Monday, November 4, 2019

Malawi: Muslims riot over hijad and demolish Church, in return Christians do likewise with mosque.

(Mangochi) The other day I mentioned how Muslims living in Malawi (which is 87% Christian) decided to smash up bars in the tourist town of Manochi as alcohol is against their religion. Well buoyed by their behaviour they decided to follow up that fine example of religious intolerance by demolishing the local church after 2 girls (Children of noted radical Muslims) who attended the local Christian school decided to flaunt the school rules on dress and turned  up wearing the hijab. The school sent them home and in return the Muslims rioted demolished a church, the home of a priest kicked a teacher out of his home and forced the schools to be closed.

The locals having had enough of them, decided to pay the local mosque a visit and demolished that. Police had to use tear gas in which to bring order to the area.