Friday, April 20, 2018

Pounce: Bike ride.

I'm quite lucky in that I live out in the country. Today was a nice day , so I popped out for a bike ride. Here's a few snaps I took with my phone:

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Thursday, April 19, 2018

UK: Yet another Islamic rape gang jailed

(Burton-on-Trent) In the Midlands of the Uk . 3 Islamic males have been jailed over how they groomed and raped teenagers.

Taiyab Hussain, Shaheem Ratyal and Sohail Ali, all aged 19, and 18-year-old Mohammed Rizwan, were arrested after a teenager realised she had been groomed after watching a sex education video.

Police investigations revealed she wasn’t alone and that so far another 3 teenage victims have come forward, one a 13 year old child. What makes this story even more damning is the offences transpired between December 2016 and March 2017. 5 to 6 years after the prevalence of Islamic rape gangs came to the attention of media and the jailing of hundreds of Islamic males with a penchant for  little girls.  You’d think the message that shagging little girls is a big NO NO, but apparently not and now these mightly Islamic heroes can find out the hard way what it is like to be somebodies bitch in the Prison showers.

Just what is it about Muslims and raping little girls?

France: Algerian woman denied citizenship after she refused to shake the hand of an official.

(Paris) The highest administrative court in France has upheld the decision to deny a French passport to an Algerian Muslim who refused to shake hands with officials during her citizenship ceremony.

In 2016 the women was applying for French citizenship refused to shake hands with a senior official presiding over the citizenship ceremony as well as with a local politician. That act saw her bid to become French (and all the rights and benefits that come with it) thrown out of the window. She appealed calling it an “abuse of power” and that appeal has also been thrown out of the window.
The government said that her behaviour showed she was “not assimilated into the French community”, one of the reasons it could invoke under the civil code to deny citizenship for the spouse of a French national.

I’m all for people being different and having different ways, but when it impacts on the very fabric of society promoting and leading to religion taking precedent over the laws of the land which afford Liberté, égalité, fraternité to all then, I cannot understand why so many people who subscribe to a polarised religious way of life would want to become French in the first place. It would benefit us all if these people explained why?

Wednesday, April 18, 2018

US: Leftwing bigot praises the death of former lady Barbra Bush

(Fresno)  We all heard the sad news that Barbara Bush passed away last night after making the very brave decision only 3 days ago that she would no longer seek medical treatment and had instead chosen the option of "comfort care. I never knew the woman or much about her, but I fully respect her for making that call.

Randa Jarrar, Professor at Fresno State’s Department of English

So imagine my surprise when I find that Randa Jarrara Fresno State professor called former first lady Barbara Bush an “amazing racist” who raised a “war criminal,” and expressed no concern that she could be fired or reprimanded for her outspokenness on social media.

A few seconds on the net tells me that Miss Jarrara was born in 1978 in Chicago is the offspring of a Greek mother and a Palestinian father who went to live in Kuwait and was apparently living there when Saddam Hussain invaded it in 1990. It was Barbara’s Bush’s Husband who was US President at the time who sent in American troops to liberate that country, whereupon the Jarrara family returned to the US.  Miss Jarrara who openly refers to herself as a Muslim owes her freedom to the decisions that Bush senior made in 1990 and yet not only has she attacked a woman who has done more for underprivileged children than most people , who has been recognised with 29 honorary degrees  for her charity work. And who donated the entire proceeds from a bestselling book to charity. She took great pleasure on the pain her husband must be feeling.

Unfortunately for Miss Jarrara who feels that her right to free speech entitles her to character assassinate somebody based on incorrect information, is now on the end of a backlash that she rightly deserves.  Within hours she has had to make her Twitter account private, she has taken leave and her college is facing pressure to dismiss her. I doubt she will be able to show her face in public for a long time and her reply to all the flack she is getting:
“I work as a tenured professor. I make 100K a year doing that. I will never be fired. I will always have people wanting to hear what I have to say,”
“If you’d like to know what it’s like to be an Arab American Muslim American woman with some clout online expressing an opinion, look at the racists going crazy in my mentions right now,”
Just what is about these people who claim to uphold high moral standards and promote themselves as human right champions, but as witnessed so many times are the biggest racist intolerant bigots going.

US: Crazy 71 year old crazy lady booked for attacking 2 Black female soldiers.

