Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Somalia: US carry out another Air Strike on ISIS

(Mogadishu)  With the fall of the ISIS Islamic caliphate across Syria and Iraq . Followers of the gay death cult have spread to all 4 corners of the world inn which to continue the fight against the entire world. Whilst a few have decided to return to life of benefits in the west, a large number have relocate to volatile hotspots around the world in which to sate their blood lust. Which is why card carrying ISIS thugs have turned up in: Afghanistan/:Libya and Somalia and funny enough in all 3 of those countries the US has been going out of its way in which to wipe these scum off the face of the earth with air-strikes.

Which is why last night in Somalia, the US struck an ISIS camp  near the town of Qandala killing at least one thug.