Sunday, February 5, 2017

UK: British Hospitals to start charging non entitled patients, Liberals up in arms.

(London) The UK has a National health service, (NHS) which is funded by tax payers. What this means is you can tip up at any hospital in the country and be treated for free. The problem is, a large number of foreigners have no problem flying over , walking into a hospital and getting treated for free. In otherwords the NHS is abused. Well after years of doing absolutely nothing , the British Government has decided that enough is enough and they are going to close that open door to free health care courtesy of the British Tax payer.

Currently the NHS is short of cash, patients are not only having to wait longer to be treated for a service they pay for, they are actually cutting them out altogether.  Governments in the past have tried to make people not entitled to the NHS pay, but the doctors and liberals bitched something rotton stating that they are not a border service and it is against these poor peoples human rights to be denied medical care.  Let me make that clearer, the British NHS which is run for British based people is having to cut its services due to a lack of cash, yet anybody from any country in the world can come over and receive free HIV medicine, have a child delivered, why the NHS will even fund your IVF treatment  and when the Government says  we should start to look at making these people pay, the very doctors whose jobs are on the line, refuse to do so as they claim it isn't ethical. Which makes me ask the question why are doctors in every other country in the world different from the British liberlas one?

Well that open door has been shut as the current British Health secretary James Hunt  has announced that Hospitals will be required by law to check whether patients are eligible for free care on the NHS from April onwards.

Already the liberal world is up in arms:

Doctors of the World, which runs clinics in the UK, raised concerns about the impact of identity checks. “We see really vulnerable people: undocumented migrants, victims of human trafficking, homeless people. Already they’re often very worried about going to a hospital because they are worried about being asked for documents they don’t have or being asked to pay.”