(Georgia)  Last Saturday night Stephanie Mitchell and Treasure Sharpe, both captains in the US military popped out or something to eat. As they were parking at Cheddar's Scratch Kitchen, they apparently held up another customer as they were reversing into a parking slot.  Abuse was thrown their way and they left and went inside. 

However that wasn’t the end of the story when the family inside the second car approached them inside and started up again, whilst the 71 year old matriarch was busy abusing the 2 female soldiers, her son was throwing abuse such as “dumb bitches and “black lesbians,” and throwing his weight around. At this one of the soldiers pulled out her mobile phone and started recording the incident , where upon 71 year old Judy Tucker went into crazy white bitch mode and started attacking the soldiers. When told by her victim that she was pregnant , she went off on a rant about her husband .
Thankfully the crowd inside the restaurant came to the two soldiers rescue, with the Tucker family forced to leave, and arrested outside by the Police. Crazy white lady has since been arrested and charged with battery on $650 bail. 

In this day and age of where blacks are lamented by some as playing the political victim card over how they are arrested, jailed or even killed , here we see a perfect example of when their protestations turn out to be true. Me, I'd like to see this family of white inbreds charged exactly how a black family would have been. That said the local police appear to be doing just that:
Just for the record this has happened to me on a number of occasions across Europe. Kind of surprised them all when I reply back in prefect English, the last time some bloke in a Chinese was berating me for the colour of my skin, and that everything I owned was in my rucksack. His face kind of dropped when I informed him we own our home then I opened up my rucksack and pulled out my Army uniform stating that I had left my car on camp and walked home as it was a lovely day. Wanker then tried to change the topic about how his grandfather had served. Yeah right.

Syria: Israeli strike on T4 airfield struck advanced Iranian Anti-Aircraft missile system.

(Damascus)  The air strike on the T4 Airbase inside Syria on the 9th of April struck an advanced Iranian Anti-Aircraft missile system which had just been flown over from Iran.

It appears that Iran decided to bolster its own air defences following previous Israeli raids and Israel spotted the transport of the Tor missile defence system which is designed to destroy aircraft, helicopters, drones, guided missiles and other precision weapons flying at medium, low, and extremely low altitudes, in difficult air and jamming environments.

The Tor has radar and missiles based on a single vehicle. It  carries 8 missiles and they are launched vertically. Maximum range of fire is 5-12 km and maximum altitude is 4-6 km,  The Tor has a brief reaction time. It takes only 8-12 seconds from target detection to launch which kind of explains why Iran would want to defend its assets with such a potent weapon system.

Germany: Jew openly whipped in public by Arabic screaming thug

(Berlin) Last night 2 Jewish men were walking down the street in Berlin when they were heckled with abuse by a group of Arabic men , when they asked the men to refrain from throwing abuse, one of them took off his belt and started whipping them in public.

21 year old Adam Armush, and a friend were walking down the street wearing kippas when they were sworn at by three unknown men, who assaulted them when they asked them to stop. The video, recorded on his mobile phone and published by Bild, shows a young man viciously beating him with a belt while shouting 'Yahudi' - 'Jew' in Arabic. Why are Europeans so scared to tackle Islamic intolerance be rape, murder or Anti-Semitism?  All we hear is how bad Muslims have it.

Tuesday, April 17, 2018

US: To hand over US citizen captured fighting for ISIS in Syria to third country.

(Washington) The US Government (under the Trump administration)  first decision on how to deal with citizens caught fighting for a designated terror group (ISIS) , is to turn over the ISIS terrorist,( a dual U.S.-Saudi citizen born in the United States and now held in Iraq)  to an unnamed country as early as late Thursday rather than present him to the U.S. justice system. The two countries the man  could be sent to are either: Saudi Arabia, or Iraq.

The man is the only known U.S. citizen held as an enemy combatant from the battlefields of Iraq and Syria. Last September  the Pentagon confirmed that they were holding him, saying he had been fighting for the Islamic State group and surrendered to the allied Syrian Democratic Forces in Syria . He was then moved to Iraq where he has been interrogated by military and FBI investigators. The International Committee of the Red Cross was given access to him, and the ACLU sued to be able to represent him. In discussions with him, the ACLU says he asserted his habeas corpus rights to be charged under U.S. law or be freed.

Isn't it strange how the very people who renounced the citizenship of the countries they left in which to murder, death, kill for ISIS and its ilk , all of a sudden develop a love for the country they hate the most when arrested and faced with the death penalty in the lands they ravaged Funny enough all of which subscribe to Sharia law.

