Thursday, May 25, 2017

UK: Hussain guilty of pressure cooker bomb plot

(Birmingham) 29-year-old Zahid Hussain had just been found guilty of preparing for an act of terrorism after a three-week trial at Birmingham Crown Court.

Hussain was arrested by police in August 2015 after they were called about a man acting suspiciously. He was stopped and found in possession of a knife and a crowbar. He also carried handwritten notes detailing instructions for devices. Officers conducted a thorough and complex investigation during which his home was searched again, along with a nearby storm drain which went under the main Birmingham-London rail line that Hussain had been seen entering.
CCTV showing Hussain clambering into a storm drain
It was during these searches of Naseby Road that officers discovered the pressure cooker device and other electrical items. West Midlands Police Counter Terrorism Unit was alerted and Hussain was re-arrested on suspicion of terrorism-related matters.

Kenya: Another 2 policemen killed by Islamic terrorists

(Nairobi) Two police officers have been killed and four others injured after an Improvised Explosive Devise tore their vehicle along the Malelei-Kulan Road in Liboi, Garissa County.

Two of those injured were airlifted to Nairobi for specialised treatment following the 7 am blast. Police at the scene said the injured had life threatening injuries. The officers were patrolling in a vehicle belonging to immigration department when the incident happened.

The blast comes after 2 police officers were killed in the same area yesterday.

Gaza: Hamas objects to President Trump calling them terrorists

(Gaza) After President Trump's speech in Saudi Arabia the other day where he lumped Hamas in with the likes of ISIS, Hezbollah and the Taliban:
"The true toll of ISIS [the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant], al-Qaeda, Hezbollah, Hamas, and so many others, must be counted not only in the number of dead. It must also be counted in generations of vanished dreams,"
the peaceful terrorists of Gaza did what they did best - they played the victim card, claiming that the US President had smeared the name of Hamas and so they hosted a parade where they expressed their innocence whilst slandering President Trump as intolerant.

Wednesday, May 24, 2017


(ISW) The nice people at the Institute for the Study of War have brought out a map which shows the situation inside Iraq as of Saturday the 20th May, 2017:

Iranian backed Shia militias set conditions to disrupt or deny U.S.-backed forces freedom of maneuver near the Iraq-Syria border. Iran-backed Popular Mobilization Unit (PMU) forces began clearing territory in western Ninewa Province toward the Syrian border. Iran-backed PMU forces also conducted offensives against ISIS in northern Diyala and Salah al-Din provinces, and defended positions north of the Makhoul Mountains and southwest of Tuz Khurmatu from ISIS ground assaults.

ISIS remains operational in eastern Iraq, particularly in Diyala Province, despite clearing operations led by the Badr Organization since late 2014. ISIS also launched attacks in and around Baghdad in the week prior to its annual Ramadan campaign, anticipated to begin on May 26.

Somalia: Car bomb kills 8 in capital

(Mogadishu) A car bomb, claimed by the al-Qaeda-linked al-Shabab group has killed eight people and injured 15 more in the Somali capital, was detonated near a police checkpoint outside a restaurant near Mogadishu's port.

Islamic terrorist group al-Shabab has admitted to the murderous attack.

Mali: 2 UN soldiers killed by Islamic terrorists

(Bamako) Two United Nations peacekeepers from Chad have been killed when their foot patrol was ambushed in the Kidal region of northern Mali.

Strongly condemning "this murderous attack," MINUSMA, chief Mahamat Saleh Annadif, who is also the Special Representative of the UN Secretary-General for Mali, said the Mission immediately deployed a rapid response force at the scene and proceeded to evacuate the wounded and the deceased. He also stated:
“Since the establishment of MINUSMA four years ago, Malians have made significant progress towards peace and reconciliation. However, tragically, this progress has not been translated into peace. Violent extremist groups are actively seeking to spoil and halt the peace process. New armed groups have emerged, while some existing groups were divided into different factions. Instability has spread from the north to the centre of the country and beyond the borders of Mali in neighboring countries.”

Indonesia: Suicide bombers kill 3,injure 10

(Jakarta) Two suicide bombers targeted a bus station in the capital this evening killing three police officers and injuring 10 on Wednesday. The blasts went off five minutes apart at Jakarta’s Kampung Melayu terminal,

Police spokesman Setyo Wasisto said three officers had been killed, and that examination of the scene had shown that there appeared to have been two suicide bombers, Five officers and five civilians were wounded. 

The strange thing about this bombing is that the suicide bombers targeted police who were escorting a pawai obor parade (Burning torch parade) which the locals carry out in which to welcome in the fasting month of Ramadan which begins in 2 days time.

Puntland: 5 killed in suicide bombing

(Bosaso Islamic State has claimed its first suicide attack in Somalia, killing five people at a checkpoint in the Tuesday in the semi-autonomous region of Puntland. (Puntland set up its own government in1998, but unlike neighbouring Somaliland, it has not declared full independence.)

