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Regards the Islamic Burka and Niqab

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Al Jazeera: Plays victim card for ISIS families, who claim to be living in fear in Iraq.

(Baghdad)  ISIS burst onto the worlds stage in 2014, when it captured a huge amount of land from Iraq and Syria. Forming their own caliphate , where a most severe form of Islamic Sharia law was implemented and in order to control the people they had captured they carried out the most evil and brutal forms of murder in which them under control and to make others fear them. However like all evil empires, willing to use terror in which to expand its borders, the locals fought back and today the so called Islamic state empire is no more, as a viable fighting force it is spent with the vast majority of its terrorists dead or incarcerated and the people (who are still alive) in areas which were occupied by ISIS are slowly trying to rebuild their lives.

But to the media, ISIS have become the latest in a long line of victims demanding justice. We saw snippets of this with the faux concern about European school girls who decided to up sticks and bugger off to Syria for a life of Jihad, whilst ISIS was growing and now they have been captured by the locals in the area, all we hear from the do-gooders is these poor children (and their own children) should be brought back in which to return to a normal way of life. 
We saw this with how the left (and the media) opined about how Jihadi terrorists were taken out by airstrikes , and that not only did this infringe their human rights, but they should have been captured and brought to trial.
We saw that with how the left are crying out about how the de facto ISIS capital 'Raqqa' was bombed , claiming that we should have simply arrested these religious bigots willing to die for allah, which funny enough many did, taking a lot of people with them.
Currently we are seeing the left demanding that captured ISIS terrorists not be sent to the US, as they could be sentenced to death and they (unlike their many victims) have human rights.
And now to cap all of the above Al Jazeera had knocked out a report about how captured ISIS families (with the females unrepentant about belong to ISIS) fear for their lives living in Iraq. Oh dear whatever should we do about these intolerant  people  who unlike the vast majority of their victims are not only alive, but they are living it large with all the mod cons of the world they detested so much. What is it about the left , the do-gooders and the plain stupid in shedding faux tears for the most evil people to have walked the planet these past 5 years. Here's the video, you may require a sickbag.

UK: The fake outrage over Boris Johnson.

(London)  These last few days the professional offended class, you know, those who are offended by anything and everything have decided that a news paper article written by British MP 'Boris Johnson' was racist and are demanding his head. leading this charge are naturally the worse culprits going, Muslims. Rather than join the braying hounds snapping at his feet, it would help if we actually took the time to read what he wrote, regards Denmark banning the Burka, which tells me, that the people who are screaming the loudest , haven't bothered their arse in actually reading an article which actually defends Muslims women's right to cover up.

Denmark has got it wrong. Yes, the burka is oppressive and ridiculous – but that’s still no reason to ban it
Ah Denmark, what a country. If any society breathes the spirit of liberty, this is it.
It was only a few weeks ago that I was in Copenhagen for some international conference, and as ever I rose early and went for a run. As I passed through some yuppie zone of warehouse conversions and posh restaurants I saw to my amazement that the Danes had also got up early for exercise – and they were diving stark naked into the bracing waters of the harbour. And I thought to myself – that’s the Danes for you; that’s the spirit of Viking individualism. I mean, we have a climate warmer than Denmark; but even so, would you expect to see Brits disrobing and plunging into the waters of Canary Wharf, or even Greenwich? We are pretty easy-going, but not that easy-going.
If you wanted to visit a country that seemed on the face of it to embody the principles of JS Mill – that you should be able to do what you want provided you do no harm to others – I would advise you to head for wonderful, wonderful Copenhagen
Denmark is the only country in Europe, as far as I know, that still devotes a large proportion of its capital city to an anarchist commune, called Christiania, where I remember spending a happy afternoon 25 years ago inhaling the sweet air of freedom. It is the Danes who still hold out against all sorts of EU tyrannies, large and small.
They still chew their lethal carcinogenic tobacco; they still eat their red-dyed frankfurters; they still use the krone rather than the euro; they still refuse to let foreigners buy holiday homes in Jutland; and of course it was the heroic population of Denmark that on that magnificent day in June 1992 stuck two fingers up to the elites of Europe and voted down the Maastricht treaty – and though that revolt was eventually crushed by the European establishment (as indeed, note, they will try to crush all such revolts), that great nej to Maastricht expressed something about the Danish spirit: a genial and happy cussedness and independence.
It is a spirit you see everywhere on the streets of Copenhagen in the veneration for that supreme embodiment of vehicular autonomy, the bicycle. The Danes don’t cycle with their heads down, grimly, in Lycra, swearing at people who get in their way. They wander and weave helmetless down the beautiful boulevards on clapped-out granny bikes, with a culture of cycling in which everyone is treated with courtesy and respect. Yes, if you wanted to visit a country that seemed on the face of it to embody the principles of JS Mill – that you should be able to do what you want provided you do no harm to others – I would advise you to head for wonderful, wonderful Copenhagen.
If you tell me that the burqa is oppressive, then I am with you. If you say that it is weird and bullying to expect women to cover their faces, then I totally agree
So I was a bit surprised to see that on August 1 the Danes joined several other European countries – France, Germany, Austria, Belgium – in imposing a ban on the niqab and the burka – those items of Muslim head-gear that obscure the female face. Already a fine of 1000 kroner – about £120 – has been imposed on a 28-year-old woman seen wearing a niqab in a shopping centre in the north eastern town of Horsholm. A scuffle broke out as someone tried to rip it off her head. There have been demonstrations, on both sides of the argument. What has happened, you may ask, to the Danish spirit of live and let live?
If you tell me that the burka is oppressive, then I am with you. If you say that it is weird and bullying to expect women to cover their faces, then I totally agree – and I would add that I can find no scriptural authority for the practice in the Koran. I would go further and say that it is absolutely ridiculous that people should choose to go around looking like letter boxes; and I thoroughly dislike any attempt by any – invariably male – government to encourage such demonstrations of “modesty”, notably the extraordinary exhortations of President Ramzan Kadyrov of Chechnya, who has told the men of his country to splat their women with paintballs if they fail to cover their heads.
I am against a total ban because it is inevitably construed – rightly or wrongly – as being intended to make some point about Islam
If a constituent came to my MP’s surgery with her face obscured, I should feel fully entitled – like Jack Straw – to ask her to remove it so that I could talk to her properly. If a female student turned up at school or at a university lecture looking like a bank robber then ditto: those in authority should be allowed to converse openly with those that they are being asked to instruct. As for individual businesses or branches of government – they should of course be able to enforce a dress code that enables their employees to interact with customers; and that means human beings must be able to see each other’s faces and read their expressions. It’s how we work.
All that seems to me to be sensible. But such restrictions are not quite the same as telling a free-born adult woman what she may or may not wear, in a public place, when she is simply minding her own business.