UK: Parliament discusses the rise of anti-Semitism within the Socialist Labour party

(London) The British Parliament is currently discussing the rise of anti-Semitism within the country, but primarily within the left-wing Labour party which has seen a huge rise after its Hamas, Hezb-allah supporting Leader took post. Something he claims doesn't exist and whose supporters claim is simply a smear on his character.

Listen to Ruth Smeeth, the MP for Stoke-on-Trent, speak about the anti-Semitism she faces on a day to day basis:

Listen to John Mann, the MP for Bassetlaw, speak about the anti-Semitism his family faces on a day to day basis. Really powerful speech:

Funny enough, Jeremy Corbyn instigated an inquiry in 2016 after two Labour MPs were suspended after making anti-Semitic remarks, he brought in human rights Lawyer Shami Chakrabarti who found after a week that there was no anti-Semitism within the Labour party. However, that inquiry was soon mired in controversy when Corbyn bestowed a peerage onto Chakrabarti for carrying out that inquiry. And regarding those two MPs who were suspended, Naz Shah had hers lifted after 6 months for saying all Israelis should be deported to America; Ken Livingstone, who claimed that Hitler was a Zionist, is waiting to find out what is going to happen to him 2 years down the line:

Funny enough, Corbyn walked out of the debate, probably gone for a cup of tea with his mates in Hamas and Hezb-allah.

Syria: Missile attack over Homs last night was false alarm.

(Damascus)  Last night Syria reported it had shot down 9 Israeli missiles aimed at a couple of its Military airfields, which was strange as they hadn't done even half a job of shooting down any missiles coming their way these past few years. Which hasn't been helped by how the grounded missiles they have paraded for the media have all been their own ordnance which have fallen back to earth.

Anyway back to last after doing so well against this latest attack, which was picked up by many western Media outlets, it has now cone out in the wash that actually the above attack was a false alarm caused by the US and Israel.

France: Muslims riot after Woman told to remove banned Niqab.

(Toulouse) Unrest hit the French city of Toulouse on Sunday and Monday when police on patrol spotted a woman wearing a Nigab (Full Islamic body covering) which is banned. So they stopped her, asked her for ID and to remove the banned garment, she in turn provided a photocopy of her iD papers and refused to comply and was duly arrested, She then started screaming, naturally in an dense Islamic area this drew a crowd of around 30 youths, who proceeded to attack the police who had to draw their weapons and use flash bangs in which to escape.

However, tensions remained high in the area, which were compounded by how news was coming about how a Muslim Inmate from the area had hung himself at Seysses prison near Toulouse, leading to the usual conspiracy theories , so they decided to riot on their own doorstep torching over 25 cars over 2 nights. Police made 18 arrests.

Monday, April 16, 2018

UK: Parents who pull their children out of learn about Islam lessons are racists say Teachers,

(Liverpool) The Association of Teachers and Lecturers’ annual conference just took place in Liverpool and there Teachers stated that parents who are taking their children out of Religious Education  (RE) classes because they don't want them learning about Islam are racist and that these so called racist parents are tampering with schools' attempts to prepare youngsters for modern society in the UK.

Tales were related of instances where parents with prejudices including "including Islamophobia and anti-Semitism" wanted to remove their children from certain lessons or visiting places of worship - as opposed to instances where parents object based on religious beliefs. The union is urging the Government to take steps in ensuring parents do not selectively prevent their children learning about individual religions.

So much for freedom of expression eh. Funny enough as a child growing up, Muslim students at my school did not have to attend RE lessons and spent the time in an empty classroom doing nothing. I know I went once, but returned to the RE lessons as I had and felt no affinity to the rest of the group.

Ghana: Korean Navy ship arrives off Ghana in search for kidnapped Koreans

(Accra) The Korean KDX II class destroyer Munmu the Great has arrived off the coast of Ghana in response to the kidnapping of 3 Korean sailors from afishing vessel at the end of last month. The vessel  Marine 711 had just depart Accra when it was captured by Pirates , who left the locals on board but made off with 3 Koreans and 1 Greek. In response the Chungmugong Yi Sun-sin-class destroyer which was on anti-Pirate duty off Somali was re-tasked and sent to the area .

