Sunday, August 28, 2016

Indonesia: Suicide bomber fails to blow up church,attacks priest with axe.

(Medan) Ivan Armadi Hasugian a teenage Jihadist targeted a congregation celebrating mass at St Joseph's Church, Medan, the capital of North Sumatra, with a home-made I.E.D on Sunday.

It appears Ivan sat amongst the congregation, assembled his device stood up, and then with his rucksack giving off "smoke, sparks and faint sounds of firecrackers" rushed towards the priest near the pulpit, thankfully it failed to detonate, so the prick then pulled an axe out of his rucksack and attacked the priest resulting in an injury to the priest's arm.
Ivan Armadi Hasugian failed suicide bomber
The congregation jumped to the rescue and detained rucksack man until the police arrived. On searching his belongings the police found a knife, and a note with "La ilaha illallah" in Arabic written on it. It is a declaration of the Islamic faith which means "there is no God but Allah"