After actually reading the above, do you find offence with it? I don't and yet the ethical latte class feel it is racist. Really, please point out where.

US: Staving children found in New Mexico taught to attack US Schools

(Amalia) On Friday armed police stormed a compound near the Colorado/New Mexico  border, on Friday to search for three-year-old Abdul-Ghani Wahhaj, who went missing last year from his home in Georgia by his father, 39-year-old Siraj Wahhaj. Instead of finding the ill child they found

five adults and 11 other children who "looked like third-world country refugees," living in squalor with little food and no clean water.

Whilst the FBI had the compound under aerial surveillance.  Law enforcement only acted after they were alerted by a police detective that he had received a message from one of the "females asking for help, stating the family was starving and needed money and food." The raid failed to find the child, but after speaking to one of the children, they found he had died and been buried, and his remains were found on Monday. But the story gets darker, apparently the father of the child and the leader of this cult was teaching the children to attack schools in the US. Gee get that, brainwashing children to murder others simply because they subscribed to a different faith. Meanwhile pressure groups such as CAIR keep on screaming about 'Islamophobia'

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Gaza: Israel strikes back after Hamas launches over 70 missiles.

(Gaza) The last time Hamas went to Egypt for talks, they ended up launching waves of missiles into Israel, with the Jewish state retaliating with the heaviest response since their last war with Hamas in 2014 on their return.

Yesterday Hamas returned to Egypt for more talks and yesterday Hamas launched over 70 missiles into Israel injuring 15 people and earning a response form the IDF in kind injuring 2 people.

So the questions I have to ask are, if Gaza is under seige, how does it get its Iranian made weaponry from? and as seen twice in under a month, Hamas and not Israel is the one causing all the trouble, yet according to the liberals, the left and the Islamic world, Israel is at fault...Really?

UK: 3 Pakistani Pedophiles to be stripped of British citizenship

(London)  After the Times revealed the extent of Pakistani rape gangs operating with impunity across the UK in 2011, the powers that be, which had previously turned a blind eye to the peccadilloes of these gangs were forced to act due to public revulsion and pressure and since 2011, out of the 264 males jailed for sexual exploitation of young children, 222 have been South Asian and predominantly Pakistani.

One such case in Rochdale in 2012  (Not to be confused with the initial case regards Rotherham)  saw 9 men jailed for the abuse on 47 young girls. All the abusers bar one were British/Pakistani and the one who wasn't was an Afghan asylum seeker. 

Well as 4 of these paedophile rapists held duel British and Pakistani citizenship, the Government moved to strip them of their British passports and deport them back to the land of their birth. Well that didn't go down with the four of them and they took the Government to court and in 2016, they lost, so they appealed on the grounds of their human rights and they lost again, so they appealed again and yesterday they lost yet again with 3 of them who have since been released from prison, told that they will be stripped of their British citizenships and deported.

Abdul Aziz, Adil Khan and Qari Abdul Rauf 
However that said  the senior judge Lord Justice Sales stated that, if deportation orders are signed against them, they will have the right to appeal on human rights grounds and that process is likely to take ‘many months’. You couldn't make it up if you tried. The remaining Pakistani paedophile 64 year old ringleader Shabir Ahmed, was jailed for 22 years (with another year added for assault) and despite him screaming in court (which saw him thrown into jail for the rest of the court case) that this was a white conspiracy out to attack Muslims, he too is going to find out the hard way how to get by as a 80 year old nonce living in the motherland. 

Its international cat day

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World: Latest social media fad for idiots, keke

Since the advent of social media every once and a while somebody comes out with a so called challenge that beggars belief. The current craze is the Keke challenge where you jump out of a moving car and dance alongside it. For oblivious reasons, the authorities are clamping down on on this f-ing stupid dance craze.

Germany: Egyptian who has lived in Berlin for 15 years, says he didn't know it was wrong to masturbate in public.

(Berlin) This week 29 year old Ally E an Egyptian migrant who arrived in Germany at the age of 14 was in the dock for the sexual harassment of 13 women on Berlins Public transport between April 2015 and Feb 2018. The charges he faces are:

Masturbating in public, public indecency, asking women for sex, grabbing them by the bottom and putting his hand between their legs.
Ally E hiding his face, but not his belly in court.
In court Ally E who cannot speak German despite living in the country for 15 years stated that he didn't know that it was wrong to do so, that in Egypt this behaviour is commonplace and that the translator was racist, so by default he has done nothing wrong and he is innocent. He then blamed his actions on drugs.

Then case continues.

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Spain: Using shit bombs, quicklime and flamethrowers, 800 migrants storm the border fence.

(Ceuta)  Whilst Spain loves to complain about Gibraltar demanding the British hand it back despite signing it over with the 1713 Treaty of Utrecht. (Kind of leave that snippet out don’t they)  They don’t like anybody to mention that actually they have their own version of Gibraltar on the African coast, sorry did I say one, I meant 2 : Ceuta and Melilla and when anybody does mention them Madrid simply states, they belong to Spain and are not up for discussion.

