Sunday, February 17, 2019

France: Still unable to admit Muslims are behind the rise in Anti-Semitism.

(Paris) The Gilets Jaunes or in English "yellow vest" protests began in mid-November last year over fuel taxes. Since then they have broadened into a revolt against President Macron, and a political class seen as out of touch with common people. The protests often turn violent, causing mindless damage.

Yesterday France claimed it was shocked and disgusted after coverage of a hoard of yellow vest protesters hurling anti-Semitic abuse at 69-year-old Jewish academic Alain Finkielkraut in the street .In videos of the incident, protesters can be heard yelling: "Dirty Jew" and "you're a hater, you're going to die, you're going to hell," while others called on him to "go home" and "return to Tel Aviv." In a different clip demonstrators can be heard screaming anti-Semitic profanities such as "dirty Zionist shit." Thankfully Police were at hand and whisked him away before somebody took to physical violence.
French President Emmanuel Macron spoke out against the attack  stating that "the anti-Semitic insults he [Finkielkraut] has been subjected to are as the absolute opposite of who we are and what makes us a great nation. We will not tolerate them." His stance was mirrored by others in Government. Yet not one of them have noticed that the main agitator during the incident sports an Islamic beard and is wearing a  Palestinian keffiyeh, funny enough others supporting his stance don't look French either. what with their dark tans and such. yet despite the rise in Anti-Semitism across Europe, nobody has managed to add 1 and 1 together in which to come up with 2 . 

Just what is it with European political elites and their inability to call out Islamic based intolerance. I mean they don't have a problem playing the white race hate card when somebody looks funny at an gun bearing blood dripping Islamic terrorist who is screaming 'Allah ackba do they. 

Iran: Tells EU, if you want us to stop building missiles sell us Fighter jets

(Tehran) Iran's Minister of Foreign Affairs Mohammad Javad Zarif in an interview with Germany newspaper Spiegal  sent a message to the EU that if they want the theological state to stop building missiles which they themselves have stated are capable of striking European cities then the solution is simple. Sell Tehran advance fighter jets. He pointed to the fact that  regional countries are teeming with the purchased weaponry that mostly come from Europe, he added that the Persian Gulf states have bought $100bn of weaponry only in 2018, however he did add that the weapons Iran  has purchased are only for defensive use.

The German newspaper asked if Iran is only concerned with being defensive, then why was it shipping thousands of missiles to Islamic terrorist group Hezb-allah, to which Zarif replied it was to allow the terrorist group to defend itself from Israel. Stating that Israel had attacked Syria 300 times. Whilst talking about Syria, he pointed out that unlike the US which had left it too late in which to disengage from Syria, Iran would stay in which to fight..terrorism which taking his stance regards the US is something of an oxymoron.  He continued his interview by telling the EU to stop using human rights as a weapon and that any friend of the US is allowed to commit whatever crime they want, which is why the Zionist regime and the Saudis can do whatever they want and get away with it.
He ended by stating that allegations levelled against Iran about organizing terrorist attacks in Europe, as baseless.

Saturday, February 16, 2019

Syria: Canadian admits to role in gruesome ISIS execution videos

(Kurdistan) So a month ago I mentioned how good old Canadian boy Mohammed Abdullah Mohammed, had been interviewed inside Syria of how he had left Canada in which to fight the good fight inside Syria.

Well he has now admitted he helped produce ISIS propaganda snuff videos that showed prisoners digging their own graves and being executed, In the English-language Flames of War video, the narrator praised jihadist foreign fighters who had come to Syria from around the world and said they were “chosen by Allah.” During a scene that showed the mass execution of prisoners lying face-down, he said ISIS was “harsh against the kuffar [non-believers]. This harshness never wavered and was a constant trait of the brothers.” The 55-minute video ends with a row of kneeling prisoners being shot in the back of the head and tumbling forward into the mass grave they have just dug with shovels.

Iran: Warns Pakistan over continued atatcks

(Tehran) Responding to the suicide attack inside Iran the other which saw 27 Iranian soldiers killed . Revolutionary Guards chief Major General Mohammad Ali Jafari has warned neighbouring Pakistan it would “pay a heavy price” for harbouring the terrorists who carried out said attack .Jafari addressing a large crowd gathered for the funeral of the victims of Wednesday’s suicide bombing stated:

“Just in the past year, six or seven suicide attacks were neutralized but they were able to carry out this one, Why do Pakistan’s army and security body ... give refuge to these anti-revolutionary groups? Pakistan will no doubt pay a high price,”
Looks like the Pakistani foreign office has a lot on its plate at the moment what with the threat of hostility's with  Iran and India at the same time.

Friday, February 15, 2019

Syria: Unrepentant ISIS female wants to return to the Uk

(Kurdistan) In Feb 2015, three Muslim school girls hit the headlines after they ran away from their homes in London in which to travel to Syria in which to join ISIS. At the time the media related how they were victims, how the authorities were concerned for their safety and how the families blamed the police.- It soon transpired that one of the girls had been radicalised by her very own father who took her to anti-western protests in the Uk- CCTV coverage revealed that the trio had made it to Syria and after a few weeks had been married off to ISIS thugs where they revealed on social media what a wonderful time they were having.

