Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Ramadan Death count: Iran 28/06/16

(Tehran) Iranian Revolutionary Guards have reportedly killed 11 Kurdish rebels in a clash close to the border with Iraq. Three Guards also died in the fighting.

Ramadan death toll is now at 7,948

Ramadan Death count: Iraq 28/06/16

A suicide bomber detonated himself at a Sunni mosque near Baghdad where worshippers were gathered for prayers, killing at least nine people, officials said on Tuesday.  The attack on the mosque in Abu Ghraib, which also wounded at least 28 people, took place during evening prayers on Monday as Muslims mark the holy fasting month of Ramadan.

A sneak raid by the Iraqi Anti-Terrorism Directorate which involved  a air landing operation at night at one of the biggest headquarters of ISIS at Qayyarah in Mosul resulted in the death of fifteen members of ISIS’ ‘elite forces’ and eight others captured.

A bomb which exploded in the al-Tobji area in western Baghdad this evening  killed one person and wounded five others.

Iraqi security forces carried out a military operation to liberate Heet Island in western Heet district today, resulting in the killing of five ISIS members, as well as in the destruction of two booby-trapped vehicles, a motorcycle and five boats.

ISIS religious bigots, retreating from areas southwest of Sharqat, north of Tikrit, kidnapped fifteen males from the Shamar tribe. Later, four persons were executed on charges of collaborating with security forces and the government. In reality, simply because they are evil blood thirsty arseholes.

Ramadan death toll is now at 7,934

Ramadan Death count: Yemen 28/06/16

(Yemen) The death toll from yesterdays multiple bombings in the coastal city of  Mukalla has risen from 14 to 48.  34 to be added to the RDC.

Elsewhere the Saudi-led coalition killed 34 people, including 19 civilians when they targeted Houthi rebels in the southwestern region of Taiz (The pre-dawn air strike hit a lorry transporting weapons for the Houthis as it crossed a busy road, a provincial official said, adding that four women were among the dead, as well as 15 rebels.)

In the flashpoint city of Taiz, 11 civilians and a soldier were killed when rebels bombed a residential area. Meanwhile, 12 rebels and three loyalist soldiers were killed in clashes in Nahm, northeast of Sanaa, while six other rebels were killed in fighting in Marib, east of the capital, In the same province, a coalition warplane hit a vehicle carrying pro-government forces "by mistake", killing four soldiers and wounding four others.

Ramadan death toll is now at 7,900

Ramadan Death count: India 28/06/16

(India) A top Hizb-ul-Mujahideen commander was killed in a firefight with security forces in Jammu and Kashmir’s frontier district of Kupwara on Tuesday. The authorities termed it a major breakthrough against Kashmir’s frontline indigenous militant outfit, which they said was achieved as a result of the “continued relentless operation against terrorists.”

However, the killing of Sameer Ahmed Wani alias Jan Sahib, a divisional commander of Hizb, sparked off widespread protests and violence in Dooru, his home village and some other areas of Sopore in neighbouring Baramulla district.

Irate crowds took to the streets chanting pro-freedom slogans and soon clashed with police who fired warning rifle shots and dozens of teargas canisters into the stone-throwing crowds at various places in Sopore. It appears that for these Muslims, Ramadan isn't a time for peaceful thoughts.

Ramadan death toll is now at 7,795

Ramadan Death count: Afghanistan 28/06/16

37 Islamic State terrorists had been killed in fresh Afghan operations within the last 24 hours in Kot district of eastern Afghan province of Nangarhar Another  44 IS dickheads were also wounded during the latest cleanup and military operations launched by Afghan army, police and allied militiamen in Kholgai, Janjal Ghondai and Seapy areas of Kot.

Afghan National Army ANA forces conducting offensive and defensive operations in relevant areas of Faryab province have killed 40 insurgents. These military operations were launched for the elimination of armed insurgents under the code name of Zafar 7 in villages of Dawlat –Abad district in the province of Faryab where 40 insurgents were killed and 93 others were detained.
During the operations some heavy ammunitions, two vehicles, 52 motorcycles were seized and 40 other motorcycles were destroyed. Also 4 armed rebels were killed in the airstrike conducted by ANA forces in Chahardara district of Kunduz province.

At least 14 armed Taliban were killed during recent clashes with Afghan security forces in Zabul and Urozgan provinces. The clashes occurred in different parts of the provinces, while a group of Taliban militants attacked on Afghan security forces conveys.

Elsewhere two Taliban mine planters were killed due to mine blast, when they wanted to plant a road side mine in Dehrawoud district of Urozgan province.

Ramadan death toll is now at 7,794

Ramadan Death count: Turkey 2806/16

(Turkey) Two suicide bomber have struck the main airport in Istanbul. The two idiots started off with opening up with machine gunfire, and then when the police fought back these two village idiots decided to go blow themselves up. Current reports state 28 people have been killed , with another 60 wounded. Video has emerged of one of the bombers carrying out his evil and deadly act.

 Ramadan death toll is now at 7,701

Monday, June 27, 2016

Ramadan Death count: Iraq 27/06/16

Fifteen ISIS pricks were killed and two booby-trapped vehicles destroyed during military operations that took place in Heet island.

