Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Germany: Syrian refugee threw his 3 children out of first floor window because his wife wanted to be treated as an equal

(Lohmar) A 35-year-old Syrian refugee identified only as Hassan Z went ballistic when his wife refused to play the part of the subservient Islamic wife and demanded to be treated as an equal (just like Western women). For her troubles in Febuary he hit her in the face with a cooking pot. (What is it with intolerant Muslims and their penchant to use cooking pots as weapons?)

However, now living in the west, she persisted and in a fit of rage as only Islamic men can achieve he decided to teach her a lesson by throwing his three young children out of the first-floor window of their refugee accommodation.

Thankfully, the children survived. However, his seven-year-old daughter and his son, who was five, suffered fractured skulls and other broken bones. His youngest daughter, who was only one, survived with only bruises.

Well, as this is Germany and not Syria, Hassan has found himself in court on charges of attempted murder. But as Hassan is an Islamic male, he has pleaded his innocence and that actually he is the victim, which he promoted by carrying out an over the head t-shirt protest in court.

The case continues.