The suicide bomber detonated his explosives vest at a checkpoint late Tuesday in northeastern port city of Bosaso. local police official Mohamed Dahir Adan.
"Security forces stopped the suspect when he approached but he detonated himself leaving five people dead. One of the security officers and four civilians were killed in the blast"
ISIS has claimed responsibly for the attack and boasted that the group carried out its first suicide bombing in Somalia. Bossaso is no stranger to ISIS terrorist attacks. Terrorists attacked a hotel there in February resulting in at least four deaths, including two attackers.

Kenya: Police officers killed in Islamist bomb attack

(NAIROBI) Three police officers have been killed by a roadside bomb in northern Kenya on Wednesday.

The officers’ Toyota Land Cruiser is believed to have hit a device planted by al-Shabaab terrorists, eight people were also injured in the incident in Liboi town, which lies around 10 kilometres (6 miles) from the Somali border in Garissa County. The officers who were killed and those who were injured are part of a team sent here to heighten security after two similar attacks in the recent weeks .

The attack takes the toll of police officers killed in similar border attacks in northern Kenya this month to 10.


(ISW) The nice people at the Institute for the Study of War have brought out a couple of map which show the situation inside Syria as of Thursday the 18th, May 2017:

Russia, Iran, and Syria redeployed forces to constrain the activities of the U.S. in Eastern Syria. Pro-regime forces reportedly deployed hundreds of fighters along the Damascus - Baghdad Highway in Central Syria at the urging of Russia following several weeks of advances in the area by opposition groups backed by the U.S. and Jordan. The U.S. later conducted an airstrike against a pro-regime convoy advancing against opposition groups at Al-Tanaf on the Syrian-Iraqi Border on May 18. Pro-regime forces also seized the Jirah Airbase in Eastern Aleppo Province from ISIS on May 12. These movements suggest that pro-regime forces intend to insert themselves into the campaigns against ISIS in Ar-Raqqa City and Deir ez-Zour Province - thereby pre-empting long-term expansion by the U.S. in Eastern Syria. ISW has previously recommended that the U.S. refocus the campaign against ISIS towards Deir ez-Zour Province as a long-term base for operations against both ISIS and the Russo-Iranian Coalition in Syria.

The U.S. and Turkey likely failed to overcome their strategic divide during a meeting between U.S. President Donald Trump and Turkish President Recep Erdogan on May 16. Trump reiterated his support for Turkey in the “fight against terror groups” including as ISIS and the PKK but did not address his recent decision to directly arm the Syrian Kurdish YPG. Erdogan condemned the decision as an “absolutely unacceptable” measure that presented a “clear and present danger” to Turkey. Erdogan also reiterated his calls for the U.S. to extradite exiled cleric Fethullah Gulen. The White House likely offered greater cooperation with Erdogan against the PKK in Turkey and Northern Iraq to mitigate the risk of an imminent rift with Turkey. These efforts nonetheless remain insufficient to reverse the growing strategic divergence between the U.S. and Turkey.

Philippines: ISIS gunmen take control of Marawi city

(Manila)  Terrorists from a group linked to Isis have stormed a city in the Philippines resulting in thousands of civilians having to flee the area . 

The terrorists from the Muslim group called Maute set about on their “Kill them all in the name of Allah day” following a failed raid by soldiers on Tuesday on a hideout of the terrorist group, in which to capture Isnilon Hapilon, (Leader of the Abu Sayyaf group notorious for piracy, banditry and for kidnapping and beheading Westerners.)which triggered clashes and chaos across the largely Muslim city of Marawi.

Troops are currently trying to contain the terrorists who have taken over large parts of city, setting building ablaze and taking Christian’s hostage in which to use as leverage. Father Socrates Villegas, president of Catholic Bishops Conference of the Philippines reported:
“They have threatened to kill the hostages if the government forces unleashed against them are not recalled,”
Both soldiers and rebels have set up checkpoints and road blocks on routes in and out of Marawi and streams of men, women and children are fleeing the area.

President Rodrigo Duterte has declared martial law and a state of emergency in the province of Mindano. 

Tuesday, May 23, 2017

China: Chinese Z-19 Black Whirlwind armed reconnaissance/attack helicopter makes maiden flight

(Beijing) The export version of China's Harbin Aviation Industries (Group) Company (HAIG) Z-19 Black Whirlwind armed reconnaissance/attack helicopter took to its maiden flight the other day. Based on the Harbin Z-9W (itself a copy of the Eurocopter AS365 Dauphin) The Z-19 has followed a similar development as did the Bell AH-1 Cobra from the Bell UH-1 Iroquois aka "Huey", where a transport helicopter has been slimmed down into a gunship. Whilst not in the same league as the likes of the US AH64D/E, the Russian Mil 28 or even the European Tigre, the Z-19 will afford a cheap modern gunship capability to most cash strapped third world countries.