This morning, an improvised explosive device exploded near an industrial are at al-Talibiyah in eastern Baghdad. One person was killed, while eight others were injured in the blast.”

Gunmen today attacked farmers inside a orchard in the vicinity of Hussein al-Hammadi village (14 km southwest of Baqubah) using light weapons, resulting in the deaths of two of them.

Thirteen ISIS fighters were killed today over the battle to free  Khalidiyah island in eastern Ramadi from their control.

An improvised explosive device exploded near shops at al-Seha in southern Baghdad, killing two persons and wounding five others.

An explosive device that was placed on a road at al-Bayah (southwest of Baghdad) exploded resulting in two civilians losing their lives.

Ramadan death toll is now at 7,673

Ramadan Death count: Lebanon 27/06/16

(Beirut) Got to love the followers of the religion of peace. Today 4 f-ing idiots decided to carry out a suicide bombing on the Christian village of  Qaa (Not Sunni, Not Shai and not Jewish) on the Lebanese border with Syria, simply because a load of religious bigots  haven't caused enough deaths across the way in Syria. Add 6 pointless deaths to the holy month of Ramadan death count.

Ramadan death toll is now at 7,638

Ramadan Death count: Yemen 27/06/16

(Sana'a) Four bombings attributed to Al Qaeda across the coastal city of Mukalla has resulted in the deaths of 14 people Monday. 

Ramadan death toll is now at 7,632

Ramadan Death count: Nigeria 27/06/16

Two Boko Haram suicide bombers who tried to blow up Sulemanti mosque in Maiduguri during Ramadan evening prayers , ended blowing only themselves up as their intended victims ran off, leaving tweedle dee and tweedle dummer having to give chase, resulting in a case of premature explosion. 

Ramadan death toll is now at 7,618

Sunday, June 26, 2016

Big clean-up in Fallujah

Now that the Iraqis have won back control of the city of Fallujah, they have a huge cleaning up task ahead of them:

The Battle for fallujah is over, the battle for Mosul has already begun.

(Iraq) A senior Iraqi police commander on Sunday declared the western city of Fallujah fully liberated from the ISIS terrorist group after a more than month-long offensive. federal police chief Raed Shaker said Iraqi forces and the allied Hashd al-Shaabi -- an umbrella group of Iraqi Shia militias -- have managed to liberate the city from ISIS terrorists.
 “Security forces have imposed full control of Fallujah after fierce battles that inflicted heavy losses on ISIS.”
In April, the Iraqi army, backed by U.S.-led warplanes, launched an offensive to recapture Fallujah from ISIS, which overran the city in early 2014. Iraq has suffered a devastating security vacuum since mid-2014, when ISIS captured the northern city of Mosul and overran large swathes of territory in the northern and western parts of the country.

With the battle for Fallujah now virtually over, the Iraqis will now concentrate on pushing out ISIS from Iraq's second city of Mosul which has been under the jackboot of ISIS for 2 years. This they commenced in March and which saw the second phase kick off 6 days ago and already they have made good progress. Currently they are fighting to retake the town of Qayyarah , 60 kms to the south of Mosul. Which with its airfield would allow the Iraqi military to use their air assets at a huge advantage regards time on station. ISIS it appears has lost the ability to intimidate their Iraqi opponents  , which explains why over 1300 ISIS thugs have been killed during this offensive ((Not counted due to start date outside Ramadan by 3 months) trying to stop the Iraqi Military from advancing. The latest being today when 25 terrorists were taken out around  Qayyarah.

Ramadan death toll is now at 7,616

Ramadan Death count: India 26/06/16

Eight Police Force troopers were killed and 20 others injured when terrorists  attacked their convoy at Frestbal near Pampore in Srinagar on Srinagar-Jammu National Highway on June 25,  two militants were also  killed in the exchange of fire.

Elsewhere, the Indian Army killed two militants in an encounter near the Line of Control (LoC) in the Baramulla District on June 25,. The soldiers of 17 JAK RIF intercepted a group of Pakistani terrorists in a forested area of Uri.  As they were challenged by the troops, the terrorists opened fire on them leading to a gun battle resulting in the deaths of two terrorists. 

 Ramadan death toll is now at 7,591

Ramadan Death count: Nigeria 26/06/16

Nigerian troops from the 21 Brigade and Civilian Joint Task Force (JTF) have managed to free 5000 captives and kill 10 of their Boko Haram oppressors.  Unfortunately one of the soldiers lost his life in the process.

 Ramadan death toll is now at 7,579

Ramadan Death count: Mali 26/06/16

(Bamako) 14 people have been killed and over 40 injured in a clash over land in central Mali. Moussa Ag Infahi, the police director-general, said Sunday that fighting between residents of two villages in Djenne, in the Mopti region occurred Saturday. He did not provide details on how the 14 were killed. 

Ramadan death toll is now at 7,568

Ramadan Death count: Egypt 26/06/16

Mohamed Samy Ahmed, 23, from the North Sinai security troops was shot by a sniper on Sunday while standing on duty at a security checkpoint, south of Sheikh Zuwaid. He was taken to Arish military hospital. He later died of his injuries.

Ramadan death toll is now at 7,554