Thursday, September 1, 2016

UK: Liberals really have lost the plot

So I'm having a butchers at the news, and a number of current news stories have caught my eye, and they have me bashing my head against the wall (metaphorically speaking) at just how f-ing stupid the ethical latte drinking political elites have become. Here, have a look at what I am on about:


So according to a bright spark who gets paid a shed load of money (usually taxpayers), the reason why so many Islamic women are covering up is because they want to spend time with their non-Islamic friends. Yet the faith which frowns on women working, forbids on the penalty of death mixing with non-Muslims (in the Koran, Islamic women are forbidden from marrying outside the faith). The truth of the matter is simple. Muslims, as a rule, do not mix with other faiths. Think I'm kidding? How often do you see Muslims visit a Church? Exactly.


FFS, when will the minority who lost the vote the other month regards the UK remaining in the EU admit they f-ing lost? It was put to the vote and the people voted to leave the EU. All we have heard since then is gripe after gripe after gripe about how the vote shouldn't be recognised. The very people who scream "democracy must prevail" are now saying "only when the vote goes my way". The irony here is that Tony Blair, when he was PM in 2004, stated there would be a vote, only for him to say 3 years later that he refused the British people to have a vote, hinting that the British people couldn't be trusted.


Socialist Labour MP Stella Creasy sheds a load of faux tears for the thousands of so called asylum seekers who rather than take up residence in France try on a daily basis to sneak into the UK. She whines that while other countries have opened their doors to everybody, we in the UK have only taken in 2,800 Syrians. Yet besides the fact that as of April this year the UK had taken in 5,000 (which was more than France/the US, Spain and Poland). She fails to acknowledge that in Europe, the UK takes in more migrants than any other country bar Germany. Why, only yesterday it was revealed that the government got it wrong when they quoted their figures of how many EU migrants were in the country. Whilst the government stated 1.75 million, it has now come out that the correct figure was just over 2.5 million.

Then the silly trout comes out with this load of tripe:
As signatories to the 1951 refugee convention, Britain should share responsibility for helping more people, not just in camps in poorer nations but across Europe too. That means providing more legal safe routes to sanctuary and funding the administrative mechanisms for people to access them.
Whilst omitting from the equation that the UK hands over almost as much money in aid to the Levant as the rest of the EU combined.

And yet according to this ethical latte drinker, the UK should be doing more.

The above is the mythical world that the liberal world inhabit, where black is white and white is, well, racist. Maybe that explains why yesterday idiots were demanding that the ban on police recruits in the UK having facial tattoos should be lifted.