Sunday, September 11, 2016

Liberal elites, and how they ruin everything they touch

(UK) The other day I mentioned how when Muslims become the majority in any area, they stick their fingers up to the laws of that land and insist (by force) that the mores of Islam take precedence. Yet instead of taking note of how Islamic intolerance is on the rise - anti-Semitism, terrorism, honour killings, FGM, Sharia law - the political elites of the UK feel that in order to accommodate Muslims more and attempt to take them away from the path of intolerance towards others, we should afford them more religious freedoms. Which is why a number of police forces in the UK are thinking of allowing Islamic women to wear the burka if they so wish in order to tick all the boxes when it comes to politically correct quotas.

Now, whilst the above might seem a fantastic idea for some ethical latte drinking idiot, the fact of the matter is, it is the worst possible move anybody could take in a democracy. Why? Here's why, from somebody who comes from an Islamic background... me:

1) There is no remit in the Koran for women to cover up. All it says is they have to dress modestly.

2) During the 70s, the only time you saw women in the UK wearing the burka is when they went to the mosque.

3) As air travel became much more common place, women who have carried out the Haj (gone to Mecca), started wearing the burka in which to play one-upmanship with those who hadn't (Islam is a religion which loves to play one-upmanship).

4) During the late 80s , and the growth of Political Islam in the UK, that one-upmanship saw Islamic religious bigots berating the faithful for allowing their women to dress like Western women, causing them to lose face by not being pious Muslims.

5) At the drop of a hat, Islamic men started forcing women to cover up because they couldn't be seen to be losing face to these religious bigots, who in turn simply moved the goalposts with their religious demands (FGM / anti-Semitism /Sharia law / honour killings, etc.).

6) Now, if the police in an attempt to tick the PC boxes start recruiting women wearing the burka, all they will be doing is promoting radical Islam by enforcing the bigoted dress rules found in Iran, Saudi Arabia and Afghanistan. You only have to look across the water to France last Sunday where packs of Islamic men attacked women for wearing shorts.

As I say above, what a stupid f-ing idea by people who should know better, and all they are doing is destroying the country from within.

And how we all laughed when this cartoon was published around 16 years ago: