Friday, September 16, 2016

UK: Black lives don't matter, as woman (52) and nephew (21) shot dead at home by gang of 5 black thugs

(London) Well, what do you know, yet another black on black killing. This time in East Finchley, North London, where a gang of black thugs carried out a home invasion and shot dead 52-year-old Anny Ekofo and her nephew, 21-year-old Bervil Ekofo, at 6.30 am today in what her family are calling a case of mistaken identity.

How the hell can you excuse a cold blooded murder (in this case two) as 'mistaken identity'? The police get shit from the black community when they take out armed black gunmen on the streets of London where handguns are illegal. They protest on the streets of London about the very small number of people killed by the police in the UK.

(Out of 14 people killed in the Uk last year by the Police, they killed 1 black man, who was armed and in the process of trying to spring a police prisoner.)

As I reported the other day, more blacks were murdered by blacks in London between 2001 and 2011 than British soldiers killed in Afghanistan.

Diane Abbot, the Black MP, has on her Parliamentary blog this salient statement:
Sadly, 80 per cent of gun crime in London is "black on black", often involving boys in their teens. As a black woman and the mother of a teenage son this is frightening and wholly unacceptable.
And yet, instead of getting together and protesting on the streets about this ugly Black statistic, which today saw 2 more black people murdered, they bitch about the US. Idiots.