Tuesday, August 30, 2016

UK: Racist thugs murder Polish man in Essex

(Harlow) 40-year-old Arkadiusz Jozwik left Poland in which to find work in the UK. This he did. On Saturday he and his brother popped into Harlow town centre in which to get a bite to eat. As he is Polish, he spoke to his brother in his native language, problem was, a gang of Feral thugs decided that he had to be taught a lesson as this wasn’t his country, and so 20 of these teenagers beat poor Arkadiusz to death.

 Arek Jozwik
The British Police, as effective as ever, have arrested 6 of these murdering bastards, and guess what, they have bailed them. Sorry, what f-ing country releases into the wild murderers with blood on their hands (and feet)? Why that would be the UK. Expect a hoard of left-wing social workers opining how their clients had a rough upbringing, how they all came from single-parent families and how they can only be victims. These little bastards are free to walk the streets. That, people, is what is so wrong with the UK today. Personally, they should be placed against a wall and shot. Even better, send them to Poland and tell the locals what they did. Disgusted.