South Korea currently employs a total of 6 KDX-II class destroyers. ROKS Munmu the Great was launched in April 2003 and is the 2nd of her class. The 4,400-ton destroyer is carrying some 30 UDT/SEAL members and is equipped with 2 Lynx multi-role helicopters. In 2011, the Korean special forces successfully carried out a gunfight operation to rescue the South Korean crew of a cargo vessel hijacked by Somali pirates.

Sunday, April 15, 2018

UK: Importing Third world violence onto the streets of the UK

(Birmingham) Aston a ward of Central Birmingham, England had 27,917 people living there in 200170.6% of which 19,030 of the area's population being of an ethnic minority.

The largest ethnic group was Asian at 49.8%. More specifically, the Pakistani ethnic group was the largest at 27.2% and here is what happens when 70% of the population comes from an immigrant background.

And here's one from last year:
And when the Police arrest these idiots they place the victim card:

Mali : Attack on French troops see's 15 terrorists, one peacekeepers killed

(Timbuktu)  Islamic terrorists, who struck a UN base on Saturday, picked the wrong place when 15 of the attackers were killed.

Terrorists began their 4 hour attack on the at the international troops’ “Super Camp” neighbouring Timbuktu’s airport with the customary car bomb attack this they tried to follow up by launching a ground assault using men dressed as UN troops. However it appears French troops were on alert due to the attacks on Syria  and repulsed the 4 hour attack  killing 15 of the attackers , for the sad loss of 1 UN soldier and several French troops killed.

Saturday, April 14, 2018

Saudi Man or Yummy Jam?

Somalia: Air strike takes out Vehicle Bomb

(Mogadishu)  U.S. forces conducted an airstrike destroying an al-Shabaab vehicle-borne improvised explosive device near Jana Cabdalle, Somalia, on the afternoon of April 11.

I take it the driver of the vehicle was shocked at getting blown to bits before he could utter 'Allah ackba' and murder innocents and receive as his reward 69 raisins.

CAR: Fighting between Islamic groups and UN sees 17 dead 100 injured

(Bangui)  In the Central African Republic (C.A.R) clashes have taken place between Islamic rebels groups and the UN resulting in 17 rebels, and 1 UN soldier killed and over 100 injured.

The U.N. said a Rwandan peacekeeper was killed and eight others were wounded Tuesday during “an exchange of fire with armed elements” for several hours in the capital, Bangui. In protest  the corpses of 17 people were laid out in front of the United Nations peacekeeping offices in the Central African Republic’s capital Wednesday in anger over operations against armed groups that has targeted a largely Muslim neighbourhood. In response the UN Spokesperson Vladimir Monteiro said Minusca troops targeted criminal gangs, denying they had fired on civilians.
“This is not an operation against communities and specifically the Muslim community. The Muslim community asked our troops to launch the operation and put an end to the criminal activities,”
C.A.R has been the scene of major unrest after Islamic rebels took control of the mainly Christian country in 2013 resulting in an uprising by the Christians who took out their anger on the minority Islamic population, The UN intervened but despite the presence of over 11,000 UN troops in the country they have been powerless to disarm the Muslim rebels who continue to do their thing and complain when the UN takes action

Germany: 3 Syrians arrested for belonging to ISIS

(Saarland,) German police have arrested 3 Syrian asylum seekers aged 21,23 and 27 on charges of belonging to ISIS.

The arrests took place after an employee at a refugee centre tipped them off after seeing a video of one the defendants  inside Syria armed to the teeth in military clothing. A six month investigation was instigated which revealed one of the detainees had tried to recruit fighters from Germany via the internet to take part in the civil war as members of the banned extremist group Ahrar al-Sham. The group belongs to the Salafist scene and wants to establish an Islamic state in Syria based on Sharia law. The others were said to have been members of the terrorist group "Islamic State" (IS) in Syria. Funny enough Two of the men are on a list of those people German police consider to be a terrorist threat.

As the evidence piled up arrest warrants and search warrants against the three men were issued  and the terrorist suspects were arrested on Thursday with support from special forces in Saarbrücken and Saarlouis.

Belgium: Mulls banning Islamic political party

(Brussels)  Concerns about the Islam party, a relativity new Islamic political party which burst onto the  scene in the 2012 elections winning 2 seats has the Belgique political elites mulling over whether to ban them from the forthcoming elections after Redouane Ahrouch, the treasurer of the Islam party, advocated a separation between men and women on public transport. the reversal of the hijab ban and schools to offer Halal food for all.