Well because Spain is in the EU, so are those 2 enclaves and for some it is a short cut to gain entry to a life of benefits at the expense of the European taxpayer.  In the past the Spanish simply stopped any attempts of entry and returned these people back to the otherside of the border. However that all changed when the new socialist government  decided that alone out of all the countries in Europe (Who have started to say no kore we are full) it would accept, illegal migrants, not only that but it would offer them free medical care and spending money and in order to make life easy for anybody trying to sneak in, it sent the message it is going to remove all the barbed wire on the border fences. as it can injure people. (I kid you not)  so with that in mind, what do you think would transpire:

Which is why today 800 fit young men decided to storm the border fence and in order to keep the long arm of the law off them long enough whilst their cut their way through the fence and into Spain proper they used  shit bombs, quicklime bombs and makeshift flame throwers. On crossing the border they were taken by the Spanish to temporary accommodation before being shipped across to the mainland.

What is it with socialists and other peoples lives and money?

Kuwait: How Muslims use religion to silence critics.

(Kuwait city) In February this year the body of Filipino maid Joanna Demafelis was found inside a freezer in Kuwait.  She had been reported missing last year and her employers were arrested in Damascus, where they had fled hoping to evade  justice.  Joannas dreadful murder exposed the dreadful conditions that Filipinos face in the Middle East resulting in the Philippines banning its citizens working in the country. The abuse that  foreign workers face across the ME is down to how the Muslim states operate. Where domestic workers are employed under a sponsorship system that gives employers the right to keep their passports and exercise full control over their stay. Rights groups say this leaves workers across the region open to exploitation and abuse.

As a result of the ban the Kuwaiti government signed an agreement with Manila in May allowing domestic workers to retain their passports, which are usually taken by employers and to refuse to be transferred to other employers without their consent. Plus they get 4 days off a months and 7 hours sleep a day.

Well that didn’t go down well with Sondos Alqattan, a Kuwaiti blogger who has over 2.5 million people following her for her beauty tips. She opined her disgust at this move releasing a video where she stated:
“How can you have a servant at home who keeps their own passport with them? What’s worse is they have one day off every week,.. “If they run away and go back to their country, who will refund me? Honestly I disagree with this law. I don’t want a Filipino maid any more.”
Well that outburst didn’t go down well for this so called social media star and after she was openly denounced as a racist and a bigot, resulting in many makeup companies dropping her like a hot potato .She has decided to fight back. In a new video posted to her now private Twitter account on Thursday, Alqattan called the backlash to her comments:
 “A foreign media campaign” designed to attack Islam, the hijab, Kuwait and the wider Gulf region. Of course I did not have to offer any apology, because I was telling the truth. Keeping a domestic worker’s passport is deemed an enslavement and racism [by these people]. Why judge me [over keeping] my worker’s passport, with the aim of ensuring my safety? These people express more outrage over my remarks than they have over humanitarian crises and massacres in Syria, Iraq and Gaza. Are these humanitarian values?”
The stupid racist bigot also stated she was going to reveal the names of companies which ditch her , so that her 2.5 million followers can boycott them. Talk about a sense of self importance.

Did you see what she did, by invoking the name of Islam, she silences those in the region who don’t wish to be murdered by those who find offence in everything.  We see that tactic in play across the world and increasingly in the West, where critics of Islamic intolerance are now being silenced with surreptitious death threats. You know like British MP Sarah Champion in my last post. And the worse part , our governments allow these bigots to get away with such behaviour. 

UK: MP receives police protection after receiving death threats after saying pakistani men are raping white girls

(Rotherham)  For years Pakistani men all over the Uk have been grooming and raping little white girls . The authorities not wishing to be seen as racists turned a blind eye to this cultural and religious penchant for paedophilia . In fact in a large number of cases anybody who spoke out was instantly silenced. one such example was the hate monger 'Tommy Robinson' of EDL fame who was met with incredibility by the BBCs Jeremy Paxman when he stated in 2012 that Muslim gangs were raping white girls on an industrial scale.

However this character assassination and silencing of anybody who dare speak out about the peccadilloes of the religion of peace was rent asunder when Rotherham council applied for an injunction to stop Times reporter Andrew Norfolk from publishing the full account of the murder of a 17 year old Laura Wilson who was stabbed 40 times by her Pakistani lover and thrown into a canal after she had a child to him and presented the child to his parents. The council lost, but Norfolk found that the council had hidden the men's ethnicity in the report it was forced to release. A little more delving by him revealed that grooming of white girls in Rotherham was much bigger than anybody (bar the council)  had realised and his findings resulted in a government investigation which found that over 1400 white girls had been groomed and violently raped by  Pakistani gangs in the city of Rotherham alone over a period of years resulting in the jailing of 29 Pakistani men so far and with more cases to follow. Not only that but by addressing Rotherham other police forces who had also covered up the sexual mores of their Pakistani communities started arresting and charging Islamic paedophiles in their areas.

Last year the female Labour MP for Rotherham Sarah Champion wrote an article for the media under the title:

And she was instantly shouted down by the ethical latte brigade for scaremongering, being a racist and which saw more than 100 cross-party politicians signed an open letter to the newspaper condemning the column for using “Nazi-like language” regarding the Muslim community in Britain, coordinated by the Labour MP Naz Shah. Who faced no action whatsoever from anybody regards this retweet of hers on the very subject:

Well the Pakistani mafia (I won't say community) have decided to fight back by playing the victim card regards what Champion wrote and by doing what Muslims do best..threats. So a so called Muslim charity has stated that since she went to the press all Muslims are living in fear for their lives. Err no that would be because Pakstani men like to rape little girls and people are no longer being silenced and that she should be made to step down and replaced by a Muslim. But it gets worse, the police have found out that a certain community unhappy what she believes in, has issued death threats agaisnt Sarah Champion resulting in her having to have police protection.

That people is how Islam works, play the victimcard for their inexcusable behaviour and then threaten to murder anybody who tells the truth.

Wednesday, July 25, 2018

Denmark: Imam charged with calling for Muslims to 'fight and kill the Jews

(Copenhagen)  Mundhir Abdallah the Iman at preaches the Masjid Al-Faruq mosque, situated in the Muslim enclave of Nørrebro, Copenhagen has been charged with the calling for the killing of Jews (as found inside the Koran) which he decided to upload to the mosques Facebook and You-Tube sites. 