ISIS brides Kadiza Sultana, Amira Abase and Shamima Begum on route to Syria

4 years down the line, and that wonderful time is no more, of the three, 1 is dead, one is in a refugee camp after her terrorist husband surrendered in the last ISIS holdout in Syria and the other nobody knows. A reporter for the Times visited that refugee camp and interviewed Shamima Begum the girl holed up as a refugee. His report reveals that she doesn't regret going, that ISIS were fighting the good fight, in otherwords she is unrepentant. That said, she stated she wants to return to the Uk, have her child (she is 9 months pregnant) and live quietly.

Anthony Loyds interview has galvanised the do-gooders , the leftwing media and the plain stupid that this unrepentant ISIS member is a victim, that we should bring her back to the Uk and that actually she poses very little risk to the Uk. Naturally the bBC which refuses to refer to those who terrorise the sick lame and lazy by cutting their throats as terrorists has gone all out interviewing lots of Muslims who feel that this girl should be returned and it’s not about her, but about her unborn child.
the irony here is the very people who claim these girls were brainwashed, that they were victims are also the same ones demanding children their age should be given the vote. Oh the double standards.

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Thursday, February 14, 2019

India: Suicide attack kills 42 Indian soldiers

(Lethpora) Hours after terrorists murdered 20 Iranian soldiers near the Pakistani/Iranian border, on the other side of Pakistani on the Indian border 42 soldiers were killed when a Pakistani funded terrorist drove a vehicle borne suicide bomb into a coach that was transporting them on the Srinagar-Jammu highway. The suicide bomber couldn’t have picked a worse time in which to strike as the Central Reserve Police Force (CRPF) bus was part of  a 78-vehicle convoy carrying 2,547 security personnel that was traveling from Jammu to Srinagar.

Pakistani funded terrorist group Jaish-e-Mohamed (JeM) have claimed responsibility for the attack and released a video clip of the suicide bomber, a ‘commander’ identified as Adil Ahmad Dar. Just what is it about Pakistanis and terrorism.

The attack— the worst terrorist attack in decades — will no doubt change India’s internal policy within kashmir and its relations with Pakistan. Why? Because the leader of JeM Maulana, Masood Azhar, is allowed by the Pakistani Government to operate with absolute impunity inside Pakistan. To that end India will no doubt carry out a military strike on Pakistani military assets just as it did in 2016 after Pakistani based terrorists struck an army base. Pakistan which has courted numerous terrorists groups since it was born in 1947, has denied any involvement. But the simple fact remains the Islamic penchant of being the victim will no longer wash with an increasingly nationalist Hindu India which will be undergoing a general election in 2 months’ time. The problem here  is both countries are nuclear armed nations

Now this is where it starts to get murky, India has requested an emergency UN security council meeting regards the attack and will no doubt retry to get  Masood Azhar added as a designated terrorist under the 1267 Sanctions Committee. However the last time they tried , China which uses Pakistani as its puppet in which to occupy India militarily vetoed that request, if they do so again the risk of India striking  Pakistan rises and all it will take is one Pakistani idiot with access to their nuclear arsenal in which to make the region glow.simply to regain his honour.

Wednesday, February 13, 2019

Iran: Suicide attack on Revolutionary Guards kills 20

(Baluchestan)  Whist Iran promotes the view that its armed forces are able to hold their own amongst the rest of the worlds armed forces . Its Revolutionary Guards whom Tehran loves to portray as the best in the world have taken another beating on the border with Pakistan yet again. Sunni Islamic terrorists who have more than held their own against the so called best fighting soldiers in the world –including capturing and still holding 12 revolutionary guards- today killed 20 Revolutionary guards by the use of a suicide bomber.

The Sunni Islam terrorist group, Jaish al-Adl (Army of Justice) has claimed responsibility for the attack claiming it is fighting for the rights of Iranian Sunnis, who are heavily discriminated by the Iranian shia Muslim government.

Iran: Claims credit behind the film 'Captain Phillips'

(Tehran) On the 8th April 2009 the MV Maersk Alabama, a 17,000 tonne container ship was sailing off the horn of Africa , when it was bordered and hijacked by 4 Somali pirates. They held the ship for the next few days before boarding a lifeboat which set sail for shore and presumably riches for them, and incarceration for their hostage 'Captain Richard Philips'. The only problem was the US Navy had responded to the ships SOS and the lifeboat was soon hemmed in by the United States Navy guided-missile destroyer USS Bainbridge and the guided-missile frigate USS Halyburton. unable to accept the fact that they had been caught, they took out their anger on their hostage, which in turn led to US Navy Seals taking out 3 of them with shots to the head and capturing the last who in a US court of law received 33 years in jail. In 2013 a film was made of the above incident staring 'Tom Hanks.

So in a nutshell , American captain kidnapped by Somali pirates was rescued by the US navy. Well not according the Iranians, they are claiming that the film is based on a rescue carried out by their Navy. Former Iranian Navy commander General Habibollah Sayyari speaking during an interview aired on Iranian television on the 5th of February, cited the 2012 Iran navy rescue of the Iranian ship MV Eglantine that had been hijacked and taken to the shore of Somalia. Two Filipino sailors were killed during the Iranian navy rescue operation.

The thing the good General hasn't taken into account is not only was the film based on the book that Capitan Phillips had published in 2010. But the entire incident was reported to the world as it transpired. Ironically by a very strange quirk of coincidence filming for the film began on the very same day that the MV Eglantine was hijacked, the 26th March 2012. 

France: 3 Egyptians arrested fro attacking transgender prostitutes

(Paris)  French police have arrested 3 Egyptians males all aged 20 for attacking transgender prostitutes who were piling their trade in a public park on Sunday evening in Paris.

