Wednesday, August 24, 2016

The hypocrisy of the Islamic world

(Israel) Over the weekend, the peaceful and democratically elected government in the tiny Islamic statelet of Gaza decided to lob a rocket into Israel. Israel retaliated by striking 5 targets in Gaza in which to send the message - don't mess. 1 person was injured, which follows other Israeli responses to the Islamic habit of attacking the Jew (or in the West, the non-Jew), showing that the IDF goes well out of its way in which to reduce the chance of collateral damage.

Now, if anybody wishes to contest that statement, the last bun fight in 2014 saw around 2,250 people killed in Gaza in 7 weeks of heavy conflict in one of the most densely populated areas of the world. That works out at around 46 people a day. Yet Israel is supposed to be the most powerful nation in the region, it has control of the air and sea and yet when it comes to shooting fish in a barrel, they can only kill 46 people a day. (Note to me: one death is one too many.) Inside Syria, ISIS can kill hundreds on a daily basis, and yet nobody batters an eyelid. Only the other day, the Iraqis hung 36 ISIS idiots who murdered over 1,700 soldiers in one town over a week, and nobody outside of Iraq can give a damn. Oh, they do for the hung wankers, but the victims, nah.

So on Monday, why was I not surprised at how the Islamic world was up in arms over the Israeli reaction (5 strikes, injuring 1 man)?

The Turkish foreign ministry called Israel’s strikes disproportionate in a statement that continued:
The fact that our ties with Israel have normalised does not mean that we will remain silent in the face of such attacks that target the Palestinian people. On the contrary, we will continue to (defend) the Palestinian cause.
Yet after the suicide bomb attack which struck the wedding party the other day on the Syrian/Turkish border, the Turks have decided to invade Syria, sending in troops, militia, all supported by the Turkish and American air forces. Not only that, but the Turks have decided to share their love by hitting the Kurds as well.

Funny how to the Islamic world, when Israel fights back, it's a human rights issue, when they do so, it's justice.