Wednesday, September 28, 2016

UK: Store closed down after it was found the owners offered alcohol to minors for sex

(Liverpool) The 10 to 10 store in Liverpool has been closed down by the authorities after it was found that the owner was offering alcohol to little children as young as 12 in exchange for sex. Owner Ushan Wewawala cried after the closure order was imposed by the police, which his solicitor Gary Bryan has stated will “finish his business”.

Ushan Wewawala
Angela Bellingham, representing the police, told the court:
“There is an ongoing investigation relating to incidents recently reported, involving matters which came to light when a foster carer made a report to police that two 13-year-old females were being sexually exploited on the premises.”
The police have reported that they have recovered text messages from the two girls which referred to performing “sexual favours” at the shop. On top of the charges of having a heavy cold around young girls (he was sniffing a lot around them), Wewawala was found employing an illegal immigrant whom he was paying below the minimum wage.

In his defence, Mr Wewawala and his illegal minion claimed they had no knowledge of any sexual exploitation and denied any wrongdoing and that the girls would come into the shop, and claimed they would demand alcohol or they would make “sexual allegations” against him. Which kind of ran flat after it was revealed that one of the young girls who made the sexual predator allegation was allowed to use the toilet soon after making it. The case continues.