After reports of the attack were made, police patrols  found and arrested three suspects. One of them was found in possession of a pair of heeled shoes and a red mini-speaker belonging to one of the victims ... The others, with sticks. They were formally identified by two of their victims

The three suspects have declared themselves to be homeless migrants and of Egyptian nationality. 

Tuesday, February 12, 2019

France: Spate of Anti-Semitic incidents over the weekend condemned.

(Paris) Prime Minister Edouard Philippe has condemned a spate of anti-Semitic vandalism and graffiti in and around Paris at the weekend which has resulted in widespread condemnation amid concerns about an increase in hate crime against Jews. Speaking to lawmakers he stated that he shared their anger at the "loathsome" acts, urging people "to express their absolute rejection" of anti-Semitism. The incidents in question include:

  • A tree planted at a memorial site outside Paris for IlanHalimi, a young Jewish man who was tortured to death in 2006. was found had been chopped down, and a second tree was partly sawed through.
  • The word "Juden" (German for Jew) was scrawled on the window of a Paris bagel bakery and swastikas were plastered over several post boxes bearing the image of former government minister and Holocaust survivor Simone Veil.
  • Graffiti found on Monday at the headquarters of French daily Le Monde targeted President Emmanuel Macron, using anti-Semitic tropes to refer to his former job as a Rothschild investment banker. The words "Macron Jews' Bitch" was written in English across a garage door in the city centre, and the phrase "Jewish pig" was sprayed onto a wall in the northern 18th district.

The problem across the Western world, never mind France, is Political correctness prevents naming exactly where all this ugliness stems from.

Syria: Israel admits to carrying out strike on Syrian Golan.

(Jerusalem) Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has confirmed that Israel carried out a military strike in the Syrian Golan Heights on Monday evening. According to the Syrian military  a Israeli drone fired four missiles at a demolished hospital and an army observation post in Syria’s southern Quneitra province near the border with Israel, also several sites were also struck by tank fire.

Israeli military reporters were told that the strike targeted Iranian-backed Shiite militiamen trying to set up a base of operations near the Israeli border. The tank shelling was also meant to serve as a warning to Syria and other Iranian proxies that Israel would not tolerate Tehran’s efforts to establish a permanent military presence in the Syrian Golan.

Germany: Home invasion on a US military home see's one of the attackers killed.

(Landstuhl)  In Germany 4 men tried to force their way into a off base US service quarter, situation just outside Ramstein airbase. The US male civilian who lived there with his wife and 3 children defended himself with a kitchen knife injuring one of the attackers, who then left in a  hurry.  A little while later and 15 miles away the body of a male was found lying on the street alongside his 51 year old brother who was arrested at the scene. The police are still on the lookout for the other 2 attackers.

Prosecutors said the American man is being investigated for bodily harm leading to death, although authorities are considering whether he acted in self-defence.

UK: Will Yesterday be the hit film for this Summer

(UK) I'm a huge Beatles fan and I've just come across this film clip for 'Yesterday' a film set to be released for this Summer. Its about a world where the Beatles never existed and only one man remembers their songs. 

UK: British version of the democrats also subscribes to anti-Semitism

(London) Whilst the US settles down to the furore cased by Islamic congresswoman and her overt anti-Semitism (For which she has made a half hearted apology). Across the water in Great Britain, the British version of the democrats, the socialist Labour party, is also embroiled in anti-Semitism.

Its leader-Jeremy Corbyn a Marxist terrorist apologist  is on record of supporting Hamas Hezb-allah, Iran, Russia, Venezuela Iran and the IRA. he refers to the former two as his friends. he is on record of laying flowers at the mastermind of the Munich massacre, and he wasn't happy when Osma bin laden was taken out, calling his death a tragedy  Since he took control of the labour party Anti-Semitism has flourished within its ranks, seeing as a certain demographic (as in the US) gravitates to the labour party,  anti-Semitism has gone through the roof in the Uk,as these religious bigots feel safe in the knowledge that their leader will sanction their open hatred.

Which is why it has been reported that 673 allegations of anti-Semitism have been reported within the labour  party during the last 10 months. Of those 673 complaints between April 2018 and January 2019, some 211 resulted in the issue of a notice of investigation and a further 96 cases saw members immediately suspended. In 146 less serious cases, members were given a written warning and in 220 there was not sufficient evidence of a breach of party rules to proceed with investigation and the number of people kicked out the Labour party out of those 673 reports...12.

When questioned by the media regards that figure, the party pointed out only 0.1% of a mass membership have been accused of anti-Semitism. I suppose that makes it ok then.

Monday, February 11, 2019

Bangladesh: Thousands sacked after liberals demand first world wages for third world workers

(Dhaka) Liberals and do-gooders love to have a cause. Be it not eating meat, not wearing fur or even the crime of calling a chick with a dick ‘sir’ they feel they have the right to enforce their polarised views onto everybody else and if you don’t subscribe to their views then you must be character assassinated. The thing is, they are never held to account for the after effects of the campaigns. For example the other week. the cause of the day was the wages factory workers in Bangladesh earn making clothes for western markets. Whilst these people are getting paid what is a good wage for the area, to the ethical latte brigade who never take into account the difference in living costs between the first and third world feel that as these people are not earning a western wage, then this is a racist hate crime and that customers should boycott these goods until the workers are paid the same as people in the west. As usual once they have held their protest, these ethical latte drinkers move onto the next social rights cause.

