Thursday, September 8, 2016

Israel: Human rights group B’Tselem under fire for refusing to refer Hamas as a terrorist org

(UK) Israeli human rights group B’Tselem has come under pressure to denounce Hamas as a terrorist organisation, after refusing to name them as such in an interview.

Sarit Michaeli, a senior B’Tselem spokesperson, spoke to Alan Mendoza, director of the Henry Jackson Society, a think-tank, in an interview on J-TV, a new British Jewish-interest YouTube channel.

Michaeli said B’Tselem
“Denounces in very strong categorical terms Palestinian attacks against Israeli civilians, however, as an Israeli organisation the bulk of our research, work and effort goes at self-criticism, so looking at our own government”.
Asked whether Hamas was a terrorist organisation, he said:
“Hamas engages in clear terrorist acts when it bombs Israeli civilians, we've denounced these actions.”
Mendoza repeated the question several times, and Michaeli repeated that B’Tselem
“denounced terrorist acts perpetrated by Hamas,”
before accusing Mendoza of “trying to smear us as terrorist-sympathisers, which is unacceptable”.

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