In Chinese service the Z-19, standing operating procedure is to support the much heavier CAIC WZ-10, attack helicopter on the battlefield via its better observation capabilities in which to spot and target the enemy.

Whilst the Z-19 has been developed from the Z-9 helicopter, it does shares some resemblance to the Japanese OH-1 scout/observation helicopter, but that simply opens up a different kettle of fish.

 OH-1 scout/observation helicopter, 

Turkey: US Ambassador called over arrest of Erdogan's brawling bodyguards

(Ankara) Last week, the Turkish dictator for life whilst on a visit to Washington DC set his bodyguards upon Kurds protesting his visit. Video evidence clearly shows the Turkish suit wearing bodyguards pushing through police lines, crossing the road and violently attacking the Kurds, resulting in 9 receiving injuries resulting in a hospital visit (2 serious). 2 Turks were arrested by the Washington, DC police, but after they brought out the 'diplomatic immunity card', they were released.
Well, that hasn't gone down with the Turks who summonsed John Bass, the US ambassador to Turkey, in which to lodge a verbal and written protest at the behaviour of US security personnel, saying they had taken actions that were “aggressive and unprofessional” and “contrary to diplomatic rules and practices”.

Why am I not surprised at how the clearly aggressive Turks are playing the victim card here? Now contrast that mindset with the modus operandi of Hamas, Hezbollah, ISIS, Taliban or any Islamic NGO in the West. Notice anything?

Germany: 16-year-old Syrian knifeman disarmed at gunpoint by police

(Köln) So, yesterday, in Cologne a 16-year-old Syrian walked into a school, pulled out a knife and threatened a number of real children.

Thankfully, a brave teacher placed himself between the knifeman and the children and called the police, whereupon the so called Syrian child did a runner. He was later apprehended by police at gun point, suffering from self-inflicted knife wounds. The Police have already labelled him as having mental issues.

Global reign of terror: map plots every terrorist attack and death in real-time

Esri Story Maps has teamed up and PeaceTech Lab to build a real time Terrorism Map which highlights every terrorist incident in the world. Using it is simple. The column on the left , lists each incident chronologically , the map is self-explanatory. 

Follow the link here in which to redirect to the site.

Yemen: SEAL Team 6 takes out another Al Qaeda base

(Sana) After a number of days of airstrikes against Al Qaeda bases inside Yemen, US forces upped the ante yesterday when they sent in seal team 6 " to attack a compound in the Marib governorate, with the support of Yemen's authorities, killing seven members of al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula (AQAP) the Pentagon has stated

UK: Suicide bomber strikes Pop concert. 22 murdered, 50+ injured.

(Manchester) A suicide bomber struck last night at Manchester Arena after a pop concert by US singer Ariana Grande, killing 22 people and injuring 59.

The blast took place in the crowded foyer as fans left on mass at around 2230hrs after the concert had finished and people (mainly children) were leaving the arena.

Monday, May 22, 2017

Child care in the Middle East

The other day, the Kid Rights Index 2017 came out with a list of the most child friendly countries in the world and out of 166 countries they had the UK and New Zealand coming in at 156 and 158 respectively. According to these so called Human rights champions, countries such as Iraq, Eritrea, Libya, Niger, Nigeria, Mali, Pakistan, Yemen and even Syria did ever so much better than the two first world countries (or even Poland for that matter, which came in last). I wonder if the people who collated all the information for that survey managed to come across this video of child care from the Middle East (all of whom look after their children that the UK):

Saturday, May 20, 2017

Canada: Snowflake students take offence at Lou Reed's song "Take a Walk on the Wild Side"

(Guelph) The University of Guelph Central Student Association saw fit last week to apologise to the world over how they had included the 1972 Lou Reed's record “Take a Walk on the Wildside” on a playlist. It appears that without even listening to the record, they labelled it ‘Transphobic”.

What is it about these lily-white children who find fault everywhere they look? The record isn’t transphobic, but actually it is a recognition of trans people, released at a time when homosexuality across the Western world was mostly against the law. Not only that but Lou Reed at the time lived with (as in the biblical sense) a number of trans people. The lyrics for ‘Walk on the Wild Side’ were ground-breaking and risqué for the time, telling stories not usually told in rock songs up to then, and containing references to prostitution, transsexuals, and oral sex. Not only did Reed reference and recognise actual trans people into the song at a time when they were seen as deviants:
Holly" is based on Holly Woodlawn, a transgender actress who lived in Miami Beach, Florida as a child. In 1962, after being bullied by transphobes, the fifteen-year-old ran away from home; and, as in the lyrics, learned how to pluck her eyebrows while hitchhiking to New York.
"Candy" is based on Candy Darling, a transgender actress and the subject of an earlier song by Lou Reed, "Candy Says". She grew up on Long Island ("the island") and was a regular at "the back room" of Max's Kansas City.
"Little Joe" was the nickname of Joe Dallesandro, an actor who starred in Flesh, a 1968 film about a teenage hustler.
"Sugar Plum Fairy" was a reference to actor Joe Campbell, who played a character by that name in Warhol's 1965 film, My Hustler. The term was a euphemism for "drug dealer".
"Jackie" is based on Jackie Curtis, another Warhol actor. "Speeding" and "crashing" are drug references. 
but he named the album it came from: Transformer (big hint, dickheads?

Not many people from that generation had no issues with the song, and less have for each generational iteration since then. I mean if they did, stars such as Elton John/Freddy Mercury/Divine/Boy George/Marx Almond/Barry Manilow wouldn't have done as well as they did. But hey, the latest bunch of so called adults have fake concern at how the song may have offended somebody. Gee, I wonder what 'Rachel', Lou Reed's muse at the time, thought of the song, seeing as Rachel was actually a trans person born Tommy.
Message to any infantile students who happen to come across this post: Minorities have seen more doors open for them during the last 45 years than in the thousands of years before 1972. Look in the bloody mirror, the biggest group of intolerant bigots are looking back at you.

Just what is it about today's snowflakes who can find offence everywhere they look?

Israel: IDF shows off submarine drill

(Jerusalem) The IDF have released a video showing how well their submariners are prepared for war:
Personally, I feel they should have emulated Jerry Anderson's 'Stingray'

Nigeria: Boko Haram in 2 mins

(Nigeria) This short info-graphic explains all you need to know about the Nigerian Islamic terrorist group Boko Haram in a couple of minutes:

Sharia peddler Linda Sarsour - "Mohammed was a feminist"

(US) Race hustler Linda Sarsour really scrapes the bottom of the gutter when she claims that paedophillic warlord Mohammed was actually a human rights activist, the first victim of Islamophobia, and a feminist. Words fail me.

Italy: African migrant threatens to kill himself, unless the police return his drug money

(Albenga) An African migrant drug dealer wasn't happy with how the local police during a drug bust in April has confiscated his drugs and money (a stolen car, 10 grams of hashish and € 500). So, after getting no joy when he marched down to the local cop shop, demanding they return his loot, he walked across the road, climbed up to the first floor and threatened to kill himself, unless the police did as he demanded. Instead, they called the fire brigade and brought the so called victim down to earth.
It appears that the Italian penchant to save migrants lives hundreds of miles away from Italy is coming back to hit them big style.

(Nafri = North African)

Friday, May 19, 2017

Italy: Muslim terrorist stabs two soldiers and policeman at Milan train station

(Milan) 2 soldiers and a policeman on patrol were stabbed last night at Milan main train station. 20-year-old Ismail Hosni attacked the three men on Thursday night after they asked to see his identity papers. None of the three suffered life threatening injuries.

Ismail Hosni
Apparently, Hosni was a person of interest in regards to international terrorism. I take it that means he may have recently returned from Syria, seeing as the 1000-year ISIS caliphate is getting a good kicking.
Mind you, I'm a little surprised that soldiers and police were caught out so quickly, seeing as there was another knife incident involving a North African asylum seeker and a lot of armed police.

Interlude: Oasis - Wonderwall

Denmark: Muslim convert schoolgirl jailed for 6 years on terrorism charges

(Holbaek) A teenage girl with Islamic State group sympathies who planned to attack Danish schools, including a Jewish school, with home-made bombs has been jailed for six years.

The would-be jihadist, aged just 15 when she was arrested in 2015, had tried to contact IS group leaders on Twitter but was arrested after her parents became suspicious that she was experimenting with chemicals in the basement of the family home in which to try and make the explosive TATP. (As used in the 2005 London bombings which killed 52 people and injured 784). She was also convicted of assaulting an employee in the juvenile incarceration facility where she had been held during the trial.

Her lawyer, Mette Gritt Stage, had said her client had been bullied at school and is a confused teenager seeking attention. After the guilty ruling, Stage said her client "was very, very saddened."

Letters were found in her cell in late April and read in court. In one, she wrote that she deliberately didn't wear a headscarf "to fool the disbelievers" to think she had not converted to Islam. In another she wrote that she stabbed the employee in the incarceration facility because he had been a soldier in Iraq, adding "I couldn't accept this."

Thursday, May 18, 2017

US: Did the Turkish Pocket Dictator order the attack on the Kurdish protesters in Washington?

(US) I wrote the other day about how the body guards of the Turkish President decided to cross Police lines and physically attack 9 Kurdish protesters putting a number of them in hospital. Well what do you know, video has now emerged of the Pocket Dictator himself watching the attack, lending to the theory that he himself ordered the attack on the protesters who other than making a lot of noise were harming nobody:

It seems , I'm not the only one thinking along these lines:

Germany: Two nationalists charged with planning attacks on Muslims and asylum seekers

(Borna) German Police have charged 2 right-wing nationalists with plotting a nail bomb and petrol bomb attack on Muslims and asylum seekers.