The thing is emboldened by media reporting in the west, a lot of the workers in Bangladesh; felt they could strike in which to see an increase in their wages. Problem is the factory owners were having none of this and it has been reported that 7580 people have been laid off . As usual none of the do called human right crowd who were protesting regards wages have bothered their arse, in apologising for giving false hope to people in the third world who are now unemployed. 

Turkey: TV reporter on Helicopter crash:"If only this footage was of American soldiers.

(Ankara) Monday evening ‘A Haber’ TV station was leading with a story regards the crash of a Turkish military helicopter which was caught on TV. Salih Nayman who was leading the report exclaimed:

“If only we didn’t have to share this video footage with you. If only this footage was of American soldiers. But unfortunately they were our soldiers,”
And then Americans actually believe Muslims like Ilhan Omar when they claim to apologise for the hate they try to promote as free speech.

Sunday, February 10, 2019

Egypt: 4 Muslims arrested for mocking Christianity

(Cairo)  Police in Egypt have arrested four Islamic students after they published a video on YouTube showing them mocking Christian hymns and prayers.

The students claim they filmed the clip in front of a Christian students house on the outskirts of the capital on January 31, and then uploaded the video as a joke. However they say they removed the clip following harsh criticism and recorded another clip to apologize. The problem is across the Islamic world minority faiths are treated like dirt, in places such as Egypt, Christians are murdered simply for being...Christians. Make you wonder what the young across the Islamic world are being taught in which to feel superior to everybody else. The irony here is, if a Christian had done likewise, there would be riots on the street.

Syria:What does the world do with Hundreds of ISIS brides

(Kurdistan)  With the fall of the last ISIS stronghold inside Syria, hundreds of foreign ISIS brides have been captured by Kurds. The problem is very few of their home countries want anything to do with. The worlds media have descended on one such camp where these women are being kept. Quite a few are unrepentant regards ISIS, how life under Sharia law was wonderful,  and how the keeping of slaves is acceptable. However the majority claim that they didn't know what ISIS was doing, how they were duped and how they (and their husbands) only carried out humanitarian work. That angle is coming up a lot nowadays and unfortunately a lot of do-gooders in the West believe them and are demanding that these poor innocent women be brought home.

One such example is 28 year old 28-year-old Dura Ahmed from Toronto. Who covered from head to toe in  black niqab, told her tale of how she moved over to Syria from Canada four years ago at her husband’s urging.She claimed she knew nothing of ISIS or what was happening inside Syria before she travelled, which is strange seeing as the 2 years before she relocated to Syria, she spent 2 years being taught English and Middle Eastern studies. When asked if she had heard of the countless executions or the murder and enslavement of Yezidi women.
“Briefly, just briefly I heard about some executions taking place,”
As for the Yezidis, she remained non-plussed.
“When I came here I heard. I haven’t seen one but…,” she laughed. “Well, having slaves is part of Sharia [Islamic law]. I believe in Sharia, wherever Sharia is. We must follow whoever is implementing the way, the law.”
Asked if she had any regrets she exclaims she has none.

Saturday, February 9, 2019

Turkey: President Erdoğan claims that the weapons used by terrorists to kill Muslims are all western

(Ankara)  The Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan has a habit of making bombastic statements and today he made another. Whilst attending a ship launching ceremony in Istanbul he accused Turkey's western allies of arming terrorists and killers who target Muslims around the world.

"Those who give weapons to terrorists with blood-soaked hands create unimagined obstacles when Turkey seeks to buy the same weapons. From Daesh and PKK to Al Qaida and Al Shabaab, all terror organizations that shed the blood of Muslims have Western weapons in their hands,"
The thing is , the vast majority of arms in the hands of terrorists are Russian, Chinese or copies of such weapons. Yet in order to promote his polarised Islamic agenda at home, he plays the hatred against Islam card. A card the idiots of this world will quote happily pick up in which carry out a terrorist act using…Russian or Chinese weapons.

Belgium: Hundreds of Russian and Chinese spies in Brussels

(Brussels) EU diplomats have being warned by the internal security service of the European Union External Action (SEAE) against active Russian and Chinese espionage. According to their reports there are be about "250 Chinese and 200 Russian spies" active in Brussels with diplomats been warned against visiting certain places , including a restaurant and a famous coffee shop in the direct vicinity of the European Commission and the SEAE building. 

Spying by foreign countries is an open secret in Brussels, and even expected given the city's importance — it is the EU's de facto capital and is also home to NATO.

Somalia: US air-strike takes out 15 terrorists

(Mogadishu) U.S. Africa Command have issued a press statement that they carried out a couple of  airstrikes on an Al-Shahbab terrorists based inside Somalia killing 15 terrorists.

The first airstrike occurred in the vicinity of Gandarshe, Lower Shebelle Region, Somalia, on February 6, 2019 killing 11 terrorists.

The second was carried in the vicinity of Bariire, Lower Shebelle Region, Somalia, on February 7, 2019 killing 4 terrorists:

Friday, February 8, 2019

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Thursday, February 7, 2019

Lebanon: Hezb-allah says It wants the country to accept Iranian help including...Anti aircraft weapons.

