Sunday, February 18, 2018

Iraq: German ISIS bride gets 6 years in Jail

(Baghdad) Linda Wenzel the 17 year old Geman who buggered off to Iraq in which to live a pure Islamic life under ISIS has just received a 6 year prison sentence .

Linda, from Pulsnitz in Saxony, told her German interviewers she had been unhappy at school, despite being the third best in her class, and had sought another life. She had formed a friendship with a Muslim man on Facebook for whom she had converted to Islam. One day in 2016 she left a note on the kitchen table saying: “I’ll be back on Sunday about 4pm.” She travelled via Turkey to Syria and then Iraq, and married an "Islamic State" (IS) terrorist and there she lived a lovely life of beheadings and jihad, until the world said enough and kicked ISIS into the gutter, resulting in Linda doing a runner with the rest of the ISIS camp followers in trying to run back home to the west , however for Linda she was arrested  last year by Special Forces in Mosul.

Whilst locked up awaiting her trail Linda had no problem playing the victim card for the media 
  • In Germany, everyone knows me, everyone knows how I look. I cannot go anywhere without being recognized, and I probably won't find a job anymore."
  • "I don't know how I came up with such a dumb idea. I've completely ruined my life."
  • "I was only in houses, so I've never really had anything to do with guns, nothing at all."

It appears she had no problem hating the west this was exemplified by the messages she sent to her family. When her ISIS husband was killed,, she wrote to her mother: “He is dead because of you, because your taxes paid for the bombs here.” She also paid tribute to Anis Amri, the Tunisian asylum seeker who drove a lorry into a Christmas market in Berlin killing 12. Not only that but she has admitted to killing Iraqi soldiers

Thankfully this silly little bitch wasn't in court in the West, but in an Islamic one (Iraq) which is why today she received 5 years for belonging to ISIS and another year for entering the country illegally. 
Expect a campaign by the dogooders in which to bring this Islamic Nazis home. The thing is ISIS features was lucky in getting 6 years at the same hearing a Turkish woman was sentence to death with another 11 getting life.

Dagestan: Five women shot dead at Russian church by Allah ackbar shouting guman.

(Kizlyar) On the border with Chechnya a  gunman has opened fire on a church congregation after they left a Sunday service killing 5 women and injuring another 3 . The 22 year old gunman was shot dead.

It appears that the gunman accompanied by his wife tried to force their way into the church, however they were thwarted, when faced with armed police, he was cornered , whilst his wife ran, she has since been picked up
Pictures of the gunman show he sported  a beard which is very fashionable amongst the followers of a very peaceful religion which may explain how according to an Orthodox priest the gunman shouted 'Allahu Akbar' during the shooting.

Alexander Shuvalov  the Mayor of Kizlyar said that after the shooting security measures have been strengthened in Orthodox churches. Christians make up 2% of the population of Dagestan with Muslims making up 83%

Sweden: Teacher refuses to shake hands of males, resigns and now sues school for discrimination.

(Helsingborg) When 20 year  Fardous El-Sakka  left university in 2016 she found work as a teacher  at the Helsingborg Knowledge School . 

On her arrival at the school a number of the male teachers gave their hand as they introduced themselves , she however refused, explaining that as a devout Muslims she was forbidden from touching  people of the opposite sex. One of the teachers complained and on her first day MIzz Sakka was up in front of the Headmaster who explained to Fardous that she had to stand behind the elementary school's value base if she wanted to work as a substitute at the School. That all people have equal value regardless of social background and regardless of gender, ethnicity, religion or other beliefs, sexual orientation and disability. Sakkas reply was to stand up and say:
" I will go now”

However that wasn't the end of the story and she backed by her union she has sued the School for discrimination wanting SEK 120,000 (£10733/$15057) in compensation. Well her day in court has arrived and she and her lawyers are using Article 9 of the European Convention which states that everybody has the right to exercise his faith "through worship, teaching, deeds and observance of religious practices" in which to allow her to play the victim card. However,this case has huge ramifications if she wins simply as it will allow sharia law to take precedence against Swedish law.

Saturday, February 17, 2018

Greece: Video emerges of Turkish Patrol boat ramming Greek Coast guard vessel.

(Athens)  Not content with pissing off the Kurds, Americans, Israelis , Germans , Syrians, Cypriots  and the Iraqis. The Turks have decided that they needed to add another to that list , which is why on Monday a Turkish patrol boat decided to ram into a Greek coast guard ship which was anchored off the islets of Imia .

In response the Greek Foreign Minister Nikos Kotzias warned Ankara that Athens would not react peacefully the next time an incident happens at the Imia islets.
“The Turks ought to hear that, as they keep speaking of warnings and warnings. I have told them that Greece – and I’m saying this in the positive sense for the following countries and with regards to Turkey’s behavior – is neither Syria nor Iraq. We are a strong state with good defence, good defensive systems, good allies and high diplomatic capacity.”

He then added that he has asked his ministry’s legal service to examine seeking compensation from Turkey for the damaged coast guard vessel. If the legal service argues Greece has the right to seek damages, Kotzias said he would be very happy for Greece to act by the law.

