Thursday, September 1, 2016

Denmark: Man who shot 2 people (including 2 policemen) is an ISIS sympathizer

(Copenhagen) Last Wednesday, 3 people were shot in the semi-autonomous area of Freetown Christiania. The area had a reputation as something of a lawless area (due to the sale of hard drugs) until the police clamped down hard after crime got out of hand, resulting in shootings and grenade attacks. Since then, the place has gentrified somewhat.

However, all that good work was overturned when a man shot 2 policemen and a civilian last Wednesday night. The media promoted this view that it was simply a gangland shooting, that the shooter was Danish and tried to link it to the area's past history.

Well - surprise, surprise - today the police revealed that 25-year-old Mesa Hodzic, the shooter, is a known ISIS sympathizer, that while he is Danish, he was born in Bosnia and arrived 21 years ago. I suppose next they will issue a statement that he has mental issues.

When is Europe going to wake up to the real threat of radical Islam?