(Beirut) Hezbollah leader Hassan Nasrallah speaking on the Terrorists groups very own TV channel has berated the Lebanese people for not being like Syria and Iraq and accepting the help that Iran can afford them. Speaking this past Wednesday he stated that he is willing to ask Iran to provide the Lebanese Army with weapons and air defence systems:

“Will the Lebanese government dare to accept the Iranian proposals? Why should Lebanon remain afraid to cooperate with Iran?” Nasrallah said in a televised address marking the 40th anniversary of Iran's Islamic revolution. In the military field, wouldn't people make an uproar and accuse Hizbullah of dragging Lebanon into war should the party shoot down an Israeli aircraft attacking Lebanon? I'm a friend of Iran and I'm willing to bring the Lebanese Army air defence systems from Iran to confront Israel,”
He sweetened that statement up by saying that it would be “very easy” for Iran to solve Lebanon's chronic electricity issue with the added bonus that Iran could also make a “huge transformation” in Lebanon's pharmaceutical industry that would “help slash the medical bill of the state and citizens.”

But his true nature for murder death kill soon broke through his thin veneer of Iranian inspired philanthropy, when he stated that if America started a war with Iran, that it wouldn't be fighting alone and that after defeating America, Israel would feel more fear and panic," he then finished off his speech to the nation by stating that claims that there are Israeli-Iranian or Saudi-Iranian wars or conflicts in the region are untrue. This is an American war on the Islamic Republic of Iran that has been running since 1979 and Saudi Arabia and some Gulf countries are tools in this war,"

Naturally in a country that is bankrupt, still suffering from the Lebanese civil war, never mind the kicking it received last time Hezb-allah decided to start a war without asking anybody , his speech hasn't gone down well with the non Hezb-allah crowd with cries of:
  • Nasrallah is paving the way for an Iranian role in Lebanon.
  • “Lebanon and the Lebanese have nothing to do with wars raged outside their borders. Why would we be involved in more futile wars that were nothing more than an act of expelling our children to emigrate.”
  • “The arming of the Lebanese army is a decision of the state. If they really want to help, why not open the depots of arsenals and rockets you own and offer them to the army.
  • Nasrallah might be a filthy little Iranian wannabe but even he knows why Lebanon cannot work with Iran. It's the same reason he did not appoint a member of Hezbollah to the health ministry. He even insisted to telling everyone this fact in his speech two days ago: "The health minister is not a member of our party and we have taken this decision for the sake of the country's interest".
  • Just the same, it's also for the sake of the country's interest that Lebanon cannot work with Iran, and Nasrallah knows this. He also knows that can always rely on the stupidity of his followers to believe all his BS.
  • Nasrallah: Iran Can Give Army Air Defence... the same Air Defences Iran is using to down Israeli fighter planes bombing its forces in Syria on a weekly basis?
  • Terrorist nasrallah says 'Iran Can Give Army Air Defence'..Don't ask, just get them yourself and then gift them to the Lebanese army.
  • We don't need to import more cancer into our country.
  • Why doesn't this Iranian shia terrorist go back to his homeland and leave Lebanon to the real Lebanese.
My favourite however is this one:

  • There is a deeper heinous crime being committed by Kizballah here, not only are they bypassing the states institutions by suggesting that the state depend on Iran but also in parallel stating they are the state. This is rejected by any red blooded Lebanese and anyone who still has an iota of respect for his birthplace if it is Lebanon. The bearded goat periodically makes his statements and refers to Iran as he has to since that's who pays him as their lapdog the rest of the nation does not and will accept that period. History will not be kind to him and others who sell out so cheaply.

Iran: Demands US gets down on one knee and repents

(Tehran) Iranian President Hassan Rouhani has stated that negotiations with the United States could be possible if it "repents" and ends hostile policies towards his country. Speaking during a meeting of foreign ambassadors a few days before the 40th anniversary of the 1979 Islamic Revolution. He stated that Iran would be magnanimous to the US if Washington:

  • Repented and reversed its previous approach to the Iranian republic.
  • Apologised for its past interferences in Iran.
  • Recognises the greatness and dignity of the Iranian nation and the big Islamic Revolution.
  • Speaks to the Iranian people with respect

Then and only then would Iran be ready to accept the repentance and return of the US, even though it has oppressed Iran for many years,"

Syria: IS suspects say they are desperate to return to their former lives in UK

(Kurdistan) IS suspects captured hiding amongst women and children when ISIS was routed by the coalition say they are desperate to return to their former lives in the British Isles. Two are British medics - one being the doctor, the other a pharmacist from Birmingham - and the third is an Irish citizen who encouraged his wife and child to join him with the extremists. All three are now begging their governments to intervene to get them out of jail in the war zone where they are being held and take them back home. As they claim to pose no risk to the British and Irish peoples and are simply desperate to resume their former lives.

Speaking to Sky news they opined regards their captivity, about the cold, cramped conditions and poor food and that they had to share their cells with ISIS terrorists. They are: 

      1) 40 year old Mohammed Anwar Miah, a qualified pharmacist from Birmingham. Who after getting caught cooking the books of the pharmacy he ran in 2014 , decided to up sticks and relocate to Syria. He claims to be a moderate Muslim and only went over there help with humanitarian work. He met the women of his life, married her and had a child and yet he continued to work in ISIS areas claiming he saw very very very little of the Human rights abuses ISIS because infamously known for:
"    I can say to everybody in Britain that I'm not an IS fighter. I'm not a dangerous person. I came here to do humanitarian work. I have hurt nobody. I have done nothing wrong. I worked in a hospital. People have labelled me with IS because the area was controlled by IS. But I just did my job working in a hospital. I'm not a danger to anybody. I did humanitarian work and if they want evidence, I mean the evidence is there."

