Tuesday, September 13, 2016

UK: Liberal angst over the name of a meat pie

(London) The ethical latte crowd in the UK find fault in everything and everything.

Voted as is your democratic right and against their wishes to remain in the EU? Why, you're a f-ing ill-informed bigot whose vote should not be recognised, and thus we should have another vote in which to get the result the liberals wanted.

People who question immigration can only be racist and bigoted.

Loads of stories like that. Well, here's one which fits right in with the intolerance found written into the DNA of liberals.

Louise Raw, a self appointed guardian of sweet FA, has taken umbrage at Marks and Spenser selling a pie called "Empire Pie":

What this stupid woman doesn't realise is that Empire Pie is simply a spiced Indian Shepherds pie that uses Lamb instead of Beef and it is known as an Empire Pie, however this woman feels that it is an affront to decency
People like this suck all the f-ing air out of any room they enter. What she is trying to say is that the oppression of people is wrong and she is right, however what they then do is extrapolate their mindset by a millionfold and then rewrite history to be deemed....righteous:.

Churchill was a mass murderer, It appears the liberals feel that fighting Nazis Germany and Imperial Japan was so wrong. I suppose this woman would have no problem renaming Empire Pie to say... Jew Pie. what am I saying, she is anti-Semitic to the core by supporting the Pro Islamic terrorist leader of Labour for suspending a Jewish donor . but then she is an ethical latte drinker.