Funny enough the mosque is known for its jihadi mindset and just before the terror attacks that struck the Danish capital in feb 2015 which saw 2 people murdered and 5 policemen injured, the mosque. The day before the shooting released a press statement regards interfaith relations between jews and Muslim ,where Imam Hajj Saeed rejected any thought of interfaith dialogue, and noted that the Prophet Muhammad waged war against his Jewish neighbours rather than engage in dialogue.

So why is it no surprise that the mosque still promotes an ant western- anti-Semitic agenda.

UK: Kahn jailed for 4 years for raping daughter and fathering 3 children

(Bradford) A Pakistani man who committed incest by fathering three children with his own daughter has been jailed for four-and-a-half years.  Bradford Crown Court heard that Ashraf Khan’s secret was only discovered after the woman confessed on her deathbed in the early 1990s. The defendant, now 81, was arrested after the woman’s husband, who had DNA tests done to confirm the children’s parentage, finally reported the matter to West Yorkshire Police in 2012.
Khan the incestuous rapist
It transpired the woman was born in Pakistan during the 1960s and married her husband in that country during the 1980s and came over to England in which to live with him. Her father raped her during those early years resulting in the birth of 3 children who all suffer from genetic disorders. On her deathbed, she told her husband that actually the children weren’t his and were actually her fathers. He didn’t report this to the police straight away , and continued to bring up 3 children whom he thought were his on his own. He finally reported the fact to the police in 2012. However Khan was living in Pakistan at the time and only returned (like they all do) in 2016 to receive free medical treatment on the NHS and on landing in the Uk, he was nicked. When the charges were brought against him, he denied everything. However a DNA test proved him a liar and he finally admitted to raping his daughter weeks before the start of the trail.
In court he was found guilty of incest and jailed for (wait for it) four and a half years.

As with all cases concerning rape, it appears Pakistani rapists live a charmed life in the UK.

UK: Khan couldn't be bothered to ditch her boyfriend, so she had him murdered.

(London) Fatima Khan of Ilford East London had a problem, you see as a so called pious Muslim she wasn't allowed to be near an unrelated man until she was wed. Unlike most girls with secret boyfriends, she had two and she was quite happy to play them off agaisnt each other.

Fatima Khan
However the shit hit the fan when one of her boyfriends , 18 year old Afghan asylum seeker Khalid Safi arrived at her home in which to hand over a watch as a present.

Murdered Afghan asylum seeker Khalid Safi, , 
So, angry that her parents would start to ask questions about her shagging around (Which could result in a grounding, relocation to the motherland or even death) She plotted revenge and so it happened on the 1st of December 2016, that she met Khalid and whilst they were out , her other boyfriend 18 year old Raza Khan turned up looking for bear. She had made an excuse of buying a coffee and whilst she was away Khan attacked Safi with a knife. He buggered off and is still being sought by the police. Fatima, returned and whilst Safi lay dying on the floor, filmed him on her mobile phone. When questioned by the public she replied, it was for her sister. She then uploaded the clip to Snapchat (which only retains clips for 24 hours) with the message:
"This is what happens when you fuck with me"
She then left. She didn't report anything to the police or her family. Until somebody who knew the dead boy and her were an item contacted the police a week later. Initially she claimed she didn't say anything as she was in shock, however the stupid cow filmed herself with her parents that evening and she was anything bar shocked.

When the question of the film clip came out, she denied it, feeling safe in the knowledge that it no longer existed. unfortunately for her, somebody saved it and in court this week, that was used to find her guilty of murder most foul. She will be sentenced at the end of the month.

Tuesday, July 24, 2018

UK: 3 year old child attacked with acid in store.

(Worcester)  On Sunday the UK was shocked to hear about an acid attack in a store in the Midlands. As this is the politically correct Uk, pictures were aired of the men who attacked the child and everybody passed comment on how evil the British have become .

Well, what do you know, it has now been revealed that the child is an Afghan, whose mother (Afghan also) left her abusive husband (Also Afghan) of 11 years and was placed in a safe house 30 miles away. He spotted the child in a newspaper and recognised his wife who had taken to not wearing her burka after the split. He paid for a gang of Eastern European thugs to maim his wife, however the acid they threw missed her and ended up dousing the child.  (or so they say)

The Roma thugs behind the atatck

The men did a runner, but have been picked up by the police hundreds of miles away in London, the father was the first one they picked up.

Isn't multiculturalism great , and isn't it also great how the ethical latte brigade instantly blamed the British, simply because that's all they ever do.

Israel. IDF shoots down Syrian Su 24 Strike aircraft.

(Jerusalem)  The IDF have announced that they have shot down a Syrian regime SU 24 strike aircraft which entered its airspace today.  It appears the IDF began tracking the aircraft after it took off from the T4 airbase and as it approached Israel, warnings were given in numerous languages, but the aircraft continued on its flight path. After it penetrated Israeli airspace, 2 Patriot missiles were launched at it  . The Su 24 was hit and fell into the the Syrian part of the Golan heights. The pilot Colonel Umran Mare was killed , with the fate of the second pilot who managed to eject, still unknown.

Syrian Su 24
Funny enough this incident took place just a few days after Israel declared its second string missile defence system 'Davids Sling' (Think Iron dome,but with a much bigger range-40-300kms)  That said the IDF did fire two of the new missiles at 2 Syrian ballistic missiles earlier today, with one being detonated in mid air and the other falling into Syrian territory. 

Monday, July 23, 2018

Canada: Toronto gunman named as....Faisal Hussain

(Toronto)  So the gunman who opened up on diners in Toronto on Sunday evening killing a woman and a 10 year old girl has now being named by the Canadian Police as 29 year old Faisal Hussain. The Ontario Special Investigations Unit (SIU) said it was releasing his name due "to the exceptional circumstances of this tragic incident". Really ,exceptional circumstances , more like they found they couldn't cover up the fact exactly who he was, which is why , it is now being reported that he had mental-health issues. Anybody else becoming sick to death regards how the western authorities now tag each and every incident regards a member of the religion of peace as somebody with mental health issues. Its as if they cannot accept the fact that jihad is for real , and go well out of their way to cover it up.

