Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Yemen: Saudi Navy foils suicide boat attack

The other month Yemeni rebels funded and supplied by Iran  succeeded in attacking a Saudi Naval ship bythe use of remote control suicide boats.  Buoyed by that success, it appears the Houthi decided to try again, but as the Saudi Navy was now wise to this method of attack, the rebels simply tried again up the coast in Saudi Arabia off Jazan Province.  Didn't work as the 3 boats were blown out of the water by the 

Saudi Arabia has 9 Al Sadiq-class patrol boats, US built and they displace 496 tonnes. They are armed with four Harpoon SSM, one 76 mm OTO gun, one 20 mm Phalanx CIWS, two 20 mm guns, one 81 mm mortar, two 40 mm grenade launchers, and two triple 12.75 inch torpedo tubes.

Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Air-strikes carried out by Turkey on Kurds fighting ISIS

(Ankara) The twists and turns of the fighting that is taking place across Iraq and Syria took another unscheduled diversion today when Turkey carried out airstrikes on Kurdish  troops fighting ISIS in both Iraq and Syria.

The Turks have excused the airstrikes by claiming to killed 40 terrorists in northern Iraq and 30 terrorists in north-eastern Syria, "within the scope of the international law" in which to prevent the terrorist group from sending terrorists, arms, ammunition, and explosives to Turkey.

Italy:Man who planned attacks on 'non-believers' arrested.

(Turin) Police in the North of Italy police, assisted by Italy's Special Operations Group, arrested  Mouner El Aoual a 29 year old illegal immigrant from Morocco on Monday afternoon, following seven months of surveillance after an FBI tip-off

It transpires that Mouner  openly promoted Islamist extremism online, calling in one message for "non-believers" to be "roasted on kebab skewers" and fed to dogs. Mouner who has lived in Italy since 2008, used 'walkie-talkie app' Zello to discuss his plans to carry out an attack in Italy. He also shared material about combat techniques, how to throw police investigators off track, and behaviours to adopt in order to become "invisible" while living in a Western country. In one chat group, he styled himself as the Isis group's spokesperson in Italy, using the nickname 'ibn dawala7', meaning 'son of the state', and swore allegiance to Isis chief Abu Bakr Al-Baghdadi.

Spain: 9 arrested over 2016 Brussels airport attack.

(Barcelona) Nine men were arrested and 12 properties raided in Barcelona in an operation against Islamist militants believed to be linked to last year's attack on Brussels airport. The nine arrested were Moroccan apart from one Spaniard and were aged between 30 and 40, most already had criminal records related to organised crime such as drug trafficking. Police said they started tracking the gang as a result of a tip-off from a member of the public. The tip-off was an anonymous call to police from a member of the public concerned about drug trafficking.

The arrests come a day after Spanish police arrested an Egyptian man on terrorist charges.

Egypt: Suicide bomber kills 4 Bedouin

(Rafah) An Islamic State suicide bomber has killed four members of a local Bedouin tribe and wounded others in the northern Sinai Peninsula. The attacker, driving a car filled with explosives, struck a checkpoint near the town of Rafah, adjacent to the Gaza Strip, manned by members of the Tarabeen tribe.

The attack appears to be a continuation of clashes between locals and IS after the pious Islamic bigots banned smoking and decided to shoot up a lorry smuggling cigarettes which just happened to belong to the tribe. 

Somalia: 4 Terrorists executed

(Mogadishu) Four men have been executed in Somalia who were behind a 2016 attack that killed 80 people, The four men were executed in Baidoa, which lies about 245 km (150 miles) northwest of Mogadishu, on Monday. Maj. Nur Aden, a military officer in Baidoa, told Reuters.

“Yesterday, four militants who had been behind blasts were executed. More men accused of being Al-Shabab members will be executed today or tomorrow,” 
The four were found guilty of being responsible for the terrorist atatck in Baidoa in February 2016, resulting in 80 deaths.

Monday, April 24, 2017

Three ISIS fighters 'are killed by rampaging wild BOARS' near Iraqi farmland

(Daily Mail) Three Islamic State jihadis have reportedly been killed by rampaging wild boars near Iraqi farmland.

The three Islamic State militants were cut down by the feral boar known to inhabit Kirkuk in the the al-Rashad region, a local news site claims.

They attacked the militants and left three killed, Iraqi News reports.

Chances are that by tomorrow at least one Arab cleric or newspaper will claim the boars were trained by Mossad.

Germany: Crime statistics for 2016 released

(Berlin) German Interior Minister Thomas de Maiziere today released German crime statistics for 2016 and it didn't make for good reading, he revealedthat:

  • There was a sharp rise in the number of offences listed under the heading "Crime on Crime". Here, 193,542 cases were registered, an increase of 6.7 percent.
  • Dangerous and serious bodily injuries increased by 9.9 percent to 140,033 cases.
  • The number of rape and sexual coercion rose by 12.8 per cent to 7,919 cases
  • Murder and manslaughter rose by 14.3% 
  • The number of motor vehicle thefts decreased slightly by 0.3 percent. 36,388 stolen cars were registered nicked across the country.
  • 3,372 cases of politically or ideologically motivated crimes by foreigners were recorded – an increase of 66.5 %
  • Narcotics crime rate increased by 7.1 percent, numbering 302,594 cases.
  • Right wing offences saw an increase of 2.6 % with 23,555 offences registered
  • Left wing offences saw a decrease of 2.2% at 9389 cases
  • Crimes committed by refugees were up 52.7 percent in 2016 compared to 2015.

All in all this all boiled down to Bavaria being the safest state, Berlin the least, excluding immigration-related crimes, Bavaria was the safest state with a crime rate per capita of 4,785 per 100,000 residents. Berlin has the highest crime frequency rate - more than double the national average - at 15,700 crimes per 100,000 residents. Bremen had the second highest crime rate at more than 13,200 crimes per 100,000 people, followed by Hamburg at close to 13,000 crimes per 100,000 residents.

France: Leftwing rabble protest at Le Pen coming second in French elections

(Paris)  Have you noticed something, that the so called people who subscribe to the left of the political spectrum have no tolerance for any other mindset than their own, You know those people who scream out 'Liberté, égalité, fraternité' have no problem becoming the very people they claim to hate the most 'intolerant bigots' when somebody doesn't do as they demand. Be it voting for the Conservatives in the Uk, Brexit or even Donald Trump for the so called enlightened people amongst us that is a step too far and allows them to scream, scream and scream about how unfair life is.

Yesterday the French voted and they picked Centrist Emmanuel Macron (23.8%) and  far-right leader Marine Le Pen (21.5%)  to go forward for the final vote next month.

Yet to some having Le Pen in the final round as per the wishes for the French people was wrong and so they violently protested across France last night in which to express their displeasure: