Thursday, September 8, 2016

France: 'Imminent' terror attack foiled in Paris, Muslim women shot in the head by police

(Paris) A car with no number plate, packed with gas canisters, was left with flashing lights across the river from the Notre Dame Cathedral on Sunday evening.

Police traced the car to a radicalized French woman who wanted to run away to join ISIS, who is on a terror watch list and  who just happened to disappear with her boyfriend, aged 34, early on Sunday morning. They were quickly picked up by the police while trying to escape to Spain. Police then redirected their search towards her 2 radicalised daughters and their friend.

Tonight at 8pm local time an elite Raid special forces unit moved onto an address at Boussy-Saint-Antoine after they had traced the women there.

French police after raid
As they approached the women, one is said to have drawn a knife and wounded an officer working for the DGSE in the shoulder. In reply, she was shot in the head. Police have arrested the three blood thirsty idiots, saying that they have foiled a ‘imminent attack’ in France.