Sunday, November 5, 2017

UK: Parents of Captured ISIS terrorist tell Government 'Bring him home or we will sue.

(Oxford) In 2014, Muslim Convert Jack Letts decided to leave the Uk for life in a pure Islamic environment, and so he packed his bags and relocated to Raqqa, there he underwent a 2 week ISIS induction course where he learnt such skills such as how to use  weapons, navigate vehicle tires placed on the floor and learn the best way in which to grow a scruffy beard. He met a girl and married here. However he didn’t know what she looked like until the morning after his wedding night. He was sent to the front line and injured in an air strike.

Before the ISIS capital fell, he did a runner, and like all Islamic heroes he left his wife and child behind and subsequently was captured by the Kurds, who last week charged him with belonging to ISIS. Now he is under lock and key and his non-Muslim parents are distraught they claim he did not fight for IS, and before his escape he publicly condemned them – for which, he says, he was detained in an ISIS jail. (However we only have his word for that)

So in order to bring this poor little terrorist home, they have asked the Canadian Government to do something (Letts Senior is Canadian), they have started proceeding to sue the British Government, because they haven’t done anything in which to proclaim this ISIS terrorist as an innocent man who apparently was in the ISIS capital doing Charity work and they have filed a criminal complaint against Kurdish officials at the PYD’s European office in Berlin.

Ah, life is so complicated being an ISIS terrorist nowadays.