Thursday, September 1, 2016

Sweden: Riots hit the town of Trollhättan for second night

(Sweden) The town of Trollhättan became infamous last year when a white racist walked into a school dressed in a mask, German helmet and a black trench coat and after posing for photos with the students proceeded to murder a teacher and a child. The reason he picked Trollhatten is because half the population was born abroad, which has resulted in some native Swedes becoming very polarised.

Well, the town is in the headlines again. For the second night running, police have come under attack by gangs of youths, and they openly state they don't know why? Police officer Jack Lennartsson told news agency TT:
Police are struggling to find a specific reason to explain why the incidents may have occurred, beyond a general dislike for authorities in the locality. We haven’t seen trouble of this kind before. There hasn’t been anything expressed directly other than that people don’t like a police presence in the area.
So let's see, the town has half a  population which isn't Swedish, the rioting is primarily in the neighbourhood of Kronogården, an area of low-income housing, which in Sweden points to one demographic, and the police are unable to find a reason why these people are rioting. Funny enough, they don't even mention just who it is, who is doing the rioting.