 Redouane Ahrouch, 
However those statements are only the tip of the iceberg , speaking to the media Ahrouch  stated
 "Our goal is a one hundred percent Islamic state."
Naturally this hasn't gone gone well inside the non Islamic population in the country, State Secretary for Asylum and Migration Theo Francken (N-VA) reacted very loudly to the interview. 
"Women do not have rights in their sharia world. And it starts with separate public transport. I am disgusted by this ISLAM party, this is spitting on Europe."
Two parties of Belgium's coalition government – the New Flemish Alliance (N-VA) and Open Flemish Liberals and Democrats (VLD) – have expressed their intention to work out constitutional amendments to introduce a ban on the registration of such political organizations, as the Islam Party, whose ideas and ideology  qualify as extremist. Whilst the current goals of the Islam party are set for this Octs local elections , politicians have stressed the need to have the amendments implemented before the 2019 general election where the Islam party is looking to field 28 candidates in primarily Islamic areas of the country.

Friday, April 13, 2018

Syria: RAF carried out air-strikes on chemical Missile site in Homs

(London)  The British MOD has issued a statement stating that 4 RAF tornado jets based out of Cyprus carried out an air strike on a military facility – a former missile base – some fifteen miles west of Homs, using Storm Shadow stealth cruise missiles where the regime is assessed to keep chemical weapon precursors stockpiled in breach of Syria’s obligations under the Chemical Weapons Convention.

The Tornado is a twin-engine, variable-sweep wing multirole combat aircraft, which was jointly developed and manufactured by Italy, the United Kingdom, and West Germany.

Storm Shadow / SCALP EG is an advanced, conventionally armed cruise missile currently operational with the RAF and French Air Force. It is optimized for pre-planned attacks on static targets, whose positions are accurately known before the mission.  With long-range and a very efficient stealth design, Storm Shadow can eliminate strategic components of enemy defensive systems, without risking manned aircraft. The missile weighs 1,300 kg and is powered by a turbojet engine.

Syria: US, France and UK carry out strikes.

(Damascus) President Donald Trump says he has approved US military strikes against Syrian chemical weapons sites, in collaboration with the UK and France. The strikes are in response to an alleged chemical attack on the Syrian town of Douma last week. Speaking in an address to the nation President Trump said:.

"A combined operation with the armed forces of France and the United Kingdom is now underway," 
President Trump said in an address to the nation.
Explosions have been  reported near the Syrian capital Damascus.
Possible targets for the Allied strikes could be:

Map taken from Adam Milstein tweet

Syrian state TV is reporting they shot down 13 cruise missiles during the attack, whilst there may be an element of truth in them shooting down a missile, we have to remember that when Israel struck Syria after the downing of one of its F16I jets in February of this year, the retaliatory air strikes took out half of the Syrian air defence network.

Austria: Albanian youth jailed for 9 years over terrorism replies 'I do not give a shit' on sentence.

(Wien) An  Austrian youth of Albanian descent was sentenced to nine years in prison on Friday in connection with plans for two Islamist extremist attacks in Germany, one of which involved grooming a 12 year old Iraqi to carry out a couple of bomb attacks.

The youth who was arrested last year and has been in custody had previously disowned himself from ISIS ideology and showed remorse before the court case, which probably explains why a suspended sentence of 20 months jail for a previous sentence was not initiated. Mind you his defence helped with his closing speech regards his client:
"He is stray teenager who needs to be rehabilitated into society, He is lost, but not a lost son Help with your judgment to bring the stray son back to society and to join in,"
It appears that all that contrition went out of the window when he received 9 years bending over in the prison showers.

Germany: Police shot dead rampaging Afghan attacker at 4 am

(Fulda) Police in Germany shot dead a 19 year old Afghan refugee who went on a violent rampage at a bakery early Friday morning. The 19-year-old who was housed nearby at a refugee centre  attacked the driver of a delivery truck at the bakery at 4:20am (local time), before smashing the shop's windows, and leaving the driver seriously injured.

After the police arrived on the scene, He attacked them with stones and then attacked them with a baton, Police opened fire in defence shooting him 3 times which put paid to his rampage, attack and life. What makes this attack even stranger is the fact the bakery had not opened at the time.

Somalia: Map of US strikes

Long War Journal have collated all the Air strikes carried out by the US inside Somalia and listed them on a wee interactive map.