No doubt CAIR will be pushing for any mention of 'Islam' regards mass murders to be made a 'hate crime. Well we all know that the present leader of Canada will have no problems with that.

Now before anybody takes exception with what I have written, tell me, have we heard any-more from the Iranian who stabbed 10 people on a bus in Germany the otherday. and tried to set it alight. No? Gee I wonder why that is? But why am I not surprised to hear that the German police are saying this wasn't a terrorist attack and that the man was suffering from physiological problems

Mali: Gunfight leaves 11 terrorists dead

(Segou) On Sunday, a Malian army patrol in the central part of the country was ambushed by a bunch of jihadists intent on wreaking the elections set to take place next Sunday.  Unfortunately for the soldiers of Allah, the men they had ambushed were not only better armed, but better trained, resulting in 11 terrorists being killed, on the Government side 1 soldier was killed.  

On Friday, near the border with Niger, armed terrorists decided to attack a village killing 20 people simply because they can.

Afghanistan: Gunmen open fire inside mosque, 4 killed.

(Nangarhar)  So for a so called religion which really goes out of its way in which to dictate the sanctity of all Mosques (even those which are ruins)  The followers of Islam who have no problem going out of their way to punish the subscribers of other faiths if their rules are not respected, appear to have no problem carrying out the worst crimes going when it comes to…Mosques.

Which is why yesterday a gun totting idiot walked into a mosque in the Afghan district of Surkh Rod.
and opened up with an automatic weapon killing 4 people in cold blood, and injuring another 4 before making his escape.  What I cannot understand is when the US,Uk or Israel kill Muslims accidentally or on purpose then the usual suspects demand justice, citing the ‘R’ card. But when it’s one of their own, why it’s the will of allah.

Oh look there's that 'H' word again.

Nigeria: Suicide bomber kills 8 inside Mosque

(Konduga) So this morning at around 5am a suicide bomber walked into the local mosque in the state of Borno in the north west of Nigeria and killed 8 innocent people when he blew himself up.

Boko Haram the terrorist outfit behind the spate of terrorist acts in the region are a group demanding Sharia law be implemented across Nigeria and are willing to murder, death kill in which to achieve their aim.  The thing is Nigeria is a country split in two religiously. In the northern half where Islam dominates, the states subscribe to Sharia law, in the south where Christianity prevails, common sense  is the order of the day and yet not happy with how the areas run under Sharia also contain the poorest and most unhealthy areas, the idiots at Boko Haram want to spread the scourge of Islam onto others and are happy to murder as many Muslims as possible in which to get Christians to submit to their tyrannical rule. 

Somalia: Man whose daughter bled to death after FGM, defends his actions

(Dusmareb)  Last Tuesday a 10 year old girl was rushed to Hanano hospital in Dhusamareb suffering complications due to having undergone Female Gentile mutilation 2 days previous.  The doctors who tried to save this poor child reported she bled to death (she also contracted tetanus from the use of non-sterilized blades)   

The girl’s father Dahir Nur said he was distraught but accepts that his daughter died due to the procedure and believes she was “taken by Allah”. Despite losing his daughter he defended the practice.
“The people in the area are content with it [FGM], her mother consented to it,” he said, adding, “We have seen the effects but it’s a culture in the country we live in.”
Nur says he holds no one responsible for the death of his daughter.

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Thursday, July 19, 2018

Austria: Turkish asylum seeker goes on rampage attacking Jews.

(Wien) A 24 year old Turkish asylum seeker has been arrested after he went on a violent rampage targeting only jews. According to the police, the man has mental health issues and was trying to scrounge a cigarette. The thing is how does attacking  three men wearing Jewish clothing  and whilst trying to make his escape a woman fall into that category. 

Anybody else notice how when people of a certain demographic go the rampage across Europe, they are instantly diagnosed by the authorities as...window lickers simply so they don't have to admit to the blood thirsty nature of the religion of peace. Yet whilst they parade in their thousands across Europe in which to openly promote their faith , jews have taken to hiding their faith so as not to get attacked and the political elites repeat:
"Oh he has mental health issues"
Each and every-time, there's an attack by somebody belong to a so called religion of peace.

Jonathan Pie: Tells it how it is about identity politics

I was sent this by a mate tonight on Whats-app. Enjoy:

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Interlude: The Mavericks - Dance The Night Away

Thursday, July 12, 2018

Germany: Police arrest and attack American victim of Anti-Semitic attack in mistake.

(Bonn) So on Wednesday a  50 year old  Jewish-American philosophy professor from the US University of Baltimore whilst walking in the Bonner Hofgarten (park) was attacked by a 20 year old German with Palestinian roots for being Jewish, after he noticed him wearing a kippah during the attack he screamed

" No Jews in Germany" 
Whilst the Professor gave chase, the police were called. On their arrival they noticed a man running after somebody so they arrested him, the problem was they arrested the wrong man, when he struggled, they subdued him by punching him in the face. They only realised their mistake when the person who called the police informed them of their error.

For some very strange reason, the police knew about the Palestinian assailant and he was picked up not long after and as is the case now in Europe, he has been placed in a physiatrist clinic. (it appears that across Europe rather than admit that certain people are nasty pieces of work (Anti- Semitic, Terrorism etc) they know throw them in a loony bin so as to write off their religion inspired hatred of non-Muslims as a mental disorder.

The victim has received an apology from the local interior minister and has now returned to the US.

Friday, July 6, 2018

Germany: Chechen asylum-seekers play the race card after getting arrested over violence with Afghans.

