Wednesday, April 16, 2014

What a suprise: Families of Islamic terrorists caught out....lying.

(London) On the 14th of May 2004 a British army patrol was ambushed by Iraqi insurgents near Majar Al Kabir. a town in Southern Iraq , they in turn called for reinforcements and these too were ambushed. Heavily outnumbered and on ground not of their picking the British soldiers decided to take the fight to the enemy, so fixing bayonets, they advanced into contact and killed 28 terrorists as well as taking a large number prison. The incident was known as the 'The battle of Danny Boy' and was forgotten about until the traitorous bBC decided to knock out a program which rewrote the incident as a war crime of British making. Ambulance chasing lawyers seeing a chance in which to make a killing took the British ministry of defence to court  and 10 years later at a cost of over £22 million,the court case collapsed when the so called human rights lawyers threw in the towel and finally admitted they had no evidence that British troops abused any Iraqi terrorists.

Today the British government issued a statement condemning the families of the terrorists killed, stating that they lied simply for financial gain, if I had my way I would bill the so called Human right crowd (And the bBC) for £22 million.

However as this is about the Islamic terrorist fawning bBC they ended their coverage on this finding with this little snippet:

Patrick O'Connor QC described them as: "Gross violations of the Geneva Conventions, inhuman and degrading treatment of wounded, broken and helpless young men, who were utterly at the mercy of their military handlers and interrogators."The MoD has admitted that one detainee was grabbed and shaken, and that another may have been slapped. It also concedes that the detainees should have been given a proper meal when they were first captured.
My heart bleeds

British man wins first international North Korean half marathon

(Pyongyang) The media is full of stories today regards a half marathon held in North Korea, to much acclaim it was won by a British man. But what piqued my interest is how the media can wax lyrical over a totalitarian country where free speech is forbidden, where hunger in common place, where the dictator for life gets to lob artillery shells, missiles across the border, where he gets to play with a nuclear chemistry set, all the while getting his southern neighbour to feed his people and the liberal ethical latte set think its great that you can go for a run. Yet the very same people, demand at screaming point for people to disengage with Israel. You know that Israel were nobody goes hungry, where freedom of expression is allowed, where rockets and missiles are launched against it from its much smaller neighbour and where playing with nuclear chemistry sets is the preserve of its biggest enemy.

Gee I wonder why the left don't sing the praises of Israel?

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Palestinian professor who took students to Auschwitz, disowned by university and branded a traitor

(Jerusalem) Professor Mohammed Dajani took 27 Palestinian college students to visit the Auschwitz concentration camp in Poland a few weeks ago as part of a project designed to teach empathy and tolerance to both Palestinians and Israelis. Upon his return, his university (Palestinian Al-Quds University,) disowned the trip, his fellow Palestinians branded him a traitor and friends advised a quick holiday abroad. In fact so explosive was his trip abroad that a comments section about the trip published in the major Palestinian newspaper Al-Quds was taken down by the publishers, because of the abuse in the comments section.One reader said that taking Palestinian students to Auschwitz was not freedom of expression, but treason. Critics of the trip also included newspaper columnists, TV analysts and fellow researchers in the West Bank.
However Dajani says he has "no regrets" about the trip. In a statement posted on Facebook on April 10 Dajani wrote:

My response to all this tirade is that my duty as a teacher is to teach, to have my students explore the unexplored, to open new horizons for my students, to guide my students out of the cave of perceptions and misperceptions to see the facts and the reality on the ground, to break the walls of silence, to demolish the fences of taboos, to swim against the tide in search of truth... I will go to Ramallah, I will go to the university, I will put my photos of the visit on Facebook, and I do not regret for one second what I did. As a matter of fact, I will do it again if given the opportunity. I will not hide, I will not deny. I will not be silent. I will not remain a bystander even if the victims of the suffering I show empathy for are my perpetrators and my occupiers. The aim is not to get any one's approval but to do the right thing.
While Dajani took his students to Auschwitz, a parallel group of Jewish Israeli students from Ben-Gurion University of the Negev and Tel Aviv University were taken to Bethlehem to hear Palestinians from the Dheisheh refugee camp tell their story and yet the people bitching about the Arab student trip haven't spoken out about this student trip.

Ironically on the Al Quds University website they are currently advertising a special summer course on...Hate Speech. And people wonder why liberal Muslims don't speak out more.

Iran to ban.......vasectomies

(Tehran) The mad mullahs of Iran have spoken, birth control is against the will of Allah and as such is looking at carrying out a U-turn against 20 years of birth control in an attempt to double the population from 77 million to 150 million. it seems that the supreme leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, has criticised existing policy on contraception, describing it as an imitation of western lifestyle and has urged the government to tackle what he believes to be an ageing population.

The funny thing is,around 70% of Iran's 77 million people are under 35.

Russia attack aircraft makes flyby near US Warship for over 90 mins

(Black Sea) Oh how the world and his dog has noticed how the Commander in Chief has emasculated the US military. Responding to the crisis in the Ukraine, the Oval office sent the USS Donald Cook into the Black sea in which to try and intimidate the Russians that Obama means business.

Well one Arleigh Burke-class destroyer in the Russians front garden must have really terrified them and so today it transpired that while sailing in International waters , the Russians decided to send up a couple of Su 24 attack aircraft of which one spent 90 minutes buzzing the USS Donald Cook, while the other kept its distance.

I can only presume that the Russians wanted to tweak the tail of the paper tiger that the US has become and if by chance a jet just happened to have been shot out of the sky, the USS Donald Cook would now be at the bottom of the sea and Obama would be apologising to the Russians for offending them.

Funny enough the Russians test fired an ICBM today, sending the message that they can issue much more salient threats than the West.

Monday, April 14, 2014

Bomb Blast in Nigeria kills 88

(Abuja) A massive explosion ripped through a bus station during the morning rush hour in Nigeria's capital, killing 88 people and wounding 124 in a bombing that marked the bloodiest terrorist attack ever in Abuja. Charles Otegbade, the emergency management agency's search and rescue chief, said that the blast came from a vehicle that was parked at the station.

The explosion rocked the Nyanya station south of Abuja at 6:45am, leaving body parts scattered across the terminal and destroying dozens of vehicles.The blast ripped a hole 4ft deep (1.2m) in the ground of Nyanya Motor Park, some 16km (10 miles) from the city centre, and destroyed more than 30 vehicles, causing secondary explosions as their fuel tanks ignited and burned.

No group has claimed responsibility but President Jonathan Goodluck put the blame at the feet of Islamist terrorist group Boko Haram

Islam, the fifth column in the UK?

(England) In the UK , hard evidence has emerged that Muslims have been using underhand techniques in which to take control of public  schools and then once in their grasp, they have enforced pure Islamic doctrine onto the children and thus be able to political (And religiously) brainwash the very young to their cause. This they did by taking control of the schools governors and then once they had done so they removed any teachers (usually non-Muslims) and replaced them with teachers who subscribed to their ideological bent. So concerned is the government to these allegations, that a task force has been set up to investigate 430 schools in the Birmingham area alone, today it has been revealed that the investigation has been expanded to included Schools in West Yorkshire.

Khalid Mahmood who is the Labour MPs for the constituency of Perry Barr area of Birmingham has openily stated that Birmingham coucil have known about this Islamist agenda for a number of years , but have refused to take action due to a fear of being castigated as...Racists.

A letter by these Jihadists explaining their plan of action, was exposed by the media in early March 14, the name they gave to themselves was Operation Trojan Horse and as per usual, the idiots behind this little endeavour are playing the victim card.