Italy: American attacked and stabbed by 4 Albanians

(Florence) A 21 year old  American student is reportedly in a serious condition after being stabbed in central Florence. He is being treated in hospital, where he has undergone surgery after the attack on Tuesday evening.

It appears the man got into an argument with four Albanian men outside a popular nightclub, whom he accused of harassing his girlfriend and trying to grope her. One of these four men then attacked the American, stabbing him twice in the shoulders. The nightclub doormen came to his rescue and called the police. However the Albanians (like the scum they are) had disappeared. 

Somalia: Bomb explodes at football match 5 killed

(Barawe)  A local football competition in a coastal town south of the capital earned the wrath of Islamic terrorist group who decided to bury an explosive device and detonate it whilst the match was in play resulted in 5 people killed and another 14 injured on Thursday.

Al Shabab have admitted responsibility. 

Belgium: Looking at allowing Military recruits to sleep at home during basic training

(Brussels)  Since 1995, Belgium has relied on volunteers to man its armed services, how like so many other nations which have a voluntary service, they are unable to recruit as many people as they would like for its 28,000 man army. In fact over the past 10 years over 4000 people have left basic training for a variety of reasons , with 16% of them claiming 'home sickness' was the reason why they left. 

Well some bright spark has decided that in order to reverse that trend, recruits should be allowed to stay at home during their Basic training (if they live nearby)  and that they should be allowed to go home over the weekend as long as they are back on base by reveille first thing Monday morning.

The point that , that bright spark appears to have missed, is by forcing a bunch of strangers to live and work together for a set period of time is you instil in them all the qualities of an esprit de corps which is the glue of any effective fighting unit. Where you are prepared to go through thick and thin to protect your friends , even as much as laying down your life. Allowing recruits to bugger off every night won't achieve that and will only result in an half arsed military good for nothing.

Interlude: The Danish National Symphony Orchestra - A Fistful of Dollars

Thursday, April 12, 2018

Syria : French, British and US combat assets currently in the region

(Syria) With the build up of Western assets currently continuing in the Eastern Mediterranean regards a possible strike against President Assad for using banned chemical weapons, here is a snap shot of the current situation on the ground as of 12/04/18:


UK: Hussain jailed for 23 years for kidnapping and raping a 12 year old.

(Bradford) 35 year old Ibrahim Hussain, has been jailed in the Uk over how he kidnapped a 12 year old and raped her.

Last July Hussain kidnapped the child and kept her hostage for 3 days where he raped her numerous times, then in ab attempt to make some money out of the child he invited over 5 different men who raped her for money. Hussain who was on bail at the time for sexually molesting a 6 year old denied all the charges, however the court was having none of the that and found him guilty with him receiving a sentence of 23 years, with a caveat he must serve half his sentence before the Parole Board consider him for release.

Paedophile  Ibrahim Hussain
Typical of the UK, where a sentence of 23 years means actually means half. What a f-ing joke justice is in the UK.

Pakistan: Pregnant woman shot dead because she didn't dance when told to

(Larkana)  A 24-years old singer was shot dead while performing at a function on Tuesday near Larkana. Samina Sindhu who was seven month pregnant when she was shot after refusing to dance whilst on the stage.

The singer's husband, Ashiq Sammoo, stated that a man had pointed a gun at his wife and "threateningly ordered her to stand up, dance  and sing". Despite standing up, she stated she was pregnant and could not dance, So he shot her. He has been arrested in connection with the death. Tariq Jatoi (the arrested man) told journalists outside court that he had fired in the air in celebration and a bullet hit the singer by mistake. He was remanded in custody. However footage obtained by the media shows the women being hit thrice by bullets. which seeing as it on video, means that gun happy Tariq is going to have to get used to standing and dancing in the prison showers. (if Pakistani prisons have showers that is). Stupid stupid culture.

Australia: Teenage Afghan thug released from jail because he's a ...Muslim

(Melbourne)  On the 17th of January this year Dr Edmund Pribitkin and son Edik (Americans visiting Australia) Had just left the Australian Open at Melbourne Park, when they were asked for cigarettes by 5 Afghan youths.  When they stated they didn’t smoke they were viciously attacked for no reason leaving  Pribitkin senior with serious head injuries and placed in an induced coma while his son was concussed with a broken nose.  Three 17 year old boys and 2 16 year old girls were arrested and  placed in Melbourne Youth Justice Centre.