Naturally as we are talking about Turkish aggression here, they had to get the last word in by playing the victim card. Turkish Prime Minister Binali Yıldırım responded by saying that Kotzias was being irresponsible by “adopting an approach that is not peaceful and which oversteps the line”, Which he capped off by adding:
"Turkey expected Greece to take steps to reduce tensions."
It appears that Turkey under a pocket sized dictator who has replaced a somewhat secular democracy with a Islamist theocracy has started to display the peaceful nature of relgious rule for all to see.

Israel: 4 soldiers injured in IED attack

(Jerusalem)  4 Israeli soldiers from the Golani infantry brigade have been injured when an IED was detonated against their vehicle as they patrolled on the Israeli side of the border with Gaza.

At around 1600 local time ,the patrol came across a Palestine flag planted on the Gaza side of the border fence, east of Khan Younis, as they investigated an IED was detonated which injured the 4 man patrol, 2 of whom are seriously injured.  In retaliation , a Islamic Jihad observation post inside Gaza was taken out by a IDF tank. This was followed up later with airstrikes on 18 Hamas targets inside Gaza.
Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu  who is currently in Germany attending a security conference vowed Israel will respond

“The incident on the Gaza border is very serious. We will respond appropriately,”

Nigeria: Triple Suicide bombing targets Fish Market: 18 killed.

(Konduga) For a so called bunch of Islamic freedom fighters, fighting for the right to live under Sharia law, Boko Haram, the Islamist terrorist group based in the Northern –Islamic- half of Nigeria sure have a strange way in which to promote their ideals.  

Which is why last night as people flocked to an evening fish market, the peace loving idiots of Boko Haram sent in 3 female suicide bombers who ended up killing at least 18 people and left dozens injured.

Friday, February 16, 2018

Germany: Appears to be having a problem with its military

(Berlin)  After the fall of the USSR and the Iron Curtain during the 1990s the world took to the philosophy of swords to ploughshares in which to strive for a world of peace and understanding. Unfortunately for all Radical Islam replaced communism , however whilst the Western World was preventing 'Ali's snackbar' from spoling everybody elses day. The Russians under Putin decided that they would steal a march on everybody else and rearm. Which is exactly what Russia has been doing under his remit as leader for life since 2000.

However 18 years down the line and only now have the Western nations started to notice the disparity between themselves and Russia and started to rearm. However whilst nations such as the US, don't have much to do in which to catch up, Germany which was once considered the European bulwark  against Soviet aggression finds itself in pretty poor shape:

Currently Germany hasn't got one working submarine, It has refused to accept its latest frigate (of which it is getting 4) as it simply isn't fit for purpose and sent it back stamped 'Return to sender'.

Whilst Germany is due to take over leadership of NATO's multinational Very High Readiness Joint Task Force (VJTF) at the start of next year, with a rapid reaction force consisting of 44 Leopard 2 tanks and 14 Marder armoured infantry vehicles. It has now come out in the wash it only has 9 working tanks and 3 APCs to bring to the table. Its main Infantry weapon the Heckler & Koch G36 which was supposed to set a new standard in rifle design was found to have only a 7% chance of hitting a target at 100 metres if the weapon became too warm. Which is why the Germans are replacing 176,000 rifles with something a little more reliable. 

Whilst the German Airforce has 105 Typhoon aircraft , the other year it only had 8 working examples. Its entire Lynx helicopter fleet (22) was grounded from 2014 till last year.

With a belligerent Russia next door but one, Germany has finally woken up to the threat and is set to increase its defence spending from 1.23% of GDP, with an aim to get to 2% by the middle of the next decade.

Australia: Judge tells court, "Australia 'under attack' for 15 years from group of Muslim men."

(Sydney)  Supreme Court judge Justice Desmond Fagan sitting on the case of Tamim Khaja, accused of planning a terrorist attack on Australian soil closing words will surely offend those who find offence everywhere they look.

Tamim Khaja
It appears that Tamim Khaja, 20, -who pleaded guilty inOctober to planning and preparing a terrorist attack two years ago. – wasn't happy at not being able to travel to Syria in which to fight the good fight. So in his own words to a policeman he said that he wanted so badly to be on the battlefield with my brothers", but since his passport had been cancelled, he would "fulfil my obligation here". Counsel for the defendant, Ian Temby QC, tendered to the court a list of recent sentences handed down to other men who had been convicted of terror offences.

In response, Justice Fagan told the court that Australia had "been under attack for 15 years by about 40 Muslim men, to kill as many unbelievers as they can and impose Sharia law."  He referred to verses in the Koran which he said described the duty of "a Muslim to wage Jihad". He said he was not making generalisations about Islamic beliefs and that his courtroom was "not a forum for the rights and wrongs of the Islam or Christian religions".

The case continues

Indonesia : Buys 11 Su-35 fighter jets

(Jakarta) The Indonesian Ministry of Defence (MoD) has signed a contract with Russia to procure the Sukhoi Su-35 'Flanker-E' multirole combat aircraft. The contract was signed on 14 February and features the acquisition of 11 aircraft.

