Sunday, August 28, 2016

Syria: Turkish forces start to suffer losses.

(Syria)  When the Turks went into Syria the other day I was a little surprised at how they sent in basic M60A3 tanks

Turkish M60A3
and not their much better protected Israeli upgraded Sabre Tanks (Which is battle proven against Missile attack) 
Turkish M60 Israeli improved Sabre TAnk
or even their impressive Leopard A4 tanks (would be even more impressive if they had upgraded them all to NG status)
Turkish Leopard A4

But no, it seems they decided to send in the weakest tank into a war zone where anti-tank guided missiles are 10 a penny.  

Not only that, but instead of taking on just ISIS, they have gone hell for leather against the Kurds as well, who have been fighting ISIS on their own for the past 2 years and they have allowed their backed militias to act like the thugs they are:

So having upset everybody on the other side of the border (Russians,Syrians, Kurds and ISIS)  and then sending in tanks with no protection against ATGMs, why am i not surprised to hear that Turkish tanks are started to get hit left right and centre.#

It appears that Pocket dictator Erdogan is finding out just like Stalin did that installing your own puppets after carrying out huge purges to the Military doesn't make for an effective military.