Thursday, February 16, 2017

Iraq: Car Bomb in Baghdad kills 51

(Baghdad) It appears that ISIS have a thing against car dealerships which is why they drove a vehicle IED into the middle class Bayaa area of the Iraqi capital where people go to buy a car  and detonated it.

Killing 51 people and injuring another 50. whilst ISIS claim they targeted Shia Muslims, the fact remains  Bayaa is plural neighbourhood, and home to various ethnic sects of Iraqi society.

To be honest, there's actually is some form of logic behind this bloody madness. Up north in Mosul , ISIS are on their last legs and the ISIS leaders there are attempting to alleviate the pressure against the so called faithful, by trying to get the Iraqi government to relocate some of the forces against, back down south to protect Baghdad, so as to allow enough blood thirsty ISIS thugs to escape into Syria.

Which kind of explains why this blast is the third one this week, and as it is Friday today (The Islamic holyday)  expect a few more murderous blasts during the day.