The Sukhoi Su-35 Flanker-E is the top Russian air-superiority fighter in service today, and represents the pinnacle of fourth-generation jet fighter design. It is an evolution of the Su-27 Flanker, a late Cold War design intended to match the F-15 in concept: a heavy twin-engine multirole fighter combining excellent speed and weapons loadout with dogfighting agility.

Interlude:The Beatles -I Should Have Known Better

Thursday, February 15, 2018

Egypt: 53 terrorists killed and 680 arrested in security operation

(Cairo) Egypt’s military and police forces said Thursday they  have killed 53 Islamist militants and arrested 680 suspects in a week-long offensive to crush insurgents that is focused on the restive Sinai Peninsula.

The security operation, which involved the army, navy, airforce and police, began last Friday and targeted “terrorist and criminal elements and organizations” in north and central Sinai, parts of the Nile delta and the western desert, has seen the air force, carry out more than 100 airstrikes in northern and central Sinai since the operation began, which has focused on terrorist hideouts outside residential areas to avoid hitting civilians. Ground based security forces have forces have destroyed over 1000 kg (2205 lbs) of explosives, 378 militant hideouts and weapon storage facilities including a media centre used by the terrorists.

Sweden: Iraqi attacks his 14 year old sister with a baseball bat for not covering up.

 (Karlskrona)  A 19 year old Iraqi has been arrested and taken into custody over how he attacked his 14 year sister with a baseball bat for not wearing the Islamic veil.

On the day of the incident the girl had been down town with her mother shopping. When she got home, the older brother began to ask her why she was not veiled, when she did not answer , he picked up a baseball bat and processed to enforce his bigoted religious bigotry into her . Lucky for the girl her younger sister started screaming which made the brother hesitate. The girl then fled and locked herself in her room and called the police on her mother’s phone. Under questioning by the police, the brothers exclaimed that he believed he has not hit his sister "especially hard".

What makes this sad tale even worse, is the parents had given the victim the choice of if she wanted to cover up. Apparently the brother didn’t subscribe to freedom of choice unless of course it applied to him.

Mali: French air-strike takes out 10 Terrorists

(Bamako) The French yesterday carried out an air-strike on a bunch of jihadists in the middle of nowhere near Tinzaouatene, on the Algerian border.

The strike took out 10 terrorists and 2 vehicles including an ex colonel in the Malian army who had defected, who was  close to this bunch of  jihadists’ leader. The airstrike was part of France’s Operation Barkhane, active in Mali as well as four other former French colonies in west Africa Mauritania, Niger, Chad and Burkina Faso.

US: DOD to buy Trophy APS system to defend M1 tanks.

(Washington)  The Department of Defence 2019 Budget Proposal has secured funding to furnish 261 M1 tanks, to be fitted with the proven Israeli-made Trophy Active Protection Systems (APS) to guard against anti-tank missiles.

In light of the proliferation of anti tank weapons across the world (As seen in Syria)  The US Army after many years of looking at a range of domestically produced and allied international APS solutions has finally decided to go down the Trophy route.

U.S. : Department of Defense 2019 Budget Proposal

(Washington) President Trump has sent Congress a proposed Fiscal Year (FY) 2019 budget request of $716 billion for national security, $686 billion of which is for the Department of Defence.  The National Defence Strategy, which aligns with the National Security Strategy, connects strategy to the FY 2019 budget priorities, enabling the Department to compete, deter, and win.  This establishes a foundation for rebuilding the U.S. military into a more capable, lethal, and ready Joint Force.   The objectives of the Department are

“To be prepared to defend the homeland, remain the pre-eminent military power in the world, ensure the balances of power remain in our favour, and advance an international order that is most conducive to our security and prosperity.”
So the question which a lot of people are asking is what has he ordered for 2019:
77 F-35 Joint Strike Fighters 
15 KC-46 Tanker Replacements 
24 F/A-18s 
60 AH-64E Attack Helicopters
6 VH-92 Presidential Helicopters 
10 P-8A Aircraft  
8 CH-53K King Stallion 

2 Virginia Class Submarines 
3 DDG-51 Arleigh Burke Destroyers 
CVN-78 Class Aircraft Carrier 
Ground Systems
30 Amphibious Combat Vehicles 
197 Armoured Multi-Purpose Vehicles 

The National Defence Strategy also notes the importance of prioritizing “investments in resilience, reconstitution, and operations to assure our space capabilities.”  Our space investments include:

5 Evolved Expendable Launch Vehicles
Global Positioning System
Space Based Infrared System 

Highlighting the importance of missile defence programs, the National Defence Strategy calls for investments that will “focus on layered missile defences and disruptive capabilities for both theatre missile threats and North Korean ballistic missile threats.”  Those investments for FY 2019 include:

43 AEGIS Ballistic Missile Defence (SM-3) 
Ground Based Midcourse Defence 
82 THAAD Ballistic Missile Defence 
240 Patriot Advanced Capability (PAC-3) Missile Segment Enhancements

Austria: 3 jailed over planned terrorist attack

(Wien) Three young men  , one aged 22 and the other 19, decided to form a splinter group of "Islamic State" (IS) in 2015 and planned an assassination attempt on a police station in St. Pölten have been found guilty on Wednesday at the Vienna Regional Court of terrorism.

