Tuesday, November 7, 2017

UK: How the BBC hates the British way of life

(London)  The BBC makes no secret of its hatred of the British way of life. yes the publicly funded  media org peopled by the liberal elites go well out of their way in which to disparage the British way of life.  It latest attempt is brainwashing the impressionable that wearing a red poppy in which to remember the fallen of past wars is somehow nationalistic and racist and Government dictated. The thing is it isn't , the British legion was born due to the lack of help the British Government afforded broken soldiers after World war war. If anything it was and is a protest movement regards the futility of war. It only employs disabled servicemen and all profits made by the British Legion are used to help former servicemen. yet acting like the petulant children they are, the lovies rebel when others pay their respects to those who died so that we are free and openly state that they won't be forced to wear a poppy and now have taken to claim it is a racist symbol .. really, because the last I looked, nobody is forced to wear a poppy and if you want to buy one, you pay what you want be it a penny or £10, its up to you. There is nothing draconian about wearing a poppy. Well the bBC for the past few years have really gone overboard on their hatred of the British way of life (Kind of explains their love for Islamic terrorists  Militants)

Which is why it was revealed today, that 'the bBC program 'Have I got news for you' banned  guests from wearing poppies 

This came after a Muslim bBC comedian decided to explain why he won't wear a poppy

Well today they outdid themselves by presenting this fake news story about the racist connotations of the Poppy.

Funny enough when the Indian Prime minister of Ireland wears a red shamrock poppy the bBC thinks it is great and has to tell the world:
Nothing worse than a self loathing ethical latte drinker who hates what he sees in the mirror.