The pair, Daniel A., 41, and Marcel L., 29, were charged being part of the Oldschool Society (OSS). A far-right group, with explosives and firearms offences who had planned a bomb attack on a refugee shelter in the eastern town of Borna in May 2015. But which was stopped when the police arrested the group.

4 other idiots from the OSS, were convicted in March for membership of a terrorist group and are serving jail sentences of between three and five years.

UK: General Election madness

(London) If you hadn't heard next month the UK (June 8th) will host a General Election. As you can gather, Politics is the subject of the hour, day , week, and month and to be honest I’m sick of it, We had a GE in 2015, The EU referendum last year, the Scottish referendum , The US election, the French one , the Korean one and with the advent of 24 hour news. We have been bombarded with what he said, she said over the most trivial matters. The left angry at how they lost the last UK election, the EU referendum and the Scottish one have gone all out in which to ensure that this time they will win and so they have pulled out all the stops in which to try to ensure they win. So how do you try and capture votes, why, you promise people the earth and  boy have they promised the earth. Here are what the left are offering:

The Green Party of England and Wales is promising free sanitary products for those who cannot afford them. They have pledged to end "period poverty" by providing towels and tampons to secondary school pupils and women in financial need.  The Greens said the project will be funded by adding VAT to aircraft repairs and "the sale of airships"

The Labour party has promised to:
Scrap student tuition fees
Nationalisation of England's water companies.
Nationalisation of England's Rail companies
Nationalise Roya Mail
Nationalisation of England's Electricity companies
Ensure that 60% of the UK's energy comes from zero-carbon or renewable sources by 2030
More free childcare, expanding free provisions for two, three and four year olds
Hire 10,000 new police officers, 3,000 new firefighters
Boost wages of 5.7m people earning less than minimum wage to £10 an hour by 2020
Introduce four extra public holidays each year to mark national patron saints' days.
Guarantee trade unions a right to access workplaces.
Use public spending power to drive up standards, including only awarding public contracts to companies which recognise trade unions.
30 hours of free childcare a week to all two year olds.
Free school meals for all primary school children, paid for by removing the VAT exemption on private school fees.
Reinstate housing benefit for under-21s
Labour will not "scapegoat migrants" and will not set a cap on immigration, describing targets as "bogus".
Guarantee the rights of EU nationals living in the UK and work to "secure reciprocal rights" for UK citizens elsewhere in the EU
And to pay for all of the above Labour aims to raise £48 Billion in taxes. Oh and then intend to pay off the deficit by 2022. (What is it with the left and 5 year plans)

Well always good for a laugh:
Second EU referendum on Brexit deal
Add 1p in the pound on income tax to raise £6bn 
Invest nearly £7bn extra in education
Ban the sale of diesel cars and small vans in the UK by 2025
Scrap grammar schools
End imprisonment for possession of illegal drugs for personal use
Reinstate university maintenance grants for the poorest students
Job-sharing arrangements for MPs
Extend free childcare to all two-year-olds and introduce an additional month's paid paternity leave for dads
Reverse cuts to work allowances in universal credit and housing benefit for 18-21 year olds
Levy up to 200% council tax on second homes
Ensure those with the highest incomes and wealth are making a fair contribution
Introduce a new Young Person's Bus Discount Card for 16-21 year olds, giving a two-thirds discount on bus travel
Offer safe and legal routes to the UK for refugees - offering sanctuary to 50,000 Syrian refugees over five years
Reopen the Dubs scheme to take 3,000 unaccompanied refugee children from Europe.
Votes for 16-year-olds
Bring in parliamentary short-lists for BAME (black, Asian and minority ethnic) and all-LGBT+ job applicants.
Oh and what made me laugh, they intend to legalise drugs and earn £1billion a year from taxing cannabis.

Just what the hell is it about those not in power which allows them to promise the earth?

Syria: US carries out Air-strike on Syrian armoured convoy advancing on a US special forces position.

(Damascus)  The US has admitted to carrying out an air-strike on a Syrian army convoy which was advancing down the main Damascus-Baghdad highway towards a forward US/UK base where they have been training Kurds for a while now.

The convoy of 27 tanks made up of Syrian and Iranian backed militia had taken no heed of a message sent by the US to the Russians in which to get the Syrians to stop their advance towards the US and UK special forces base at al-Tanf which is close to the Iraqi/Syrian border crossing. A 34-mile defensive/ deconfliction zone exists around the base, and the Syrian/Iranian forces advanced 15 miles inside that.
This was followed by a warning flypast, which was followed up by warning shots fired when no notice was taken by the advancing armoured column.  After all these attempts had failed, permission was taken to target the convoy. Several regime tanks and trucks were reportedly destroyed.