The court heard how one of the 19 year old was in contact with a fellow  Chechen IS member, Abu Nuuh, suspected of being in the Syrian war zone, via a social media service. Pledging allegiance to IS he recruited  the other two (The 22 year old also from Chechnya) .  Abu Nuuh gave the boys  an order to assassinate police officers at St.Pölten Police station with weapons they intended to steal from an arms dealer. However their plans for unholy jihad went out of the window when the police received an anonymous tip off  and made public an anonymous tip about the plan, however the police were none the wiser who these jihadists were until an 18 year old was arrested for brainwashing a 12 year old child to carry out terrorist attacks in Germany. On searching his phone they found information pertaining to the above three and they were arrested.

In court the two teens were handed sentences of 26 months and 15 months  , with the latter only serving 5 months for time served. The 22 year old has now to serve 34 months of a suspended sentence for a previous offence with an additional 5 months added on for the above. He also has to undergo a full mental evaluation by a psychiatrist before he will be released.

France: Lawyers for 29 year old paedophile claim 11 year old victim isn't a child.

(Paris) A 29-year-old French man went on trial on Tuesday accused of raping a 11 year old girl whom he met in a Paris Park. The man then  took her to a stairwell and asked her to perform oral sex. After receiving this, he suggested, reportedly without exerting any physical constraint, that they both go to his apartment. The girl allegedly followed the man again and they engaged in a sexual act. After getting dressed, the man asked the girl not to tell anyone about the incident. But as soon as she left his apartment, she informed her mother, who immediately went to the police. However there was anger when the prosecutor's office in the town of Pontoise, a north-western Parisian suburb, put the father of two on trial for charges of "sexual abuse of a minor under 15," rather than for rape. While the girl's family filed a complaint for rape, the public prosecutor's office decided that that there was no evidence to suggest that the sexual relationship had been obtained by "threat, violence, surprise or coercion."

On Tuesday, the judge concluded that the prosecutor had chosen the wrong charge, and ordered a judicial inquiry. The trial has been postponed. Lawyers for the suspect argued that the girl had consented and was aware of what she was doing. Lawyers for the girl said she was far too young and confused to resist. Defence lawyer Marc Goudarzian:
"She was 11-years-and-10-months-old, so nearly 12-years-old. It changes the story, So she is not a child."
His partner in crime Sandrine Parise-Heideiger went further, stating:
"We are not dealing with a sexual predator on a poor little faultless goose”.
The case has sparked a strong debate on the age of sexual consent in France, which does not have a legal age under which a minor cannot agree to a sexual relationship.Children aged five and under cannot consent. Under current French law, only sexual acts committed with the use of "violence, coercion, threat or surprise" are considered to be rape, regardless of the victim's age.

Suspect: pictured centre, 

Wednesday, February 14, 2018

US: 19 year old Nikolas Cruz murders 17 at his former school

(Parkland)  17 people have been murdered in cold blood at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School, parkland Florida by former student 19 year old Nikolas Cruz, who towards the end of the day entered the school set off the fire alarm and as people emptied from their class rooms he opened fire with an AR15 Semi-Automatic rifle (AKA M16) 

After carrying out his evil deed, he buggered off and was taken into custody without incident in the nearby town of Coral Springs about an hour after he left the high school and liberals tell me that the death penalty is wrong. try telling that to the families of the 17 dead and the 14 wounded.

Nikolas Cruz,

France: Policewoman arrested for stealing two Pistols and subscribing to radical Islamic extremism.

(Paris)  French police have taken into custody a 20 year old policewoman who they suspect had been radicalised and stolen 2 service pistols . 5 other people have also been detained including a serving soldier.

The weapons went missing last August and attention fell on the policewoman who had been working the desk that night, how she was reported missing for a while and thus she became an automatic suspect, her case wasn't help by how she had been reported a number of times regards her polarized along religious lines. 

This suspicion was further added to, when a serviceman out running last Nov was shot and whilst recuperating in hospital he was visited by friends of the policewoman. A  raid on her flat recovered one of the service weapons, however one is still missing. After the recovery of the weapon, the policewoman, her brother, the soldier and 3 others were detained.

Pakistan: US puts forward a motion to place Pakistan on a global terrorist-financing watchlist

(Islamabad) I bet the Pakistani Government is wishing it hadn’t made such public attack on the US after Washington withheld a load of Aid money . You know where they openly burnt pictures of President Trump on the streets, where Pakistani Bank replaced the dollar with the Chinese Yuan as its preferredcurrency of payment  and even having the gall to summon the US ambassador for a talking to.

