Friday, November 3, 2017

Somalia: Drone strike carried out against ISIS

(Puntland)   US forces in Africa (US Africa Command) have issued a press release stating that they have carried out a couple of surgical strikes on the Islamic state terrorist outfit in the semi-autonomous region of Puntland (Northern Somalia)  Killing several terrorists. The first strike was carried at midnight on a  IS base in Buqa village, 35 miles away from the town of Qandala. they then waited 11 hours and struck again presumably on terrorists who had returned to the scene  in which to salvage what they could.
Whilst Puntland has escaped the vast majority of lawlessness which has plagued Somalia proper. There has been an increase in terrorist activity these past few years with a number of terrorist incidents. The US believes this is all due to Somali asylum seeker  Abdulqadir Mumin who was born in Puntland and sought sanctuary in Sweden. 

When that country clamped down on migrants not bothering to work, (As did Holland and Denmark) A huge number of Somali asylum seekers upped sticks and relocated tothe Uk, where the authorities don’t have a problem with paying asylum seekers to be layabouts. However in 2010 when Somalian terrorist outfit Al- Shabaab controlled the country, he decided to up sticks again and returned back to the motherland. His first act on setting foot was burning his British passport.  With the advent of the African Union moving against Al-Shabaab in 2011, Mumin found his lot taking a change for the worse and in 2014 he found himself in control of the Puntland faction which, separated from the bulk of the Shabaab in Somalia's south, has always been an orphan group and there he has lingered stuck up somebody’s  cave like all so called pious Islamic holymen due to the fact that the rise of ISIS in Syria saw the diversion of money and recruits from Somalia to that war front, however with the fall of ISIS across all fronts.

Mumin decided that a loyalty change from al-Qaeda to IS in October 2015 would  improve his chances  Unfortunately for him, Al Shabaab have started hunting him down , the only thing in his favour is he decided to hide out in the mountains until yesterday when the US military came a knocking.