Saturday, September 3, 2016

Syria: Rebels open up new front

(Hama) With the help of the Russians, the Syrian government has taken the fight back to the rebels and regained a lot of lost territory. However, the rebels not only hold a vast tract of Syria, they are still a force to content with. Which is why on the 29th Aug 2016 they launched a new offensive against the city of Hama.

Hama situation map
In just 4 days they have seized control of 14 villages, mainly in the north of Hama province, including the towns of Halfaya and Suran. They are on the edge of the historic Christian town of Mahrada and are only 10 km from the military airbase of Hama, which is supposed to be their intended target, the capture of which will take a lot of pressure off the rebels, including those almost besieged in the city of Aleppo which is around 100 km to the north.

Well, the government is fighting back, however, they are suffering losses such as victims of the APC V-IED at the start of the video above or the shooting down of the Gazelle helicopter below via the use of a TOW missile.