It appears the US under President Trump is not the US under Obama which is why  he United States has put forward a motion to place Pakistan on a global terrorist-financing watchlist . Which it previously was on from 2012-2015. A senior U.S. official in the region said
“Pakistan has always been selective” in cracking down on militants who use its territory as a base. It is time for that to stop, and so we are working with our allies, who also are affected, to see effective action against groups such as the Haqqanis and elements of the Taliban.”
Pakistan’s de facto finance minister, Miftah Ismail, told Reuters that the United States and Britain put forward the motion several weeks ago, and later persuaded France and Germany to co-sponsor it.
“We are now working with the U.S., UK, Germany and France for the nomination to be withdrawn,” Ismail said, speaking by telephone from Europe. We are also quite hopeful that even if the U.S. did not withdraw the nomination that we will prevail and not be put on the watchlist.”
Its not before time at all, For years the Pakistanis have played the US (If not the world) why for a coutnry which is virtually bankrupt, its just been revealed that they are developing new types of Nukes. This a country which can't even feed its own people. Hopefully a few years of no money will force Pakistan to sever its links with Islamic terrorism.

South Africa: African National Congress asks President Jacob Zuma to resign for the sake of the country.

(Pretoria) Well after almost 10 years of dodging the bullet, the past has finally caught up with President Jacob Zuma. However  South Africa has been plunged into political turmoil when the country's ruling African National Congress announced it had demanded the resignation of President Jacob Zuma -- but t Zuma  has refused to go.

Top ANC officials, including party leader Cyril Ramaphosa, have tried to persuade Zuma to step down in the face of a corruption scandal that has sapped support for the party. But despite hours of talks, Zuma has refused to budge.

The charges against the south President are many and go back years, in fact before he became president he was sacked after Schabir Shaik, his financial adviser, on trial appeared to implicate the deputy president on corruption charges and thus he was sacked by the then President Thabo Mbeki. Here is how the South African Press reported it via cartoon:

Then there was that charge of rape, where the victim told him after the evil deed she was HIV positive. Zuma who didn't use protection, simply had a shower. He was found not guilty. Again the media had a field day at his expense:

There are loads more incidents from 2009 (when he became President ) found here. Of late he was found guilty of spending $23 million (£15 million) of the taxpayers money on his own home. He was forced to replay it. The writing was on the wall when in Oct last year when he was told he must face 18 counts of corruption, fraud, racketeering and money laundering relating to the original 1999 arms deal which saw Shaik jailed, and who was released on Medical grounds in 2009 after 2 years in Prison. Anyway the writing is on the wall for Zuma so I'll leave you with the latest Cartoon from Madam and Eve regards the above crook:

Actually that was from last week, but I liked it, here is the latest:

Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Syria: Reports that the US air-strike on Saturday killed hundreds of Russian mercenaries

(Deir Ezzor) It was reported over the weekend that the US carried out airstrikes on Syrian militia who had had decided to cross into SDF (Kurdish) territory in which grab an oil field which just happened to be there.  The story goes that the Syrian Milita had asked the Kurds if they could have it, and the Kurds said no, as it would mean allowing troops loyal to the regime to cross the de facto border between the Kurds and the Syrian Government.  Well backed up by 500 armed men a lot of tanks , artillery and 4x4s sporting heavy machine guns they advanced into contact in which to make light work of the defending Kurds. Problem was the Kurds called in Air-Support and the Syrian Militia had their own Battle of Big horn.  At the time it was reported that only 100 men had been killed (As well as over 20 tanks)

However ‘The Conflict Intelligence Team, a group of well-respected Russian online researchers,’ noted an increase on that day on social media of the deaths of hundreds of Russian Mercenaries working for the secretive Russian private military group Wagner. Now Russian sources are saying as many as 200 Russian nationals could have been killed in a clash last Wednesday. Which is strange as Moscow reported at the time that no Russians had been killed. Grigory Yavlinsky, an opposition politician, said that if Russiancitizens had been killed in large numbers, Vladimir Putin and other officials owed the country an explanation.
“I demand an explanation as to why Russian nationals take part in ground military operations in Syria, despite the statements by the president and defense minister that Russian military formations will be withdrawn from this country,”

It has also been reported today that a US drone took out a Syrian T72 tank, but then they are armed with Hellfire Missiles and it was designed to take out Russian tanks.
If the high estimates of Russian casualties are confirmed, it would be the most lethal clash between US and Russian citizens since the end of the cold war

Indian: Defence Minister warns Pakistan after rash of terrorists attacks

(New Delhi)   After weeks of unrest and terror attacks in Kashmir,  of which the roots can be traced across the border into Pakistan, India has said enough, is enough. Nirmala Sitharaman, India's defence minister stated on Monday:
"Pakistan is expanding the arc of terror... We will be providing evidence to prove that the handlers are back in Pakistan and they are the mastermind, influencing all this ... Pakistan will pay for this misadventure,"
Just what is about Muslims and their inability to live in peace with the neighbours. Pakistan has started 3 wars with India and lost everytime.  After the war for the independence for East Pakistan (Now known as Bangladesh)  India handed over the half of Kashmir to Pakistan which it took by force in 1947 and said put everything behind us, yet no the Pakistani want, what India has , and continues to fund and organise terrorist groups to attack India but specifically Kashmire. Not only that, Pakistani troops have taken to target Indian border posts with artillery and of late Anti-Tank missiles. Something which has India complaining to the US that the weapons it handed over to Pakistan to fight the Taliban are been used to target them. 

Naturally as this is the sub continent, where face is everything . The Pakistani defence minister has replied that any Indian aggression will be met with an equal and proportionate response.

But what makes this a world issue is that both sides have nuclear weapons. The irony here is both countries instead of spending money on weapons (But primarily Pakistan as it is skint)  they would be better off spending that money on themselves. (Homes, hospitals, schools,roads and of course toilets)  But no,they would rather have others do that, whilst they salivate over the latest weapon system.

Germany: Just celebrated Rosenmontag

(Düsseldorf) Yesterday the Germans celebrated 'Rosenmontag' the highlight of the German "Karneval" season and is on the Monday before Ash Wednesday. Celebrations usually include dressing up in fancy costumes, dancing, parades, lots of drinking and display floats which mock the politics of the day . As I used to live in Dusseldorf and attended a number of Rosenmontag in the city, the place is dear to me, hence the reason why I have picked Duss and not Koln or the rest. so enjoy:

Olympics: About that opening night light show

(Korea)  The opening of any Olympics is a spectacular event, the one currently in progress in Korea is no exception, but what impressed the most was the light show (ok it was recorded) that was carried out by 1218 drones fitted with an LED light

The light show now called digital fireworks can only get better for the future.

Monday, February 12, 2018

The news from Sweden:

(Husby) On Saturday a girl under the age of 18 was gang raped . Police have arrested one person. Husby has the lowest income per capita of any district of Stockholm. In 2014, more than 80% of the population had minority background, mostly from Middle-east and Africa.

(Stockholm)  On Saturday evening at a Police checkpoint, the driver of a car, pulled out a gun and drove off at speed, a few minutes later the Police came across the same car which had been involved in a road traffic accident. Unfortunately for the driver he was mortally injured and died later that evening. Police are still searching for the passenger.

(Halmstad.) A 40 year old man suffered a stab wound when 2 men broke into his home on Saturday and attacked him. His mother-in-law suffered an injured as she was pushed to the floor during the attack. The police were called, but the 2 assailants had gone. They are treating this as an assassination attempt.

(Uddevalla) At a police checkpoint  A driver tried to escape by driving away, injuring a policeman in the process. On crashing the car, as police moved in to arrest the suspect, they were sprayed in the eyes with a chemical suspected to be tear gas. Both the driver and the passenger have been arrested.

(Stockholm) On Thursday evening a hand grenade was thrown at a house damaging windows and doors.  It transpires that the home belongs to a bank employee who is a fraud investigator and has on a large number of occasions assisted the police in cases involving money and accounts that can be linked to criminal networks. The bank employee  is currently involved in an ongoing case where the police recently seized a larger amount of money in Gothenburg. Individuals who figure in the investigation can be linked to gross organized crime.

Belgium: Jews terrorised by a 24 year old Asylum seeker, police do...nothing.

(Antwerp) The Jewish community in Antwerp is concerned about how it has been targeted for mischief by a 24-year-old refugee. For the past 3 weeks this young man has been going around targeting Jews and Jewish premises.  He has a habit of carving crosses into the doors of synagogues, and Jewish schools.

He also taken to tear down mezuzas, (the tubes with Bible text to Jewish doors.) He likes to run up behind jews and knock their hats off,  he also likes to throw Koran’s inside synagogues.

Despite been arrested by the police for vandalism several times in the Jewish neighborhood. They continue to release him and straight away he returns back to the Jewish area

The Police and the Mayor are investigating whether they  can impose a place ban so that the man can no longer enter the Jewish quarter. Meanwhile the Jewish community is worried and feels threatened, voicing complaints that the troublemaker is being released over and over again. Michael Freilich of Jewish News.:
 "The thing is that the police pick him up and take him for questioning, but then he is released again and he comes back here right away.. Now he has also physically started attacking us. Minimizing physical violence such as the headgear, but it is there. What if he comes with a knife tomorrow?”

India: Terrorists attack Army camp , 10 dead.

(Jammu)  Pakistani funded terrorists have attacked an army camp in which to utter 'Ali snack bar' and cause mayhem

Yesterday morning at around 5am at least 4 heavily armed thugs decided to sneak into the Sunjwan army camp and wake everybody up with an early morning call consisting of Machine gunfire and hand grenade explosions.  Five soldiers and a civilian were killed, as were three terrorists an unknown number of attackers are currently cornered inside the residential complex of the camp, where they are locked in a fierce standoff. Hundreds of police, army and paramilitary soldiers were called in to dislodge the fighters, who have barricaded themselves inside multistorey buildings.

