Thursday, August 25, 2016

Spain: Gang of Arab men attack women for saying 'no'

(Puerto Banus) A French Muslim took umbrage at being given the cold shoulder by a girl whom he tried to chat up in Spain today. Instead of walking away, he decided to touch her up. When the girl's friends saw this and came to her rescue. The French Muslim with the wandering hands decided to teach her a lesson by breaking her nose. His friends, on seeing their brave fellow thug being berated by a gang of young women, decided to show them how real men fight.

Thankfully, a British tourist came to the girls' rescue and decked one of the thugs. Police arrived soon after and broke up what they thought was just a group of people having fun, until they spotted an unconscious girl on the floor. They arrested 4 of Allah’s favourite misogynists, with the other six doing what Muslims do best - running away. A man who saw the incident reported it as follows:
'The group of (French) Arabs gave the English girls a real bashing. 'One of them wanted to speak to one of the women and the woman wasn't interested and told him to leave her alone.

The son of a bitch began touching her up and putting his hands everywhere you could think of and her friends rushed over to defend her when they saw what was happening. The idiot who started it all then punched the girl in the face and left her on the floor for three minutes with her face smashed in and her nose broken.'

After that it all kicked off and the men and their friends...began to hit and kick the women as if they were fighting with men. They were doing everything, even kickboxing. The women were getting a real kicking and then a British man who was nearby stepped in and put one of the men on the ground. ‘But he said the police arrived just in time to prevent the have-a-go hero getting beaten up by the French gang.
And all I hear from the liberal world is 'Islamophobia'. Maybe they should look into the meaning of the word 'phobia' and wonder why that is?