Monday, February 27, 2017

Germany: Today is Rosenmontag.

(Dusseldorf)  Carnival Monday (Rosenmontag) is held just before the beginning of Lent. Many people mark the occasion in some regions in Germany by holding street parades, parties and making fun of German stereotypes, politicians and other public figures. I spent 8 years in Dusseldorf and on Rosenmontag, we would travel down to the old part of the city (Altstadt) and enjoy the carnival atmosphere.  The Germans (especially in Duss) go to a lot of effort in which to mock popular political (in the news) people. This year saw Trump, Erdogan, ISIS and the UK made fun of.

As the floats travel through the Aldt Stad, people on them will throw sweets into the crowd. Which is why you see lots of children sporting plastic bags. Tell you what thou, getting hit a number of times in the head by boiled sweets is painful. Anyway here are a few pictures of the fun that was had in Düsseldorf: