Saturday, November 2, 2019

Greta Thunberg appeals for help in which to travel to Spain

(Canada)  Climate change is a huge subject at the moment and whilst I'll put my hand up and say I fully subscribe to the fact that man is making a huge impact on the planet, I don't however subscribe to the fear mongering tactics used by pressure groups who are only targeting coutnries which are actually doing something and not countris such as China, Iran, India who because of the Paris agreement don't have to do anything regards their emissions until 2030 . They are of course championed by the 'How dare you'  queen  Greta Thunburg. Who decided to sail across the Atlantic in a £4 million sail boat in which to present her green credentials to the world , what wasn't mentioned was that 4 people were flown across the Atlantic in which to bring the boat back (Pointing in the direction that the original crew flew back to Europe)

There's a rank hypocrisy at play here where so called champions of the world demand we dance to their tune, such as protesters who hijacked London's Smithfield market by replacing the meat stands with vegetable and vegans stands  in which to promote their message that meat is murder and that we should eat vegetable and fruits in which to turn into Nuts like themselves.

And then when the same protesters were seen grabbing something to eat at McDonalds , they came out with real lame excuses that this is the modern world today. It just goes to show what hypocrites these wankers are:

Well it transpires that Greta needs to get from Canada to Spain and has tweated on somebody to help her. (Surprised she can't fly across with her parents , who no doubt flew across to America whislt she sailed across) Anyway somebody has replied and not in the way Gretas sponging parents expected: