Tuesday, November 5, 2019

Venezuela: Expels El Salvadorian diplomats in tit for tat.

(Caracas)  There's a TV show on Amazon called 'Jack Ryan' based on the character written by Tom Clancy.  The second series aired over the weekend and this time the story centred around 'Venezuela'  in the middle of the story line we see the entire US diplomatic corp expelled from the country before the story line takes a most absurd direction which could only have been written by somebody who  simply doesn't have a clue. (I'll leave it at that without spoiling for anybody)

Funny enough whilst people were watching a fictitious story about expelling diplomats from Venezuela. the fat el Presidenti for life  'Nicolás Maduro ' deemed the entire El Salvadorean diplomatic mission  Persona non grata (granted) after El Salvador kicked out the entire Venezuelan diplomatic staff. Gee what a convulsed world we live in.