly in and out of Japanese territorial waters ,Why China declared an air defence identification zone over the islands, all in an attempt to intimidate Tokyo into walking away without a fight.

However Japan hasn't backed down and instead, it has started to rearm, it has rewritten its constitution to allow it to work (militarily) with other nations , to sell arms. While its small size may not have worried the mandarins in Beijing much, the open backing of the US will.

Tony Blair: Forget Russia, worry more about Radical Islam.

(London) In a speech today former British PM Tony Blair and UN envoy to the Middle East urged Western Nations to forget about its differences with Russia and China and together fight the scourge of Radical Islam that is sweeping the world.

He also spoke about the the "absurdity" of spending billions of dollars on security against an ideology which is being "advocated" in the schools and institutions of "countries with whom we have intimate security and defence relationships".

On the issue of Syria, Mr Blair said he understood the UK's reluctance not to take military action, but he would have pushed for the imposition of no-fly zones had he still been in office two years ago.

"I know what the difficult consequences are of intervention, but if you look at Syria you see the consequences of non-intervention, and non-intervention there is something for which we will pay a very heavy price."

On the issue of Israel Mr Blair said:
In the centre of this maelstrom, is Israel. Its alliance with the USA, its partnership with leading countries of Europe, and the fact that it is a Western democracy, mean that its fate is never going to be a matter of indifference. Over these past years, with considerable skill, the Israelis have also built up relationships with China and with Russia. These aren't the same as their long standing Western alliances but they have significance. Were the Israelis to be pulled into a regional conflict, there is no realistic way that the world could or would want to shrug it off. For the moment, Israel has successfully stayed aloof from the storm around it. But the one thing the last few years has taught us (and them) is that we can expect the unexpected.

And on Islam:
For the last 40/50 years, there has been a steady stream of funding, proselytising, organising and promulgating coming out of the Middle East, pushing views of religion that are narrow minded and dangerous. Unfortunately we seem blind to the enormous global impact such teaching has had and is having. Within the Middle East itself, the result has been horrible, with people often facing a choice between authoritarian Government that is at least religiously tolerant; and the risk that in throwing off the Government they don't like, they end up with a religiously intolerant quasi-theocracy.Take a step back and analyse the world today: with the possible exception of Latin America (leaving aside Hezbollah in the tri-border area in South America), there is not a region of the world not adversely affected by Islamism and the ideology is growing. The problems of the Mid East and North Africa are obvious. But look at the terror being inflicted in countries – Nigeria, Mali, Central African Republic, Chad and many others – across Sub Saharan Africa. Indeed I would argue that that religious extremism is possibly the single biggest threat to their ability to overcome the massive challenges of development today. 

The full speech can be found here.

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Weekend UAV strikes take out over 68 people in Yemen.

(Sana'a) A hectic weekend of UAV strikes agaisnt terrorist targets inside Yemen these past 3 days has resulted in the deaths of 68 suspected terrorists , with 3 civilians unfortunately caught up as well.

The US has targeted al-Qa’ida in the Arabian Peninsula (AQAP), which is based in Yemen, claiming it is the most dangerous al-Qa’ida affiliate in the world.The drone strikes at the weekend were directed at what was called an al-Qa’ida base in the far south of the country, built in recent months and said to contain a training ground and storehouses for weapons, food and vehicles.

The US has stepped up its drone offensive against AQAP in Yemen in the past two years after the group had captured and later lost several southern cities in 2011. In a show of defiance, AQAP recently posted a video showing its leader, Nasser al-Wahishi, meeting openly with dozens of militants in Abyan province in the south.....Big Mistake.

A strike on Saturday killed at least 55 militants – though others gave higher figures – including three prominent al-Qa’ida-linked figures.

A second strike on Saturday in the central province of al-Bayda killed 15 al-Qa’ida suspects and three civilians,

A strike on Sunday night killed three militants, one of whom may have been a senior commander, when a missile blasted their off-road vehicle in the southern Shabwa province.

British court lets 14 Year old teen rapist walk free from court.

(Manchester)  Last year there were a spate of sexual assaults agaisnt women by a very young individual around the university area of Manchester. The media went wild and the police issued a photo-fit of said individual before he carried out an even worse sexual assault.

As you can see, the person behind these sexual attacks belongs to a branch of people who in the UK are known for their medieval attitudes to women and their penchant to rape , women at the drop of a hat.  Well bugger lugs (14 years of age) was caught and admitted that he carried out a number of sexual attacks  and today in court for those sexual attacks, armed with a confession , he walked free. Yes you read that right, this sex pest has been allowed to walk free from court . However they did ensure he was referred to a Youth Offending Team for a year.

Wow and we wonder why rape crimes even with all the wide publicity they have received continue to rise in the UK.

Sweden Increases Defence Budget due to Russian land-grab in the Ukraine.

(Stockholm) As much as the Russian President Vladimir Putin would like the world to think that Russia is the victim when it comes to its land grab of the Ukraine. (Why are all the former CND crowd who screamed that it was better to be red than dead during the cold war so silent???)  It appears that others don't see it that way. which is why Sweden has gone agaisnt the grain and increased its defence budget for the first time in over 20 years in which to allow it to rearm in the face of am imperialistic Russia. The first thing they have done is order an extra 10 Saab JAS 39 Gripen NG fighter jets on top of the 60 they have already ordered.