(Cottbus) In Germany 26 Chechen asylum-seekers were arrested after they instigated running battles with Afghan asylum seekers.  Over  the evening from June 12 to 13, police logged several clashes  between the two asylum seeking groups
A Chechen man suffered knife wounds during a fight that broke out at a sports field and several others suffered head wounds. Later on in the hospital, the fighting between the groups continued when a Chechen swung a fire extinguisher at an Afghan man's head.
The police acted quickly arresting those involved However the Chechens  have played the victim card in which to not only try and get off, but to reinforce their attempts to seek sanctuary in Germany, they have written an open letter to the media complaining about Police racism:
  • They stated that those arrested had their trousers and shoes taken off of them
  • They didn’t have their shoes returned to them, when they visited the toilet.
  • They claim that the Police refused to give water to detainees who needed to take medication, and appeared to punish those who requested it.
  • And that during the raid on the asylum-seeker centre the following day, police threatened a woman with a weapon in front of her children, causing one of her daughters to now "panic" when she sees police officers.
  • They also complained about their accommodation wasn’t fit to live in (despite the fact that rent paying Germans live in the same block)
  • They then demanded that all the Chechen families be accommodated in new accommodation.

Well, the above hasn't gone down with the authorities, who have stated the police acted professionally and that they weren’t going to get any new accommodation in Germany as all their claims are set to be rejected.

Interlude: The Carpenters - Jambalaya (On The Bayou)

Thursday, July 5, 2018

Turkey: How Islam is used to silence Islamic critics

(Ankara)  The other-day the Turkish government issued a proposal regards reintroducing the death penalty for instances of child abuse. 

Berna Laçin a Turkish actress disagreed strongly with bringing back the death penalty and tweeted the following:
“If the death penalty were a solution, then Medina would not be breaking records for rapes! Don’t make me talk about this! Leave this to scientists, neurologists, psychiatrists, psychologists, sociologists and lawyers all together to come up with the solution,”
For those of you who don't know Mecca is the second city after Mecca when its comes to Islam and religious bigots in Turkey have taken offence not at the fact of the high number of rapes carried out in Medina, but rather that Laçin quoted the city by name. Citing that she had:
“insulting the people’s religious values”
She replied to her detractors with:
 “I did not say a single word against Islam, why would I say something against my own religion? Am I mad? I talked about Medina as a city. Arabs are not holy, we are not Arabs, and Arabia is not our soil… If I said there was a lot of theft in Sultanahmet would I be swearing at the (Sultanahmet) mosque?”
They have kicked up such a fuss, that the government has now stated she will be investigated. That people is how Islam silence's anybody who brings embarrassing questions to the table. The only problem is, the liberal elites in the West have imported this intolerance by playing the victim card for the biggest bunch of racist bigots goings. Think I'm kidding only yesterday the Crown prosecution service in the UK  blocked the  Campaign Against Antisemitism (CAA) from privately prosecuting Nazim Ali, the leader of the annual “Al Quds Day” pro-Hizballah parade through central London. It appears this nasty piece of work was caught speaking ill of Jews last year:
  • “Some of the biggest corporations who are supporting the Conservative Party are Zionists. They are responsible for the murder of the people in Grenfell, in those towers in Grenfell. The Zionist supporters of the Tory Party. Free, Free, Palestine…It is the Zionists who give money to the Tory Party to kill people in high-rise blocks. Free, Free, Palestine. From the river to the sea, Palestine will be free.”
  • “Careful of those Rabbis who belong to the Board of Deputies, who have got blood on their hands, who agree with the killing of British soldiers. Do not allow them in your centres.”
Apparently to the wankers at the CPS, there isn't a case to be heard, yet these are the same people who have no problem charging you if you dare speak out about the thousands of white girls raped by Muslims in the UK. The same people who after 33 years have yet to prosecute anybody in the UK for FGM and who have no problem releasing Islamic terrorists onto our streets , despite them being a huge security risk. But look funny at at a Muslim after one of them drove into crowds of people and its a hate crime.

So you see, the intolerance that is taken for granted in each and every Islamic country in the world, is now in place in the UK (never mind the UK) 

Philippines: Army foils bid by Islamic terrorists to capture another town.

(Datu Paglas)  The Filipino armed forces have foiled a plot by the Bangsamoro Islamic Freedom Fighters (BIFF) to take over a town and then fight to the death in which to ensure it costs the government (In lives, money and prestige) to take back the town thus increasing the pressure on Manilla to allow the Island of Mindanao to cede from empire and become a pure Islamic state.

The army moved after BIFF started setting up for the takeover of the town by laying up booby traps and IEDs around the town and having their members mingle with the locals. Having learnt the hard way regards fighting Islamic terrorists in Marawi city last year which saw over 1000 people killed , over 1 million people displaced and the destruction of the city over a period of 5 months, they went in hard using armoured vehicles, infantry mortars with the air-force carrying out airstrikes in which to rid the town of the BIFF terrorists. So far 5 of these thugs have been reported killed with another 4 injured.

Wednesday, July 4, 2018

Holland: Asks Kurds to release 3 ISIS women, so they can make their own way to Dutch consulate.

(Amsterdam)  After the fall of ISIS caliphate , thousands of ISIS terrorists were captured by the Kurds, Iraqis and Syrians. Amongst these have been found hundreds of European based Muslims who decided to migrate to the Levant in which to help carve out a pure Islamic state, usually by oppressing and murdering the locals. The problem now for these western governments is what to do with these blood thirsty religious bigots who are currently being painted as innocent victims by the ethical latte drinkers out there.

Take Holland for example they have asked the Kurds to release 3 female Dutch citizens, who are the wives if ISIS terrorists. The thing is as they are held in Syria, (Where the Dutch have no diplomatic presence) the Dutch are of the mind that these women will travel on their own to either Turkey or Iraq knock on the door of the Dutch embassies and return to a life of flower arranging and what not in Holland. The Kurds on the otherhand have refused saying, actually if you want these jihadi brides you come and collect them and escort them back to Holland.

I keep getting told that only the best make the grade for diplomatic service, from the looks of things, the Dutch pick the thickest. I mean just what could go wrong allowing a bunch of ISIS thugs free to travel across Syria, to either Iraq or Turkey on their own.

Somalia: 20 terrorists killed when they picked on the wrong army camp to attack.

(Mogadishu)  Whilst the Islamic terror 'Al Shabab no longer controls the country, they still have the penchant for mischief which they carry out now and again . One of their tactics is to mass armed thugs near an isolated army base, send in a car bomb in which to soften up the defences and claim victory over how many people thy managed to kill.