The attack on the 36 Brigade Sunjuwan military station in the wee hours on Saturday by heavily-armed terrorists caught both the army and the police off guard. Apparently they sneaked in from the canal on the rear end of the premises. A defence spokesperson based in Jammu said that the forces 
"checked the entry of militants at the periphery". He further said, “The militants managed to enter due to the darkness and the grass.”
Not good from the Indian army when lax procedures allows silly little mistakes like this to transpire with devastating results, especially when just three days ago a shootout at a hospital at Srinagar saw  the escape of terrorist commander Mohammad Naveed Jaat.

Afghanistan: 4 Afghan soldiers kill 16 of their own.

(Kabul) 4 Afghan soldiers  based in Helmand turned their weapons on their own team mates and gunned down at least 16 soldiers Saturday evening, Officials confirmed the attack and said it took place at a check post in Greshk district. According to local officials the suspects fled the area after the incident.

The Taliban has claimed responsibility for the attack and said the suspects joined the group after fleeing the check post with their colleagues’ weapons. No doubt when these 4 turn up in the UK demanding asylum, their human rights will come first. 

Sunday, February 11, 2018

Indonesia: Police shoot knife man attacking people inside a church.

(Yogyakarta)  A priest and three other people were seriously injured when a man attacked a church congregation with a sword during Sunday mass in Indonesia.

Around  100 people were at St Lidwina Church in Sleman on the Island of Java when a man wielding a metre-long blade burst in and began lashing out at worshippers, Christian imagery and a number of books , He also beheaded a statue of the Virgin Mary . 

When the Police arrived they fired a warning shot, but the attacker took no heed, so they were forced to wound him. A police spokesman’s explained:
“After the warning shot was fired, the attacker charged towards the officer with his sword. The officer then shot him below his stomach, but he managed to injure the cop before being subdued."
Police have identified the attacker as a university student in his early 20s but could not confirm if the incident was terror-related.

Syria: Turkish propaganda explains their slow progress against the kurds

(Ankara)  As I mentioned yesterday, despite being much bigger, stronger and better armed, the Turks are finding out the hard way that the Kurds are going to make them pay for every foot of land they take in their mission to remove the Kurds from Northern Syria (Where they have lived for thousands of years)

As you can see from the above video clip, the Kurds are hitting back, add the mountainous terrain and the Turkish hopes of a Blitzkrieg have ground down virtually to a halt. Which is why the Turkish Government dragged out Ali Erbaş head of Religious Affairs Directorate to explain why:
“Our Muslims soldiers are undertaking their fight in line with Islam’s principles. That is why they are moving slowly in Afrin. They are moving with the conscience of not causing even one person’s nose to bleed; after all, this is Islam’s order,”
Then he decided to explain the righteousness of the current invasion of Syria by comparing it with the Ottoman Empire which oppressed millions:
“All our conquests in history were undertaken to prevent oppression. Our soldiers fire their bullets against oppressors, to protect those oppressed. Our soldiers are clashing for this, because there are terror organizations there, and they are constantly oppressing,”
Wow looking at the map below the Turks sure went out of their way over the years to root out Terrorists.

Cyprus: Turkey blocks energy firm from searching for oil in Cypriot waters

(Nicosia)  Cyprus is a divided Island, after Turkey in 1974 invaded in which to protect Turkish Cypriots from a coup which had just taken place. The Northern half is known as the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus and is only recognised by Turkey , everybody else sees it as an illegal occupation.  Despite declaring itself as independent , it is told what to do by Ankara.

Anyway the southern half is seen as Cyprus proper and as such has joined the EU, of late it has formed agreements with other countries (Israel/Egypt)  regards sharing the sea between them and as such has mapped out plots in which to allow companies to find Oil.
However as explained the other day, Turkey isn't happy and demands a share of anything found in the Waters off Cyprus proper. Which is why without warning they have declared exploration block 3 off limits to the Italian oil company ENI which had sent in a ship to start searching for oil, stating that the Turkish Navy will be hosting military activities in the area.

Naturally this hasn't gone down well with the Cypriots. What I can't understand is why the EU is remaining silent on this.

Israel: That Iranian UAV the IDF shot down, was their so called Saeqeh stealth drone.

(Jerusalem)  Now that the dust has settled over the little shindig which took place between Israel,Iran and Syria yesterday,  more information is coming to hand about what happened.  One snippet gleaned from the video released by the IDF regards that shoot down of that Iranian drone which tried to sneak into the country at around 4am Saturday morning is that it is their version of that U.S. RQ-170 stealth drone which just happened to fall into their hands in 2011 which instead of destroying with an airstrike, saw President Obama asking the Mad mullahs if they could have their world beating stealth jet back. You can guess what answer human rights lawyer Obama received

Which they had no problem parading to the world:

After screaming foul play they then set about reverse-engineering the RQ-170 which they again showed off to the world:
In fact they have built a whole fleet of them:

Anyway despite all the cock waving by the Mad Mullahs about how good their weapons are, it appears that their so called Stealth UAV isn't that stealthy at all and this we saw by not only was the thing spotted on its way into Israel at 4am in the morning, it was shot down within a minute by an Apache Gunship.

