Saturday, August 27, 2016

Denmark: Arrest made on the recent spate of car burnings

(Copenhagen) I wrote on the 17th of this month that Sweden had been suffering since the start of July a spate of car burnings, primarily in areas with high immigration, and that the Swedish police were clueless as to why so many cars were going up in smoke, which is why after almost 2 months they had yet to make one arrest.

Then on the 23rd I wrote that this penchant for setting fire to cars which don't belong to you had crossed the Øresund strait which separates Swedish Malmö from Danish Copenhagen.

Well, unlike their Swedish counterparts, the Danish police were having none of this automobile barbecue malarkey, and faster than you can quaff a can of Carlsberg, the Danish police have arrested one of the little toe rags who has nothing better to do on a night than set fire to other people's cars. This they did by publishing a picture of one of the arsonists and getting the locals to point him out.

Jens Møller Jensen, the deputy inspector with the city police, had this to say on the arrest:
“At 20:15, we arrested a 21-year-old young man of another ethnic background than Danish.”
That says so much, doesn't it? Meanwhile in Sweden, the police are still asking questions on just who could be behind the mass burning of cars these past 2 months.