Which is why last night a large number of allah uttering thugs armed with guns snook up on an army base in the middle of nowhere in the village of Muse Haji (Lower Juba region) and sent in their suicide bomber to do his stuff. Problem is , he was shot dead before he could utter 'Allah ackba' and go out with a bang and so when the religious bigots with guns started their attack, rather than a jumping all over a bunch of disorientated of soldiers they  were met with a fusillade of weapons fire from soldiers manning their positions ready for bear. 

In the resulting fire fight 20 Islamic thugs from Al shabab are now brown bread.

Sunday, July 1, 2018

Germany: Deutsche Marine has a slight mishap whilst firing a missile

(Berlin)  The German military hasn't received much good press of late due to its current very poor state of affairs:

3) New German NATO tank force short on tanks
4) Found over 100 extremists within its ranks
5) Has to replace all its assault weapons as its current weapon can shoot when hot.
6) Has decided to replace its Tornado strike aircraft with the 5th gen Typhoon rather than the 6th gen F35
7) In May out of 128 Typhoon fighter aircraft , Germany could only field 4 (yes 4) working aircraft.

Well the architect behind all of the above (and a lot more) is Defence Minister Ursula von der Leyen
who took up the post in Dec 2013 and as a reward for her incompetence she saw her tenure renewed  the other month after which she had the the Chief of the Luftwaffe, Lieutenant General Karl Müllner fall on his own sword after he public stated he preferred the F35 to the Typhoon.

Well we can add another to the above list regards to the poor state of the German military under the leadership of von der Leyen when the FGS Sachsen, the first of four Type 124 air defence frigates in German Navy service, attempting to launch a Standard SM-2 air defence missile saw the damn thing thing explode in front of the bridge injuring 2 sailors.

Holland: Meanwhile off the coast

I came across this and found it rather amusing  regards the Dutch Navy Submarine HNLMS Zeeleeuw

Mali: Car bomb attack on French convoy kills 4

(Gao)  A car bomb was rammed into a French military convoy consisting of 2 vehicles carrying 30 soldiers belonging to the French counter-terror force Barkhane in the northern Malian city of Gao, killing at least four people, (2 French soldiers and 2 civilians.) The detonation of the VIED was followed by a sustained gun attack by Islamic terrorists. Both French military vehicles were destroyed.

This attack comes just 2 days after a suicide attack on the Mali headquarters of a regional Sahel force known as G5 killed two soldiers and a civilian.

Saturday, June 30, 2018

Gaza: Hamas claim to have shot down IDF drone.

(Gaza City) So Hamas yesterday instigated the 14th week of protests which started as anger regards President Trump cutting aid to the Pals unless they actively sought peace, which moved onto anger regards the move of the US embassy to Jerusalem, which somehow morphed into a protest about a so called right to return (I'm not even going to go into that) Anyway one of the crowd control methods that IDF have used is the delivery of CS Gas onto the hoards of so called peaceful protesters by the use of small drones as depicted below:

Which can be seen in action here:

Well apparently Hamas claim they succeeded in shooting one down (However it does make a controlled decent, which might have been due to a fault) and as this is the modern age, somebody managed to film it.

So the current headline is that an Israeli drone was shot down, which no doubt will have all the ethical latte drinkers cheering for all that it is worth. The thing is while it is a drone, it isn't a
Medium-altitude long-endurance unmanned aerial vehicle (MALE UAV)  which has been to deadly effect by Israel, the US, and the Uk (and now Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, Egypt and Nigeria as purchased from China, but whom the liberals never complain about) But hey, this story will be used as a rallying call for all those western liberals who hate what they see in the mirror, their western jihadi bed fellows and of course...Hamas.

Friday, June 29, 2018

Denmark: Muslim who travelled to Syria, ripped up his passport, fought for ISIS for 3 years, now wants to return to Denmark

(Copenhagen)  In 2013, a young Islamic Dane brought up in the capital, rallied to the call to partake in a religious war against Muslims in Syria. So along with 3 other, he flew out to Turkey and travelled from there to the new ISIS caliphate which had been carved out of Syria (and soon Iraq) by the knife, bullet and the bomb. Inside this pure Islamic wonderland, he got rid of his Danish passport , as he had no intent on going back to live amongst the Kuffer.

However, and a big however, that new Islamic caliphate, just like the Thousand-Year Reich another bunch of blood thirsty idiots tried to carve out a good few years before, was kicked into touch, when the locals said:
"Hang on, we already live here and we are not going to let you walk in and take it from us"
So with a little help from others, the fight was taken back to ISIS and by early last year , they had lost virtually all the land they had captured. Which is why the not so young Dane (now 24) decided to bugger off and try to rebuild his life in Denmark. However he was caught and arrested by the Turks. Who as they had surreptitiously supported ISIS in the first place, found this Danish terrorist had nothing to answer for and released him. That was March last year. However the Danes don't want anything to do with him. It appears that after they heard he had buggered off to fight Jihad  he was charged and sentenced in absentia for terrorism and being connected with ISIS. As he hasn't a Danish Passport any more, he can't travel from Turkey (which is strange as millions have) The Danish authorities have decided not to issue him with a new passport because the police have concluded that if he returns to Denmark, he would be a national security risk, and that decision was upheld by the court a sentiment echoed by Morten Bødskov, a Danish MP and former Justice minister stating:
“We don’t owe him anything. So we don’t think we need to actively try to get him and others like him home. He chose to disregard the values we represent here in Denmark,”
However Jihad features isn't happy with that and is taking the Danes through the courts in which to issue him with a passport and his lawyer has stated she will do everything she can to ensure he does.

It never fails to amaze me, that the very people who hate our way of life the most fight tooth and nail in which to live amongst the very people they despise the most.

Iraq: Iraq hangs 12 ISIS terrorists after 8 kidnapped Civilians murdered.

