Tuesday, August 30, 2016

South Africa: Troublemaker plays the race card in which to become the victim

(Pretoria) There is a huge outcry going on at the moment at the prestigious Pretoria Girls High, it appears that a number of school girls who couldn't get their way have played the race card in which to become victims. It seems that not happy with the schools hair policy (as below), they have cried foul play and claimed that teachers call them monkeys and tell them to straighten their hair.

Err, it's a private school in a country which has been run by black people for over 22 years. I think you will find any teacher found to be in the wrong would be sacked faster than you can utter 'Black lives matter". When I went to school, there was always a teacher at the bottom of the drive, if you didn't conform to the school's dress code, you were sent home. Now you play the victim card, post a few tweets of a poor oppressed black girl (she goes to a private school in South Africa) and the liberal idiots find another cause to subscribe to:

So, anybody want to point out the racist bits in the schools rules on hair above? Children the world over and throughout time have tried to buck the system. Yes, some have been victims, but as a general rule and definitely in this case, all this is about a child who instead of doing as she was told is playing the victim card. Think I'm making this up about 13-year-old Zulaikha Patel, the child behind this protest? Here is the headline the South Africa Daily Vox has on this story:

Here is another pupil complaining about the so called racist structure of the school:
A student detailed how a teacher had told her to tie her dreadlocks in a way that would fit into the school’s view of tidyness. The student says she tried to explain that her dreadlocks were too heavy and cut into different lengths so a hairband would not work. Her teacher put her in front of a mirror after class and told her to fix it, the student said.
There is a very good reason why good schools have rules, and Pretoria Girls High is a good school in South Africa. Yet in order to have an easy time, these silly little drama queens are being allowed to play the race card. But what makes this worse is that the parents, local authorities and now the government are sticking their nose into something which can only make South Africa a worse place for everyone.