2   2)  40 year old Muhammad Saqib Raza, A duel Pakistani/British citizen who worked for the NHS as a doctor, who after becoming extremely pious, decided to leave the UK after he was reported for trying to recruit people to fight the good fight inside Syria in 2013. He claims he left to escape paying a £200,000 dowry payment to his wife’s family in the event of a divorce. Which apparently he was going to use to purchase a house in Turkey. However he claims he was kidnapped by ISIS taken to Syria and ended up in Raqqa (The ISIS capital)  where he worked as a doctor until he was captured when the city fell. That said he does state that he never supported ISIS. That he found their brand of Islam sick and that for the 2 years he worked in the hospital he never treated any ISIS patients.

3    3) 45 year old Alexandr Ruzmatovich Bekmirzaev originally from Belarus came to Ireland in the late 1990s, gained citizenship in 2010 and after becoming radicalised in Ireland left for a life in a pure Islamic caliphate after he came to the attention of the Irish security services. Once there, he told his wife to bring herself and their child over and that was him, happy as larry until he was picked up by the Kurds last December.

All 3 are demanding that the British and Irish have betrayed them and that they should be allowed to return to their past lives, no questions asked. However there is a huge hurdle in their path. Both the British and Irish have said….No.

Wednesday, February 6, 2019

Holland: Police shoot dead gunman

(Amsterdam) Wednesday evening police were informed that a man with a rifle was on a path behind the country's central bank.

So they investigated and said person approached them and started shooting, the police returned fire and the 31 year old gunman was shot dead, with a bystander who was cycling past at the time injured. Currently the Dutch police are reporting that this wasn't a terrorist incident.
Somebody managed to record the gunfight , which comes across as pretty aggressive. I'll report more tomorrow.

Update 07/02/2019 
Detectives investigating Wednesday night's shooting say the 31-year-old man who was killed was carrying a replica weapon that "could not be differentiated" from a real weapon. He was shot after he began walking toward police responding to reports of an armed man walking the streets.

CHAD: French air planes carry out second strike on rebel convoy

(N'Djamena) I mentioned over the weekend how the French air-force had carried out an airstrike on a convoy of the Military Command Council for the Salvation of the Republic (CCMSR) that was heading towards the capital of Chad from Libya, in which to overthrow the government. Well apparently they didn't that good a job and so they had to carry out another strike yesterday and today taking out 20 of 50 vehicles in the convoy.

Venezuela: Claims to have intercepted a US arms shipment into the country.

(Caracas) So after closing down the borders and putting the country on a war footing , The authorities have just announced they’d seized a cache of weapons, from a flight from the US. Putting them all on show along with other odds and sods, they didn't mention why some of 19 rifles and 118 magazines, high-calibre ammunition, as well as 90 radios and six mobile phones they intercepted from a flight from Miami , that some of the weapons just happened to be Russian AK 103 assault weapons as made in Venezuela from one of the 2 weapon plants Russia has built in the country  and that's on top of 100,000 weapons they bought from Russia in 2005.

Venezuela: President Nicolás Maduro places country on war footing

(Caracas)  In order to defy the world, El dictator for life has decided to mobilize the military and his supporters to prepare for war.. So with the Military practising to repel any invaders (Including international Aid)

He's got his very own militia patrolling the streets.  

Venezuela: Loses Mil 35 Attack helicopter.

(Caracas)  So whilst President Nicolás Maduro tries to galvanise the plebs into believing that the Americans are going to invade the country, and that only he can defend the country. The Military under his command have been getting ready for battle. Which is why a Russian made Mil 35 gunship whilst practising to defend the motherland ended up hitting the deck yesterday injuring 5 people. (2 seriously.

Venezuela:Extreme Socialist paranoia blocks international Aid.

(Caracas) The world knows that Venezuela is in dire straits and something the world has got good at is, is sending aid to those in need. So aid has been sent to Columbia  in which to ship it next door to Venezuela.

However socialist president for life Nicolas Maduro has refused to accept this international aid, terming it an "excuse" to initiate a military intervention led by the United States.

Which is why he has ordered Venezuelan military officers on Tuesday to block a bridge on the border with Colombia ahead of an anticipated international humanitarian aid shipment.

Couldn’t make it up if you tried.

Tuesday, February 5, 2019

Gaza: Video emerges of shot IDF soldier who was saved by his helmet

(Jerusalem)  So the other day we were told that an Israel soldier was saved by his helmet when he took a shot to the head.

Transpires he was targeting protesters who have taken a huge dislike to the border fence. What I can't understand is how the IDF and the soldier didn't anticipate that somebody from Hamas wouldn't take such a shot.
Lucky fellow, but he (and the rest) may start to take a few precautions the next time they set up shop, like not silhouetting yourself agaisnt the skyline.

Lebanon : Why the UN has become a joke.