This was the second incident involving Syrian forces (and friends) and the base at Al Tanf. The other incident involved an unarmed Syrian SU-22 fighter-bomber which entered the deconfliction zone and was intercepted by a pair of F-22 fighters and politely shown the way home.

The Syrian army and Iranian-backed militia moved hundreds of troops with tanks to the town of Sabaa Biyar on Monday which is in the Badia, and is near the strategic Damascus-Baghdad highway. The deployment is part of the effort to recapture former IS-held areas by Syrian government forces, thereby preventing them from being controlled by US-backed rebels,

The Syrian Army has admitted they were hit and have stated the following:
A convoy of five T-62 tanks were hit by the U.S. Coalition.Two tanks were destroyed. A Shilka was damaged (ZSU23/4) Six military personnel were killed and another three were wounded. Convoy consisted of soldiers from the Syrian Arab Army (SAA), National Defense Forces (NDF), Hezbollah, and Imam Al-‘Ali Battalions.

Point of interest regards the use of T62 tank.. Whilst the Russians have made a huge song and dance about the invincibility of the T90 tank and have handed a few over to the Syrian Army. The vast majority of armour sold to Syria these past few months have been T62M tanks. 
The T-62M is an improved version of the Soviet T-62 tank with extra protection and mobility improvements and the “Volna” fire control system. It is fitted with a BDD appliqué armour package, an additional belly armour plate for anti-mine protection, 10 mm thick reinforced rubber side skirts and 10 mm thick anti-neutron liner.
T62M (Note BDD armour. Nicknamed “Brow” armour because of its resemblance to
Lenin’s thick eyebrows)

Side angle of BDD armour

Gaza: Man with 3 wives 37 children. His wish is another 18 children.

(Gaza) We keep getting told that all the ills of the Third World are down to the oppressive nature of the First World (aka white people/Israel, etc.) and that it is the West's moral duty to take in the millions of migrants seeking a better life. Here is a video clip of fisherman Jamal Al-Akraa who has sired 37 children and he wants another 18. How the hell can one man care for so many?

The thing is, he is not alone in having such a large family, usually paid for with foreign aid.

Austria votes to ban the burka in public

(Wien) Austria’s parliament has approved a motion to put in place a burqa ban that will see women wearing full-face veils in public fined £130 as part of new integration policies. The act will come into force in October and will see Islamic burqas, niqabs and other clothing obstructing facial features in public places, universities, courts or on transport outlawed.

Naturally, the usual suspects have come out in which to vent their spleens:

Sevgi Kircil, a member of Austria’s Muslim community, said the new restrictions were an infringement on individual privacy and a reckless “intervention in religious freedom and the freedom of expression.”

Iraq: Bulldozer driver stops ISIS suicide IED

(Mosul) With ISIS ion the verge of almost being wiped out in the city of Mosul, they are fighting a last-ditch battle for... nothing. Anyway, this ISIS idiot wanted to go out with a bang and take as many people with him. Unfortunately for him, this bulldozer driver stopped him in his tracks. Best of all, the bulldozer driver survived:

Mali: Unmarried Couple stoned to death for living together

(BAMAKO) An unmarried couple has been stoned to death in the Kidal region of Mali.
Local residents were invited by Islamists to take part in the public punishment of this unlucky couple for violating “Islamic law”.  As per Sharia law, holes were dug into the ground and the victims placed inside.  The holes are then back filled leaving the top half of the victim above ground but unable to escape. You can guess the rest.

The above was about the stoning of an unmarried couple in Mali. Here are a few other snippets of Islamic intolerance in Africa, these past few days:

Two soldiers were injured on Wednesday when a female suicide bomber attacked a military post located behind a camp for internally displaced persons in Konduga town of Borno State.

Two men had their hands chopped off by the local Al-Shabab terrorist group ,Thursday after a sharia court convicted them of breaking into a shop and stealing about $500.

6 people were killed in Mogadishu, when attempts to defuse a car bomb failed killing  three police officers, two agents from Somalia's National Intelligence Service. and an expert from U.N. Mine Action 

Around 115 people were killed in ethnic and religiously fuelled violence in southeaster town of Bangassou in the Central African Republic (CAR) over the weekend, The mainly Christian anti-Balaka militia attacked Islamic civilians and a UN office in the town bordering the Democratic Republic of Congo, before being pushed back by UN peacekeepers and airstrikes.

Wednesday, May 17, 2017

UK: 20% of all child deaths in East London down to cultural inbreeding

(London) The penchant for keeping it in the family has resulted in 1in every 5 child deaths in the Eastern borough of Redbridge  (Islamic enclave) At a meeting of Redbridge Council’s health and well-being board councillors and healthcare specialists discussed the continued problem of young children from consanguineous marriages dying.-A consanguineous marriage refers to married couples who are first cousins or more closely related, and are not illegal in the UK.-The practice of shagging your cousins is most common among Pakistani communities, and the figures reflect that is so true in Redbridge.