Now get this, one of these little fuckers complained that his life is at risk whilst banged up because he is a Muslim. Yup the 17 year old afghan arrived in Australia 3 years ago with his family and decided to drop out of school at the age of 16. Which kind of explains why he us unable to tell the time and had the reading abilities of a prep or year one student. But as this is Australia the judge has taken pity on him and allowed him out on bail meaning he has to live with his mother, a curfew, engaging in a youth justice program and not associating with three of his co-accused who are also on bail. (How can he be on curfew if he can’t tell the bloody time)

Dr Edmund Pribitkin and his son Edik.
What is it with Islamic asylum seekers their penchant for violence and then playing the victim-card when caught.

Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Saudi Arabia: 3 Yemeni Missiles and 2 drones shot down

(Riyadh) Saudi air defences have intercepted 3 ballistic missiles fired by Houthi rebels from neighbouring Yemen targeting the capital and the cities of Najran and Jizan at around 1730 hrs Wednesday.

This followed an attempt to attack Abha International Airport at 0730 hrs this morning by the use of an armed Qasef-1drone, it was however picked up on radar and shot down. and ten minutes later another Qasef-1 was picked and that too was shot down.

UK: British PM orders Subs to get in Missile range of Syria.

(London) British Prime Minister Theresa May has ordered British submarines to move within missile range of Syria in readiness for strikes against the Syrian military that could begin as early as Thursday night. The situation in the region all centres around the Gas attack carried out on the Syrian city of Duma last week which killed around 75 people and injured another 500. Russia has played its usual misinformation game in which to muddy they water, in which to cause confusion and which to rally the large anti-establishment crowd in the west to its cause. However by refusing to support a UN motion for a new inquiry into who carried out that chemical attack, was the final straw for the West (Primarily The US and France) as stated the UK has thrown its hat into the ring as has Saudi Arabia and Germany.

Both Russia and Syria have been busy these past few days relocating assets , Russian has requested permission from Iran if it can use Hamadan Airfield (again) for the redeployment of aircraft. Whilst the Russia are saying aircraft from Russia , the fact remains Russian aircraft inside Syria have gone walkabout, as have Syrian aircraft.
Its the same with the Russian Navy based out of Tartus Port in Syria, with all but one ship remaining:
Hopefully common sense will prevail, however Putin will not want to lose face and so I can only presume that lots of very expensive weaponry will be put to the test in the very near future.

US: The US Navy submarine fleet as of April 1, 2018.

(Washington) The nice folks at Naval Analyses have knocked out a pretty decent infographic  on all the submarines that are currently in active service with the United States Navy (as of April 1, 2018).

Currently, the United States Navy operates:
  • 14 Ohio class ballistic missile submarines (SSBN).
  • 4 Ohio class (modified) guided missile submarines (SSGN).
  • 3 Seawolf class nuclear-powered attack submarines (SSN) (including the modified USS Jimmy Carter SSN-23).
  • 15 Virginia class SSN while one more, the USS Indiana SSN-789 is about to join the fleet.
  • 23 Improved Los Angeles class SSN, and 12 Los Angeles class SSN. 

Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Syria: New photos emerge of Mondays Airfield Missile strike

(Damascus)  Well after saying only 3 missiles out of eight managed to hit their targets, More pictures have emerged of the damaged sustained, pointing in the direction that actually more than 3 struck home, this time pictures of a maintenance hanger which was hit have surfaced:

That said, I still there's more to this story than meets the eye.

Monday, April 9, 2018

Germany: Snowflakes save killer dog from execution

(Hanover) Last week firemen broke down the door of a flat in Germany to find the bodies of a mother and a son who had bled to death after they had been attacked by the family staffordshire terrier . Chico the dog had been bought by the mother eight years ago, shortly before the early release from prison of her ex-husband, who attacked her with an axe in 2005. The injuries she sustained meant she had to use a wheelchair and she had told neighbours she acquired the dog, which was reportedly kept in a cage in the family flat, out of fear for her life and that of her four children. In 2011, a social worker arranged for the woman’s son, then 20, who had learning difficulties, to take the dog to a trainer after recognising that the family was unable to cope with its “permanent aggression”.

