Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Iran: New super fast helicopter and troop carrier revealed, shakes Western navies to the core

(Tehran) The mad mullahs and their military scientists yesterday took off the wraps of their latest high tech naval helicopter carrier which has propelled the might of the supreme Iranian Navy above and beyond the likes of the US Navy and it so called super carriers. Say hello to the "high-speed chopper-carrier vessel", as named by the Tehran Times.

The new vessel, named Shahid Mohammad Nazeri, was unveiled during a ceremony in the southern port city of Bushehr. The presiding officer, IRGC Navy Commander Ali Fadavi, said the 55-meter fast cruising vessel is the biggest Iranian aluminium-hulled ship which has been designed and manufactured inside the country, it has an operating range of 10,000 kilometres, with a length of 55 meters, a width of 14.1 meters, and a height of 13 meters. Named after an IRGC commander who was martyred in May, the craft is capable of carrying 100 military personnel and 1 (one) helicopter on its deck in all weather conditions. He also gushed over the fact that while his new super carrier can travel at 35 knots, the pathetic US Navy ships can only travel at 31 Knots, thus showing that the Iranian navy is vastly superior to the Great Satan's fleet of decrepit ships.

I've got a few questions to ask of the vastly lethal Iranian Navy which naturally has the West shaking in their boots:
  • Where is the helicopter hanger?
  • For that matter, where are the weapons?
  • Finally, why were there no females at the christening of the Shahid Mohammad Nazeri?
  • Could it be that the Iranian navy is full of Village People?
 Might explain why the mullahs' naval base was full of Red Hot Sea Men.