Overall 19pc of all child deaths in the borough over the past eight years have been directly attributable to consanguineous relationships.

What surprises me is the fake shock expressed by the council at this news. Only 4 years ago it was revealed that in Bradford, 31% of all child deaths amongst Pakistani couples was down to consanguineous marriages. 7 years ago it was reported that 700 children were born with genetic disabilities due to keeping it in the family. 12 years ago it was revealed that 55% of all Pakistani marriages in the UK was amongst first cousins.

Its not as if we don’t know about the risks of keeping it in the family- higher rates of infant mortality, birth defects, learningdifficulties, blindness, hearing problems and metabolic disorders- yet in the name of political correctness the British authorities keep on turning a blind eye to this backward practice.

Now before somebody plays the racist card, (I'm Asian by the way) have a look at the untimely death of 14 year old Nasar Ahmed, in the East of London who was born with asthma, severe eczema and a host of allergies to milk, fish, nuts, wheat, apples, oranges and some meats. Would you want any child to suffer like that?

Germany: The Changing face of Germany's Population

(Berlin) The TV station ZDF has come out with a graphic of the changing face of Germany with the percentage of people who are not indigenous to the country.

US: Turkish president’s security team attack protesters on the streets of Washington DC

(Washington) The visit of Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan to the US, drew out a crowd of protesters who object to his style of leadership. However this didn't go down well with his bodyguards who presumed that as they can stamp down hard on anything and everything back in the mother-country, they can do exactly the same elsewhere, which is why they charged the protesters yesterday on the streets of Washington DC and put 9 of them in hospital, 2 of them seriously injured.

It appears the brawl erupted when the Turkish president’s security detail attacked protesters carrying the flag of the Kurdish PYD party outside the Turkish ambassadors residence.

Belgium: The The Belgian Navy in 2017

(Brussels) The Marine Component in 2017:

Syrian War Report – May 15, 2017:

Tuesday, May 16, 2017


(ISW) The nice people at the Institute for the Study of War have brought out a couple of map which show the situation inside Syria as of Wednesday the 10th, May 2017:

Russia, Iran, and Turkey agreed at a new set of Astana Talks on May 3 - 4 to establish four large “de-escalation” zones over opposition-held regions of Western Syria. The deal allows for the three countries to deploy forces along the borders of the “de-escalation zones” to monitor a faltering nationwide ceasefire that excludes all opposition forces “associated” with Al-Qaeda and ISIS in Syria. Activists reported a general decrease in violence except along key frontlines such as Damascus and Northern Hama Province after the deal went into effect on May 6. Russia likely intends to leverage to “de-escalation zones” to subordinate the political process to its objectives, reset its military deployments, and block future unilateral action to implement so-called “zones of stabilization” by the U.S. in Syria. Pro-regime forces will likely also use the relative lull in Western Syria to refocus their military campaign towards Eastern Syria to pre-empt the U.S. from establishing a long-term foothold in regions formerly held by ISIS in Syria. Conditions on the ground remain unfit for a durable ceasefire or political settlement to end the Syrian Civil War.

The U.S. signalled its intent to move forward with an imminent offensive to seize Ar-Raqqa City from ISIS that includes the Syrian Kurdish YPG despite clear objections from Turkey. U.S. President Donald Trump signed an order on May 8 authorizing the U.S. Department of Defence to directly provide weapons, ammunition, and other equipment to the YPG “as necessary” in support of upcoming operations against ISIS in Ar-Raqqa City. Pentagon Spokesperson Dana White stated that the weapons deliveries will be “limited, mission specific, and metered out incrementally” in order to prevent the transfer of weapons to the PKK in Turkey. The U.S. also floated plans to expand an intelligence fusion centre based in Ankara targeting the PKK in Turkey. These efforts remain insufficient to address the security concerns of Turkey. The decision will likely fuel a further breakdown in relations between Turkey and the U.S. that could include new cross-border operations by Turkey against the YPG in Northern Syria. This strategic break will form a core area of disagreement during a face-to-face meeting between Trump and Turkish President Recep Erdogan in Washington D.C. on May 16.

Iraq: Shia leader to Christians: "Convert or die"

(Baghdad) Sheikh Alaa al-Moussawi, who is in charge of the Shia Waqf, the religious body which maintains all of the Shia holy sites, including mosques, Huseiniyas and schools, has sparked anger and concerns when he declared Christians to be "infidels and polytheists" and stressed the need for a "jihad" against them at a speech he gave in southern Iraq. He finished off his diatribe by stating that Iraqi Christians must either convert to Shia Islam, pay a religious tax known as a jizya or be killed.

Convert or die
In reply, 180 Christian families have filed a lawsuit on the grounds that he is “instigating incitement against Christians and disturbing the religious plurality of Iraq”. In reply, he has responded by sending a delegation to the Babylonian Christian Movement to mediate the lawsuit and the allegations that his comments have mirrored IS rhetoric.