(Baghdad) Last week the remnants of ISIS decided to kidnapped 8 civilians off the streets and got them to demand that if ISIS didn't released the 1000s of ISIS female terrorists locked up, they would be killed. Yesterday the bodies of those 8 people were found.  Within hours Prime Minister Haider Al-Abadi ordered the hangings of 12 ISIS male terrorists in response and sending the message to these vile evil people that there will be no negotiations with them and that they have a lot more ISIS thugs they can send on their way at the end of a rope,

Naturally the do-gooders of this world usually sitting miles away in safe western countries have condemned the Iraqi government: Belkis Wille, at Human Rights Watch (HRW) stated:
Owing to Iraq's slow-moving justice system , it is unlikely that any of the 12 who were executed had been convicted recently. She said that anti-terrorism trials across Iraq "fundamentally fail to provide basic levels of due process", with many cases relying solely on defendants' confessions without guarantees that torture was not used."

Interlude: Prince - Raspberry Beret

Tuesday, June 26, 2018

China: Releases video of its last fleet exercise.

(Beijing) The Chinese navy has released a video which was filmed during major naval exercises earlier this year off Hainan island in the South China Sea.  The exercise allowed the Chinese to flex its muscles to all the neighbours in which to scream out :

"Yup we are here, and there's actually very little you can do about it"
The South China sea (where the exercise took place)  is the scene of minor disputes between Taiwan, mainland China and even Vietnam over some small outlying islands.

The recent Chinese emphasis on sea power centres on their emerging aircraft carrier program and is likely a bid to maintain and expand control in this area and project Chinese military influence around the globe.

Saturday, June 23, 2018

Iraq: ISIS kidnaps 6 men issues ultimatum , release our women or they die.

(Baghdad)  Having being destroyed as a military force in Iraq, the remnants of ISIS aren't happy how their jihad loving women (women whom the media keeps trying to tell me are victims)  are banged up by the Iraqi government. So doing what they do best, ISIS have kidnapped 6 innocent men, anf filmed them begging the Iraqi Government to release over 1000 female terrorists .

Spain: Since the socialists opened its borders, Migrants now flock to...Spain.

(Madrid)  All over Europe countries which opened up their borders to anybody who could get there, have since faced repercussions and seen a rise in the far right. The socialist  mandarins of the EU sat in their ivory towers never have to deal with the problems that beset the plebs and cannot understand why countries no longer want to be dictated to by Strasbourg. Yet for all the evidence that mass immigration doesn't make for a better world (Note I said mass and not controlled)  The socialists of this world still haven't learnt the lessons that others have already learnt. Take Spain for example . its new socialist government decided to berate the new rightwing Italian government for refusing to take in ship loads of economic migrants , so in order to do so, they said, yup we'll take them in, they followed that up by removing the security around border fences with their enclaves around their African enclaves and  said that they will offer free medical treatment to any illegal immigrant. They also stated that they would also control migration into the country unlike Italy and Germany.

Well guess what, the hoards of migrants who travelled across Africa so as to get a taxis service across the med to Italy, have now decided that the much shorter journey across to Spain is a much better bet and so it is that 418 migrants were picked up off the coast of Spain on Saturday alone. Just what is it about socialists and other peoples lives and money.

Friday, June 22, 2018

Interlude: Nick Heyward - Take That Situation

Thursday, June 21, 2018

Argentina offended over Falkland island tweet

The other-day Argentina played tiny Iceland at football at the World Cup and came away with a 1-1 draw. In response the Falklands tweeted the following and it didn't go down well across the water in Argentina.

Gee i wonder why?

Sweden: 3 people shot dead in Internet cafe.

(Malmo)  The other year everybody mocked President Trump when he pointed out the rise in crime in Sweden and since then the rate of shootings, grenade attacks (yes grenades) and even attacks on the Police have risen resulting in more than 320 acts of violence with a firearm being registered and over 40 people killed.

Well over the weekend in the not so peaceful city of Malmo the violence that has beset Sweden  continued when a turf war between immigrant gangs resulted in a gun attack on an internet cafe where 3 youths were killed with another 3 injured after somebody sprayed them with machine gun fire. The police have stated that the victims were all criminals and known to the them. Welcome to multicultural Europe

Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Germany: Gang of Arabs attack wrong man, call victim 'brother' when mistake revealed.

(Berlin) Early last Sunday morning around 25 Arabs surrounded a man sitting  on a bench in the Neukölln area of the city and after taunting him decided to beat him to a pulp. However a few minutes into the beating someone from the group shouted,

"Stop, this is the wrong one!"
Whereupon the attackers picked up their victim and apologized. They hugged him, cleaned his clothes , hugged  the victim  and referred  to the victim as their "brother" and then went their way.

However it appears that the real brothers of the 22 year old victim took umbrage at how one of their own had received a kicking by a bunch of thugs  So 20 of them (Its a big family) armed with weapons marched on a hair salon where the leader of those Arabs was meant to be and proceeded take their anger on the building. However they all did a runner when the police arrived. But get this, the ring leader of this last group was arrested as he drove past the scene in his car (which turned out to have no insurance) Police are saying that the rival gangs are from the Syrian and Lebanese communities.

Germany: Knifeman arrested at Munich train-station.

(Munchen) Yesterday morning German police were informed of somebody walking around the main train station in Munich openly carrying a knife. Unlike the Uk, where the Police wouldn't have bothered their arse and continued painting their fingernails in which to support the LGBT crowd. The German police sent a large number of officers to apprehend the person in question.

After been told to drop the weapon numerous times in German and English, the man refused to do so, he was then sprayed twice with pepper spray which failed. At this a brave policeman sneaked up behind him and brought him down.

At which point the stand off was resolved.

It transpired that the knife-man in question is a 32 year old Sri Lankan who claimed asylum in Poland. However he isn't happy with living there and so was making his way to France so as to claim asylum in Canada. Which doesn't explain why he was walking around Munchen train station with a knife.

Turkey has a rail gun?

(Ankara)  So I'm perusing the net regards military matters (I'm a bit of a spotter) with the Portugal Morocco World Cup Match on in the background and I come across this story of Turkey testing not one but 2 rail guns, not only that but they have built one which is smaller than both the so called leaders in the field the US and China. The following video explains what a rail gun is

And here is one of those Turkish railguns:

It appears that the race to field the latest in projectile weaponry is well and truly open to everyone.