(Beirut) Due to the hostile relationship between Israel and Lebanon (Thanks primarily to the Iranian funded Terrorist Group, Hezb-allah) The UN keeps around 10,000 so called peace keepers in the country (UNILF)  in which to ensure that the border between the two countries remains peaceful. Operating under United Nations Security Council Resolution 1701 UNILF has the following mandate:

  • Disarmament of all armed groups in Lebanon (implying Hezbollah)
  • No armed forces other than UNIFIL and Lebanese (implying Hezbollah and Israeli forces) will be south of the Litani River
  • No foreign forces in Lebanon without the consent of its government
  • Provision to the United Nations of all maps of land mines in Lebanon in Israel's possession
However in the intervening years since then UNILF hasn't done what it is supposed to have done. I suppose things haven't been helped by how UN troops have been targeted by Hezb-allah in which to intimidate them to look the otherway. Which might explain why an Israel officer was shot dead inside Israel, why so many attack tunnels have been dug into Israel and why the otherday a motorcade of motorbikes was allowed to gallivant up and down the border with Israel flying Hezb-allah flags. Can you imagine the outrage if Israelis did likewise.

Bangladesh: Has a Serial killer going around killing alleged rapists

(Dhaka) Bangladesh like most Islamic countries has a problem with how men treat women. In the 6 months up to last July  592 women reported that they had been raped . Now for a country of 162 million, 592 doesn’t sound a lot , yet this is a place where until last April any female who reported a rape has to undergo a medical by a doctor where they were given the 2 finger test, in which to see if the victim was "habituated to sex".  In a religious conservative country like Bangladesh, admitting to such brings dishonour onto the family and so as we see the world over with the faithful, it is far easier to remove the stain of dishonour (And the victim)  than to confront the guilty. So it really isn’t in the interest of any female to report such is it. So expect that 592 figure to be much higher.
However, it appears that somebody is fighting back. This past fortnight three men accused of rape have been found dead with notes from “Hercules” attached to their necks in Bangladesh, where police are investigating a potential serial-killing vigilante situation.

  • A religious student reported being gang raped by two men on January 14 when she was on the way to her grandparents' house. Her father registered a case on Jan 17 against two male suspects identified as Rakib and Sajal. By the 1st of Feb both suspects had been found shot dead with a note around their necks stating:

“I am the rapist of a madressah girl ... of Bhandaria. This is the consequence of a rapist. Be wary rapists."
  • On the 7th Jan a 18-year-old garment factory worker was found dead in her house on the outskirts of Dhaka, hours after she had filed a rape case against a man identified as Ripon and three other co-workers. 10 days later Ripon was found killed with a note around his neck signed by…Hercules. 

Police are investigating the murders but so far remain clueless about the identity of the person or persons calling themselves as Hercules.

US:The United States Navy cruisers and destroyers in 2019

(Naval Analyses) The following info-graphic depicts all the cruisers and destroyers that will be in active service with the United States Navy by December 31, 2019.

By the end of the year. the United States Navy will have in service 92 guided missile large surface combatants, consisting of:
1) 2 Zumwalt class destroyers (DDG) with one more vessel to join the fleet this year,
2) 22 Ticonderoga class cruisers (CG) of which one vessel, the USS Bunker Hill, will be retired this year,
3) 66 Arleigh Burke class destroyers with two more vessels to join the fleet this year.

Monday, February 4, 2019

Iran: Tells EU: "Don't force us into boosting our missile range"

(Tehran) So whilst the liberal world cried themselves to sleep over how the US pulled out of the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action which rewarded Iran with the lifting of sanctions if it refrained from playing with its nuclear chemistry set for 15 years. However Iran has continued to develop the mechanisms needed to deploy atomic weapons via the use of missiles,in contravention of United Nations Security Council Resolution 2231

Deputy Commander of Islamic Republic Revolutionary Guards Corps (IRGC) Brigadier General Hossein Salami
The Europeans who are more than happy to look the other way and sacrifice safety  when it comes to making a busk or two. Has berated the US and is currently trying its best to find a way to continue to do business with Iran. However Iran not happy with how long this is taking , has decided to up the anti by issuing a veiled threat to the EU in which to pull their finger out  and to get them to silence France which has started to see that actually the US made a very salient point about Iran's long range missile developments. Which is why IRGC's deputy commander, Brigadier General Hossein Salami speaking on national TV issued the following warning to Europe on Saturday:

"If the Europeans, or anyone else, want to conspire to disarm Iran of missiles, we will be forced to make a strategic leap. The Europeans and others" that they should "come to terms with the new reality of Iran's missile might: there are no obstacles or technical limitations to us increasing [their] range."
And then as this is Iran, he had to have a dig at Israel:
 “We tell them not to play with fire; since they are not even comparable to our Operation Beit ol-Moqaddas. And they will be wiped off before the US could help them,”
As I pointed out above, everybody and their mullah mocked POTUS for pointing out that Iran was cheating and now we have it from their very mouth that actually Trump was right all along. Oh look squirrel.

Germany: Comes up with a fantastic idea to preserve the INF Treaty: NOT

(Berlin) So whilst the liberal world blamed President Trump (like they do) for pulling the US from the Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces (INF) Treaty- Which prohibited Washington and Moscow from fielding ground-launched cruise missiles that could fly between 310 and 3,420 miles.

- when they re-rolled the submarine launched RK-55 cruise missile for service on land as the 9M729 missile. 

