Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Zimbabwe: Is there a coup taking place?

(Harare) Dictatorship, corruption, and nepotism these past 37 years in Zimbabwe has resulted in what was known as the bread basket of Africa being knocked into the stone age.  The fact that a country whose biggest exports used to be food, now exports its people in search of food , is the biggest travesty in Africa today. But what is worse is Mugabe and his cronies have being allowed by other African leaders to use   ‘political correctness’  in which to silence any critics of how they have raped and bled the country dry and now like all despotic countries which have fallen on hard times, it isn’t long before those left standing , start fighting amongst themselves .  

This past few weeks has seen the vice president ‘Emmerson Mnangagwa’ removed  simply to allow Mugabe’s 40 years younger power crazy wife ‘Grace’ to become the lead candidate to become the next dictator for life when he finally kicks the bucket. Well that hasn’t gone down well with a huge tract of ZANU PF supporters who have been biding their time hoping that when Mugabe goes, their time to eat at the table of stolen wealth would come. 

And so Gen Constantine Chiwenga, the head of Zimbabwe’s military, has stepped into the ring warning he was prepared to “step in” to end the purge on supporters of sacked vice-president Emmerson Mnangagwa. Naturally in a country ruled by a paranoid despot who sees threats behind every corner, that hasn’t gone down well with the ruling classes and they have accused the army chief of "treasonable conduct". In a country such as Zimbabwe, that is a death sentence, so the army under  Chiwenga has been given the choice of take over the country, or spend the rest of your natural getting tortured in jail before disappearing.

Which might explain the movement of heavy armour toward the capital. if this is a coup, then the African Union, should step in as soon as possible and help the new rulers with returning the country back to a free democratic place, investment by others (With acute conditions against corruption) would help reverse the effects of 37years of disinvestment. However the sad thing is, nothing will be done and more people will die to hunger and disease than ever they did under White imperialism.

Zimbabwe’s capital Harare is reported to be in a state of chaos after reports of multiple explosions and soldiers taking over the headquarters of a state broadcaster, assaulting both civilians and staff.