US: Blacks are giving blacks a bad name

(Washington, D.C.) On May 1st this year, someone hung bananas with racist messages from nooses at several locations around the campus of American University. The bananas were found shortly after Taylor Dumpson became the first black woman to serve as AU's student body president. The AU president Neil Kerwin called in the U.S. Attorney's Office for the District of Columbia as well as The FBI in which to assist the campus police in the investigation.

The police have released a video of a person of interest. However, that hasn’t appeased the black population at AU who feel that the actions of one person amounts to the entire white race oppressing them. So after holding a sit-down demonstration in which to express their perceived hurt and anger,

the so called champions of liberal thinking, free speech issued the University with a list of demands they are:
“For the remaining [sic] of the semester, the Bridge will become a sanctuary for people of color,” the ultimatum begins, referring to a student café and lounge on campus.
Students also demanded that “all POC [persons of color] students get extensions, and should not be penalized for already scheduled finals after the incident,” arguing that the racist incident on campus has distressed many students to the point that they are unable to focus on exams.
The final demand calls for a “separate investigation team based out of the university (composed of a group of non-biased expert contractors) that can investigate cases of racism and discrimination brought against the institution of American University.”

American University Provost Scott Bass has agreed to the students’ demands. Bass also said the college also signed a contract with Ibram X. Kendi, author of “Stamped from the Beginning: The Definitive History of Racist Ideas in America,” to begin an anti-racism center on the school’s campus.

Is that really how we should be tackling ‘racism’? All I see here is a move to make a lot more people become more intolerant towards others at a University where the mix is roughly 50/50 regards whites and non-whites.

Talk about the tail wagging the dog.

Mali: Four members of the Red Cross kidnapped

(Bamako) Four Malian nationals working for the Red Cross in central parts of the African country have been kidnapped by unknown gunmen. 

The Red Cross facebook page related:
“Colleagues of the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) and Red Cross Mali were kidnapped in … Tenekou area, Mopti region, on Sunday May 14 around 7pm, they were conducting a survey of the humanitarian situation when unidentified and armed individuals said they had to come with them.”
Jean-Nicolas Marti, the head of the ICRC delegation, expressed hope that the humanitarian workers would be released immediately.

Syria: US says Assad built crematorium at notorious prison in which to dispose of thousands of murdered prisoners,

(Damascus) The Syrian regime burned the bodies of “thousands” of prisoners in a giant crematorium at its most notorious jail in an effort to hide the scale of its killings, according to Stuart Jones, the acting assistant secretary for the State Department Bureau of Near Eastern Affairs who gave a press briefing in Washington:

"The regime continues to systematically abduct and torture civilian detainees, often beating, electrocuting, and raping these victims. A former regime photo-documentarian working under the name Caesar has shared more than 10,000 photos of Assad’s victims with the international community. According to numerous NGOs, the regime has abducted and detained between 65,000 and 117,000 people between 2011 and 2015.. The regime holds as many as 70 prisoners in Saydnaya in cells that have a five-person capacity. And according to multiple sources, the regime is responsible for killing as many as 50 detainees per day at Saydnaya. Credible sources have believed that many of the bodies have been disposed in mass graves. We now believe that the Syrian regime has installed a crematorium in the Saydnaya prison complex which could dispose of detainees’ remains with little evidence. Beginning in 2013, the Syrian regime modified a building within the Saydnaya complex to support what we believe is a crematorium, as shown in the photos that we have distributed to you. Although the regime’s many atrocities are well documented, we believe that the building of a crematorium is an effort to cover up the extent of mass murders taking place in Saydnaya prison."
The State department also released photographs showing what it said was a outhouse in the prison complex that they believed was modified in 2013 to support the crematorium.

In February Amnesty international claimed that as many as 13,000 people, most of them civilian opposition supporters, have been executed in secret at Saydnaya  prison 

Monday, May 15, 2017

Turkey: German MPs denied access to Incirlik air base.

 (Ankara) Recep Tayyip Erdoğan has really set the cat amongst the pigeons, by denying German MPs visiting Turkey from visiting 260 German troops based at Incirlik air base. Germany currently has several Tornado surveillance aircraft and a refuelling plane deployed at the base in south western Turkey. The jets are part of the international coalition carrying out aerial attacks on IS positions in Iraq and Syria. Some 260 German military personnel are stationed there.

This is the second time German MPS have been denied accesswith the first occurrence happening last year, that snub was down to how Germany had recognized the crimes committed by Ottoman Turks against Armenians in 1915 as constituting genocide. The latest one follows Germany's decision to grant asylum to a number of Turkish military officers, who faced persecution following Turkey's failed coup on July 15 last year.

Whilst German Chancellor Angela Merkel called Turkey's latest move "unfortunate" , she also stated:
"Germany could move troops now based in Turkey to another country if Ankara persists in denying German lawmakers permission to visit them."