The US stated in 2014 that the latest iteration broke the agreement as laid down in the INF, but the Russians replied actually it doesn't as they didn't provide the missiles with enough fuel to go further than 480 miles , so with Moscow taking no notice of the rule book or the protests agaisnt it regards the deployment of 2 battalions of the 9M729. Washington stated the otherday :
"If Moscow failed to destroy all new missile systems that  violate the treaty, "Russia will bear sole responsibility for the end of the treaty".
Well Moscow's answer was to be expected, seeing as both countries see the threat of China greater than agaisnt each other (China doesn't have to conform to the same rules). However in an attempt to defuse the situation Germany has come up with a novel idea of keeping both sides happy. Relocate the missiles to the other side of the Ural mountain range so as to ensure they can't hit Europe. Unless of course they move or even add more fuel. But hey I am talking about Europeans now who whilst relying on the US  to defend them, go well out of their way to mock Americans whilst waxing lyrical about those who can harm them: Russia/Iran. Funny enough this is just a repeat of the cruise missile crisis of the 1980s when cruise missiles deployed to Europe in response to the deployment of Russian missiles earned the anger of the ethical latte brigade , whilst their answer to the Russian nukes:
"Better red than dead"
Sometimes I wonder why the US bothers

CHAD: French air strikes target convoy from Libya

(N'Djamena) In a scene reminiscent from the 1980s when French defended Chad from an invasion from Libya, French fighter jets struck a convoy of armed men who had advanced into Chad from Libya. The convoy had been spotted by the Chad military and they had carried out airstrikes on it to no avail. So they asked the French for help. Two fighter jets from the French Operation Barkhane counter-terrorism force were deployed to have a look and their initial slow low level flyby over the advancing convoy apparently didn’t deter this armed force from turning around and returning 400 miles back into Libya. So the gloves were taken off and a couple of strikes by French Mirage 2000D put paid to the latest attempt to invade CHAD from the North.

The strikes could be the first official backing by Paris of President Idriss Deby as he looks to quell a fledgling rebel movement, the Military Command Council for the Salvation of the Republic (CCMSR) that seeks to overthrow him.

Military Command Council for the Wellbeing of the Republic (CCMSR) is an armed rebel group in the north of Chad. CCMSR’s goals is the overthrow of the government of President Déby that it considers unjust, oppressive and non-caring for its people.

Somalia: Bomb Attack on Shopping centre kills 11

(Mogadishu)  A car bomb has been detonated in the midst of a shopping centre in the Somali capital today  resulting in the deaths of  11 people and with the wounding of 10 more. The blast occurred in Mogadishu’s Hamarweyne district, a busy area with shops and restaurants. Strange how those who claim they are fighting invaders in which to justify their religious bigotry and blood-lust end up killing the very people they claim they are fighting for.

Sunday, February 3, 2019

Belgium: Turks not content on oppressing Kurds back home continue to do so in Europe.

(Antwerp) A dispute between the Turks and Kurds in Belgium (A spin off from the clampdown on Kurds by the Turkish dictator ) resulted in a fight on Friday in broad daylight outside a café. Problem was one side brought a gun and 3 people were shot resulting in 1 death.  Two of the victims, including the dead man, are cousins, while the other injured man is thought to have been an unrelated neighbour who intervened between the two parties.

A man of 60 and his 32-year-old son have been arrested and a firearm seized. You'd think that when people leave their homelands seeking a new life , that they would leave their intolerant baggage behind. 

Somalia: Car bomb attack on Ethiopian African Union Mission to Somalia (AMISOM) base: 2 killed.

(Bardheere) Somalia’s favourite religious bigots carried out a suicide bomb attack on an Ethiopian army camp in the west of the country claiming they have killed 16 people  

Bashir Hassan, a police officer in Bardhere, speaking to the media over the phone stated that the attack was a suicide car bomb blast which targeted an African Union peacekeeping mission forces base in Bardhere town, killing 3 people including the attacker.:
 “What we can confirm you is that the attack was a suicide car bomb blast which exploded near the AMISOM base, killing 3 people including the attacker and 5 other people, including soldiers, were wounded and rushed to hospital for treatment,” 
AMISOM has not commented on the incident

Saturday, February 2, 2019

6 Nations Rugby: England 32:Ireland 20

(Dublin) God I love it when England wins at Rugby, especially when its a bloody good team like Ireland they are facing:

That said, as an Englishman, this try by the Welsh last night agaisnt France was fantastic:

UK: 3 Islamic gunmen jailed for 46 years

(Birmingham) The left, the political elites and the BLAME community . Love to play the race card every chance they get, be it hurt feelings, representation or revisionist history these people love to play the victim card every chance they get. One such subject is the large number of minorities locked away . To the above do-getters its racism pure and simply, yet the fact remains the large number of non-white people above the population percentage is down to criminality.

Take for example  19 year old Kabir Khan, his brother 18 year old brother Sajeer and their mate 18 year old Atif Imran,  On a dark night during Nov 2017 on the streets of Birmingham they had a set too with another youth , like teens do. However unlike the good old days where you simply had a punch up, shook hands and walked away. These spineless idiots decided to bring a pistol to the bun-fight and then when the other fellow ran into a fast food joint, they with total disregard for the safety of the people inside (Including 8 year old children) opened up. Like all these zeros , they did a runner to the ghetto of darkest Alum Rock in which to hide amongst the natives.
Kabir Khan

Atif Imran

Sajeer Khan 

Problem for them is the old bill , did a DNA test on their abandoned  vehicle and faster than you can utter a ‘Alli snack ba. The three idiots were nicked. Yesterday they had their day in court Kabir Khan was jailed for 19 years, his brother for 10 years and two months and Atif Imran for 17 years. And the left simply can’t understand how the BLAME community has a penchant for violent crime.