Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Gaza: IDF take out Hamas UAV (drone)

(Gaza City) Tuesday, the IDF responded to the launching of a Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) from Gaza which was taken out by the IDF within minutes of its launch. Whilst Israel has reported this story, the democratically elected government of Hamas (well, so the do-gooders of the world keep trying to tell me) have yet to mention this snippet to the masses.

Hamas, like it's bedfellows to the north (Hezb-allah), has received arm shipments from the peaceful (but also democratically elected) Mullah of Iran. This has included Sarir H-110 and the Ababil unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV). Whilst both Hamas and Hezb-allah claim to have built their own UAVs, they all look similar to Iranian UAVs who also claim to have built from scratch their own UAVs. They tend to look very similar to UAVs made by other nations.

Iranian UAVs

Other UAVs