Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Syria: Hezb-allah shows off its Airforce

(Syria) In an attempt to sour with the Eagles , Peaceful Islamic terrorist group 'Hezb-allah' yesterday aired a video clip of its mighty airforce bombing the other fellow. Literally the other fellow  from above on high. it appears that they managed to adapt a UAV in which to drop explosive ordinance onto people they don't like (Which in a nutshell is everybody in the world) So without further ado here is the

So did you notice the two bombs dropped in the last shot. Somebody better than me has ID them as Chinese MZD-2 Sub munitions usually found packed inside inside 122mm rockets (39 of them)

And here is a much better picture of the damn thing: (note the ball bearings)
 Now , here's where things get interesting, here is a size comparison with a AA battery.

It appears, that the MZD-2 when used as it is supposed to be, in salvoes  of 20 or 40 Grad 21 rockets can be very deadly, however dropping one or two doesn't result in a deadly airforce. The irony here is the weapon used is a cluster munition, funny how all the liberals across the world are remaining very silent on this.