Thursday, November 7, 2019

Pakistan: Islamic mob knocks down church, 50 policemen watch and do nothing

(Ārifwāla)  In most Islamic countries (And the West) Muslims can build a mosque and if anybody asks any questions ,they simply play the victim card and knock out a retrospective planning permit. However the same can’t be said for Christians in any Islamic country (or the EU for that matter) where no excuses are acceptable, and even where planning permission has been granted the locals will still find some lame excuse.

Which is what happened in the village of Waqya Chak in the district of Ārifwāla when the police asked a small Christian congregation if they were happy praying in a small church which they had build in 2007 on land donated to them by a fellow Christian, when they replied they had no issues, the police left only to return the next day with a mob, stated they had no planning permission and watched whilst the Islamic mob  smashed their church into the ground, when they complained to the 50 policemen watching they were informed that their place of worship was illegal . Isn’t living under the peaceful ways of Islam great.