It appears that all these years of defence cuts which the left demanded of the West hasn't made the world a better place at all , that those who use might in which to get their own way have simply become emboldened by these Western defence cuts and just like in the 1930s the West has to start playing catch up by rearming.

Russia shows off Robotic Guard

(Moscow) Russia today showed off what it claims is a world beating  military security robot which it intends to use to police missile sites.  Currently there is very little information being released other than they are controlled wirelessly , they have a Laser range finder and  as its main armament has a small cannon.

As a child growing up, I was fed a diet of Doctor Who (TV show) and whose main enemy were the Daleks even at a very young age I knew that to defeat these tin cans on wheels one simply had to go upstairs or find terrain they couldn't negotiate.

Australia orders 52 extra F35 fighters.

(Canberra)  Australia today confirmed that they have agreed to purchase another 52 F35 (Joint Strike Fighters) bringing their current purchase of the 5th generation jet to 72. On top of that the Australian government has said they are looking at purchasing another squadron of the JSF in which to replace the F/A 18 Hornets. 

All in all an expensive purchase, however it appears that Australia like many other nations in the region has become very concerned about the growth of Chinese military power and how the mandarins in Beijing are more than happy to intimidate the neighbours  in which to claim territory which certainly doesn't belong to them.

Monday, April 21, 2014

Top Gun promo style video for Chinese Navy.

(Beijing) Nationalistic fervour has been all the rage in China for a few years now. The vast majority of their films output has gone all out to promote the one Chinese angle and that everybody else is out to get them and so it is no surprise to see the Chinese Navy jumping in on the act.

Mind you nice to see what the Chinese Navy has been up to these past few years with their clones of Russian aircraft. But that said I much prefer this much older video clip from the USA:

Liberals up in arms over British PMs 'Christianity message'

(London)  In the UK, it has become very fashionable to denigrate Christianity in the name of multiculturalism Years of left-wing propaganda: Islam is a religion of peace, white people are evil, Socialism is the answer to everything has left a very confused landscape where people are fearful of saying (or doing) anything which the thought police deem as verboten and thus ensuring that the guilty party is sent away for political indoctrination and it seems that being the Prime Minister of the Uk doesn't defend you from the wrath of these tofu eating,sandal wearing, veggie eating self appointed champions of the left. Last week David Cameron in an article for the Church Times wrote:

Some people feel that in this ever more secular age we shouldn't talk about these things. I completely disagree. I believe we should be more confident about our status as a Christian country, more ambitious about expanding the role of faith-based organisations, and, frankly, more evangelical about a faith that compels us to get out there and make a difference to people's lives.

First, being more confident about our status as a Christian country does not somehow involve doing down other faiths or passing judgement on those with no faith at all. Many people tell me it is easier to be Jewish or Muslim in Britain than in a secular country precisely because the tolerance that Christianity demands of our society provides greater space for other religious faiths, too.

Crucially, the Christian values of responsibility, hard work, charity, compassion, humility, and love are shared by people of every faith and none - and we should be confident in standing up to defend them.

People who, instead, advocate some sort of secular neutrality fail to grasp the consequences of that neutrality, or the role that faith can play in helping people to have a moral code. Of course, faith is neither necessary nor sufficient for morality.
Well guess what, the left have become incandescent with rage over the above message, and today they wrote on mass an open letter berating the PM for his message: I quote:
We respect the Prime Minister’s right to his religious beliefs and the fact that they necessarily affect his own life as a politician. However, we object to his characterisation of Britain as a “Christian country” and the negative consequences for politics and society that this engenders.
 Apart from in the narrow constitutional sense that we continue to have an established Church, Britain is not a “Christian country”. Repeated surveys, polls and studies show that most of us as individuals are not Christian in our beliefs or our religious identities.
At a social level, Britain has been shaped for the better by many pre-Christian, non-Christian, and post-Christian forces. We are a plural society with citizens with a range of perspectives, and we are a largely non-religious society.

Yes the champions of the left who over the years have done much to erode the civil society which is the Uk, complain yet again about a faith they know will turn the other cheek. The very same people who remain silent on the intolerable actions of Islam in the Uk: (Rape,Murder,bigotry,political Gerrymandering,Drug dealing,Nepotism,Relgious intolerance, Animal cruelty)  are quickly offended by a message that professes nothing but good will. But hey don't take my word for it, here are some of those self appointed champions of the left:

Peter Tatchell: Australian Gay rights campaigner who is behind a motion to lower the age of consent for gay men to...14 and an apologist for radical Islamic homophobes.

Polly Toynbee: A leftwing critic who while professing her hatred for wealth, has no problem sending her children to fee paying private schools or even owning a villa in Italy.

Tim Minchin: Australian (bad) comic

CJ de Mooi: A quiz show panellist.

Dan Snow, a  TV show presenter

Nick Ross, a  TV show presenter

Funny enough, a vast majority of the signatories have very strong connections to the British (And Christianity) hating bBC funny that?