Friday, September 23, 2016

UK: Another Eastern European murdered in the UK

(London) I wrote the other week about how a gang of feral youths murdered a Polish man in broad day light simply because he spoke Polish. Well, its happened again.

31-year-old Czech Zdenek Makar was murdered in the early hours of today by a gang of 16-year-olds for disrespect. It appears that Zdenek, whilst on his way home, popped into a fast food joint for something to eat. Inside, he had an argument with a 16-year-old boy. As the 16-year-old youth was disrespected, he told his friends, and they were waiting outside for Zdenek whom they chased and beat to death with a bike chain. It appears these so called poor people, whom the liberals keep on saying we should have more off, have brought the lawlessness which they claimed to have run away in which to build a new life in the West with them.

Zdenek Makar
And the liberals keep on making excuses for thugs like this.