 The social worker said in a report at the time that she was convinced the dog “had been trained to be a fighting machine”. On the dog trainer’s advice, the veterinary inspection office was due to have ruled on whether the dog would be allowed to stay with the family. But after the owner failed to present the animal to authorities, there appears to have been no follow-up. There was also an inadequate response to neighbours’ frequent complaints about the dog’s continuous barking.
Translated using google 
Roll forward to last week and it appears that the fighting dog wasn't a family pet, but a fighting dog and it killed its owners 52 year old Lezime K, 52, and her 27 year old son Liridon. After been captured the dog was sent to a dog home waiting for it to be put down. However the snowflakes in Germany have knocked out a petition in demanding that the dog be rehabilitated. I don't know about you, But I come from a rural area and if a dog has tasted blood (Farm stock) , it was shot pure and simple. Here is a dog which has attacked and killed 2 people and these poor snowflakes care more about a dog they will never have to face, than the people it killed. But it gets worse, the German authorities taking note of the protest are now looking at allowing the dog to live. 

US: Boeing reveals its MQ-25 Stingray carrier-based tanker-drone.

(Washington)  The US navy concerned about the proliferation of anti-carrier weapons has quite right hit upon the idea of refuelling its strike aircraft mid air in which to give them the extra legs needed in which to keep the carriers safe and the enemy guessing . A big tanker would light up the sky something rotten and give the game away, so the Navy wanted something smaller. They decided on a UAV and opened up a competition with the remit being the UAV  has to unload seven tons of gas to other aircraft after flying 500 miles from the carrier and then have enough fuel to return .  Well Boeing revealed their entry and it looks pretty good. Say hello to the MQ-25 Stingray

Whoever wins , the initial contact will be for just four airframes that aren't scheduled to arrive until 2024. The Navy says it will begin buying MQ-25s in bulk two years later if it likes what it sees, with up to 76 airframes being delivered in total.

The other competitors are Lockheed Martin with its Sea Ghost and the General Atomics Sea Avenger.

Syria: Air-strikes hit Airbase, Syrians blame US, wrong Israel.

(Damascus)  So this morning somebody decided to strike the T4 airbase inside Syria.

The Russians and Syrians initially blamed the US, or maybe the French, but after both denied any involvement everybody looked at Israel.  Russia hit the headlines running with how a couple of Israel F15s had flown into Lebannon and fired 8 missiles of which 5 were shot down. (Funny enough they say that all the time now, personally I feel they say that just for show)  The remaining 3 struck and killed 14 people mainly Iranians. However something doesn't feel right to me and the publishing of the first pictures of the area post strikes shows very little damage:

Not only that but the weapon of choice for the IDF strikes is the Delilah which has a 30Kg warhead, which you wouldn't use on a reinforced aircraft bunker well especially from the side when the front is open.  I'm not one for conspiracy theories , but could either the Syrians or even Russians have invented an attack in which to confound the UN security meeting which was been held today regards a gas attack at the weekend which 85 people.. I'm not sure, but until we garner more information, this can be placed in the not known file.

Sunday, April 8, 2018

Morocco : Sexual assault caught on video causes outrage (Again)

(Rabat) A video circulating  of a young male sexually assaulting a teenage Hijab wearing  girl in Morocco has sparked an uproar just as the government is trying to fight violence against women. Amid widespread anger, the Interior Ministry said Wednesday that authorities have arrested the alleged perpetrator, a 21-year-old from southern Morocco. The  authorities are still searching for the person who filmed the attack.

One of the aggressors recorded the video, while the other tried to remove the young girl’s clothes and inappropriately touched her, as she kicked at him from the ground. Throughout the video, the girl is heard begging them to stop: “Do not you have a sister!” she screams. Viewers hear only the perpetrators’ laughter in response. This video comes just seven months after the release of a similar filmed sexual assault, in which a group of boys publicly violated a mentally-ill girl on a public bus in Casablanca.

Just what is it about Islamic males and sexual frustration. I mean I am always informed that women who cover up do so as not to inflame the passions of men. So exactly just what is it that causes them to rape anything around including donkeys.

Germany: Police foil stabbing attack on Berlin half marathon

(Berlin) Police in Germany have foiled a terrorist plot targeting Sunday's Berlins half-marathon

Six men with links to the Tunisian man who killed 12 people in the city in the  December 2016 truck attack were arrested over plans to carry out a mass knife attack on participants and spectators. 

Police have issued a statement saying that several addresses were searched along with two vehicles. Those detained were aged between 18 and 21. They have declined to give further details as their inquiries are ongoing.