UK: Now this is what you call Army Recruiting

Iraq: Yazidi victim of ISIS meets an ISIS commander.

There's something of an apologist movement inside Europe which is promoting the view that those people who went to fight for ISIS and who are now returning to the the countries they left, should be left in peace , as they have had their fill of War , pose no threat to anybody and that they simply just want to get on with their lives. The BBC managed to get a former Yazidi sex salve of ISIS to talk to an imprisoned ISIS commander, what he has to say, speaks volumes about how f-ing evil these people are and on no account should they be given a free ride on returning back to their home countries.

Saturday, February 10, 2018

Video: Kurds shoot down Turkish Helicopter gunship.

(Afrin)  The Turks when they invaded the eastern Kurdish enclave inside Syria last month, didn't seem to realise why ISIS at the height of its power never managed to take it.

Picture taken from Le Beck
Well after a couple of weeks of poor going against a lightly armed Kurdish militia they must be feeling how the Chinese felt in 1979 when they presumed that invading Vietnam would be easy.  As in Vietnam the terrain is mountainous and the people who live there (the Kurds) are a hardy people used to fighting , which is why the Turks have made every little inroads into the area by foot, however they do control the air, which they are using to their advantage. One of their primary weapons is the  TAI/AgustaWestland T129 ATAK  which is a  multi-role, all-weather attack helicopter based on the Italian Agusta A129 Mangusta which for some reason looks exactly the same:

The thing is, whilst the T-129 is pretty good, a lot of its advantages are kind of offset by flying between mountains where the enemy can take potshots at you from above and the side. Which appears to be what has happened this morning when the Kurds shot down one of a pair of patrolling T-129s:
Speaking in Istanbul this morning, President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan stated that such losses were expected during times of war. He also warned those who shot down the Helicopter that they would  surely pay a heavy price for it.
"We might lose one helicopter, but they will pay a much heavier price."

UK: Ahmed gets 11 years for raping a teen and telling her you can’t be a virgin because you’re white’

(Hull) 33 year old Somalian Ahmed Abdoule, has been jailed at Hull Crown Court for raping a teenager.

Ahmed took the teenager back to his place . Once inside, he “locked the door” as the girl “cried and pleaded” with him to let her go. He “jabbed a sharp piece of wood into her stomach” as he forced her upstairs, and then held the weapon against her throat as he raped her. When she pleaded with him that she was a virgin, he replied:
 ‘You cannot be, you are white'.
Then as he was raping her ,  he told her not to look at him, and pulled her top over her face, telling her  he did not want to see her whilst he  was raping her.

After his evil deed., Abdoule told his victim he had “liked it,” and that she was “not the only girl who was going to get punished". He then added :
 “My country would love you.” 
He also told her he would kill her if she told anyone what had happened. Abdoule denied rape, but was found guilty after a trial and was sentenced to 11 years in prison.

Israel: Destruction of Iranian UAV and control vehicle released.

The Israeli government have released video footage of the Iranian UAV which infiltrated the country  and its control vehicle been  destroyed:

UK: Nazis wannabe jailed for 8 years over Mosque bomb plot.

(Teeside) 31 year old Liam Seabrook, has just been jailed after he threatened to petrol bomb mosques.

It appears that Liam doesn't like people who look different to him.  Which due to his DNA designated desire to lick windows means that 99% of the human race looks different from him. Any way after the Manchester bombing last year which killed 22 people. He texted his probation officer that he was going to kill some Muslims. (See I told you he was a window licker) So his probation officer did what he had to do and informed the old bill and they went round to LIams flat to have a chat.

Liam Seabrook

On entering they found petrol in washing up liquid bottles and crude home-made wooden weapons with screws and razor blades sticking out of them. They found weapons strewn around the flat including a fasces - a weapon carried by Roman magistrates made from sticks with blades attached.

When cable ties were found he explained he had them "in case he needed to kidnap somebody".
Yup, not exactly a full shilling is he. Which is why he was nicked and given a oneway pass to the local copshop where they brought in a trick cyclist to gauge his mental state. Which was when it was found he was fascinated by the Third Reich and Hitler in particular. It transpires that Liam also has a previous conviction for arson, writing racist graffiti and leaving a note in a library calling for immigrants to be banned from using it. Which kind of explained the petrol bombs inside his flat, which resulted in this Nazis window licker having a day in court.  His brief, said there was no suggestion  his client had ever taken his weapons out of his flat and that they were more like "bizarre ornaments". He stated that Liam was isolated and stockpiled goods so he would not have to leave his home.

On the other side of the argument Seabrook, was diagnosed with a mixed personality disorder, admitted making threats to kill, malicious communication, making threats to destroy property and having articles with intent to destroy property. After deeming him dangerous, the judge said: "The weapons were very basic, nevertheless of a very violent type which could have resulted in extreme injury, if not death, if put to use." Judge Simon Bourne-Arton sentenced Seabrook to eight years custody with an extended two year licence period. He also made an order banning Seabrook from going within 200 metres of a mosque when he is released.